Friday, 30 October 2009

Week 10 Injuries

An snapshot of the suspensions, injuries & doubts for this weekend's games, taken from

Suspended: None  
Doubtful: None
Injured: Denilson (back), Djourou, Rosicky and Walcott (all knee), Fabianski (thigh), Wilshere (ankle)
Suspended: Defoe (1 game)
Doubtful: Lennon (ankle); Woodgate (concussion)
Injured: Giovani (ankle), Modric (broken leg)

Suspended: None  
Doubtful: None
Injured: Davis (knee), J O'Brien (knee)
Suspended: None
Doubtful: Kalou, Ivanovic
Injured: Hilario (concussion), Mikel (ankle), A Cole, Bosingwa, Zhirkov

Suspended: None
Doubtful: Jensen (ankle)
Injured: Paterson, McCann & McDonald (all knee), Rodriguez (ankle)
Suspended: None
Doubtful: Bullard (shin)
Injured: Ashebee & Myhill (both knee)

Suspended: None
Doubtful: Bilyaletdinov (groin), Pienaar (knee), Saha (calf), Yobo (head)
Injured: Anichebe, Arteta, Jagielka, Neville & Vaughan (all knee), Osman (foot)
Aston Villa
Suspended: None
Doubtful: Warnock (ankle)
Injured: Davies (shoulder), Downing (foot)

Suspended: Dikgacoi (one match)  
Doubtful: Davies (foot), Konchesky & Murphy (knee)
Injured: Etuhu (knee), Kallio (Achilles), Stockdale (knee)
Suspended: None  
Doubtful: Torres (groin) 
Injured: Kelly (ankle), Riera (hamstring), Gerrard (groin), Aquilani (virus), Johnson (calf)

Man Utd
Suspended: Gary Neville (three matches)
Doubtful: Ferdinand (calf), Giggs (unspecified), Vidic (calf)
Injured: Fletcher (ankle), Hargreaves (knee), Park (knee), Wellbeck (knee)
Doubtful: Chimbonda (calf), Grella (thigh), Samba (virus)
Unavailable: Roberts (virus)

Doubtful: Diop (hamstring), Utaka (groin), Ward (groin)
Injured: Hreidarsson (foot), Primus (ankle)
Doubtful: Kirkland (finger), Scharner (hamstring)
Injured: Figueroa (knee)

Suspended: Huth (two matches)  
Injured: Amdy Faye (back)
Suspended: None  
Injured: Foley, Jones, Ward (all knee)

Suspended: None
Doubtful: Bardsley (shoulder), Bent (knee), Campbell (muscle problem), McCartney (hip)
Injured: Cattermole (knee), Mensah (calf), Zenden (hamstring)
West Ham
Suspended: Parker (one match)
Doubtful: Dyer (hamstring), Gabbidon (calf)
Injured: Ashton (ankle), Boa Morte (knee), Davenport (leg)

Birmingham City
Suspended: None
Doubtful: Fahey (ankle)
Injured: Bent (hamstring), Espinoza (ankle), Hart (ineligible), Murphy (knee), Martin Taylor (ankle)
Manchester City
Suspended: None
Doubtful: None
Injured: Onuoha (thigh), Robinho (stress fracture)

You can get this information elsewhere but I felt it might be useful to see it all in one post. I'll update the missing games later.



mudwalkerz said...

Liverpool without Gerard, Johnson and Aquilani

Anonymous said...

Eventually, my team will probably look like this:

Vermaelen O'Shea Sonko
Fabregas Bily Boateng Milner
Drogba RvP Diamanti

The big money spent on both RvP and Fabregas left me with less options than usual. I couldn't drop RvP, because it seems like he's getting into a great scoring streak, and he meets Spurs' and Wolves' defences within a week. I wanted to fit in Milner, and the only way I could do it was bringing in Sonko in the place of Heitinga. I was already planning to drop Heitinga, and I was really close getting O'Hara&Alexander instead of Boateng&Sonko, though the "no-choice" situation might be good at the end.
No one knows where did Sonko go to last week, so he might as well show up in Hull's squad this week. And even if he doesn't, at 3.5mil, isn't even a score of 0 points considered acceptable?

Any comments?


Hinrik said...

Thank you for a brilliant blog. I will donate to you as soon as I get some money. Best regards from Iceland.

Doctor Teeth said...

Happy Friday, gents!

Oh, but of here I was thinking that I was having a leisurely week and that Friday would be devoid of selection drama. And lo and behold, we arrive to the weekend with confirmation that Myhill will not play for the Tigers at Turf Moor and Billy remains doubtful for the Toffees.

As for Myhill, U had proisionally picked him up earlier this week, swapping out Given who I am holding for a meager discount of around 1. I am leaning towards holding on to Myhill and taking the GK zero since I don't want to totally rejigger my team and the only cheaper option available if PRoblem (who we all know travels to Old Trafford with a depleted Rovers squad....not an appetizing proposition although perpahs he could be as productive as he was last weekend when he shipped five goals against Chelsea but still managed to return positive points).

As for Billy, I will be scouring the internet sites like many other managers for any more definitive information about his fitness. If I do ultimately drop Billy, I note that I can sub in Kightly for him and be left with exactly 0.00 remaining auspicious sign that I have selected the correct starting 11, perhaps? Note als that two ot Billy next three Prem games are Man United and Liverpool...not a favorable schedule.

AM - I'm surprised that you did not mention Wilko as one of the defenders that you are considering for this weekend.

james morrison said...

well, i have a double gamer squad

verm, oshea, dunne
billy, milner, young,spetrov
drog, diamanti, gabby

considering aurelio at +3m discount though

Anonymous said...

Thinking of dropping Bily, and just can't decide Torres (at discount) or Rooney up front. Thinking Torres atm.

Doctor Teeth said...

Roooooney - no question in my mind. Torres is not a 100% guarantee to even feature in the game this weekend and you have to fancy Rooney's chances at home after a recent dry spell.

Anonymous said...

Vidic didn't get suspended this weekend? i am wondering he got red vs liverpool last weekend. is he?

Doctor Teeth said...

It was a double yellow so Vidic only missed the Barnsley game on Tuesday due to suspension.

gman26 said...

Hinrik - why don't you just click on the ads? That's a more practical way of donating.

greginho said...

what does clicking on the ads do for AM?

Mike B said...

It generates revenue from the company the ad is for.

If they get traffic to their site from this one, it exposes their product, therefore they pay for it. Not much, but if everyone that visited each day clicked on an ad, i'm sure it would work out nicely for AM, he must get alot of hits on here daily.

Bojan said...

I think that Diamanti wont start tomorow, and if WHU do good against Sunderland he wont start against Villa... He shoved that he can score 14 points in 35 minutes, but to do it week by week, i don't belive it...

Carlton Cole has 32 fouls made and 2yelow cards, and Verm for example has 5 fouls with no YC...

I hate this week... I like Carew for 6,85 but how to put in a player(forward) that has no SOT in 7 games...

Bojan said...

Anybody on Jordi Gomez? He should start tomorow, he has 9 shot on target + 11 off target... The most shots in EPL without scoring a goal... Maybe tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

physioroom show that jensen return in 1 day,will he start?

maxx said...

just save my team for week 10. last week is nightmare for me. hope this team helps me get back the top

Verma O'shea Sonko
Milner Behrami O'hara Joe Cole
Drogb@ Rooney Diamanti

Little confused about Joe Cole and Green. any suggestion

Bojan said...

I think that keeper position picking this week is hardest this season so far...

Anonymous said...

Another tough week but here goes
4 Villa and 1 Hammer
I had RVP on BD at over 3 discount. Disappointed to have to drop MyHill, I would have kept him another week. This is my first 352 this season.
The team below leaves me 0.69 in the kitty so not much room to do anything.

What if I drop Lamps and keep RVP and go 433

Verm Alexander Cuellar
Lamps (BD -3.5) SPetrov Milner Sidwell Kranjcar
Drogs Diam

Remisheva said...

Does anyone know Nanni will start this week ?
There has not yet any confirmation that Giggs is out

Anonymous said...

Screw it I'm going 433
3 villans 1 hammer

Verm Alexander Cuellar
Lamps (BD -3.5) Sidwell Milner Mokoena
Drogs Diam RVP (BD -2.5)

Anonymous said...

@AM - Don't hold your breath waiting on money from Iceland!! ;)

Anonymous said...

@Bojan - SkySports thinks that Diamanti will start. What's your source for his not starting?

chris m said...

Well here we are at decision time.

Its bye bye Bily/Blini. Three factors, injury status, Pienaar perhaps replacing him, and difficultly of upcoming schedule as Dr. Teeth pointed out.

I was going to take a flyer on Aquilani, but now he's definitely out with a virus. I think Swine flu is going to be something we all have to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

I decided against going for any double gamers. To avoid losing deep discounts the only player I could sell was Rooney and I am hoping for a 20+ performance from him.

I had a thought, and I would like some comments on it if any one cares. We all started the year with a finite amount of assets to purchase players. Many of us have players at deep discounts we would never think of selling, the two foremost examples for those of us who have had them from day one are Verm and Drogba. But with other players, especially this week with the double game issue, there is a lot of buying and selling going on. Every week for that matter. It seems to me, that while the 100 pt figure is still static, managers who trade a lot are constantly slightly eroding their purchasing power. Thus many of us are gradually ending up with lesser players and more limited choices.

For this reason, I have reached the point where I am leaning toward becoming static for awhile.

My lineup this week is:

Verm Heiti Seabass
Kightly Dunn Duff O'Hara
Drogs Rooney Torres

The only player I am unhappy with is Seabass, but the only two defenders with any interest to me at all this week that I could afford were Mancienne and Spector who might be a double gamer. The only change I definitely see coming is bringing in Aquilani when he's ready.

Torres's fitness is a constant worry. But thus far nearly all of the leaders have relied on this front 3. From my perspective, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Now of course, this week, Milner Diamanti, Agbonlahor, will all run amok, ring up 40 pts a piece, and blow the season wide open for those that went the double gamer route. The way I have been going, like saying Lampard was through, people should do the exact opposite of what I am doing and they will do well.

cheers and good luck

chris m
velvet underground allstars

bean said...

@chris m. - i think that logic holds true, to a certain extent. I always figured things that way in the sense that discounts are golden, and if you have deep discounts on hot players it's insane to drop them. But I noticed last year a couple of the teams at the top were swapping out a different squad each week, going for matchups, player form, etc... I think the main thing is to not let the simple fact that you have someone at a discount be the reason you keep them.. sometimes it feels so clever to have a huge discount on players and that's all we tend to worry about.

So I think a more "stable" approach to a team, where you find a good core squad that you want to keep unless injured and you let their points come to you as opposed to chasing the flavor of the week. I'm no statistician, but it seems better odds to keep a player for 2-3 games before dumping them. As opposed to picking a player up and dropping after one game if they don't peform. Just seems like totally gutting your squad week in, week out is more like trying to hit a moving target, chasing points, etc..

wish I could get back to Drog,Torres,Rooney again but just can't at the moment. I knew after dropping Torres/Rooney it would be tough getting back in...

Matt said...

Dunne/Hara or Heitinga(5.81)/noble

Anonymous said...

@Chris M,
honestly, i really like the look of your team.. screw the double gamers, u have consistency in rooney,torres,drogba and they are all capable of a 30 point week. good luck!


chris m said...

@bean well measured thoughtful response

I guess we are going to find out. In case the double game response works this week I won't react. We'll see what happens over the course of a few weeks. Barring injuries, the one major variable here will be the ANC when all of us holding Drogba will have to scramble for alternatives. I continue to be absolutely amazed as to the extent I actually have to seriously think about playing this game. It really takes more effort than I though possible.

good luck tomorrow

chris m

Kellz said...

Chris you are a braver man than I sir

mehicoradio said...

ended up settling with:

Heiti, Verm, Mears
O'Hara, Cesc, Billy, Milner
Drogba, HRod, Diamanti

Keeping Billy just because i can't find anyone worth it thats at the same price range (have him at 4.77) without dropping down on another player.

Forgot to save my BD work last week so ended up getting a bunch of players at full price :(

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

I am leaning towards

Roony _ Diam _ H-Rod

What do you suggest? Should I go with It


Anonymous said...

Well, Billy is hurt. But it is that crazy to keep him for one more week in spite of this?
My fear is that he'll be injured for next week too... and to keep a player for 3 weeks in a row without getting points isn't that good.
So I couldn't afford O'Hara instead, but it's probably a bad idea to have him on the same team with KPB. Kightly and Rodwell also came through my mind, but it's really a matter of faith here - of course I'll take the wrong decision.
I just can't press the 'save' button. Losing a discount of 4mil on such a good player seems like a suicide mission. And it just for one more week, right?
If you have any idea what to do, especially with Osman and Pienaar waiting to come back, tell me what you think.


Anonymous said...

so billy only one more week for return?
where did you get the information?
i need confirmation if i want to keep him.


Anonymous said...

The PhysioRoom report on the left side of the page says he'll be injured for a week. But that may just as well mean that in the end of that 1 week, Everton's bext match will come, so he might miss 2 matches. I hope he won't, though I'm really considering dropping him.


Anonymous said...

By the way, PhysioRoom site reports that Bily will return to training on November 8th... which will mean he'll return exactly in the day of the Everton clash with Westham, and probably won't fiture.


Anonymous said...

Is Myhill & Giggs fit to play this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Myhill is definetely out.
ligament i think.

Hinrik said...

Vermaelen O´Shea G. Alexander
Lampard Fabregas Kightly Sidwell Rodwell
Drogba Diamanti

Not ideal, but think it will be ok.

GTR 34 said...


Just pushed the detonation button on my massive wholesale team change.

This has been my hardest week in trying to finalise a team due to injury reports, gossip, and the 2 games WH and villa have.

The lack of money to build a balanced squad if you want both Rooney and Fabs is noticeable.

I decided to go with the following.

Vermaelen - Alexander - O'Shea - Shawcross
Milner - Reid - KPB - Elliott
Drogba - Rooney

In the light of Myhill being injured (supposedly), Gordon has as much chance of a clean sheet as does Given, and is cheaper.

Green was another consideration, but once again was more costly. I couldn't be bothered to confuse myself on the Jensen issue.

Vermaelen stays, O'Shea is in with a possible CS and is sure to play with the UTD injuries, and Fergie being unhappy with Rio.

Alexander has a good chance of a CS, as does Shawcross who is dangerous at set pieces.

Milner is the first name everyone should have on the team sheet for the double header.

Reid has a great home match up, Boateng continues to produce the points, as does my last selection Elliott.

Yes, I dropped billy at 4.71 to try something different. O'Hara was available at a similar price, but to have KPB and O'Hara together was not the wisest choice I thought.

Drogba stays until the ANC.

This last spot caused me all sorts of problems! Diamanti and Agbonlahor both have 2 opportunities to rake in the points against Rooney's 1. There was also the consideration to drop Rooney for Berbatov and save 5.5+ to spend elsewhere.

In the end I took Rooney in the belief that he will have a great game, get back on track, and earn a lot of YFF points.

Thank you for listening, and I hope it has confused you even more.)

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

OK, I've pushed the button!
PhysioRoom reports that Bily is out until the very day of the Eve-WH match next weekend, so he'll be absent for 2 matches. I couldn't keep, though it was hard to get rid of a player in 4mil discount. When he'll be back, nevertheless, both Osman and Pienaar will be playing as well, with Arteta very close to return.
I got Rodwell for now, but he's a one-week-purchase. Kightly was the other option in this price range, but I've figured out that the Stoke-Wolves match could be a brutal one, and Kightly has already showen his tendency to get stupid YC...


Anonymous said...

"The players in who have missed the games prior to the visit of the seventh-placed Midlanders are defenders Leighton Baines and Joseph Yobo and midfield trio Steven Pienaar, Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, Leon Osman"

what does that mean???? i got it from the everton website

kit2 said...

will Jensen recover in time?

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