Thursday, 10 September 2009

Week 5 Preview

Firstly, I've got rid of the "word validation" previously required when adding comments to the blog. Fidan - Please let me know if this makes it easier for you? Unfortunately if the spammers return it'll have to be switched back on, but fingers crossed this won't be required.

Now, I know we're all still trying to decide on our Week 4 team, but as ever I get the preview up nice & early to allow you some time to think about your barndoor picks with plenty of time to spare.

So without further ado, the Week 5 Preview...


Saturday, 19 September 2009
Arsenal v Wigan, 15:00
Aston Villa v Portsmouth, 15:00
Bolton v Stoke, 15:00
Burnley v Sunderland, 12:45
Hull v Birmingham, 15:00
West Ham v Liverpool, 17:30

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Chelsea v Tottenham, 16:00
Everton v Blackburn, 15:00
Man Utd v Man City, 13:30
Wolverhampton v Fulham, 14:00

First things first, the stand out fixtures, which in my opinion are Arsenal at home to Wigan & Villa at home to Portsmouth. Also worth looking at are Everton at home to Blackburn, Stoke away at Bolton, Sunderland away at Burnley and unfortunately as a Spurs fan, Chelsea at home to Tottenham. Tougher games are Man Utd wanting to prove a point to City & Liverpool often do well at West Ham. I'll probably be avoiding Hull v Birmingham & Wolves v Fulham but there are still a few decent picks.

Players to looks at:  

Villa: Carew, Young, Milner, Agbonlahor, Sidwell, Dunne, Warnock, Friedel,

Arsenal: Van Persie, Eduardo, Fabregas, Walcott, Rosicky (with Arshavin out), Denilson, Vermaelen, Almunia

Everton: The Yak (if he's back), Saha, Osman, Cahill, Pienaar, Distin, Baines, Howard

Sunderland: Bent, Richardson, Gordon/Fulop

Stoke: Beattie, Tuncay, Lawrence, Wilkinson

Chelsea: Drogba, Lampard, Deco, Ballack, Zhirkov/J Cole??

Man Utd: Rooney, Nani, Foster

Liverpool: Torres, Gerrard, Johnson 

Others: Benitez, Larsson, Quedrue, R Johnson, M Taylor, Ghilas, Hunt, Myhill, Milijas, Doyle, Kightly, Zamora, Duff, Dempsey, Paintsil 

Top Picks
Strikers: Van Persie, Carew, Drogba, Saha
Midfielders: Young, Fabregas, Lampard, Hunt
Defenders: Vermaelen, Warnock, Dunne, Distin
Keepers: Howard, Foster, Gordon/Fulop, Myhill

I must admit I've got a real gut feeling about Van Persie for next week & I think Villa could HAMMER Portsmouth.

Apologies the preview isn't as extensive as usual, I've had very little time this week but I'm doing the best I can to post everyday. I hope it still helps by breaking the fixtures down and giving you some ideas. Week 4 injury news & predicted line-ups to follow tomorrow.

Who will you be looking at on the barndoor for Week 5?



rwlwhite said...

I've currently got Myhill in goal for week 4, and I think he's going to be a good pick for week 5 as well. Home game against birmingham, perhaps a few shots to save and a decent chance for a clean sheet too. I don't think losing Turner is a massive problem for them, they'll still have 11 players on the field

ToffeeDave said...

Where's Heitinga, that's my question. I might bd Heitinga unless they add him after they add his points. I think Aston Villa have real good fixtures and the defenders could make some serious points.

Fidan said...

Cheers AM, its not by coincidence they call you Fassistant ;)

Tough week for barndooring. With Drogs, Torres both at huge discount and Tuncay cheap as chips I don't think I can "afford" to make any move even with overwhelming temptation of having RvP @home against Wigan...and even Yak looks a touch expensive considering his fitness and all that stuff.
But my midfield is WIDE OPEN...Fabregas, step in!!! Gerrard always plays good against WHam so it'll be a tough call, and I LOOOOVE BFAY @home against Pompey...!!!
Distin is surely on my team and Heitinga too (if he makes it before Saturday)...sooo long Givet, sooo long...!!!
Given...yes, he's a season keeper, even @ManUre...

@ rwlwhite - P'mouth has 11 players on the pitch too,;)...!!!

Good luck to everyone and...GOOD LUCK...!!!

Max said...

how's parnaby(birmingham) fare to wilko.. and billy to rodwell in week4 in your guys opinion?..


Anonymous said...

for week 5 should i go.. RvP/AYoung or Fabregas/AYoung...

so technically whom do you think will have the most impact for arsenal.. RvP or Cesc??

~ CrazyEyed-Sam

Max said...


i'd go with cesc.. since arshavin injured, cesc might get more action on the field..


Mehicoradio said...

i already got two of my BD picks ready for Week 5. Going to add Cesc to replace MTay and Verm to replace Johnson

May also take a look at Walcott and Distin to see if i plan to bring them in.

Jamie said...

shall I get rid of torres to get fabregas? Because torres went down in value today i no longer have him at a discount, I have 1.56 points left, what shall i do?
This is my current team:
Givet Rickets Vermaelen
Gerrard Hunt Milner Cana
Drogba Torres Tuncay

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