Monday, 26 October 2009

Week 9 Round Up

The points are finally in after a ridiculous delay and it does not make pretty reading for me. 66 points. Rubbish, and I've dropped significantly in the rankings.

Billy didn't play so that was an expected zero, but there were also -0.5 for Bent, 0.5 for Heitinga & Cole, 1 for Given & 3.5 for Fabregas... all big disappointments. Thank God for Drogba, Kranjcar & Crouch who provided almost 50 points of my total. Dropping Van Persie, Petrov & not picking up Lampard were all killers.

But I need to leave that all behind me now, as we approach a double week where there's always a chance of getting right back on track. I know Yahoo haven't confirmed it's a double week but I'm sure it will be. I've done some barndoor work which has left me with 6 double gamers and I may even try to get another in.

The only players staying for certain are Vermaelen, Fabregas, Billy & Drogba so that leaves me 7 open spots. Agbonlahor, Diamanti, Cole, Milner, Young, Noble, Sidwell, Petrov, Illunga, Cueller, Dunne, Green & Friedel are all players I'm looking at, as well as Man Utd players...if I can find a way to get Rooney in I will.

I'll be back later in the week with Player Picks (hopefully we'll have the double week confirmed by then), but until then please let me know how you did in Week 9 & who you've picked up on the barndoor? I'll also be able to confirm whether the new cup competition will take place in Week 10. If you're not in a blog league yet, please join number 6 with the details below:-

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Anonymous said...

I did terrible, 48.5 pts (although everyone but Billy, played so it's not like 50 pt weeks in the past where half didn't play. Thanks to thi blog, AM, and all posters!). But i BDed a lot. BDed: Wilkinson, Mears, O'hara, Lampard, Diamanti and Torres.

Hopefully Billy's injury ain't too bad, so I don't have to drop him. I only have 1 double gamer, I initially had AYoung and Gabby, but I wanted to pick up Torres and Lampard yesterday. Diamanti could be a kept for a bit though.

Bradley said...

Looks like this post came out while I was submitting to the old one. Rather than repeat myself, I'll just summarize Week 9 by saying I got 57 points. Ouch.

I BDed Diamanti, Rodallega, and Wilkinson. I BDed Gabby on Saturday but dropped him for Diamanti on Sunday. I may replace Rodallega with Rooney. I need to decide what to do about Fabregas and to keep an eye out for Blini news.

I'll probably pick up more Villans, but given their performance on Saturday, there was no need to rush. I'd feel better if at least one of their two-fer were a home game; they were poor at Wolves.

Fidan said...

Hey AM - I went with my gut feeling and picked Benitez for week9. He returned negative 0.5 even though he had a 1SOT,3CW and 1SC (3FC though), which really sums up my week. You're not the one I should be complaining to given the fact I got 81pts, but Yahoo really manages to play tricks with our minds and patience...!!!

So far, I'm on;

In case Billy isn't declared fit I've no choice but to drop him (and Young) for Berba/KPB(Jordi)

Still waiting for Friday night and Carling Cup matches...!!!

Good luck next week and Happy B'day...!!!

Bojan said...

Week 10 team:

Gordon or Penny
A Young

Douchebag United said...

I feel like I'm tiptoeing through the wreckage of 20 car pile-up. I did better than most 105 points. I held on to RVP, Krancjar, and Diamanti and I brought in Dunne. Of course Drogba didn't hurt. I sold on Bily which was hard to do, but with so little information on him and with Pienaar and Arteta due to return I wonder what happens to Bily in the Everton rotation. So I set my week 10 up with the Dunne pick as I've had Diamanti for three weeks now. So I've barndoored the following players for week 10.


I'm trying to figure out whether I should keep Arshavin for next weeks derby with Tottenham although I know there will be goals in that match up. Although since my team is mostly ready to go for next weekend something will happen over course of the week to give me sweats on how to fix my squad.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of
Vermaelen Cuellar Evans
Ballack Milner BFAY Kightly
Drogba Rooney Diamanti


Anonymous said...

I switched BD many times over the weekend but picked up Lamps and Diam. I was tempted to drop Cesc for Lamps for week 9 but didn't do it :(

My certains for week 10
Myhill keep riding that train
Bily if fit
Drogs duh
RVP why stop
Lamps he's back
Diam if a double week

I've had Heint since day 1 but may send him packing although I doubt it. That really leaves 3 spots which 2 will be fillers. Speaking of fillers what happened to the jelly in the donut that is Sonko? Not even in the squad? Bad injury?

Kellz said...

Finished with 76.5pts and amazingly moved into 2nd place in one of my leagues due to a 66pt performance from the team above me. I feel better than most but still disappointed in Bent, but hey Richards for 5.6mil and he gets 8.5pts with no CS and Verm pays back his price with 6pts and of course Ivanovic with 10.5pts really helped as well.

My team currently is:
Given (could change to Green)
Verm, O'Shea, Wilk
Kranjcar, Milner, Billy, Reid (could go Noble)
Drogba, Diamanti, Rooney (but have HRod at discount)

I really don't want to load Villa or West Ham, given poor performances West Ham are 19th and I just don't trust them apart from Diamanti or Green, look at their midfield, they hardley average more than 4-6pts a match.

Milner is my only sure pick of Villa and Gabby grabs another goal but gets another dismal 14.5pts. As I stated earlier when Gabby scores its only 7-14pts, Rooney or HRod will score more than that with a goal even in one game. I'll fit in Dunne if I can. But United home to B'Burn is very enticing.

Anonymous said...

@Kellz - for $3 more, I like Rooney over HRod. Now if I could find the extra $3....

Mike B AKA Real Soni said...

Well i didn't do to great this week, 83.5 points in total, i'm in Mexico for the next 3 weeks no my time on here is goin to be severely limmited, i'm hopin i can cling on to my place in the top 500 though.

I managed to barn door a couple of players for the double week, but i'm not betting too hardly on it. West Ham and Villa players have hardly been a sensation this year, i'm only prepared to use my weekly hunch spots on them.

I've had Diamanti for a while now, and always does the business, the uys i've ot in are Dunne and Behrami, Behrami because i think 99% of people are gonna go with Milner, Behrami is my hunch.

So my current team barrin injuries for next weekend is...


Verm - Richards - Dunne

Behrami - Fabregas - Arshavin - Krancjar - Bily

Drogba - Diamanti

There are question marks in my mind over Richards, Bily and Arshavin. Hopefully i can get online again on Friday to check out the predicted line-ups and make changes if needed. If they start, i'm happy with the team though :)


saitofall said...

Well, with my first week reading this blog I scored a decent 103.5 points- onsidering most people had a bad week-. My "hunches" paid off except for vennegoor bleh. Here is my team for next weak.
Myhill(I have him at 1 and Burnely has been in poor form)
Verms--Sonko--(mears or o'shea)I need help on this one

Any thoughts or suggestions I would be happy to return the favor

Anonymous said...

To those of you still holding on to KPB & O'Hara, it seems that both are doubtful for the clash against Wigan this week.

Also, I am not loading on WHU/AST players, except for Milner & Diamanti (who I believe any self respecting manager will have)

My hunch would be to go for ARS and TOT players. The match will be full of goals, as both teams won't be interested in defending

Dare to Devil

Bradley said...

@Dare to Devil: The only news I'm finding about O'Hara and KPB is that they are cup tied (as are Tommy Smith and Mike Williamson) and thus ineligible to play against Stoke in tomorrow's Carling Cup match. I see nothing about them regarding Pompey's PL match against Wigan. Where did you get your information from?

Anonymous said...

Well' I have quite of a dilemma...
I want to get Milner, but that means I have to down grade a player of mine. I thought of that and decided that the only player I'll consider dropping is KPB.
Right now I have KPB and Rosicky in midfield, and I'm thinking about swapping them with Milner and Rodwell, though then I'll have 3 Everton players (!), with Bily and Heitinga, in my team... I really want O'Hara instead of Rodwell, though it means I'll need to downgrade O'Shea, whom I really want. Should I do that, take Rodwell, or stay with KPB&Rosicky?

I appriciate any advice!

Bojan said...


O'Hara has rib injurie, and KPB injured his toe and had painkiller injection ahead of Hull game

L'Orange Noir said...

Well I ended up on 95.50 which isn't too bad considering how others took a hit.
My major bright spot was Duff, who I picked up on the last barn door for less than 9 mil and he returned 22 points. I also had Diamanti, Mtay and Crouch (as well as Drogba) who brought in respectable totals.
Gonna go heavy on WHam and AVilla this coming week and hope that pays off.

Anonymous said...

Bradley: I duno why I can't just copy & paste the URL into the comment box. So I have to type out. Here it goes...

Dare to Devil

Anonymous said...

DOES anybody know what happened to Sonko on Saturday?? Not even in the squad. NO INFO ANYWHERE.

Kellz said...

Sometimes managersjust name a different side, and considering Hull's terrible form, I'd assume there was changes to defense to find a working combo. Sonko is a filler don't ever expect much from him

Kellz said...

@AM: I really just can't see myself putting in any more than Dunne, Milner, and Diamanti for the double week.
- If Billy is still hurt I'll plug in Sidwell, any news?
- Petrov hasn't done anything all season and for his price I could go Gomez who will be back in the starting line up with Scharner and Figueroa out.
- Gabby always burns me and I have a front line of Drogs, Rooney and Diamanti so no room
- With Parker suspended and no games for West Ham until the weekend, who will slot in central mid? Kovac, Stainlas?
- With West Ham 19th I just don't like their defense and that includes Green who is still pricy

Those are my thoughts, anything you'd add to sway my decisions towards more double gamers?

Bradley said...

@Dare to Devil: Many thanks. I check the Liverpool and Manchester paper websites now and then, but I guess I neglected to add one from Portsmouth to my repertoire. Come to think of it, I'd better throw one in for Birmingham too while I'm at it. :)

Anonymous said...

Bradley: LOL I am not going to stop you from doing that. But a much easier way would be to visit, I got the news from the Scout Tweets sidebar.

It's a good side to check out alternate fantasy related news in between AM's post of course ;)

Dare to Devil

Bradley said...

@Dare to Devil: Okay I'm dumb. I'd forgotten about that site. Thanks again for the info.

Anonymous said...

having a double gameweek player means that you have a guy that plays possibly 180 minutes with all that timne to pick up points. i think it would be a good chance to move up the rnakings with at least diamanti

Anonymous said...

With a 2 gamer coming up, my first reaction was to fill my team with as many WH and AV players as possible, however, when I did this for forwards, midfielders, and defencemen, I realized that come the 2nd game, I would be hoping for the M and F to score points, and my D to keep a clean sheet. Solution: NO WH or AV defenders. I run 2 teams (one disguised as my wife's team...who insists on Lampard and Terry, but I pick the other 9 for her...she had 137.5 this week, and me only 72 points), with both in the 7,000 ranking range currently.

I picked Klasnic for that pick, and if it wasn't for the 2 games and them facing Chelsea, I wouldn't have sold him.

Shakanorbs & Jennamania

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