Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Cesc Update

From mirrorfootball.co.uk:
Cesc Fabregas will return to Arsenal today after having to fly home from Spain duty on compassionate grounds.

Fabregas, 22, made a mercy dash on Sunday to see his beloved grandfather who fell ill in hospital.

Arsenal captain Fabregas regards him as one of the biggest influences in his career and dedicated his first goal for the Gunners to him.

Fabregas, who scored in Spain's win in Armenia on Saturday, could miss tomorrow's qualifier in Bosnia but is expected to return to training this week to prepare for the visit of Birmingham on Saturday.
So it appears Cesc is certain to be back for this weekend, which I suppose is good news for us all of us holding him at a £5m discount...although I was finding it quite interesting seeing who I could afford if I downgraded him to Rosicky/Walcott.

A full injury update will be out later today & i'll be providing a list of my Week 8 player picks tomorrow.



Ian Sanderson said...

Phew, was gonna bring in Giggs as replacement which might have been ok for this week but then what. Need to pick Giggs's FF games carefully.
Cesc will most likely have another blinder and dedicate it to his grandfather

Raul said...

Thats really good news, i hope that too many managers haven't got fabregas.Brings in really good points, regurally.So might be now a season long keep with Vermalean and Drogba. Cesc-amazingly talented midfielder.
What do you think about cesc going to barcelona at some time?

Kernal_Panic said...

I've got a poser..

I'm up against someone who is doing very well out of the holy trinity (drog, torres, and shrek). So in order to make some ground up, I'm trying to field a different set of strikers. She can't sell them, she's got them at too great a discount.
It worked out last weekend, and I think it might be the same this weekend.
So at present, here's mine

Drogs (i got him a discount too)/ Berbs/Diamanti

Diamanti is the problem. I reckon he's going to do well, but maybe not this weekend. Stoke looks like a bit of a shut out.
I can't really afford Saha, so I was looking around and thought of Di Santo.

Anyone else got any better suggestions for a 10 mil or less striker?

Raul said...

You might go for Nugent, good fixture against blackburn. Cheap, 8.59, has been shoing good form. I would really consider him.
Diamanti isn't bad option neither. I guess he can get him at discount now, price will rice when season goes on.
Another option is downgrade someone in your team and get that extra million to go for Saha.
Di Santo doesn't get much playing time and you might end up with 0.

Charlie said...

Anybody got news of Defoe's injury? Will he be able to play this week? Thanks

Kenral_Panic said...

Thanks Raul

I went for the Saha Option. Downgraded samba for givet.

Maverick said...


This is how my current team:
Verm Heitinga Jacobsen
Bily Cesc Giggs Dunn
Torres Saha Diamanti

Pls give me some feedback. I'm contemplating changing Jacobsen to Bassong and Robbo(if he's injured) to Myhill. Thks for ur help, this is a great blog!!!

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