Monday, 21 September 2009

Tuncay & Injury Update

Firstly, I've seen alot of chatter about the Tuncay situation since I announced my decision to drop him...I must admit I woke up this morning & thought "maybe I should've kept him?" but as the day has worn on & I've started looking at who I can now get in up front I'm actually still pleased that I made the decision.

Please note that this is only my personal opinion/decision...I certainly don't think anyone deciding to stay on the Tuncay bandwagon is making a mistake, it could well pay off in the longer term, but I think it's clear that the decision could have a huge bearing on the outcome of the season for your team, so do not jump in to any decision you make & please make sure it is YOUR decision - it could come back to bite me in a big way but it's a risk I was prepared to take.

Moving on, the points still arent in for Chelsea, Spurs & three quarters of Everton & Blackburn. I've given up checking now as it's simply frustrating, so i'll probably have a look tomorrow morning as sometimes Yahoo have a glitch in the matrix & it can take 2 or 3 days for them to sort it. I'm happy with my barndoor work for now anyway, but there are bound to be some changes later in the week due to injuries & Carling Cup performances.

Anyway, players I'm currently considering are:

GKs: Gordon, Given, Howard, Foster

DFs: Vermaelen, McCartney, Richards, R Johnson, Bassong, Hutton, Skrtel,

MFs: Gerrard, Reid, Lennon, O'Hara, Pienaar, Billy, Ballack, Wright-Phillips, Huddlestone, Palacios

FWs: Torres, Drogba, Saha, Defoe, Bent, Bellamy, Benitez

On to injuries:-
There's no other place to start than with Tottenham, who lost two centre-halves on Sunday afternoon and finished the day with Vedran Corluka and Tom Huddlestone as their last line of defence.

"I've suddenly lost three of my best centre-halves," bemoaned 'Arry, who must be only minutes way from his first 'bare bones' comment of the season.

"Ledley has done his hamstring. He's the most fantastic person and player, and he's so important for us, but if you don't train you can't just go out and play without doing hamstrings, groins or calves.

"Bassong doesn't look too good, either. He got a bang on the head and his eye's all swollen up. It doesn't look too clever at all. I think the doctor has taken him to hospital with concussion.

"Woodgate's nowhere near playing again. He went to see a specialist again yesterday and he just can't train.

"We haven't got to the bottom of the injury at all, what's causing him discomfort. Dawson has a chance, he's the one."

So Dawson could recover from an Achilles problem in time to face Burnley on Saturday but Woodgate (groin), King (hamstring) and Bassong (concussion) are all definitely out.

Sunday's opposition Chelsea are waiting on news of Didier Drogba, who was carried off with a calf injury.

"We hope tomorrow we will have a precise diagnosis of the situation," said the Italian. "It is a calf injury but he felt that he had cramp. If it is cramp, it is good for us."

The good news for Chelsea is that Joe Cole, Yuri Zhirkov and Paulo Ferreira (who have all suffered from varying knee injuries) are all fit to face QPR in the Carling Cup on Wednesday.

Perennial injury victim and Aston Villa striker Emile Heskey lasted just 14 minutes on the pitch against Portsmouth on Saturday, limping off with an ankle injury.

"Emile has rocked his ankle," said boss Martin O'Neill. "I asked Roddy MacDonald, my doctor, how it was after the game and he said it was sore."

In other 'new injury' news, Blackburn defender Gael Givet has picked up a knee injury, Burnley's Chris McCann will be out for up to three months with a knee injury and Bolton's Sean Davis could need a knee operation, with Gary Megson saying: "We have an issue regarding Sean Davis about whether he needs an operation on his knee. We will speak to the doctors and the physio and decide what is best for Sean."

We can't do an injury update without mentioning Birmingham City, currently missing an entire XI through injury, with midfielders Lee Carsley, Damien Johnson and Seb Larsson all added to the list ahead of Saturday's win at Hull. They named just six substitutes, including one youngster who had only been issued with a squad number the day before.

They should make Arsenal feel lucky to only have eight on the injured list, though Manuel Almunia is back in training and should be back to face Fulham at Craven Cottage on Saturday.

I imagine Spurs could line-up with Hutton, Dawson, Corluka, Assou-Ekotto vs Burnely, although Huddlestone could be dropped back & there's always a chance Kyle Naughton could be involved. We'll keep an eye on Drogba but if it's only cramp then a week should be enough for recovery. Givet's injury could be a worry for some managers still holding him.

My question for you all today - is anyone else losing faith in Frank Lampard as a premium pick?



Jeff said...

I think Lampard is still critical to Chelsea, but I have started to wonder about his Fantasy value. Chelsea have a wealth of options, and Lamps is just one of them. Plus he does seem to be struggling to find his place in the setup... so while I still think he's an outstanding player, I'm not sure he will be a fantasy stud. I've had him in my team all year and am considering dropping him... which means he'll score three goals the next game. Then again he's almost always good for 10+ points, and the occasional 20-pointer... so now that I think about it I haven't a clue what to do.

Ruki said...

Bassong just got a clearance from the hospital etc etc so it looks like he is alright ( from soccernet). Good news!

Anonymous said...

Bassong or Richards or Heiti??

Reid or Bent??

stlram01 said...

I still have no regrets with dropping Tuncay. He was the reason I couldn't BD Bent 2 weeks ago. I felt like he was more of a restraint than an enabler and even though I loved having MTAY and Gerrard in the same midfield, I think MTAY will struggle against Birmingham and his price will fall so I can get him again.

I hope yahoo gets the points up this week too, and prices of certain players fall.

Anonymous said...

Will some one PLEASE help me?!?!

Fidan said...

I considered dropping Lamps 2 weeks ago...and I DID...!!! I don't think the Carlito's Way is all-through-Lampard way. He's no way same as he was last few years...

Even Gerrard is on/off premium MF lately. Soo...this year seems like Forwards' year, which really goes against Tuncay-gate...!!!

Drogs,Torres,Saha (8,40?;10,51?)

Still I got 4m to play with.

This Saha price fluctuation is killing me. I got him for 8,40 and then I wake in the morning and look at my team, he is 10,51. How can that happen when I saved it after I bought sucks.

Anyway, there are changes that can be made in my team:


Bradley said...

The Chelsea/Everton/Spurs players points are up. They haven't percolated up to our totals yet, but progress is being made. Looks like I'm in line for 141.5. Wow. So it *is* better to be lucky than good. :)

FYI, Drogba = 26.0

Razesh said...

tuncay is past

with drogba's fresh injury....managers now take the real decision...whether to hold it or drop it...with more than 50% of team having will be THE make or break decision of the season

Fidan said...

@ Anon - Bassong seems (very like) to be out and Heiti very foul-prone I'd go with Richards/RJohnson/Hutton. Reid/Bent? It is really close call. Just follow your hunch...I hope that helped...!!!

chris said...

i agree with you jeff and i'm in the same boat. with lampard's price near to what i paid for him i think this is the week to drop him. i'm still waiting for news on drogba and if he's out for next week i'll be able to fit in defoe. seriously though what to do with tuncay? i've got two lineups worked out (one with, one without) and i like the look of both but i'm seriously leaning towards dropping him.

Jeff said...

The best thing about Tuncay is he's a cheap placeholder. I always seem to have a player (like Mokoena last year) who is incredibly cheap and doesn't produce... and I'm okay with that. Sell Tuncay and I have to sell others to fit someone more expensive in... ugh.

chris m said...

I dropped Lampard two weeks ago, spending the $$ for Torres. Glad I did. Lampard is deferring is offense, ie letting Drogba take free kicks, he used to take near 100%. He is just not looking to shoot as much.

Over half of us are waiting on word on Drogba. You all know this is just postponing the inevitable when the @*!@&* African Nations Cup starts.

Anonymous said...

Dear God - Saha's price has gone up. What happened? I thought about getting him in for Drogba and Skrtel in for Bassong if they are both injured, but now I can't! What in the world happend?! I just hope that Drogba will get well, because then... I don't know what to do.
I'm keeping Benayoun for now. I think that besides Gerrard, he has the most chances to get a lot of points from Liverpool's midfielders against Hull.
I got 117 points this week, and still moved up by only 1000 places (yes, only).
I'm thinking of changing to 4-4-2 if I can't find good replacement for Drogba or a good defender with Saha's price. But I'll probably won't.
Glad I dropped Lampard for Fabregas. He just isn't worth it.


Bradley said...

Points are fully up. Congrats to Steve Bob FC, who's still ruling the roost. I'm at 5680. Considering I was at 17736 after Week 3, I'm pretty happy.

And now to pontificate on the Tuncay debate: sadly, there is no one right answer. As Doctor Teeth pointed out, once Tuncay starts playing, he'll quickly return on his value. The real question is whether you get production out of the higher-cost players he affords you. Right now a number of premium players (e.g., Lampard and to a lesser extent Gerrard) are not returning enough for their uber-prices. As for striker positions being sacrosanct, that might be true for players you intend to hold (Rooney for me). For players you rotate, however, strikers can also be extremely hit-or-miss. In Week 2 Bent got me 0.5. In Week 3 Defoe got me 0.0. In Week 4 Torres got me 2.5. This week Tuncay got me 0.0, but at least he was on the bench. What was their excuse? (Plus, when I picked up Tuncay, I was merely swapped him in for Mokoena anyway.) Some strikers like Robinho manage to generate phantom points (when he actually plays, that is), but a lot of them don't.

Bojan said...


week 5 133.00
592,00 points overall
1613th overall
over 3000 places progres this week

what is your score AM?

Doctor Teeth said...

You're right on, Bradley. Look at this way...I would be willing to bet that virtually every manager fields some sort of filler on his team week in-week out. Maybe it's a "severe" filler such as Moko or Michael Brown (someone who really has no chance of returning any points and may in fact put you in the red...although I freely acknowledge that those two players have been surprisingly decent thus far this season) or just a really low-priced player such as Sonko. Very few, if any, teams will be made up of eleven players with values of 8-12 million each. There are always some cheap players fielded which allow a manager to fit in the Gerrards of the world. So, if that is the reality of managing in YFF, why not sit on Tuncay when he doesn't play for a few weeks when you know he will be a great value eventually? Add in the fact that fielding him allows you to upgrade from, say, a Michael Kightly (who I love) to an Aaron Lennon and it's a no brainer.

Ok - I hereby pledge that this will be my last Tuncay post. Good points raised on this issue by all concerned managers...will be very interesting to see how it plays out!

So - I hereby am going to start a new AM blog tradition: the daily trivia question! I will do my best to think up questions that are not easily "researchable" on the internet. Here goes for the inaugural question.

Who is the only player to have scored a hat trick in a Premier league, FA Cup and Champions League match?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

@ Fidan -

Thanx dude!

And also ...i pity you cause you suffered due to the Saha fluctuation..on the oda hand.......... I profited!!
I was bringing in someone else and saw that i had an extra 2 $$ ..
I than realized that Saha was 8 and IMMEDIATELY saved it!!
LOL... 2 sides of the same coin... 1 good, 1 bad! =D

Bradley said...

@Doctor Teeth: Yossi Benayoun. Sadly, I posted that info on an earlier thread. It was in Martin Tyler's column on SkySports. He then went on to mention that Robert Earnshaw has scored one each in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, FA Cup, League Cup, and as a Welsh international.

Fidan said...

@ Anon - I'm not sad, I'm furious. I got him for 8 and SAVED it, but in the morning his price was 10 and he took 2m of my spare money....!!!

Doctor Teeth said...

Missed that post, Bradley. Give the man a prize!

billthegrunt said...

145.5 points last weekend, far and away my best ever. If only Glen Johnson hadn't been MIA.

A big thank you to you, AM, for your expertise and support. Also a big hug to my General Manager (and girlfriend) who advised me not to make any late changes. After the weekend all starting 11s must now be cleared by her. :-)

I too dropped Tuncay in order to BD Diamante. It wasn't a difficult decision becuse of the wealth of new and promising value players coming into the game (O'Hara, Diamante, Chucho, Heitinga). I can't remember a time in my two years of playing that it was so easy to assemble a good side without any filler.

I was very lucky to keep Saha (see GF's role above) but wonder if he'll start next weekend. Whether Drogba is fit will be a big deciding factor in my choice.

Doctor Teeth said...

Bassong just got the all clear...big sigh of relief for the Spurs faithful.

Anonymous said...

Reid/Lennon or Reid/Bent or Lennon/Bent or Lennon/Defoe or Reid/Defoe ??

These 4 have got me in chains...

Plz suggest whom u think will be the best option ...

Thank You

Mr Smiley

stlram01 said...

I think the reason why I don't like Tuncay is I really don't like fillers in general. I thnik that 1.00 is an excellent price for a filler and imo Striker is the perfect slot since it can be hit or miss with him and he'll repay his value easily. But I rarely hold onto players the entire season (the exception being defenders and maybe one middie). Again, I felt like he restrained my options more than anything.

As for Lampard, I dropped him 2 weeks ago for Gerrard. Though I may drop Gerrard soon if he is not getting a lot of phantom points. If Drogs is out, more likely to drop Gerrard and spread the wealth all over, Saha, Ro-Jo, Lennon, perhaps. Now it will come down to how much Tuncay puts up for the year compared with who else I put in Striker (an perhaps MTAY, since he was what I used my Tuncay money on, though I suspect his price to drop after this week)

@ ToffeeDave (Or anyone): I picked up Pienaar, was wondering if he is likely to generate phantom points?

Being in the states, this blog has been my best source of info.

Thanks AM and everyone else for the great insight.

Bradley said...

At last, the upcoming matches on ESPN are going to have a little more variety (not a Burnley in sight :)). Plus, several Monday fixtures are in our near future:

26 Sep : Portsmouth / Everton
28 Sep : Manchester City / West Ham United
03 Oct : West Ham United / Fulham
05 Oct : Aston Villa / Manchester City
10 Oct : (International break -- curses!)
17 Oct : Aston Villa / Chelsea
19 Oct : Fulham / Hull City

Anonymous said...


I was just snooping around..and cam up with this ASTONISHING find...


Of the top 25 teams, only 2 of them have StevieG and 1 has BFFL!!


And to make matters worse only one team of these 3 was ranked 10th and the remaining 2 , some 15+.


Although that IS quite some achievement, this season for us to break into the Leaderboard ,
we need to summone our guts and drop StevieG/BFFL.


The top teams instead go for a balanced Mid-Line consisting mainly of - Hunt,Yossi,Milner,O'Hara,Rodwell,Rosicky,Diaby,Fletcher,Jordi,Jarvis,Milijas,Fellaini,Pienaar!!


And a sprinkle of only one of these - MTay,Cesc,BFAY,Lennon,Reid,Ireland,Barry,SWP,MGP,Ballack,Murphy,Duff!!


And to make matters worse -
17 of the top 25 teams have stuck with Drogs,Roo,Nando from Week 1 !!


And 5 of the remaining 8 have either Bent or Defoe mixed with 2 of the above !!


They also opt for attacking defenders -
Verma(No surprise there),GlenJo(Some have him from Week 1,and those who dont have had him for at least TWO weeks),Richards,Baines,ACole,Cahill,Toure,Lescott.


And surprisingly there is a very minute trace of - SeaBass/Givet/McCartney/Collins/Warnock/Distin/Bosingwa!!


And there's CERTAINLY no Sonko!!


19 of those Top 25 have a Premium GK/Given whom they've stuck to SINCE Week 1 !!


So MY coclusion of the above is that MOST of the top teams have basically forged a core squad and have to stuck to it - No matter WHAT!



AM -
*This kinda contradicts ur " NO +10 $$ ON A GK " Theory,Right?


Thank You


Mr Smiley


bean said...

re:Lampard - i think the diamond formation and where he's played in it has totally changed his YFF value. he seems to be playing more in the style of Cesc where he does a lot of work in the middle and sets up play, but isn't involved as much in the valuable scoring fantasy points. Although Cesc seems a bit different this year and has a little more attacking threat fantasy wise. I just think Lamps this year is one of those players you watch and is somewhat quiet but is a key player in game (obviously) but hasn't been getting the set pieces as much and hasn't been in a position for lots of shots and therefore goals..

Kellz said...

@Smiley: good work. I dropped Gerrard for MTAY and Fabs this last week, paid off 28pts to 5.5pts. However, heres why the top 10 teams don't have Gerrard/Lampard, they know lower teams will. Therefore the only way for those top 10 teams and really top 500 teams can keep increasing their lead is to pick players that the bottom 100,000 don't have, this means no Gerrard/Lampard. However for us that are in the top 10,000, its worth it to have one of them (Gerrard) as his points in a good match will push you up the pole as top teams would disregard them. Just my opinion :D

Good luck!

Any news on Drogs yet? I haven't found any other than Anelka saying Chelsea is not the same without him, thanks captain obvious!

Anonymous said...

Bassong healthy is good news, but if Drogba is healthy too (please, please, please) I'm dropping Bassong for Skrtel. I believe in Spurs' attack, but when it comes to their defence with Corluka and Bassong as Centre-Backs(!!!), well... I prefer Liverpool's against Hull. If Drogba is out (knock on wood) I'm going with Saha and leaving Bassong in.

And just so you'll know, outside of the YFF, I'm an Arsenal fan. So it's pretty hard for me to pray for Drog the Dog.


bean said...

i think Giggs deserves a mention. highest avg. points in midfield for 14.65

Bradley said...

@Mr. Smiley: That's certainly food for thought, but it seems too early to make such definitive pronouncements. While the production from a Drogba-Rooney-Torres front line is obvious, at this point the rest may be statistical happenstance. For example, so far Diaby, Benayoun, and Fletcher have had career-highlight matches, but they may never come close to such heights again. Plus, given the incessant midfield rotations on their squads, who knows how much they'll wind up playing this season? (I couldn't figure out why Benayoun didn't start more even before his hat-trick; I'm not sure God could predict Rafa's line-ups.) All it'll take is for a few other players to catch fire (Gerrard for example) to reshuffle the standings list. The competition is so tight that it doesn't take many missed points to drop 100s or even 1000s of places (believe me, I've done it).

Having said all that, this past weekend I had a Lamps/Gerrard-free team, but I haven't been able to pass up Gerrard for hosting Hull. Sadly, he does indeed suck up a lot of cash.

Anonymous said...

Gerrard a bit more aafordable with Tuncay, right Bradley? Ha ha ha...

Bradley said...

@7:28: Yes, he is but just barely. ;)

Perhaps I should switch from using my given name to something like "Mr. Verbosity." All I'm trying to say is that although some players are more consistent than others (and are thus more desirable long term), what's working in Aug-Sept won't necessarily be what's working in Apr-May. At this time last year Hull City was contending for European slots but wound up falling rather short. It's a long season in both reality and fantasy.

I'll shut up now. I promise.

Naning said...

@Kellz - I think you got this all wrong. The reason the top teams don't have Gerrard and Fat Frank is because they don't return their value, and therefore, players having Gerrard and Fat Frank won't get as much points as people not having them. It's better to have Jordi(6.5), Hunt(~8?) and Johnson(10?) than Gerrard(19), Rodwell(3) and Moke(1).

It's as simple as that.

Assistant Manager said...

Mr Smiley - great effort with the analysis, but I have to agree with Bradley, it's way too early to say that their strategy is the definitive one for success. Last year I was outside the top 4000 at the halfway stage (Week 18/19)...I finished in the Top 400.

Things can change massively every couple of weeks. If some of their big names get injuries/suspensions/get rested around Xmas (which they will, they always do) then they'll need to start using their brains to pick less obvious players & that's where people fall over later on the season...but if you feel you're on to a winning formula then go for it!


ToffeeDave said...

Ok im at school and I've read alot of posts and I feel like commenting on most of them. First thing first...

TUNCAY!!!with the abundance of value strikers and stoke's tough schedule, it is an obvious choice for people to drop Tuncay, but I feel all of you are short sighted. I bet you will all be regretting when Tuncay finally settles into the squad, Pulis figures out not to just play the long ball with the quality he has in the squad, and Stoke run into Wolves, Hull, Portsmouth, Blackburn (starts in 4 weeks and is a perfect schedule for any striker). Also, for those of you arguing the point of Tuncay freeing up points for that striker slot, that is only if you pick the right midfielders. Fortunately for me, my 3 midfield players have averaged 41.75 points the past two weeks or 83.5 over 2 weeks. These players were MTAY-30.5 Cahill-10.5 Gerrard-19 Fab-14 and BFAY-9.5. For me, this was a great decision as those middle class midfielders are the ones raking the points this year which Tuncay allowed me to buy. Also, he allows me to have the perfect attacking defense(Verm, Baines, Johnson and maybe Assou-Ekotto or R.Johnson)

With that being said, my line up is sitting on this.

Verm Baines Heit Bassong
Gerrard, Lennon, Billy
Drogs, Tuncay, Torres

Heit could very well see the axe in favour of kightly in midfield as I don't trust Everton to keep a clean sheet against Portsmouth. The reason is that Friedel had to do all he could to stop them from scoring vs Villa and on another day, Portsmouth could have tied that game. I see a 3-1 win for Everton so if you want defensive evertonians, at your own risk because im skeptical.

Anod now since rereading my novel above I have already changed my team to have 0 funds left to spend and completely satisfied. This is my final team for the week.

Verm Baines G and R Johnson
Billy, Pienaar, Lennon
Drogba, Tuncay, Torres

I want to write more but I will stop.

Naning said...

From Neal&Jeremy's blog:

::::Redknapp has already confirmed that Portsmouth loanee Jamie O'Hara will return to Tottenham in January.

"We will definitely get Jamie back as soon as we can," Redknapp said.

"I like Jamie as a player and I didn't want him to go but Portsmouth insisted on it as part of the deal to sell Kevin-Prince Boateng to them so we had no choice."::::

Good news for Tottenham, terrible news for O'Haras fantasy value.

Mike B said...

I'm one of the unfortunates that had the idea of barn dooring Tuncay, only to find 10 minutes later his price had shot up haha.

The only positive of that day being that i now dont have to worry about if i should keep him or not!

I have to agree with ToffeeDave in what he just said about the matter. The guy is a quality striker, and is at least worth keeping until after that run of nice games.

Jamie said...

this is where I am atm

Vermaelen Richards Hutton/Bassong
Gerrard Fletcher Diaby Lennon
Drogba Tuncay Defoe

I am hoping Drogba pulls through his injury so I dont lose my 6 point discount. I feel I have a strong team but I could strengthen my two weaker midfielders, I have 2.88 left, any suggestions?
I think Zhirkov is an interesting choice at just 5 points

Mike B said...

I would love to be able to pick Zhirkov, but there's no chance with so many midfield changes in the Chelsea squad who knows when he'll play. Plus that greedy little bugger Cole is back now, so who the hell knows!

Lamps - Ballack - Malouda - Essien - Deco - Cole - Zhirkov - Mikel

What an absolute beast of a midfield, no wonder he can't make his mind up!

Naning said...

@Jamie - If I were you I would really drop Fletcher. There's no way in hell he will repeat what he did against City. I suggest you pick up O'Hara instead.

greginho said...

i am so happy with lennon going down just a few points, now i can go with a midfield of lennon mtay, ohara and billy. that combined with my strong strike force of rooney, drogba, and bent, should be hard to beat.

i have been tooting lennons horn all year, and now can finally pick him up. i know gerrard's price is really low, especially with his matchup, but i feel that with the two strong ones will be able to outscore gerrard and tamir cohen or rosicky, plus i can't have billy, i would have to have brown or someone else.

is it a mistake to go with those two rather than gerrard?

Anonymous said...

@ greginho -

Whats ur back line made of??
Whos your GK ??

Mike B said...

Just found this on Drogba -

"Our sources tell us that following the match at Stamford Bridge, once Drogba’s injury had been assessed and a case of cramp was confirmed, all Ancelotti’s staff were fully concentrated on a warm-up session that took place on the Stamford Bridge pitch in preparation for the QPHa League Cup with both Joe Cole, Yuri Zhirkov and Daniel Sturridge heavily involved."

Here's the link

I'll be certainly checking out Cole and Zhirkov, looks like great news about Drogba!

Douchebag United said...

ToffeeDave -

Do you like Pienaar @ Portsmouth this week or is Reid a better play @ home to the Wolves?

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Long time no post - I've loved reading everyone's thoughts on the Tuncay situations.
I've decided to hang onto him ofr a while, i would've gotten rid of him this week but instead upgraded Robbo to Given.

What of these 3 would be prefferable for the coming week.

Hunt & Gerrard


Lennon & Lamps

Kepp up the awesome AM and everyone else


ToffeeDave said...

@Naning@Jamie...I would suggest keeping Fletcher if you got him at discount. Check my earlier posts and see that I was debating having him for the Manchester derby. He is having a career season nad is arguably the best player on Man U right now.

@Douchebag...Yes I do as I have him in my team. He is simply unlucky not to score more goals then he does and is the major creative force going forward at the moment until Billy and Arteta are in. Against Portsmouth of all teams I can't see him not scoring let alone assisting on a few. Cahill will also score.

Kellz said...

@Naning: Didn't know an opinion could be wrong. Plus I think your missing the core of what i said. I understand your point but fact of the matter is once you reach the top 10 you don't want to continue to have most of your team mimic those below you, or else your points just match and you don't continue to go ahead.

Take EGYPT last year, started with Lampard/Gerrard in the first weeks, then shot into the top 100 and began changing his side completely each week in order to coninue to climb. Yes Gerrard/Lampard have off weeks, yes they don't always score at their value, but Gerrard was goalless in Burnley game and yet managed 19pts, not counting last weeks game, Gerrard offers a great value for the price over the long haul and if anything offeres the greatest chance with his quality to produce many more 20+ pt games than most midfielders.

Also, not all the mid priced players repay their value each week either, Milijas went down hill, Gomez has off weeks, Lennon has had 2 games of 0.5pts and 1pt, so really again it goes back to what I said. If you chose players against the majority you have a better chance to climb up from 10th.

Fidan said...

@ Mike B - great news, thnx a lot...!!! But, I got another one, a bit more sad :P (mostly bc I'm a Liverpool fan);)

Drogba won't be playing this weekend even if the injury is assesed as "a serious cramp"...!!! Full article on:


Anonymous said...



Mr.Smiley was an alias used by me coz i was kinda scared bout recieving some criticsm from you guys.


Now that it's cleared -

I would like to apologise for the following aliases used by me here


I wouldnt blame you guys if ignore me,
But i jus wanna set things straight


So here goes -

Anonymous Papparazzi
John Emmanuel King

*AM* Better cover your eyes for this one -


Again , Im sorry!

I had to use these aliases as very rarely would someone help me when i kept posting...

Sorry for the trouble caused,
~ A Brat :(

mehicoradio said...

argh the Lennon price drop (and bassong i think as well?) has given me wayyy too much cash to play with, and limited room to do anything with it.

My biggest questions are:

1. Hunt or no Hunt?

2. Bassong to play?

3. Should Heiti stay or go?

I feel pretty strong i can find decent replacements for all 3 of them if need be, just not sure if i need to get rid of them?

Fidan said...

@ ToffeDave - I'd really love to load up on Everton @Pompey, but this week has so many options elsewhere too. Spurs,Liverpool,Sund are all at home against may I say very inferior squads and I think Pompey I going to BITE someone in the very near future, and bite him bad. I just hope it isn't your Toffes... ;)

@ Everyone - I know I shouldn't be sharing this one with you in order to gain some ground:D, but what a heck, aren't we here to help each other...This site has helped me tremendously much in deciding my team and following the injuries and other team talk...

Although it is a different fantasy football system, you don't have to sign up to play in order to read all the great stuff they have in there...!!!

Good luck...!!!

Fidan said...

@ Mehicoradio - If you have Hunt on discount, I'd say keep him. He takes all the kicks and has great shot. Liverpool kinda sucks dealing with set-pieces so take my word as a true Liverpool fan, Hunt is really going to cause us DAMAGE...!!! I'd love to have him but having Lennon,O'Hara,Reid,Pienaar...I really can't make room for him...!!!
Anyway how does the rest of your team look like?


greginho said...

my goalie is given
verm./ bridge/ heitinga

Geobfree said...

ended up with 148pts, Had DROGS,BALLACK,PIENAAR, & A.COLE going on Sun. Still pissed my other two def.RICKETTS[2.50] shld of had an assist for MTAY'S spot,CUELLAR[3.50] with a clean sheet.

mehicoradio said...

@Fidan, i love fantasyfootballscout, i mostly use it for finding the kick takers and seeing what the schedules look like.

Thanks for the help with Hunt, the rest of the team is (at the moment)

Verm, Heiti, Bassong
MTay, O'hara, Lennon
Drogs, Tuncay, Rooney

Naning said...

@Kellz - What I meant wasn't that picking Gerrard is wrong. What I meant was that the players ahead are ahead because Gerrard hasn't performed. And I disagree with you once more ;)

If I was ahead, I would love it if everyone below me had the exact same team as I had. This would simply make me stay up there forever. But yes, I do get your point.

Dare to Devil said...

@mehicoradio: Just realised I had almost the same players with you. My current squad looks like this

Heiti Verm Bassong
Gerrard O'Hara Hunt Lennon
Rooney Tuncay Drogs

I think my team is quite balanced, but I still got 1.91 left over. Those extra $$$ is tempting me.

I don't know how long I can last before making any rash changes that I will regret later. Anyone facing the same prob?

GTR 34 said...


I have changed my team again, and have finally got around to dropping Tuncay. It was a hard decision, but some points are better than no points.

In addition, nobody can be certain that Drogba will play in the week 6 fixtures, and if that is the case, then I couldn't bear another '0' in my strike force. As Drogba will be a season keeper (with the exception of the Africa Nations tournament), something had to give.

I have taken a more balanced approach with my team, and have avoided any fillers.

I simply felt that it was imperative to have players from L'pool, Spurs, Everton, and Man City, and then my season keepers such as Vermaelen, Drogs et al.

Torres is the no brainer over SG. He beats SG in literally EVERY department, so why spend the extra +1 on SG? Of course some of you may have either player on a good discount, so the argument will be affected by that.

I feel that city have a better chance (slightly) of a CS than do Sunderland, so have opted for the City GK and D.

Hunt has done fantastically well over the first few matches, and although he faces L'pool, he tends to get Phantom points.

Vermaelen - Richards - SeaBass
Hunt - Lennon - O'Hara - Rodwell
Drogba - Torres - DeFoe

Hope you are not in as much turmoil as I have been, and that you all make the decisions that rake in the points?

Assistant Manager said...

Great comments again guys, I see a lot of people are having some of the same dilemmas as me & I'm sure they'll more questions after the fallout from the Carling Cup games this week.

N00B - Good to see you back, I have nothing against you, there is no need to use aliases...especially stupid ones like the Paparazzi one where you post fake news stories about injuries to players. I'm sure if you continue to post sensibly as N00B people will help you out just as they help others out.


Anonymous said...

@ AM -

Thanks a lot.. =D

Thought that you were still pissed at me.. :D


And hencefoeth i will remain N00B

~ N00B

Max said...

my week6..

verma, heitinga, richards
fab, fletcher, ballack, lamp
drog, tuncay, saha

BD richards, ballack, fletcher & saha for this week game.. all 4 are my week6 hunches..

got given as gk.. worried that gordon might be replaced since heard that fulop is recovering..

currently trying to get stevieG by dropping lamp.. but i'm lack around 1mil in cash to fit him..

drog stays (got him at discounts since week1).. tuncay stays (no $ to replace him)..

heitinga or sonko?..


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