Wednesday, 21 October 2009

ToffeeDave's Podcast - #2

Again thanks to ToffeeDave who has recorded his 2nd Podcast for the blog.

It's nice to see (or hear) we are both recommending similar players, as with last week when we both recommended Dunn & KPB in our player picks. Stick with us & you should do well :)

Have a listen:



GTR 34 said...

Hi ToffeDave,

Thanks for the Podcast.

Just to answer your question, RVP scored 11 goals in the 2006/07 and 2008/09 seasons.

He has already reached 4 goals, so is 36.36% of the way to those totals.

The answer to why there aren't so many people placing comments on the Blog as one would have liked is probably something to do with Mafia Wars - the world's latest addiction.

Keep up the good work, and don't get too discouraged that there aren't any comments.

Assistant Manager said...

I echo GTRs comments, thanks for all your work Dave.

I think comments are down because people are using the Quick Chat feature a lot more...I bet plenty of people are listening, so keep it going.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, thanks for your Dunn advice last week. Young isn't producing this year and Milner is the hard working midfielder heavily involved, but I'm considering Agbonlahor. I think he will score.

Really enjoyed the run down and the recap at the end but you sound bored to tears this week. I mean if not for Adebayor getting hit in the face where would we be? He was the only guy that got you going other than Crouch and A. Cole.

Good point in sticking with Saha. Sometimes leaving the lineup alone will earn more and I think his brace will come when everyone's forgotten about him.

Good luck to your defender heavy side. Look forward to the cast next week.


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