Saturday, 31 October 2009

Week 10 - My Team

You can probably tell from the picture above what my team looks like today...I've gone double game crazy after finding myself unable to settle on any of the bigger money single gamers. My team looks like this:-


Vermaelen   Dunne   Alexander

Milner   O'Hara   Sidwell   Young

Diamanti   Agbonlahor   Drogba

I make that 7 double gamers.

In goal I opted for Brad Friedel. I didn't want Gordon when I had Diamanti attacking against him, I couldn't get definitive news on Jensen or Penny & Myhill was injured. Friedel averages 9 points a game so with 2 games I decided to spend the money & get him in.

In defence obviously I have Vermaelen & decided on Dunne again due to his 2 games & great average. I think he'll cause both Everton & West Ham defensive problems at set pieces. Finally, Gary Alexander has a chance of a clean sheet at home to Hull & seeing as it's 100th game for Burnley wouldn't it be nice if he popped up with a penalty to celebrate!

In midfield I've gone for Milner & Young. Milner is a no brainer, Young is a risk because of his lack of return so far but it's a hunch that he'll pop up with a goal in one of the games. O'Hara is back in as a cheap set piece taker at home, and finally I had 3.8 units left to spend so Sidwell comes in. He's really just a filler who happens to have 2 games. He'll probably only start 1 of them mind you and I don't expect anything from him.

Finally, I have Drogba (duh), Diamanti as he seems to always rack up points from either corners, free kicks or penalties (and with 2 games), and Agbonlahor who finds himself in form (and with 2 games).

So that's it. It's of course a risk to go with that many 2 gamers, but if they all play it means I have 18 players with a total weekly average of 148 points (if that makes sense?). Not that I expect them all to get their average in all their games, but I think I'm putting myself in a position to almost guarantee a 100 point week which is exactly what I need to get back on track.

The only players I've lost at a big discount are Billy & Fabregas. Billy's injury meant he had to go unfortunately. I think Fabregas could have a 20+ point week but I'll get no joy from him scoring those points vs Spurs. He was the first player I dropped and no matter what he does today I'll have no regrets over this decision. Other single gamers I wanted were Rooney, Nani & O'Shea but I couldn't fit them in my team - I expect them all to do well.

So what did you settle on? Who are you looking at on the barndoor?



mudwalkerz said...

So after a bunch of changes again this week ended up with:

Verm, Mears, Shawcross
KPB, Lamps, Ohara, Collison
Drogs, Diamanti, C. Cole

good luck everyone.

Anonymous said...

Verm Cuellar Alexander
Lamps Milner Sidwell Mokoena
Drogs RVP Diam

C'mon the Gunners :)

My BD will be to drop Lamps ahead of the ManYou game, pick up Torres and drop Diam. Pick up a 10 point midfielder

Anonymous said...

Verm, Caldwell, Dunne,
Fabs, kranj, Milner, Sidwell
Drogba, Tuncay, Rooney

I SOOOOOO wanted Young but i couldn't get rid of Fab & Kranj at discounts.... praying for a goalfest at Arsenal otherwise i would have stocked up on double gamers.

Also Rooney has been below his early season potential but I expect him to start returning regulary like Drogba.


revolterz said...

I think many people already jump off from Billy wagon this week.. And AM for going crazy with 7 double gamers and Steve Bob FC with 8 double gamers, week 10 surely will make differences.. Either going all out for double gamers or just stay with your team..

Good luck to all....

Dave said...

Before the matches even start, I am looking at ManCity (home v. Burnley) and Arsenal (@ Wolves) on the BD, and maybe Liverpool (home to Brum), so Aqua-man looks interesting...

The Greek said...

I didn't change not even one player since last week. Milner and Diamanti were already there.

Verm - Sonko - Heitinga
Fabregas - KPB - Geovanni - Milner
Drogba - Diamanti - Bellamy

I wish Friedel makes a penalty, A.Young and Agbonlahor get a red card and Wednesday's match to be postponed! :-)

Good luck to everyone!

Andy Squires said...

Verm Cuellar Richards
Billy Young Milner Petrov
Drogba Cole Agbonlahor

Thought Daimant might only get on eof the ganes rather than 2. Shame I coudn't get Joe Cole, but this meant dropping Petrov.

Mike B said...

Well i was all set to remove Bily, got up at 5:45 am here in Mexico, where im still jetlagged after my trip from devon. Only to dicover the internet was down, and i couldn't. I'm now stuck with a team i don't particularly like, with a player that's nobbled lol.

Anyway i'll stop whinging, it'll be 30 C here in a few hours, and i'll have a beer in my hand. Nice.

I ended up with.

Verm, Dunne, Alexander
Behrami, Fabregas, Arhavin, Kranjcar, Bily
Drogba, Diamanti

I hate the internet going down.

Good luck everyone!

Bradley said...

I don't like my line-up, but unfortunately, I couldn't come up with one I was happy with. Eventually, I just had to hit "Save Changes" and move on with my life.


Obviously my team is light on DGers. Not liking my strikers and GKs working at cross purposes either, I wanted Friedel but couldn't afford him. I also wanted Wade Elliot but couldn't fit him in (Hull away w/ a backup keeper has Phil Brown's sacking written all over it). Fabregas and Rooney let me down last week; hopefully they don't give a repeat performance. BFAY and Gabby have let me down before; hopefully this isn't the week they get their acts together.

Good lord, after having fried my neurons last night, now I have to start figuring out whom to BD.

Ian Sanderson said...

C. Gordon
T. Vermaelen Evra Dunne Collins
F. Fabregas Milner Sidwell
D. Drogba T****y Rodallega

Went 433 and hoping for two Villa clean sheets.
Already changed formation and BD'd 5 players.

J said...

Hoping to recover this week after a really bad last one. I think my team is balanced with 3 double gamers (who take set pieces), and everyone else with good fixtures and high averages.
Vermaelen - Alexander - O'Shea
Noble - Joe Cole - Milner - Elliott
Drogba - Rodallega - Diamanti

Kellz said...

Okay cool, no Kranj,thanks Harry, you f-ing muppet, you have no body on the pitch able to delive free kicks like Kranj, no wonder your losing 3-0. Badstart to halloween and I am hung over about to go to work

Anonymous said...

Billy starting!

Anonymous said...

Bily starts! **** yeah!

Anonymous said...

But not Diamanti.......

Anonymous said...

Verm, Dunn, Cuellar, OShea
Milner, Reid, Hunt,
Drogba, Rodallega, Berbatov!!!

GL to everyone but I believe this will be my week!


Anonymous said...

Well, great. Just fantastic.

Vermaelen O'Shea Sonko
Fabregas Boateng Milner Rodwell
Drogba RvP Diamanti.

I know, I know, I can't REALLY complain. I already have 3 goals, one CS (though with a yellow card), and a bunch of crosses completed by the amazing Fab. GO GUNNERS!!!!
But my hunch of Sonko didn't work out, so I have to make changes in order to fit someone else instead. Diamanti on the bench, and what's even worse is that Bily is starting. If you believe in the Friday Trading Curse, believe this - Saturday trades are even worse. 3 hours before the deadline I switched Bily with Rodwell. At least Rodwell starts, but if Bily breaks a leg it will be a hell of a week.


Anonymous said...

I just like you SF.
I dropped bily just before the windows closed.
WTF...he starting.
Ohh my 4.71.


Anonymous said...

Oh, great, Alexander scores.
I had him in my team but he was dropped for Sonko, in order to afford Milner. Now Milner has to do something special. A penalty. I always say not to count on penalties, but what do I know?


mikl-em said...

Hey AM congrats! Looks like you called it: Alexander w/ a penalty goal on his 100th start. :) Congrats to you and all the rest that have him (I don't, ah well).

Wish that it'd been clear that Jensen & Bily would be well to start, I let them bothm go. Nervous that guardian squad sheet doesn't list J Cole. Bummed that Diamanti isn't starting today, bleh. Sorry to a YC for TV, diluting his clean sheet points. And my $1 Mokoena pick, having him not start is not the worst thing that could happen there :)

good luck everybody!

mikl-em said...

o man. Sunderland getting HAMMERed. Really wish I'd been able to stick w Jensen now instead of going to Gordon. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Bily score .
what a disaster.
i should not sell him.


Anonymous said...

how does vermalen get 3 points?

revolterz said...

billy's goal just make my day into a nightmare.. 2 of my MF not starting or even playing maybe..

Anonymous said...

there`s no way vermaelen just got 3 point.
what did they calculate?


mikl-em said...

Verm had YC. This is a crazy day. Cuellar & Bily were sent off. Red cards everywhere. Lpool down to 9 men.

Anonymous said...

8 red card so far.. billy with a goal but a red card.. what a week.. with some upset to liverpool..

bean said...

maybe all the red cards because it's halloween? can't believe all the red cards..

oh bily, bily, bily, bily barou.. guess that solves that problem. glad i dropped

i bet nobody had Franco

mehicoradio said...

Verm, Heiti, Mears
Cesc, O'Hara, Billy, Milner
Drogs, HRod, Diamanti

So far on the BD i picked up Dindane, not sure I am going to keep him though but worth pondering about after a Hattrick, 5 SOT and an Assist.

Also added MPet (but don't consider that a BD since he hasn't played). Wanted to get in now as i probably won't be online during the Man City match so don't want to miss the BD on him.

So far Cesc got me 20.5, sadly not expecting a big amount from Billy (due to the red), O'Hara (still a good return on value though), or Milner.

Get a CS from Mears which will be nice.

Mike B said...

Franco wasn't even on the system yet lol, i cant believe bily went and got sent off! i've dropped him now due to the suspension he'll get.

Fabregas goal, wow is all i can say!

And soooooo glad i went with Alexander, also nice to see the Villa midfield do nothing, although mine did nothing either haha.

Strange day.

hakim said...

wut a day...hehe

mine got lamps,alexander,drog,CCole.gabby 1 assist.o'hara was impressive.i got my wish when seeing brown playing too!

thanx to AM and all the commentators!

Anonymous said...

118.5 but I'm disappointed that Diam didn't start (neg points), Cuellar got sent off and Milner was subbed at half time so no points.

Yahoo were on the ball today with points which meant a very short barndoor. I got hattrick boy Dindane at 7.23 before he went to 15.15

GTR 34 said...

@ Anonymous.

You actually mean to tell me that you picked Dindane? Were you the only one? You really picked him?

I am happy with my 138 points which should be about right after the points from O'Shea and rooney.

Puts me at 85th worldwide, 2nd in Blog 3 of the YFF Blog Cup, safely through to round 3, and closer to the top 50.

I took a gamble with not having many double gamers, and it looks like it came off.

By the way, when is the last time anyone saw so many red cards?

imran said...

got 84.5 + rooney.. now rank 94th overall..hopefully 4 of my west ham player can score big on wed..

Anonymous said...

pleased i picked o'shea instead of cuellar.
what was that about milner no brainer ?? better do more in 2nd game, or i might drop him vs bolton.
reina continues to deliver a bad goals against/saves ratio's... just 6 shots on target from fulham yet 3 goals conceded. 3/3 = 1.00.
if bbc stats are right even p rob will be better with a very good ratio of 2/9= 0.22. and jussi after letting in 4, still showed his class to deliv a positive score due to his 10 saves 4/10=0.40 .

Bradley said...

Please forgive my glee but considering I got 67.5 in Week 3, 67.0 in Week 9, and 57.0 in Week 9 (multiples of 3 have not been kind to me):

Despite 0.0 from Milner, 0.0 from Mokoena, and -1.0 from Diamanti (so far), I currently have 116.0 + Rooney thanks to Alexander, Fabregas, Reid, and Drogba. Good thing Gordon racked up the saves and Richardson notched the equalizer; I was fearing red-hued points but he managed 5.0.

What a weird day. Between all the injuries that weren't, the shower of red cards, and the inexplicable tactics (most of them Rafa's), it's been a round to remember. Two more matches to go, although they'll probably be anti-climatic.

Props to whoever was championing Berbatov. Good thing I took Rooney though; with the extra cash I probably wouldn't have selected Alexander. It's better to be lucky than good.

bean said...

@GTR - last time i saw so many reds was this past week's european matches. lol. what's going on in football this year? nice work being in top 100..

i should have brought in O'Shea for Heitinga like i was going to. also O'Hara for Bily instead of Sidwell..although have another match for him hopefully. and finally, should have gone berbs instead of H.Rod.. hindsight is 20/20 i guess. but all three were in my lineup for a while..

I picked up Dindane,Craddock,Nevland,&Piquionne on the barndoor.. just kidding

bean said...

btw, where were Agger,Skrtel,& Aurelio today? i read nothing of them being injured

Doctor Teeth said...

Gents - sitting on 112 points with three players to play again on Wednesday. Berbatov, Fabregas, Alexander and Drogba carried the day for me. Glad that I stuck to my guns on my Berbs panned out! Hopefully BFAY will repay the faith I have shown in him against the Hammers (should be even more invovled with Milner out).

Happy Halloween!

Bradley said...

@Doctor Teeth: That's right: it was you. Props on calling Berbatov. Going with Rooney worked out for me though; with the extra cash I might've gone with -- say -- Cuellar or Warnock instead of Alexander.

Weirdly I wound up picking only two double gamers (Milner and Diamanti), and they've both returned bubkes. Hopefully Wednesday will be quiet all around. ;)

greginho said...

i was happy i didn't listen to everyone when i dropped agbonlahor for carlton cole. i want petrov and given to give some good points tomorrow. i also didn't pick milner instead of petrov, like everyone said. i went heitinga to oshea and bily to tamir cohen, so my hunches look good so far

Anonymous said...

@GTR no I did not have him this week put just picked him up before his value went up. I did see someone near the top of the worldwide leaderboard because he had him - about 187 points in a week for that guy.

HootervilleRutabagas said...

only two differences between us, oh YFFA, Dunn and Noble vs. Young and O'Hara. Above average minds think alike, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe Diamanti didnt get a start after his impact against arsenal. He was everywhere when he came on in that game... oh well. dropped RVP for diamanti aswell, upsettingly. In fact, my team from last week would have crapped all over my team from this week, gutted. STUPID villa, doing exactly as I thought they would, while no one else in my group loaded up on them (which I did not predict).

Anonymous said...

my team:


got 109..

my team name: +cLuB gAy bOntOt LuKa+

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