Sunday, 20 September 2009

Week 5 - Sunday

Why a photo of Howard Webb? Well I've just finished watching Chelsea v Spurs, where we lost 3-0. There are no excuses for the way Spurs capitulated after King went off, we have to do better than that. However, there are also no excuses for the decision made by Webb at 1-0 Chelsea in the 60th minute when Robbie Keane ran through on goal & was taken out by Ricardo Carvalho.

It was a penalty, no doubt, & should've been a red card to Carvalho. Webb gave nothing (including oddly no yellow card to Keane for diving) & 2 minutes later it's over. He did a similar thing at Old Trafford last year - Spurs 2-0 up & Webb gives a terrible penalty decision, we capitulate & lose 5-2.

Anyway, goals from Ashley Cole, Ballack & Drogba taught Spurs a tough lesson in clincal finishing & there were injuries to King, Bassong & Drogba. More on that later.

Moving on...the first game of the afternoon saw Wolves grab a vital win, 2-1, to move above Fulham. Milijas started on the bench, the goals came from Doyle, Edwards & a Murphy penalty in reply. Other than not a great deal to mention.

Then, what a game at Old Trafford. Calamitous defending from both sides - the game ending 4-3 with a Michael Owen winner in the 96th minute, negative points for both keepers, another goal for Rooney, a masterclass from Ryan Giggs, 2 fantastic goals from Bellamy...a true thriller which probably should've ended 3-3 if it wasn't for the magical Old Trafford injury time, although to be fair United deserved it over the 90 minutes. Special mention to Rio Ferdinand for his attempted "scoop-pass" in the 90th minute which very nearly cost United 3 pts - I bet he's feeling like a very lucky man tonight.

Finally, Everton destroyed a poor Blackburn side 3-0 with 2 goals & an assist from Louis Saha. Didn't get the chance to see the game but from the reports I've read it seems Everton are back & with a game vs Pompey next weekend I think i'll be picking up a few of their players.

Personally (ignoring the Spurs result) I had a good day. I had Heitinga (clean sheet but booking) & Drogba (goal & assist) so should end with a 110 point week, which is more than respectable & should keep me between the top 4000-5000 (up from 7000th last weekend). It could've been better, but also could've been a lot worse.

Now, the big news to reveal is that I have dropped Tuncay for Week 6. I made the decision about 10 minutes ago & I actually feel relieved. Although he was saving me some very serious cash, he was taking a considerable amount of flexibility out of the game because I could only pick 2 strikers. This week I wanted Agbonlahor but couldn't because of Tuncay...he scored. Last week I wanted Bent but couldn't because of Tuncay...he scored twice. It's going to cost me some cash but it's going to put some fun back into picking my team & at the end of the day, that's what the game's about.

Back to injuries - Bassong's head/neck injury could see him out for some time so I'll probably need to look elsewhere in defence. The big news is Drogba, who seemed to badly injure himself when hitting poor shot near the end of the game. Seeing as it's Drogba we'll need to wait & see how bad it really is, but if it's a bad one then it's going to bring up a lot of questions. I'd been finding it difficult to fit Defoe into my team so the gap left by Drogba could be easily filled, but would I want to lose the discount I have on Drogba if he's only going to miss 1 game? Tough one.

Anyway, my current Week 6 team is...


Vermaelen  Bassong  McCartney

Gerrard  O'Hara  Reid  Billy

Torres  Drogba  Saha

Question marks over Reid, Bassong, Billy & Drogba at the moment but I'm okay with it currently. Possible changes are Reid to Lennon, Bassong to Sonko & Drogba to Defoe if the injuries mentioned above are both as bad as they looked. As always, i'll keep an eye on the situation & keep you updated.

How did you do? What's your early Week 6 team looking like?



Anonymous said...

My early week 6...

myhill(got him for cheap)

vermaelen (parnaby to bassong)tinga

lampard benayoun rosicky unknown

drogba rooney defoe

What do u think......

Anonymous said...

Heres a CLARIFICATION on the stoppage time at the Manchester Derby -

1 substitution = .30 seconds || 1 goal = .50 seconds


4 subs = 4 X .30 = 2 mins
6 goals (by end of 90) = 6 X .50 = 3 mins

So,totalling we get = 5 minutes.. the extra 30 seconds was due to the fouls comitted..
and owen score at 95:27 ... with 3 seconds to spare!!

So! All Man U fans out there!! Here's proof that we won Fair & Square

Back to YFF -

@ AM -

Here's my current team..


Still have [1.32] left to play with...

Please advice asap...

Thanx a LOT!

Anonymous said...

Hey AM

Tought Defoe was a TOP PICK.. =P

ToffeeDave said...

Had Drogba, Heitinga like most of you and then I had my lucky charm Baines pitching in with an assist along with his cs. Overall im looking at(if im lucky on the points Drogba and Heitinga scored, roughly 140 which is fantastic. AM i think the choice to drop Tuncay is a good one this week because of the depth of in form strikers.

Assistant Manager said...

@ 8:41pm - This is an early team & seeing as Defoe's value will fall after today's games then there was no need to grab him yet. I now have Drogba, Torres & Saha at big discounts & I have a week to decide what to do/how to rearrange.

Assistant Manager said...

Cheers Toffee Dave, I think so too. Good stuff from your boys today (on the field & in fantasy football) :)

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:34pm - Your clarification is flawed. You took into account for the 6 goals scored in NINETY minutes, when we already have stoppage time for any goals scored in the first 45. Thus, any added stoppage time at the end of the game should account for only any goals scored in the second 45, not the whole game.

Anyways - What do you guys think of Howard @ 7.76 vs. Given @ 6.44.
With Howard's D finally settled, would it be good to go with Howard or is Given that much better for a lesser price?

Assistant Manager said...

@8:29 - you have to get rid of Myhill at Anfield & Lampard just isn't performing.

Assistant Manager said...

@ 8:34pm - Having Moko, Tuncay & Sonko is risky.

Anonymous said...

Week 6 as of this second:


I've already replaced Bassong with Parnaby. Perhaps premature, but even under the best of circumstances, Bassong seems likely to sit out a week. I can easily swap him back in if I'm wrong.

I'm holding onto Tuncay because I don't have the cash. Reclaiming Given didn't help. I somehow got away with dropping him for the past two matches. Not wanting to press my luck, I've snatched him back up. Plus, I quickly got sick of the "Myhill vs. Robbo vs. Gordon (until Fulop returns) vs. Kirkland (until he's injured again)" quandry.

I'm sad I didn't BD Reid while he was still cheap. Lennon's price should be coming down a bit, so maybe that'll free up a little money.

I hope Drogba's injury is minor, but you're right: From a YFF standpoint, a one-week outage is worse than a long-term one if you have him at a discount (which I do).

Is it just me, or does the last points update of the weekend always take the longest?


Anonymous said...

I too have sold Tuncay. Though he let me have MTAY and Gerrard in the same midfield, I probably won't regret this since he was really more of a restraint. Now I can rotate this third striker spot based on matchups. And like AM said, it's more fun when you can make changes.

Anonymous said...

yeah agbhonlahor might have scored, but still noly got 7.5 points. a joke i feel. how's that possible? please explain to a beginner like me. nice blog. only just found it. wished i could have seen it earlier so i could have started picking points from the start. only on 370 so far, still waiting for drogba, heitinga and ballack tho...

ToffeeDave said...

AM I just noticed you put a lineup up. I don't like it :( Your defence is lacking as is Gordon. With Given dropping to clsoe to where he originally was priced, everyone should be picking him up with his schedule West Ham ,Villa, Wigan and Fulham. That's about all im negative on though, I feel you could get the same output of points with less cost in midfield and up front but I also still have tuncay. Im gonna keep him for a total of 5 weeks and if he doesn't return his value time to chop him as I don't want to lose cheap striking options to a price hike with such an offensive year in the EPL

Fidan said...

Right now sitting on:


Still got 4m to play with...Sonko will probably be switched to MRichards or even RJohnson...Pienaar to Billy(if he starts) and I'll use the extra-cash to either upgrade Saha to Defoe (if Drogba misses for a short period, a week is affordable) or upgrade one of the defenders to Turner...!!!

@ Everyone - Breaking the 100pts barrier on weeks like this isn't such a big deal, indeed it is Mediocre...Having Verm and Drogs (99% of managers in here) gives you around 60 pts with 9 other players to go...So a 100pts-week in this particular week is WEAK...!!! Solid should be called if you scored around 120pts...!!!


Kellz said...

@Anonymous: Goal = Agbholahor scored which is 10 points, but due to a yellow card (-3pts) and fouls comminted (-0.5pts) he ended up with 7.5pts.

@Everyone: The Tuncay debate. I find it hard to drop Tuncay just yet. Pulis said it will take time for him to rotate in. I have had Tuncay as everyone else for 2 weeks of 0pts, however I have still been able to score above 90pts each week (barring week 1 bad week of 77.5 in which Robinho did not play). With Drogba points I'll have another 90+ possibly 100+ week.

So heres my point, I have already wasted 2 weeks with him, if I give him up now it will all be for nothing. Once he actually rotates in and gets 1 SOT he will repay his 3 weeks on my team, therefore, I will keep him in hopes he can score against lesser opposition, its just bad timing we got him vs Chelsea and United respectively.

Also, missed out on BD for Saha even though all of Everton's points are not in! (its a great day I went for a run ;D) So really my options are limited with Benetez being the only other feasible option for me, however I anticipate CS for Everton, Arsenal, Spurs, and Citeh.

So, I line up like this for now:

Given, Verm, (Hutton/Richards), Distin
Gerrard, Lennon, O'Hara, (THudd/Billy)
Torres, Drogba/Saha (depends on injury), Tuncay

Most Spurs players prices will drop, will have more money to play with after the update.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the agbonlahor explanation!

Doctor Teeth said...


Wild weekend in the Prem! I'll finish in the low 100s due to Given's tough day and the Milijas benching which is respectable all things considered. My midfield was solid with MTay, O'Hara and AYoung being solid producers. Disappointed in GJohnson and the Liverpool defense more generally...I'm not saying that the Reds will lose many more games but I don't see them keeping that many clean sheets either. Their zonal marking on set pieces is terrible and Reina has looked fragile (cannot believe how high his price has remained in YFF despite his point production). Unfortunately, I think we're still in the dark as to how much Kightly and/or Billy will play next week.

As for Tuncay, I am holding on to him. You have to ascribe to one of two theories with the Turk. On the one hand, the true value of a player over the course of an entire season is whether he can average a point per every million that you spend on is unimaginable that Tuncay will not achieve that this season. Rather, it seems highly likely that he will return his value on the order of 5x or so. It's smart long term managing to keep him, especially when you consider the tangential effect that carrying him has on your ability to field other quality players that would otherwise be too expensive for your side. On the other hand, your theory could be that the striker position is too premium of a role to be taken up week after week by a guy who will likely average 5-7 points/game over the course of season. It's one thing to have a guy like that be your last choice MF for a given week (which is what a comparably priced player such as Mokoena would be)'s an entirely different matter to have that guy be part of your front line which you rely on for the majority of your points. I understand/appreciate the perspective of managers who fall into this camp.

In any event, I'm happy to hear several folks have dropped him since this will create some separation amongst teams (something which this great blog, unfortunately, can make difficult as managers invariably have 5-6 of the same players every week). Ditto with Drogba...while I hope he is ok, it would be nice if he is out for awhile since similarly that would cause our teams to vary more.

So disappointed in my Spurs....

Anonymous said...

Good insight as usual, Doctor Teeth...trying to stick to my guns w/ Tuncay but it's tough! ;)

Anonymous said...

i dropped tuncay in a haste listening to AM..

And after reading all these posts!

I SOOOOOOOOOOO regret what i did!!

:(( :'(

mehicoradio said...

Right now i'm pretty solid on my team barring what happens with Bassong and Drogs

Verm, Bassong, Heiti
Hunt, MTay, O'Hara, Lennon
Drogs, Tuncay, Rooney

If need be i already have my replacements for both ready.

Mike B said...

I have a team ready to save now in case of the Drogs/Bassong injuries.

I will switch formation to a 3-5-2

It will be

Verm - Heiti - Richards
Benayoun - Fabregas - Lennon - Billy - O'Hara
Benitez - RVP

I actually quite like the look of that!

I'm chuffed about getting Given back at a decent price, i too have had enough of juggling Myhill and Robbo.

Richards is as dangerous as any right back, I'm still not too sure on Heitinga. Verm speaks for himself.

My midfield i'm happy with(ish). Might swap Fabs for Arshavin if he's back. I don't know if i should risk Bily not starting, i'll wait for news on him.

Benitez looked good, and i'm convinced he'll score net week. RVP has to score big next week in my opinion, and everyone else has Torres i reckon.

None of this is saved yet though :/

Mike B said...

On Drogbas injury, "We don't know precisely what happened," said Ancelotti. "It is too early. We will have to wait a few days. We hope it is only cramp.

"We hope we will have a precise diagnosis of the situation. It is a calf injury but he felt that he had cramp. If it is cramp, it is good for us.

I hope it's cramp.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I almost dropped Tuncay before this week too. I don't regret it and it will create more separation. Honestly, the only person I wanna beat is in my private league, he's won it the last two years, and with Tuncay it limited my options. It was a tough decision, but I don't care. After all, he does play for Stoke...

Dave said...

With the barn door still open on several Everton players (and other teams), Pienaar can still be had for 10.54. If anyone is interested, perhaps grab him, as he recorded 3 SOT today, at least 2 CW and likely a few phantom points - probably enough to bump up his value.

108 with Drog's points to be added, and that's with a goose egg from Tuncay. I may ride it out with him. I just love what I can do with my MF with that money, and as mentioned, 1 or 2 SOTs in his first game and he's pretty much covering his cost.

Kellz said...

Looks like the points aren't going to roll in today. Its an 8 hour time difference between England and West Coast United States, meaning usually past this time, its now 3:23PM, it'll be 11:23PM UK time. Doubt we'll see updates until tomorrow, or even more dreaded, the two weeks it took to get Berbatov/Carrick there points last season, good grief. Yahoo was doing so well this year (only hiccup seemed to be Bosingwa CS pts but that was resolved in 1 week).

Anonymous said...


Thanks to the blunder ny Yahoo!

I utilized the oppurtunity given and got Saha for 8.7!!

But i still regret dropping Tuncay!!!! (UGHHHH)

AM - Please tell me that your current team does not include Tuncay!

Otherwise i would be SOO mad at'cha !!!

I wanna get back Tuncay!!!! (mommy.... where are you)

Anyways ... Bent or Reid ??

Anonymous said...

my current line-up is looking

verm warnock sonko
mtay o'hara kightly lennon
drogs torres saha

the big discounts on saha, torres and given were a bit too tempting so i ended up dropping tuncay. i'm still 50/50 on lennon kightly and sonko and might mix it up as the week progresses.

obviously bili is someone i'm looking at but it depends on the diagnosis.

contemplating lennon/sonko or hunt/heiti.

both are pretty solid at this point but i can't make up my mind.

i dropped tuncay btw. like i said, the wonderful discounts were a bit to hard to pass up on. hopefully i don't due this in the end but hopefully having guys like kightly/bili/o'hara can keep everything competitive.

any thoughts?

-> timmyg

Ruki said...

Like I said in other thread, it is no doubt that Tuncay will return his value in one or 2 games ( unless he is not going to play for more than half of the season). However, Tuncay takes a slot in your striker line, the line that has the highest chance to score the most point. And as AM mentions it takes out your flexibility of changing line up especially when you have some discount players like Drogba that you dont want to let go.
So in short, if you have tuncay and got good points from the rest of your line up, especially from whoever else you can get by having $1 Tuncay, then sure its not bad. But consider the opportunity cost for having him as well if you are at the low end of points in the last 2 weeks.

Drogba's injury looks serious, I am worried. Bassong might not be as bad as it seems. He just needs to turn on "Terry mode" and continuing to play.

bean said...

_i'm surprised more people aren't interested in Gordon for 2.67 home to Wolves next week.
_can MyHill perform similar to Jensen, even in inevetible losses? or will he have the -10 weeks mixed in there? (that really hurt the other gameweek),leaning towards switching to Gordon for next week even though Sunderland was spanked by Burnley.
_can't believe Burnley are 9th
_i'm even more surprised most people aren't scared to have have sonko in their lineups playing at Anfield.
_for me, Tuncay was a failed experiment. gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em', i'm folding. i like to go heavy on strikers, so losing 1 out of 3 choices kills me, especially when he hasn't played yet. i rarely keep a player for such long stretches unless they perform for me, especially filler.
_poor Spurs. I put a lot of blame on 'Arry for continually trying to play Keane out on the wing, he always gravitates to the center and it was absolutely astonishing how easily Bosingwa exploited that space on the right side of midfield (who left that space open?) and how long it took Spurs to plug the whole... that should have been a penalty though, and that was unfortunately for Spurs the turning point in the match. What's with Webb's hatred of Tottenham?
_I was very impressed with Bassong's wrestling abilities before his headslam knockout. that was pretty scary, hope he's okay, didn't look very good.

Mark said...

Anyone knows what happen to wilko?

Anonymous said...


Actually it may not be a bad idea to have Sonko if you consider the problems L'pool is having on set pieces. Sonko is good in the air and might come up with a goal on a corner or set piece for Hull.

Kellz said...

@Bean: Unfortunately I am forced into Sonko, however I had him this week aswell, almost got the CS and almost a goal. However he did repay his value by scoring 3pts when I bought him for 3mil. In my book that is a justifiable cause to recruit an enabler.

Heres why Sonko may not be a bad idea for Anfield. There is no doubt he won't get a CS, but there are other ways of scoring. When a lesser opponent faces a stronger one you can expect a lot of shots at goal. Sonko is in a great position in center defense to pick up blocked shots worth 2pts each. Plus he has the chance to provide tackles won. So in theory he has a great opportunity for 3-5 pts next week against Liverpool, paying back his value. Downside is weaker teams give up many fouls and Sonko could be as easily booked for a YC than getting a blocked shot.

I needed Sonko to field:

Given, Verm, Sonko, Distin
Gerrard, Lennon, O'Hara, Piennar
Torres, Drogba, Tuncay (yes still on board read my earlier post)

So much of my team depends on how much Spurs players drop in value, if Drogba is hurt for a long spell, and if Bassong is declared fit by week's end. If Bassong is cleared fit, his value of 6.14mil will surley drop due to a YC + FC I wouldn't be surprised if he scored negative. If that happens then I can drop Sonko for Bassong and downgrade Distin to Richards, would be a good back line in my opinion.

Lets wait for the points to come back in tomorrow hopefully!


Doctor Teeth said...

I love all of the Tuncay haters...brilliant.

Notwithstanding my public pronouncement of support for fielding Tuncay as a striker, I am fooling around with an alternative line-up in which I drop all of my cirrent strikers - Tuncay, Drogs and El Nino - replacing them with three new strikers, each of whom cost less than 10 million. Would field a 4-3-3 and have a backline of Verms, GJohnson, MTurner and Distin if I did so. Doubt I will have the stones to pull the trigger but it could happen.

Spurs need to take out some agression on PNE mid-week and then grab nine points from Burnley, Bolton and Pompey.

GTR 34 said...

I was very confused with the Wolves team selection. Although I did not have Milijas, I understand quite a few did, and he started on the bench.

I DID have Stearman in defence, and he wasn't even in the squad. He cost me 6.60, and over 4 games had returned avg pts of 6.20 with a goal and 4 SOT.

I was sure he'd have a good game, and at 6'3", and at home to Fulham, thought I'd grab a few Sunday pts.

All in all a decent week. Rooney got less than expected after a great start to the Derby. Vermaelen was excellent, but would not have helped anyone as we all had him. Drogs points are not up yet, and again Myhill was a surprise.

Congrats to those of you who picked up Mannone (rhymes with Dannone, so maybe his nickname should be Yog) - short for Yoghurt.

Definitely time to drop Myhill, Sonko, or any other Hull player for their trip to Anfield. Tuncay too for that matter, as once again a '0' point return.

It will be difficult to build a serious team this week as the outstanding players should come from Liverpool and Spurs.

Initially I would like SG, El Nino, The Beatle (Lennon) and DeF with Drogs and Ver already in my team. So, is it time to drop Rooney for Torres (based on week 6 MUPS), leave SG out, and take a balanced approach.

Like Doctor Teeth said, let's experiment this week and see who has the biggest Cohonas.

bean said...

@Dr.Teeth-interesting idea. was thinking of similar in midfield. drop gerrard,hunt,rosicky(all dumb ideas), pick up arshavin,benayoun,rodwell
@GTR-dropped Rooney for Torres on the barndoor. Torres used to score in spurts, and a lot at home, but who knows this year.

at the moment i'm lookin at:


Anonymous said...


Food poisoning

GTR 34 said...

My team for Week 6 at the moment

Verm - M.Richards - Distin
Hunt - Lennon - Benayoun - Reid
Drogba - Tuncay - Saha

Still have 4.8 left, and am likely to make changes as Liverpool, Spurs, Everton and Sunderland to an extent have decent matches.

Trying to get rid of Tuncay and fit Torres in, but this would mean dropping 2 MF's for Bily and O'Hara, as well as looking at cheaper defensive options.

Let's wait a while and see what the news is for Drogba and Bily, and if they are likely to play.

Just a word of advice - if you decide to keep Drogs if he is only injured for 1 match, and have Tuncs in your front line, then you are looking a a terrible score should Tuncs not play.

I definitely feel that it is harder to predict starting 11's this year. We just cannot predict who managers will play at times, and I imagine all of us have lost points with players we thought were guaranteed starts?

GTR 34 said...

Good site for everyone to look at injuries, suspensions, and expected return dates.

Hope it helps?

bean said...

GTR 34- that site definitely helps. good source and stats/previews

on a side note,
check out burnley players in YFF. alot averaging their value or more in some cases. good value players win or lose. Jensen being the perfect example. can they keep it up?

same thing with birmingham. hart avg.10.50 and costs 10.30. Queudrue, who i think is out for a month, Bowyer, Roger, McFadden.

is pompey the new derby?

bean said...

now looking at:

Anonymous said...

why the points are not added yet?

Anonymous said...

johnson, vermaelen, sonko
ballack, scholes, fellaini, cole
rooney, drogba, saha

any comments?
expecting scholes to come back,against stoke, keeping joe cole just in case he gets fit, and saha and fellaini since they are playing pompey. im thinking about dropping glen tho, any ideas on that? he's so expensive(11) compared to vermaelen (7)

Anonymous said...

just changed cole for zhirkov and saha for defoe...

GTR 34 said...

@Anonymous - I believe Cole has cemented the Left Back spot for the long run. Both he and terry will be permanent fixtures, while Zhirkov, Bosingwa and Carvalho will be rotated.

GTR 34 said...

@ bean - I agree that there are some great value players out there in the less fashionable clubs.

Nugent and Hines spring to mind as well.

Anonymous said...

wouldnt head to head be better? shud i keep rosicky.

chris m said...

What a week. I still don't understand the Tuncay debate. For all of you who have him at 1.00 he's produced 0 pts (yesterdays pts haven't been posted yet)

For my Rosicky is about to become my Tuncay. Subbed late yesterday. I think I will keep him for one more week.

I got 100 pts from 4 players Drogs/Rooney/Torres/Verm. The rest of my team imploded. I gambled on Kightly he got 1.00 pt for 1 minute. Better that Milijas. Gomez got .5pts. I will have a new midfield next week.

Everything depends on the Drogba situation. Drogba being the drama queen that he is may just have had a cramp. His status will be the crucial decision for all of us who have him at a discount next week. I might have to look at changing formations and going with two upfront and getting some pts out of my midfield. Dunno yet.

Other crucial stuff to try to figure out, as mentioned above. Will Blini/Billy be back. Same with Cole/Zhrikov. If so, both Chelsea and Everton will be platooning anyhow which makes them risky plays anyhow. So right now I have:

Verm Richards Heiti
Rossicky ? ? ?
Drogba Rooney Torres

@Bean Pompey will be worse than Derby

I am as usual confused as hell

chris m
velvet underground allstars

Naning said...

@Tuncay - I'm glad so many of you guys have dropped him. This means I will be among few to have him once he becomes a regular starter because believe me, he will be. And once he gets 70-90 minutes per game, he will avg. at least 5. Tuncay @ 1 is the bargain of the season together with Verm @ 6 and Drogs @ 10.

Who cares if he holds one striker slot when he opens up for a midfielder? There is a lot of midfielders that performs just as well as any attacker. And with Drogba injured(maybe) I still get two striker slots to rotate.

Tuncay is a longtime investment and I will be laughing all winter/spring long.

greginho said...

my tamir cohen pick up didn't get me too many points, but he scored more than milijas, gomez and the rest.
i have asked for few opinions about line ups because i know by monday what my team is and the lack of tinkering has helped alot.

this coming week:
i can do a midfield with lennon and mtay

or i can do one with gerrard and rosicky (or tamir cohen), both i have at a little discount,

in both sets of choices would keep ohara and pick up cattermole (or brown).

i can go down to mok and pick up hunt, but this will be his toughest matchup against liverpool.

raymond said...

what u guys think about jenas?


Anonymous said...

@ raymond -

try this team -


Mr Smiley

Hinrik said...



Grim said...


I dont agree with your assessment that Tuncay is going to be the difference in making one team to rise up high above the rankings compared to the others..

Tuncay is a mere filler.. Agreed that at 1 unit, he's a bargain, but he's eating into a striker slot which is the most important slot to get u the YFF points.. When CR7 was still here, i wouldn't have minded to grab Tuncay and have CR7 to grab me the points but at his absence, i dont see many premium mids living up to their name..

Lampard has been dire Fantasy wise, Gerrard is being an on and off performer while A.Young hasn't able to get his form.. Thus i dont see many premium mids that i would want to have week in, week out to justify having Tuncay taking my vital striker spot..

I didn't pick Tuncay for the last 2 weeks. At his spot, i had Bent in Week 4 and Torres in Week 5.. That's 45 points in 2 weeks that i got over Tuncay holders and a 5 point average is not gonna make them very happy if i could repeat the correct striker choice..

Anyway, my point is, that Tuncay could turn out to be a good strategy pick if you know who to pick and for the ones who dont have him, it doesn't mean they are doomed. So thinking that dropping him is gonna cause the fall of other teams is inaccurate.

Naning said...

@Grim - I don't think Tuncay/No Tuncay will make a diff of 300 points. Maybe not even 100 points. I'm just saying that having Tuncay is having an edge on those who don't have them. I find it funny that people prefer Mokoena instead of Tuncay as their filler. Having Mokoena instead of Tuncay just to open up a striker slot basicly means your striker will have to score 5 points more than a midfielder would have done... every week. That's just not going to happen.

As I see it, there's 2, maybe 3 strikers in the game that might be worth keeping week out and week in. Drogba, Rooney and maybe Torres. But the thing with most Strikers is, they either score 20, or they score 0. Look at Torres as an example. He had easier fixtures last week than he had this week. A lot of people had him last week, and dropped him before the West Ham-game. Those kind of "picking around the points" are a lot more common in the striker slots. And if your big guns up front fail you, you will end up with 50-60 points.

bean said...

bottom line, tuncay = 0 points over two matches and potentially more

Kellz said...


Both really good points. I think the basis of the Tuncay debate comes down to this - True it is eating at a spot in which a player can score the most points, however if Tuncay gets even 1 SOT next week (probably won't) he would repay his value for the past 3 weeks. Now when Stoke's schedule progresses and games get a bit easier, Tuncay scoring a goal giving 10+ pts for the price of 1 mil allows for a much beefier midfield, in my eyes that when it will completely pay off. Boro were pitiful last season and Tuncay scored 1/4 of all their goals with 7. So for the price of 1 mil i'll take a player who can score more on a Stoke side that is MUCH better.

It really up to what you want, for 1 mil and my current team i don't have a lot of options, just wait for the Tuncay sub in the 70th min to slot home the winner against United ;D

Anonymous said...

M.Fellaini + C.Gordon or Rodwell + Given?

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