Monday, 26 October 2009

Blog League 6 (The Final One)


Just 73 spots left in the final blog league, which once full will leave us with 600 teams ready to take part in the 2nd Cup, The AM Challenge which will alongside the main Blog Cup. This competition will start in the next few weeks (possibly now Week 14).

If you have no idea what The Blog Cup is, click here (it's now FULL).  It was for the first 3 Blog Leagues. I'll keep The Blog Cup as it is with Round 2 in Week 12, Round 3 in Week 16 etc & the final in Week'll be the main cup competition for the Blog & will have the Premiership shirt as the prize for the winner at the end of the season. The AM Challenge is a completely separate competition.

**League 6 is for people who missed out on the first 5 so they can take part in the new cup, so please only join if you are not in League 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. I have a list of all the team names in the existing leagues so if I see any of the same teams in League 5 they will be removed - I have to be strict about these things :)**

Group ID: 23246
Password: yahoo

Be quick!



Anonymous said...

With Heitinga possibly injured, do you suggest me to swap from Rosicky+Heitinga to Sonko+Milner?
The only thing that worries me about that is the absence of Sonko from Hull's latest match. I really don't know what happened there...


bean said...

happy belated birthday AM.

after some tinkering, i'm looking at:

Diamanti,Drog,H.Rod(or Berbs or Bent)

and it comes out to an even 100.00 team value.. i know that means nothing, but sometimes it helps sway a decision

I'm getting a bit more interested in ManU home to Blackburn rather than the double game weeks.. i just always get suckered into the doubles and a lot of times they don't pan out well. I'm going to be interested in Fulham and Blackburn's double weeks coming up as they are bracketed by good matchups (even though Rovers are terrible at the moment..

on an off subject, how's everyone liking FIFA10?

Anonymous said...

I <3 Fifa 10 !!!
It's sweeeet!! =)

And AM -
I think the Group ID is 23246 and NOT 23245 . =)


Assistant Manager said...

Damn, you're right Michael, I'd put the wrong group number up (now corrected).

As for FIFA 10, I enjoyed it for about 2 weeks but i've now gone off it, as I picked up Pro Evo 2010 last week and I'm LOVING it!


Michael said...

AM -
Whens the next post likely to be up??


Assistant Manager said...

They'll be an injury post today I expect, followed by player picks tomorrow at some point.

chris m said...

Also-Hey AM belated happy birthday.

As a group service I decided to do some math on the Villa/Hammers double issue-this based on my team which many of you might find relevant.

Right now, my front line is Drogba/Torres/Rooney the former 2 at deep discounts, Rooney at 17.65/17.49 I could flip him at at loss of only .16. The play would be Agbonlahor who is at 12.66. This frees up 4.83 pts. With this and what I have free I could swap Given, held at 7.62/7.62 for Friedel at 10.78. This would leave me enough to make only 1 midfield swap, Kightly at 4.11/4,83 for Petrov @ 7.53 with a loss of only .72

The Villa defenders are too pricey too flip.

So, it looks like this for average points.

Rooney 12,89
Given 7.33
Kightly 1.50
--total 21.52
Agbonlahor 7.50/15.00
Friedel 9.17/18.34
Petrov 4.56/9.12
--total 21.23/41.46

Are we following this so far guys. So for a net loss of only .88 pts, I could potentially double my point total based on average return for swapping 3 players.

Now comes the hard part. The match ups, Who is going to do what to whom. Aside from saying I like Rooney to light up a swine flu depleted Blackburn (Dunn who I have will probably be recovered and I have him at a huge discount so I'll probably keep him. Villa vs beat up Everton may be a clean sheet for Friedel. That's all I'll say. This a mind f*ck trying to figure out. I have no clue what I am going to do.

Hope this helps (actually I hope it confuses everyone more)

chris m
velvet underground allstars.

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