Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Week 2 Fixtures & Picks

I wrote an early Week 2 Preview last week...

Saturday, 22 August 2009
Arsenal v Portsmouth, 15:00
Birmingham v Stoke, 15:00
Hull v Bolton, 15:00
Man City v Wolverhampton, 15:00
Sunderland v Blackburn, 15:00
Wigan v Man Utd, 15:00

Sunday, 23 August 2009
Burnley v Everton, 15:00
Fulham v Chelsea, 16:00
West Ham v Tottenham, 13:30

Monday, 24 August 2009
Liverpool v Aston Villa, 20:00

As a general rule you want to prioritise picking players from teams you feel will win and keep clean sheets. Now from those fixtures, 2 stand out immediately: Arsenal at home to Portsmouth & Man City at home to Wolves. Also of interest are Liverpool at home to Villa (they beat them 6-0 last season) & Man U @ Wigan. You may also want to look at Chelsea @ Fulham & Everton @ Burnley, but I feel these could both be tougher games. I'll probably be avoiding the majority of players from Birmingham v Stoke, Hull v Bolton & West Ham v Tottenham. Sunderland are an okay bet at home to Blackburn.

...and not alot has changed, other than Everton are no longer at the forefront of my mind after their capitulation vs Arsenal. I'm still looking mainly at Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool & Man United.

These are the 26 players I'm considering for Week 2. I doubt very much any of my picks will fall outside this group, unless I need additional fillers to load up on the big guns.

Strikers - Rooney, Van Persie, Drogba, Torres, Adebayor, Tevez, Bent, Benitez

Midfielders - Arshavin, Fabregas, Gerrard, Lampard, Ireland, Deco, Milijas, Gomez

Defenders - Vermaelen, Richards, Bridge, Bassong, Wilkinson, O'Shea, Givet

Keepers - Given, Myhill, Foster

If I do need fillers, they will be Sonko for Defence, Mokoena for Midfield & Folan for Striker.

Many of my picks will be based on how tonight's games go - my big decisions at the moment are:-

Rooney vs Gerrard
Fabregas vs Arshavin

Who are you having trouble deciding on?



Fidan said...

Fabs/Arsh dilemma for me is kinda sorted out, at least for now. I think I'll definitely stick to Fabs but will do everything to get Arsh too. I have Milijas,Gomez,Fabs for sure. Now, until today I had Cahill as a sure pick but having also Lamps (5 midies) it leaves no room for Arsh so I might swap Cahill for Arsh and get a filler in defense (Sonko obviously)...I'll get rid of Wilkinson it seems, cuz I like McCartney better, since he's guaranteed starter (SBruce said that daSilva needs time).

So my team so far may be...

Verm,McCartney(MRichards in any case),Sonko
Milijas,Gomez,Fabs,Lamps,Arsh (or Cahill,still...)

Any suggestions...???

Anonymous said...


At the moment my team for week 2 looks like this

Given (6.10)
Vermaelen (6.02)
Richards (6.50)
Givet (4.67)
Arshavin (15.81)
Milijas (5.54)
Gomez (5.54)
Fellaini (7.48)
Drogba (10.66)
Adebayor (12.62)
RVP (18.55)

I managed to bd Given, Verm and Adebayor but regretting not doing the same with Gerrard and taking Bassong out before forgetting to put him back in when he scored v liverpool. Has anyone got any suggestions of how i can improve this team? Did u recommend Givet as mainly a filler or do people believe he can obtain points away to Sunderland?


Assistant Manager said...

Fidan - very strong, having Lamps, Fabs & Arsh in 1 team...not tempted by man City players??

@1.03pm - I recommned Givet because of his price & the fact he'll definitely play. There are better defenders, but he can do a job for sure. I like you team, Fellaini could be a good pick.

Anonymous said...

Just curious... with such a good matchup @ home, why no Robinho on anyone's lists?

Wilk Ricketts Carr (all cheap)
Milijas Palacios Arsh Fellaini
Torres Drogba Robinho

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

whoever picked given in the first week was a genius!

Assistant Manager said...

Robinho isn't someone I'm considering as I have Adebayor & Ireland at the moment (both at discount). He certainly isn't a bad pick though.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin or Rooney? Can't decide. I'll have to wait to see how Rooney does, maybe his price will drop. I'd also be getting rid of Bent though too. Maybe pick up like Dyer or some other cheap middie.

Fidan said...

@ AM - Tempted by City players??? YES, of course, but really reluctant considering their prices. Of all of them, the one I might consider, depending on this Arshavin "affair",is Robinho (and upgrade Sonko to Givet)...!!!

Anonymous said...

@ am: I wrote the Robinho question..
The only problem was I couldn't BD any of the players from the weekend since I was away but have done my best to pick up cheap and convenient options. The reason I chose Robinho over K2 was that he usually takes spot kicks and the offence seems to move through him. Hoping El Nino can turn up the HEAT

Anonymous said...

AM and all...

Michael from the States again - thanks for all the advice earlier in the week. Not getting to BD anyone has put me in some tough spots - I feel reluctant to make moves now because prices are a bit high. Here I am right now:

Foster (6.38)
Bassong (5.51), Wilk (5.96), O'Shea (7.35)
Lamps (18.97), Milijas (5.60), Gomez (5.60), Modric (8.48)
Drogba (10.76), Rooney (16.37), SEB (6.42)

*Overall, I feel that compared to the current prices, I should sit tight with a lot of my roster. Agree? 2.6 million funds available presently.


1) Swap Given (8.84) for Foster (that exhausts my 2.6 million funds available...)
2) Swap Benitez (6.43) for SEB
3) Swap Deco (7.75), N'Zogbia (8.14), or Fellaini (7.48) for Modric

Thank you in advance for the kind advice. Remember, I don't know what I am doing, so please feel free to suggest any moves that I have seem to miss completely! For example, if I should free up a chunk of money for Arshavin while he is relatively cheap, please let me know...


Anonymous said...

Ah - Forgot to add - AM, do you still like Arshavin over Lamps? I could do that move and free up money to upgrade at striker (say, Bent in for SEB). Just seems that Arshavin has been a bit quiet, early on... while Lamps seems destined to have a solid season as always.


Matty LC said...

to the last post:

I would recommend selling Foster for Given b/c once Van der Sar comes back Foster will be useless, and by this time ,Given could be too expensive to fit in ur budget. Your call in the end.

Also, SEB is out with an injury so even if Jimenez doesn't set the league on fire, its better than getting no points. Hope this helps.

-Premier League fan from MISSISSAUGA

Anonymous said...

AM, what are your thoughts on tevez this week?


Assistant Manager said...

Matty - thanks, you've answered Michael for me! Arshavin over Lamps for me.

Tevez - if he's fully fit after the foot injury that left him on the bench last weekend then he's a great pick for the price.

Anonymous said...


how can u afford this team


i had almost similar team apart from sonko(wilk)& desperately trying to fit arsh replacing ireland....i had all plyrs with least idea how u manage this team!!!!

Matty LC said...

AM, I joined the YFF2 Assistant Blog, so far a disappointing week! I am sitting at 62/84 with Foster, Belhadj, Wilkinson, Palacios and Torres to play.

I took the chance on Torres over Rooney forgetting that Tottenham plays shut-down defence at home. Also kept Hreiardsson on my squad, didnt know he was injured. Took a chance on Malouda looking at his flaky schedule, must say he was my biggest letdown. Started SEB, even though he played one game, almost made up for his cost. Hoping to improve the rest of the season!

-Pro Stars in the YFFL league!

Dare to Devil said...

AM, I got both Milijas & Jordi Gomez at their original price. Would like to upgrade one of them to Fellaini, who should I drop? Or should I just keep both & forget bout the afro?


Anonymous said...

Suggestions thanks guys!
Given, Wilk, Vermaelen, Givet, Fabregas, Lampard, Milijas, Moke, Drogba, Rooney, Bent


mehicoradio said...

I'm still on the fence if i want to go with Bassong or not, a good option with the money i had, but its also Tottenham on the road. right now:

Wilko, Verm, Bassong
Milijas, Jordi, Lampard, Mokoena
Drogba, Rooney, Bent

Of course i just now decide to see what i can fit in (gotta stop doing this) and came up with a possible line-up of:

Wilko, Givet, Bassong
Milijas, Mokoena, Lampard, Ireland
Drogba, Rooney, Rodallega

Could also put Eduardo, or McCarthy in Rodallega's spot.

Anonymous said...

If you drop anyone, drop Gomez. Keep Milijas, hes basically their go to guy, taking kicks and what not. I believe Gomez shares kicks with N'Zogba.


Anonymous said...

Fidan: I would say no on Cahill, if you saw their game vs Everton, he was sunk back towards the defense, Fellaini is the better choice as he seems to fill the "slot" behind the first striker, Jo, or Saha when 100%. I would spend less on Fellaini.


Anonymous said...

Here's what I'm working on so far:

Foster (Kirkland out)
Bassong, Wilkinson, Vermaelen (O'Shea out)
Lampard, Arshavin, Mokoena, Milijas (Utaka, Cattermole, Valencia out)
Drogba, Rooney, Folan (Ebanks-Blake out)

Just 0.01 left over!

Reluctantly dropping Valencia to make room for Arsenal players. Choosing Milijas over a more expensive option gets me out of the Myhill-Robinson trap with Foster, and Man U are 9-0-0 vs. Wigan. Two fillers in Mokoena and Folan, hopefully neither one bites me too badly.

Currently at 160.50 (right behind you, AM!) with Rooney, Valencia, Bassong, Wilkinson and Utaka (:-P) still to play their second games.

Naning said...

My only problem this week is regarding two positions:

Nani and Robinho,
Jordi and Torres or
Ireland and Tevez

Questions are... Will Nani play, will Tevez play and will Torres Perform?

Or do you guys have any other suggestions?

mehicoradio said...

Wow, Burnley is winning :O

Jensen with a PK save too

Anonymous said...

My dilemma is do I keep Arsh and Fab in the same team? And do I switch in Torres for Drogs? The funds are not the problem :-) Phil

Nujra said...

ok heres a choice:




bean said...

nujra- palacios scored, torres scored, and johnson just scored.. maybe that's the way to go. get em before the barn door

Nujra said...

sounds good. sure its worth giving up on rooney?

bean said...

that's tough to give up on rooney, see how it goes second half against burnley. can't believe burnley are up on ManU!

bean said...

it was just a funny coincidence that you listed those three as options and those three scored today

Nujra said...

oh i knew torres had scored and I knew johnson was having good game.

Anonymous said...

Sorry a bit OT but will Alexander get his clean sheet vs Man U? He got subbed in the 73rd minute.

Naning said...

No. They need 75 minutes I think.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks. Thats a nightmare! Lost my Belhadj clean sheet in the last minute too :(

Anonymous said...

Haha, I gotta say it hurts a lot less for Liverpool to lose to Spurs, after Untied lost to Burnley! I mean Spurs are tough but seriously Burnley! I don't even care about the fantsy points I lost today since most teams lost them too, I am exstatic, Liverpool 3-0 Stoke :D
Great Day

AM: Congrats to great Spurs start


mehicoradio said...

thoughts on Defoe? Saw his goals today and just quickly nabbed him.

Naning said...

Defoe will recieve like 50 points today. Sick performance. His price will shoot through the roof. If anyone want to get him. THey should do it right now.

Anonymous said...

Verm Bassong Alexander
Ireland Milijas Mokoena Fabregas Arshavin
Drogba Rooney


Verm Bassong Sonko
Ireland Milijas Mokoena Fabregas Lampard
Drogba Rooney

Any thoughts?


Nujra said...

god i needed that alexander clean sheet to reach 200 points...

does anyone think i can muster 29 points from

foster o'shea alexander torres?

Anonymous said...


How do you feel about Alexander and Lawrence for week 2? Looking at possible upgrades, and also noticed Lawrence was a sub for Stoke today.

Current team:
Given (8.51)
Bassong (5.50) Alexander (5.00) Vermaelen (6.02)
Milijas, Gomez, Arsh (15.81), Lawrence (9.90)
Drogba (10.75), Torres (15.74), Bent (10,90)


mehicoradio said...

Nurja, looking off gamecast Torres should get at least 16.5 points (possibly more). And it looks like Foster is slated to lose a point.

No idea on points for crosses, block shots or anything however for those players. But it might be possible to get 29 points

Nujra said...

i hope so. looking forward to my first hopefully 200 point week

Anonymous said...

YYF Assistant, can you comment on my team:
Given, Vermaelen, Bassong, McCartney, Gerrard, Fabregas, Larsson, Mokoena, Rooney, Drogba, Rodallega=) Thankz!

Anonymous said...


Bosingwa, Vermaelen, Gallas
Nani, Deco, Milijas, Gomez
Rooney, Drogba, Rodallega

is it advisable to drop Rodallega, Milijas or Gomez for someone else since Wigan is playing against MU and Wolves against MCity this week?.. any advice of who to take their place?.. hows Nani in your guys opinion for week 2?..

Anonymous said...

Alexander, Wilkinson, Givet
Lampard, Arshavin, Fellaini, Milijas, Gomez
Drogba, Adebayor

Howard is now cheap and I'm thinking he might be a good bet against Burnley. Dropped Rooney so I could add Arshavin (not sure about him yet) and Adebayor (as I think Man City will run riot against wolves). Fellaini seems like a cheap option...but my defence is suffering...


Anonymous said...

@2:30 am: Strong midfield and strong defense. Only question is can you find a good filler for Rodallega/Larsson that might boost Moke? An attacking option from Citeh would help as they are home to Wolves who are without top striker SEB. Adebayor is still only around 13mil while Tevez if starting could be a great replacement for Rod.

@4:25 am: Midfield is rather weak, add in an Arsenal attacking option, add Arshavin. Drop Gallas, too expensive for a clean sheet, move in McCartney or Wilk. Use the extra cash to pump in some Citeh, either Ireland, Robinho, Tevez, or K2. Think about Jiminez for Gomez if you don't fancy Wigan home to United, drop Deco as his matchup is away to Fulham in a derby match. Rodallega to be moved to a Citeh striker.

@4.45 am: Can you get in McCartney at all? otherwise looks strong.

Good luck


Anonymous said...

folan/k2/mc carthy

left 1.39.. any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

thanks Kellz.. this Max @4.25am btw :p

changed Rodallega for K2.. Gallas to Wilko.. but still have problem in midfield.. do you thing Nani will perform in week 2.. or should i drop him?..


Anonymous said...

@Max: I think any time Nani is fully fit he produces lots of points, even playing 45mins he managed 8.5 pts which returned his price. So keep him, but if you hear he is not match fit or expected to be on the bench look else where. Jiminez again could be a good bargain.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

hi there. nice to meet u. can i know wats ur fantasy team name?
sexy football here. i m choosing between torres n van persie. given the fixture, van persie is the outright choice but he might b rested.

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