Saturday, 3 October 2009

Week 7 - My Team

Another deadline has passed & after hours of chopping & changing, here is my team for Week 7:


Vermaelen  Heitinga  O'Shea 

O'Hara  Arshavin  Kightly  Billy

Drogba  Torres  Rooney

Nothing has changed from how it was on Thursday. I toyed with the idea of getting Cahill in but in the end I've gone with this & I'm reasonably happy. There are some risks - O'Shea has Brown & Neville to compete with but I just felt it would be a big risk for Fergie to throw either of them in against an in form Andy Reid. Foster, Verm & Heiti should all be solid picks.

My midfield is full of risk - Arshavin hasn't really go going this season but I've had a feeling all week that he could have a blinder...O'Hara will consistently return points, I'm sure Kightly will start in a game Wolves really need to win home to basement side Pompey & Billy is worth the risk at under £5m. Even if he doesn't start he'll get some game time & should return his value.

Upfront I have the strongest set of strikers I've fielded all season. Drogba vs Torres will be fascinating tomorrow & I feel that both could score...I never considered dropping either of them. Rooney is Rooney, he will be annoyed he hasn't scored for a couple of games so I expect him to cause Sunderland all kinds of problems. RvP was in my thoughts but as I have Arshavin I've gone for Wayne.

So that's could go horribly wrong if my doubts don't play & Arshavin gives a goose egg, but that feeling of doubt is what it's all about & makes it all the more satisfying when it goes right.

Good luck everyone - post your final teams up in the comments & let the match-day chat begin!! Are you confident of getting through to the next round of The Blog Cup? :D



CH said...

Good luck AM and everyone.....=)

mudwalkerz said...

Good luck everyone.

Im with


How original is that? ;)

RedDevilDave said...

Heres my team

Hennessey(dropped GIVEN by mistake!! D: )

bad hunch as i 4gt that Anderson played the CL match!! He's bound to get a zero!! :'(

That surely dents my hopes of getting past the 1st round of the *BC* !! :'(


Razesh said...


Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

Can i view 1st and 2nd blog list? I'm in 3rd blog.

Anyway good luck everyone. :)

Mike B said...

Good morning everyone!

All ready for the Blog Cup? I'm actually pretty excited haha!!

So i've teaken risks this week, i dropped down to 2653 overall last weekend and wanted to change it up.


Verm / Baines / Alexander

Fabregas / Bily / Lennon / Benayoun / Arshavin

Drogba / Diamanti

This includes a change of formation, change of striker, 2 changes in midfield, a cheapo keeper which could be a disaster and a change in defence.

Good luck everyone =]

Anonymous said...

Hey Am, lately i have discovered your blog, quite cool, keep it up. first time posting... Here is my team Bruttoz

Arshavin/O Hara/Billy/M Brown (a 'remaining available funds' pick)

Hoping a clean sheet from Burnley..
Good luck everyone...


markygoods said...

Tough week to pick players with so much choice, so finaly ended up with
Sonko Verms Heti
JoH Fabs Mok Billy
Drogs Nando Roo

Douchebag United said...

Scared away from RVP as I think that baby could be dropping so I went a little nuts...






Last week Pienaar threw a monkey wrench into my plans and this week RVP, now I know this is the sophomore slump...

ray said...

heres mine
bily/prince boateng/jarvis/noble

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen - Alexander - Mancienne
Bilyaletdinov - Kightly - Arshavin - Eliott
Saha - Rooney - Van Persie
Good luck everyone ;)

Naning said...

My team is depending on Everton meaning it will probably be a hit or miss this week.

Verm - Heitinga - Baines
O'Hara - Billy - Fabs - Cahill
Drogs - Tuncay - Rooney

With 3+ to spare.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not happy with my team, but I guess this is the doubt that everyone fills this week. I truely think this is the toughest week so far. Defoe's doubt really ruined my plans, but I hope Berbatov will do well. I've made up to 6 changes in my team from last week, though I got 112.5 points, so I hope it will pay up. Hit or miss, no doubt.



NewToAllThis said...

Wow my team is pretty similar to AMs...
Verm, SeaBass, Heti
O'Hara, Billy, Kightly, Lennon
Torres, Drogs, Rooney

(I have Torres, Drogba and Given all at big discounts.)

I dropped Gerrard and Tuncay to get Rooney and Kightly so Tuncay will probably start and score!

Good luck all.

Doctor Teeth said...

Has there ever been a player with more annoying facial expressions after he scroes a goal?

Struggled back and forth with my line-up but more or less stuck to my guns and fielded close to the same team I posted yesterday:

Verms Heitinga Mears
Lennon O'Hara Kighty Billy Fabregas
Drogba Rooney

In the end, I opted for Fabregas instead of Arshavin...true, he is a bit over priced but I just felt there was a greater chance of AW subbing in Theo for Arshavin. Seriously considered swapping Lennon/Kightly for Crouch/Hunt but was ultimately scared off by some reports that Defoe would play against Bolton with a cast (Spurs actually have a history of not performing well at the Reebok so I started getting cold feet in the end about selecting either Lennon or Crouch). Hunt has been very consistent and one of the few bright lights for the Tigers this season but, in the end, I just had a hunch about Kightly (have been talking him up for weeks and he has a great fixture) and couldn't bring myself to field a Hull City player. I could have fielded O'Shea in lieu of Mears but I was slightly worried that SAF would start Neville or Brown at the back and Mears has been an amazingly productive back this season (#12 in points amongst all defenders) and I think Burnley has a better shot at a clean sheet than United.

Just did a quick review of line-ups and I didn't see anyone as Geovanni...something tells me he could have a good day. And I have a strange feeling that Graham Alexander secures the points for Burnley on a PK (his price actually went up fairly significantly once the transfer window closed so I think several managers may have selected him).

Good luck everyone!

wannastop said...

some gambles on the defense

Berra Scharner Alexander
O'Hara Billy Kites Arshavin
Torres Drogba Rooney

Bradley said...

Drogba/Rooney/van Persie

I'm not entirely happy with my team, although history has shown little correlation between my initial happiness and the resulting points. Replacing a 1.00 striker with a 18.79 striker caused me serious money problems. I wish I'd made the decision to drop Tuncay during last weekend's BD, which would've lessened the problem. I originally had Fabregas but decided to with RvP instead. For all that hassle I hope he produces. I've been burned by every Arsenal striker or midfielder I've picked this season.

Anonymous said...

Guys... When is Petr Cech eligible to play?

Anonymous said...

@Doctor Teeth
If you remeber last year, Geovanni was one of the most popular pick during the first 3 months, though he was listed as a striker. That was because everyone got him cheap and he returned around 10-12 each and every week. This year, when he costs more than 10mil, he just doesn't worth it unless Hull will get stronger (yeah, right), even though he's listed as a midfielder. He's consistant, but in a Lampard way.
And another note - Drogba's price went under 16mil. Does that mean people are leaving him behind just because a stupid Liverpool match? Chelsea are going to win it, with or without Drogba's goals (I'm pretty sure with).


Assistant Manager said...

Kightly on the bench :(

maxx said...

Good luck everyone
my team for week 7 :
Verma Hetinga Alexander
Lennon Bily Kightly Ohara
Rodalega Rooney RVP

Hope Lennon, Rodalega and RVP will repay my faith

Anonymous said...

My team as follows:
Bassong, Heitinga & Verm
Gerrard, Moks, Ohara & Cahill
Drogs, Rooney & RKeane

Hoping for a good Spurs win. Cahill & Everton to replicate the form shown recently, Drogs to score but also for Gerrard to show how important he is to Liverpool. Rooney's sure to be gunning for some shots & goals since coming away empty in the CL & against Stoke.

Guy said...

Lots of very similar teams. Mine:
Verma Heit Alexander
Lennon OHara Bily Jarvis
Drogs Rooney RVP

I looked at next weeks fixtures and for once am not minded to switch anyone straight away. Surely I can't leave the BD alone?

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog AM

Anyone - who are you picking up on the BD?

Anonymous said...

Great, Kightly on the bench...

Anonymous said...

Bassong no clean sheet pts.....

Anonymous said...

Verm, Heitinga, Bassong
Gerrard, O'Hara, Lennon, Bily
Drogs, Torres, Nugent

Hope it works...

Anonymous said...

Just read a comment on BBC Sport that Drogba will miss tomorrow's game due to groin problem - any other news on that? Phil

Doctor Teeth said...

Halftime thoughts:

(1) I have never seen a first half where Aaron Lennon was more anonymous...if you told me that he touched the ball four times I'd be surprised.

(2) McCarthy really puts out some screwy line-ups...only saving grace is that Wolves are down to Pompey at the break and one has to believe that Kightly will come on early in the second half.

Doctor Teeth said...

PS - I'm liking Kevin Prince Boateng (thought he looked really good against Everton last week as well)...never found a place with Spurs but h has skills and am keeping my eye on him.

Anonymous said...

Myhill 3 saves so far....

Anonymous said...

So it's bad for me so far. Bassong with no CS and is really not involved, N'Zogbia already with YC... And Pompey scored without O'Hara's assist! Well it's still early, but it stinks so far.


ben. said...

zomg! AM!!! double yellows for kight and o'hara! i've got em in my team too!!! ):

guy said...

Portsmouth play Tottenham next. Isn't O'Hara on loan to Pompey and so presumably won't be able to play. Anyone know for sure?

Anonymous said...

Very good point, Guy - hadn't though of that.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't think he'll be eligible, gonna have to drop O'Hara

mehicoradio said...

Damnit! Tyrone Mears loses his CS at the very end of the game. Still got a SOT and Assist at least.

Unless O'Hara gets big time phantom points, i coud of really used the Mears CS to offset the loss O'Hara brought.

Going to need some of my bigger names to really step up to make this week work out in the end it looks like :(

Adam from Portland said...


bean said...

@mehicoradio-i had alexander, that 90th minute larsson goal hurt.. also awaiting big numbers from the bigger names:drog(hope he's not injured),torres,rooney,verm,heiti,bily

Mike B said...

Double damnit!

Myhill loses his clean sheet in the last few minutes.

Alexander loses his in the last minute!

Lennon got a SOT and a couple of corners won, nothing much to note.

At least i didn't go for Kightly or O'Hara though.

I need my Arsenal players to do big things tomorrow.

ToffeeDave said...

Im so upset, I dropped Geovanni for Lennon for no reason except to use the 4 mil I had left over. there goes 19 points

Doctor Teeth said...

Wow - absolutely got destroyed today. Cannot believe I did not go with my gut and pick up Geovanni. Larsson's goal an absolute heartbreaker.

IriWalker said...

This is my first season as a fantasy footyball player. This blog has helped tremendously :) Thank you AM.

I picked up geovanni and dropped giggs....

I have been deciding which team I will become a lifelong fan of, after reading some of these posts and watching a game or two, I have decided to become an Everton fan!

Go Toffees!

and AM, that will be a large toffee shirt :)

ToffeeDave said...

Kightly and Boateng with yellows, urgh. I need a huge week from Torres, Drogs, and Rooney, to have a chance. Here's my team

Myhill(fantastic D in front of him and barely missed the CS)

Verm Baines Alexander

Billy, Kightly, Boateng, Lennon

Drogs, Torres, ROOney

ToffeeDave said...

Haha good choice walker, welcome to the family :)

Anonymous said...

Did you guys forget??

This weekend is the *BC* !!

All the best to those who had a bad week!!

Anonymous said...

A new Toffees fan...poor bastard! haha

Lennon has looked invisible the last few weeks. I'm dropping him and picking up Modric who should be back when the Spurs take on Portsmouth in 2 weeks.


Adam from Portland said...

Bent GOAL!

Anonymous said...

Foster no CS......

Ruki said...

Seems like a bad week for most people.. Foster CS gone.

mudwalkerz said...

As I predicted... Portsmouth first wine.. almost no clean sheets.. and all tight games ;)

Anonymous said...

what the hell is wrong with scholes?!?!?

Ruki said...

Scholes is just a dirty little turd.

Rooney looks like he is about to get a card.. he better not runi my week

Anonymous said...

@Ruki, nice type, "Runi" I totally read that as "Rooney". I know you meant ruin, but ti's funny. lol.

Anonymous said...

6 points from Bassong, O'Hara and N'Zogbia all together... It's really bad, I hope the others can cover for them. I dropped N'Zogbia for Geovanni, but I'm not sure that I'll keep him. Bassong will probably go too.


Ruki said...

it sounds like a pun doesnt it :D

I got break even kinda for Myhill, Ohara and Alexander, well a bit better, 14 points for 12?

mehicoradio said...

first set of games points are in

Mears with ****ing 13 points!!! thank god that gamble worked.

O'Hara somehow gets positive points, getting 3.50

Lennon draws in 9 points, somehow.

Hunt gets 6 points.

top in points for this week (so far)
1. Geovanni (20)
2. David James (18)
3. Bikey (16.5)
4. Kranjcar (16.5)
5. S. Larsson (13.5)

Bradley said...

Arrrgh. Would've been better off if Kightly had stayed on the bench. I need the big guns to come through for me, but Rooney's not helping so far.

Anonymous said...

Tuncay contiunes to haunt me weeks after I dropped him. The only reason I didn't BD Bent after his first game of his current streak was because I had Tuncay at 1 and that was the week Tuncay came into the game. UGH... And to make matters worse the team in my private league is catching up on me, he's won the league last 2 years after I've collapsed in 2nd half.

BDed Boateng, Geovanni, and Sonko. Dropped Lennon for Geo, but they are both same prices now and I just have enough for either of them at 12.06 if I change my mind.

Dropped O'hara thinking he won't be eligible to play next week against Tot.

25 points out of 4 players for me so far. Nugent got a nice 11.5 for me. Lennon 9, Bassong 1, and O'hara 3.5.

I need Gerrard to own tomorrow since most people don't have him in this blog. May drop Gerrard eventually, but I don't know...

Doctor Teeth said...

When was the last time United had no SOTs in an entire half? I sense the "hair dryer" will be in full effect at half time.

United have scored 13/17 goals this season in the second half.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I fell. 6 points from 3 players got me a slip of 1200 ranks. I've worked so hard, and now I'm 4471th. And I slipped 197 ranks on the Arsenal fans group, and 7 on Blog Group 3. Now I'm depressed...


Anonymous said...

Friggin Wolves!!

I am NEVER gonna pick them! EVER again!!

3 points from 4 players!! Anderson still to go, and with him on a bench .. another 0!! and Roo...
I dont even wanna talk bout him!!
SO!! 3 points from 5 players and ~10 points(hopefully) for Rooney!!

Im gonna get thrashed out of the Blog Cup!! :(

Adam from Portland said...

Jones! Yes!

Adam from Portland said...

Welbeck says... "I'll take the shot from back here instead of passing to that Rooney guy up there."

Adam from Portland said...

Ha'way the lads!

Anonymous said...

Richardson is a freakin idiot!

Adam from Portland said...

That's a horrible red card on Richardson.

ToffeeDave said...

Stop reposting guardian live updates please.

Ruki said...

Rofl the commentator in my channel just said " wonder how much extra time today"

Adam from Portland said...

Refs 3 United 2 Sunderland 2

Anonymous said...

Adam from Portland - chill the hell out. You bring nothing of value to this blog. You sound like an idiot.

maxx said...

im fan of united. so dissapointed with the performance of the team tonight. Foster, he dissapointed me again and again. i think its time to let kusz have his chance. big chance for foster but he ruins it time to time.

Adam from Portland said...

jealous much, anonymous?

One entry found.

Main Entry: jeal·ous
Pronunciation: \ˈje-ləs\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English jelous, from Anglo-French gelus, from Vulgar Latin *zelosus, from Late Latin zelus zeal — more at zeal
Date: 13th century

1 a : intolerant of rivalry or unfaithfulness b : disposed to suspect rivalry or unfaithfulness
2 : hostile toward a rival or one believed to enjoy an advantage
3 : vigilant in guarding a possession

— jeal·ous·ly adverb

— jeal·ous·ness noun

Kellz said...

Adam try not to rub people the wrong way, it only puts bad light on my home town.

For O'Shea holders, no CS but he will repay his value is you had him at 6.02mil. 1 assist = 4pts, at least 3 successful crosses = 3pts and any FW CW I think he had a couple.

BTW Kenway Jones is good but man is he slow, there were so many times he had his back up to Vidic and if he could just flick and turn with speed I could have seen a win for Sunderland. Also Carrick tipped the cross into Jones in which he needed to be speedier to cap that sure goal. Great job for Bent, can't believe the season hes having.

Ruki said...

Bent certainly deserves an England spot for the next international break. Rooney got 2 SOT and a few sucessful crosses. Hope he breaks 10 points -_-

Anonymous said...

I find no offense in "Adam from Portland"s comments. It seems the only ppl getting hurt are MANURE supporters.


Adam from Portland said...

Kellz... anyone who has been "rubbed the wrong way" by anything said on this blog today is so hypersensitive they can't ever be gotten along with in the first place.

Anonymous said...

lol, whatever you say, man united got their point

Anonymous said...

Who could have imagined that Bent will continue scoring? Surely not me - I dropped him last week before his brace to get Saha. I just hope he'll get the points. The problem about Bent is that he gets almost no points besides points for goals, so when he doesn't score he's a bad pick... The bright part is that it almost never happens! And against the poor defence of Liverpool - who knows? I won't get him, because he's too expensive now, and Sunderland have a tough schedual. But man is he good!
Berbatov scored for me, which gives me a good feeling after dropping mor than 1,200 spots in the ranking. I didn't see him doing much more than the goal, so I don't know how many points he got, and I'm still considering other options. Any one has a view about him home to Bolton?


Djimi Jihad said...

AM - will you pls ban Adam from Portland? He is a total buffoon and his contributions to this blog amount to:

(i) posting very informative comments like "Yes!"
(ii) providing dictionary definitions of words
(iii) needlessly insulting and riling up posters.

Adam - we have a quick chat window up in the righthand corner of the screen. Use that for your inane drivel...this area is for people who actually have a football IQ and can actually provide constructive commentary.

Adam from Portland said...

Hey Djimi Jihad,

Read that phrase you just typed "needlessly insulting and riling up posters" again.

Keep reading it over and over over and over until until you have internalized that message. Come back when you are capable of acting in the way you demand.

Mike B said...

That's a little drastic Djimi.

From what i've seen he was just expressing his excitement at Sunderland doing well, then defending himself against a verbal attack from a person posting anonymously.

Granted, maybe the chat box is the best place for posting in match commentary, but i hardly think it's worthy of a ban from posting on a blog.

Doctor Teeth said...

Hey Adam - welcome to the blog. Can you just do us all a favor and post your quick time comments up in the chat box? Is that cool? That's the reason that AM set it up in the first place. And tone down the attitude a bit.

Bradley said...

Rooney didn't do much today, but he's single-handedly doubled my points, especially now that 4.0 of Hunt's points have mysteriously evaporated (WTF?).

Mike B said...

Good advice Dr Teeth, no need for all the attitude. We're here to give and get advice with a bit of friendly banter.

Anonymous said...

O'Shea with 11? Rooney with 11.5?! Where did they both get that from? I was excited about having 15 from Berbatov, but I'm not so sure now, since many will be having Rooney, and I guess many will have O'Shea (or both, as some teams here show).
All in all, 21 points from 4 players. I just pray that tomorrow will be a better day, and that on Monday Villa and ManC will finish in 0-0, with Given making 10, no, 20 saves!


Doctor Teeth said...

BDed Kranjcar, Geovanni, Crouch and Berbatov...doubt I'll use Kranjcar b/c Modric is returning, I could hold on to Geovanni, doubt I'll keep Crouch (the guy just can't finish - he EASILY shuld have had a brace today...will be interesting to which/how many former Pompey players Harry starts when Spurs travel to Fratton Park) and I might play Berbs against Bolton.

Really messed up by not picking Geovanni (I swear my finger was hovering above the "Save Changes" button last night) but Mears bailed me out (to think he came 30 seconds from a 20+ point game) as did a surprising 20.5 points between Lennon and Rooney (which is not good for those two, mind you, but I thought they were both destined for 5 point games).

Need Fabregas to blow up tomorrow and Given to shine on Monday night...and need Terry to break El Nino's legs at Stamford Bridge. ;)

chris m said...

@ Doctor Teeth-How sure are you about Modric. And if he comes back how does he fit with an in form Kranjcar?

BTW just cleaned out my whole midfield except for Blini. Gone are Lennon, O'Hara (thanks to the group for the heads up about Portsmouth) and Hunt. In are Modric, Cahill, and Walcott. Betting the later two will get points tomorrow and increase. Time to gamble big time.

How Lennon got 9 pts today I also can't figure. He was a non factor. Had Rooney too an am suprised by the 11.5-a couple of SOTs toward the end.

If Drogba is out tomorrow as rumored I am dead meat.

Anonymous said...

I have O'Hara on 4.2mil - which is almost 2mil under his current price. I'm worried that if I drop him, I won't be able to get him back later. But maybe it is a sacrifice worth making. The problem is I almost have no one as a replacement. Bilya is good, although he leaves me with poor replacements for Bassong. I'm looking at Rodwell, maybe with Alexander at defence (Blackburn-Burnley looks like a pure 0-0, and he does play in midfield...). The choice mostly depends on whether I choose to keep Cahill and Geovanni, or not.

Any advice?


Doctor Teeth said...

Chris M - sorry if you took my post the wrong way, I didn't mean it to sound like Modric would be starting for Spurs against ompey (he is healing ahead of schedule but he has not even begun training yet). I just meant that as soon as Modric is healthy, he will definitely return to start in the midfield every game (he's Harry's favorite player) and that could curtail Kranjcar's appearances. Perhaps not seeing as they play different sides of the field and are different types of players but stil I would be wary of selecting niko week-in/week-out.

I do not think the discount on O'Hara (I have him at 4.20 also) is steep enough to warrant holding a place for him against Spurs when he will be ineligible...I imagine his price will drop down to around 5.50 for the following week's match which is still good value.

Can't imagine that Drogba will really not play tomorrow...he is such a big game player. If that turns out to be the case, I see it haveing a largely neutal effect since well over half of all teams have him in their front line.

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