Sunday, 4 October 2009

Week 7 - Sunday

So it pretty much came to 1 vital decision...Fabregas or Arshavin.

Only 13% of the entire player base made the decision to go with Fabregas, while the rest of us are left crying in to our cornflakes/pint of absynthe. I turned my back on Cesc for Arsh & it has backfired badly (as it has so often so far), but it's a long season & I hope that I'll make the correct decision at least once this year. I'm happy to have recovered to a half decent score after yesterday, but that swing created by Fabregas has left me languishing well down the overall standings with a lot of ground to make up.

Don't get me wrong, Arshavin scored 14 points, which returns his value & would normally make me happy...but then there was Cesc. As a Spurs fan it hurts to say this, but he was absolutely phenomenal. 4 assists, a goal, 4 shots on target - a match winning performance worthy of any game & as a unit Arsenal were very impressive, although they still can't defend very well.
Saying that, Vermaelen is an absolute hero. Another goal & 3 last saving tackles/blocks bring him another 22 points - the problem is everyone has him!

Moving on, Chelsea v Liverpool, A bit of a stalemate but as predicted it came down to Drogba vs Torres. Torres had 2 glorious chances but failed to score either whilst Drogs has 2 assist to help win Chelsea the game. A little harsh on Liverpool but that's the way so many of these Top 4 games go. I expect them to bounce back but also think this was massive result to get Chelsea back on track & I really can only see them or United taking the title this year.

Everton had a disappointing home draw vs Stoke - Billy had a handy game with 10.5 in 70 mins, Heitinga assist & useful points for Osman, Etherington, Sorenson & Cahill are sure to have pleased. Still no place for Tuncay, unbelievable really.

Finally West Ham somehow almost lost to 10 man Fulham...they really are a tricky side to call. I think they're decent but they are slipping in to deeper trouble as time goes on - they remind me of Spurs last year. Diamanti & Cole both scored well (as predicted in my preview), as did Murphy, Konchesky & Gera.

Now, The Blog Cup. We won't know the full situation until after tomorrow night's game between Villa & City so at the moment I have no idea if I'm in or out - but I could well be out by the look of things. It's going to take me a day or 2 to sort it all out due to the huge amount of calculations/admin involved so expect a post up on Wednesday at the latest with the full results of who's in & who's out. I think because of the strange week we've had we could lose some big names! :)

Now,  my barndoor team is currently - Robinson, Verm, Heitinga, O'Shea, Billy, Fabregas, Dunn, HUNCH, Torres, Drogba, Rooney.

Fab was a no brainer after today & I decided on Dunn over Walcott as he's guaranteed to start + takes penalties. I'm not revealing my hunch, whilst everyone else stays from Week 7. Rooney could still go, not sure as United have Bolton, but Billy will stay. O'Hara goes as he can't play vs his loan club while Torres & Drogs are long term picks. But we have 2 weeks to go until the next round of games and a lot can & will change with internationals/injuries etc.

So who do you have on the barndoor? How are you going to amuse yourself with 2 weeks until the next round of game!?!? I have no the way, please post in the comments which Country/City you're from so I can get an idea about how global we're getting (over 2000 visits per day - thanks guys!!!)



Ruki said...

Cant you throw the visitor map thingy on the blog? I am not sure this blog supports that but I have seen that map in few places. Unless you wanna know specific who from where of course!

Ruki said...

this is what I am talking about btw, in case you need it

Anonymous said...

1st!! lol..its really helpful blog u`ve here man..keep it up..

ManU 4 Life!!!

Johor, Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

Im going to amuse myself with the game of the year. Denmark - Sweden on saturday. Huuuge game to see who will qualify for South Africa. The preasure is on my beloved Sweden. We need a win.

///Steve Bob. Sweden :)

Anonymous said...

I went for Fabs & Arsh :-)

Made up for my BIG mistakes. In the end I was too busy to change my early line-up that still included Pinneer & Benetez otherwise I would of had a 110 + week.

Am happy with my early team but not happy I have 5 players that almost every team have:

Drogba, Verm, Rooney, Fabs & Given.

What price do you have your season keepers @ AM ?


Fidan said...

@ AM - I loooove your hunch pick...same as mine, I bet my torn up shoes for that!!! I ain't gonna reveal it though ;)

Btw, I am from Kosova, Prishtina (capital city) in Balkans...I hope you know where it is ;):D...!!!

I had a great week, I think I'll get to 3rd or even 2nd place in BlogGroup#1 (Cincilatori 008)...!!!

'til next time, cheers everyone...!!!

Booo to international break (I officially HATE it)


Mike B said...

I too went for Fabs and Arsh

Got good returns from Myhill, Diamanti and Bily.

My dissapointments were Baines, who i'm getting rid of if Bily's gonna be taking all the kicks, and Lennon (he just doesn't look that good lately). And Benayoun missed that sitter, i've lost faith in him.

I've barn doored Kranjcar only, but i'm gonna wait till after the internationals before making any more changes. I think that's sensible.

126.5 so far with Drogs and Yossi still to come.

Mike B
(Real Soni from League 2)

Devon UK, born and bred!

maxx said...

i dropped Walcott 3 days ago 'cause i dont think he could play full game on sunday. lol, he scored and even had higher points than Van Persie. Cesc is out of my hand. i have no idea that he could assist 4 times and score on Sunday. maybe i expect too much on RVP. but im happy because Bily and Hetinga played well.

My barndoor team anyway :

Verma Givet Hetinga Bassong
Walcott Lennon Bily
Rooney Saha Defoe

maybe i will switch to 3-4-3 in the coming week but it depends on Rooney. If i sell him, i have enough point to buy another Midfielders. Walcott is confusing me again but i will seriously think about it at the end of week 8

@AM : im too late so i dont have any place in Blog League. Tell me if someone quit or dont play anymore, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The hunches are coming drom Stoke I think!

Anonymous said...

i'll join the anti-internationals week club.

and yeah good job this week arsenal.

yoyowassup, malaysian in bath, uk.

Raul said...

May be Adebayor? Tommorow hard game, but on the other hand it might be very smart move. Considreable?
I had great week, picked up Fabregas and might have been even better week if burnley wouldn't conceded the late goal.Two clean sheet were the gonners.
Drogba still to come, but 113.5 points are not bad, best week so far.

Ian Sanderson said...

Had Fab, and downgraded Stevie G for Arshavin.
Have BD'd Lennon despite his poor performance.
My Wet Dream Team will hopefully get through to the next round of the Blog Cup.

Co Durham.

Bradley said...

Right now I have


I had to grab Walcott before the price update just in case, but I might not keep him depending on who's healthy in two weeks (among other things).

I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago, born and raised about 60 miles W of here (for those of us still crazy enough to use the English system of measurement).

Kellz said...

Missed all the BD this weekend due to my flu. To compound my misery Liverpool lost a 2 nil defeat to a most hated Chelsea with Carrahger being the culprit twice ball watching on Anelka and getting too tight on Drogba to allow his flick to Malouda. If anything Rafa needs to go, hes playing too cautious against the top sides trying to bring in a defensive mentality to a game he should be pushing hard. we simply allowed Chelsea to find their groove and push us back, utterly devastating.

Since missing the BD have arrived on a very similar team, Given, Verm, Bassong, O'Shea, Giggs, Lennon, Billy, Moke, Torres, Drogba, Rooney

Hurts not to get ANY arsenal players on the BD especially fabs, but remeber his first game? scored well then went on to do nothing the next. My only hope is to spite all of you! Just kidding. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

118.5 with Drogba and Ballack still to be counted, so figuring I should be around 140.

What a roller-coaster weekend! After starting so poorly on Saturday (just 20 pts.) Fabregas and Vermaelen saved me. But so many disaapointments, too. Rooney and Everton's poor showing (although Billy got respectable points), plus Jensen losing his clean sheet in the 95th minute -- not "shit" but certainly "ouch."

Third 100+ week in a row, but when do I get a week when everything goes right?

masterP said...

got 12 miserable pts on saturdaY with as much as 5 PLAYERS!!!
I thought it was done fRt this week until today!!!!...

i have verms, RVP and of course fabulous Fabs
ALL 3 SCORED!!!...
so i somehow managed to amasse 88 pts with drogba and gerrard still to get their points!!!

master P,
gunner 4 lyfe!!!

from a very small paradise on Earth called

Adam from Portland said...

I ended up with Cesc. I have 81 with Drogba and Given to go. Should be good to go to move along.

At the BD...

Bojan said...

* Latest points: 108.00+Bily 10.5+Drogba
* Total points: 822.00
* Overall rank: 251 +286

I think that AM hunch is Prince Boateng, he is my hunch, now when o'hara is tied...

Bojan, Split, Croatia

Fidan said...

Hej Bojan, in which YFF BlogGroup are you and your teams name???

I got 96.5 pts (without the pts from Heiti,Billy,Cahill,Drogba and Given)...

Currently 545 overall (+1,052)


Anonymous said...


Nice, I live in NW Suburbs of Chicago too.

BDed Fab, Boateng, and Geovanni. I'll have to wait for a bit for some other decisions.

Anonymous said...

helsinki, finland. but living in lancaster at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, AM! Cool blog u've got here.

First time to post a comment. So, here goes...

This is my first time to play YFF, really had no idea of what to do or how to play(so bad that I was even wondering why the price kept on changing?!?!), was not doing very well coz always choosing the not-playing players(King, Wigan; Sonko for the first few weeks, etc.).
Until I accidentally discovered this blog about 3 weeks ago, everything's different now(my friends from my private group never told me about the secret of barndooring, so I'm keeping this blog secret from them too! HAHAHA!).

A BIG THANKS TO YOU, AM! And also thanks to everyone else for all the useful infos that has helped this poor guy a lot! :)

According to my job, I travel all the time but basically I reside in Bangkok, Thailand.

Sawasdee, everyone. (sawasdee, in Thai, means have a happy life)

* Anthony BKK *

Jeff said...

Harrisonburg, VA USA.

Jeff said...

missed Cesc and so have to stick with Arshavin...


May sell Baines and Jarvis and switch to O'Shea and Cahill...

YNWA! Greeting from Hong Kong

Kayoti said...

Worst week ever! 1st week to go under 90pts. Missed the Blog Cup Cut! Got 64pts+ Drogs pts & Given.


May flip Dunn/Defoe for Walcott/Rooney

Kayoti (Kayoti FC)- Greetings from the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Marangu, Tanzania

greginho said...

hey all,
i am living in cajuru, s.p., brasil, although i am dutch american and spent the last 19 years in cincinnati!

Anonymous said...

waiting for the blog league cup results..
-malaysia..i had 111.5 points with Drogs,heitinga and billy to be added.

Max is now Maxer said...

change my blog nick so it won't confuse with another named maxx and maxed.. anyway my team name in league 3 still the same [asher_maxten]..

got 99pts this week with drog pts still to be added.. i actually did pretty good (give myself a pat on the back :p)..

my only regret last week is walcott (15.5pts), my hunch which i dropped on saturday morning for kightly whom got -2.00.. dropping walcott gives way for me to upgrade bassong (1pts) to heiti (7.5pts) which is okay.. but it could be 108 + drog points (2 assists).. it could be 116pts.. hmm, definately gonna follow my gut next time.. anyway, cheersss everyone on this monday morning :p..

Sabah, Malaysia

Ljpsoccer said...


I'm from Indianapolis, Indiana. I read this blog all the time although I don't usually comment. I love all the information, especiall being over here in the states. Thanks for the blog.

Maxer said...

ohh.. just realise this.. billy and heitinga points still not added to the overall points.. i think same goes with all the other everton players.. calculated, my current points is 117pts.. which im so happy about.. drog probably got 8pts for 2 assists.. so this week would probably give me 125++pts.. yay!..

Sabah, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to include my location:

Winchester, Virginia, USA
About an hour north on I-81 from Jeff.


Mark said...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

i picked boateng, geovanni initially, but after looking at the games last sunday i went with walcott and dunn. again, injuries and internationals will probably change them but the rest of my team is staying put. still looking to BD a defender later, depending on the manc/villa game.

team go! / manila,philippines

Starky said...

Hi All,

Got myself an OK 86.5pts this week with Torres, Drogs & Given to go. Should get me to the magic 100pts for the week.
Thank God for Cesc & Verm!! Without them it would have been a disaster.

I've finally dropped Tuncay but am grateful for the mids i've been able to get.
I've added Bily for MTay and K2 for Tuncay but still have O'Hara in my line up. I'll wait to see how K2 goes then hopefully have enough cash to get Kightly. If K2 performs well and doesn't drop in value i'll have to get rid of him for Saha or someone around his value and get upgrade O'Hara.

Later All,

Melbourne, Australia

Doctor Teeth said...

Hey fellas...well, the weekend certainly was a Dickensian tale of two days. 34 points on Saturday left me crying in my beer but a stellar Sunday performance has me sitting on 114 points with Drogba and Given still to come. With a little luck, this could be a 140+ week for me. I have to echo pains me to type this as a Spurs fanatic but today Fabregas put on one of the most complete, dominating footballing performances I have seen in a loooong time. He played like the best MF in the world (sorry Luka). Sublime.

Right now, my team for Week 8 is:

Verms Heitinga Alexander
Billy Fabregas Dunn Boateng
Drogba Berbatov Defoe

I actually have not saved all of my changes yet (I still own Rooney and Mears) but I really like the pick-ups of Dunn (looked very solid against Arsenal, team points leader for Blackburn and takes set pieces/penalties for Rovers...good match-up against Burnley) and Boateng (as per my earlier post, really like his energy on the pitch the last two weeks, always seems to be in the thick of things in front of goal and I think he will try to show up his former team Spurs at Fratton Park). I think Berbatov has started to look extremely sharp for the first time since his move from the northside of London and he seems ready to explode...the international break could not come at a worse time for him. As long as I can be convinced that he will regularly be in SAF's starting line-up, I'm inclined to field him in lieu of Rooney and use the 4.5 million in savings elsewhere.

I still say Kightly will be a really solid, value pick this season at around 5.5 million...give him a few games, I won't be surprised if he ends up on a lot of our teams. My only worry is McCarthy's bizarre line-ups...I have never seen a manager routinely sub in/out players at halftime like he does.

I have a question that I'm slightly embarassed to ask but I honestly don't know the answer: what exactly constitutes a "successful cross" in YFF? This is the consumate "phantom point" type of statistic. Upon quick review, the two leaders in this category might surprise you: Ryan Giggs (29) and Matthew Jarvis (28).

IriWalker said...

Salt Lake City, Utah USA....

86 points with the Drogs and Torres points still coming. Should get me onto the next round.

Tuncay with 0 points beat out kightly (-2) and foster (-3) and with his 1$ price I will take that anytime:)

Go Toffees!!!

bean said...

los angeles, ca, usa

pretty poor week for the Venice Leopard Sharks

Anonymous said...

My team for week 8 right now is:

Vermaelen Heitinga Richards
Billy Fabregas Walcott Geovanni
Berbatov Drogba Saha

That's 3 changes so far. I've swapped Cahill and Nzogbia for Walcott and Geovanni, while poor Bassong came out for Richards. I just can't see Spurs getting any way near CS, maybe except of home games against teams like Burnley or Wolves. ManC, on the other hand, plays against Wigan, that despite their win over Chelsea, still look too me like they are defenately going down (I can't believe I said they'd beat Hull).
That's why I dropped Nzogbia for Geovanni, that plays against Fulham terrible defence. Richards came on since I believe he can get CS vs Wigan, and he attacks much more than Bassong.
Dropping Cahill was a difficult decision, but BDing Walcott instead helped my buy Richards, and I believe in it as a strong long-term aquisition. Rosicky will play more than Walcott on the international break, so I believe the latter will start. After all, having 3 Arsenal players is much less scary than having 3 Everton players.
Saha will stay. Wolves are poor, and he's able to score at least a brace. Though I believe Wolves will not be relegated, they'll have a hard fight over it against Brum, Wigan, Hull and Pompey.

SF (Haifa, Israel)

GTR 34 said...

All in all an acceptable week. 118.50 pts with Drogs still to come.

Foster was a disaster at -3, and Stearman didn't play. I will be keeping my eye on him though.

Vermaelen and Fabs came up with the goods. and my hunch about Berbs over Shrek came good.

Drogs, Fab and Verm will all stay in my team for Week 8, with all the remaining positions open to change.

What do you think will be the points required to make it through to the 2nd round of the Blog Cup?

From Bansko in Bulgaria. Known as Manchester United in Blog League 3 (3rd position)

Maxer said...

bit of a headche for week8..

1. bd arshavin last nite..

2. drop sonko, o'hara & kightly.. but rebuy sonko due to lack of $..

3. myhill stays for fullham-hull match, again due to a very very tight budget..

4. might pull in 2 filler (mok & baird) because i refuse to drop these premium players; drog, rvp, roon, fab, arshavin, verm..

5. 2 weeks is a long time.. anything can happen..


Anonymous said...

I am satisfied with the points.
My team was: Jensen, Sonko, Vermaelen, Heitinga, Jarvies, Geovanni, Cohen, Thomas, Rooney, Drogba, Saha.

I was expecting more points from Saha and also expecting to score but... Should have keep Myhill. I decided to go with Jensen in the last minute :/

Nice blog see you guys

Bojan said...


I'am in a blog group 3.
My team name for next two weeks is:
Jose Mourinho 121 HLGWL, where HLGWL means:
(home league games without losing)

Anonymous said...

Hi, 108 pts with Drogs and Given to come, so happy overall.

Phil (Durban, South Africa - the new stadium in our city for WC 2010 is almost complete!)

chris m said...

The locales of this group are mind boggling. Truly a world wide crew.

I am from West Hartford Ct, USA.

This was the worst week I had. I am at 67.5 with Drogs, Given and Torres still to be posted. Hopefully Given gets shelled, has 15 saves and a clean sheet. Otherwise I will be 85-90. I am figuring Drogs for about 15 with his two assists. Hopefully Given doesn't post red numbers.

I BD'ed Rosicky and Walcott. Will probably keep one. Got rid of Lennon, Hunt, and O'Hara. The rest stays the same. My midifled is killing me and Torres missing two near point blank shots didn't help much this week.

Any one have any thoughts on whether Arsenal would ever play Rosicky and Walcott at the same time? Up front It would look like:
Walcott Fabregas Song Rosicky
Arshavin RVP

This would have Diaby and Bendtner on the bench.

Just a thought.

Chris m
velvet underground allstars
plunging down the table and no doubt out the first cup week

Anonymous said...

@chris m
It will be weird if they both play. Both Rosicky and Walcott are wingers, and with Arshavin playing on one wing, it's just hard to see them both starting. Unless AW makes some weird decision and puts Rosicky behind RvP.


Gordon said...

I have 70pts with Drogba, torres, milner, given.
Cesc saved my day, Lucky, I didn't go with both kightly and Hara. I bd rosicky and bily.
Hopefully I can break thru 100pts.

Remisheva said...

I am from Vietnma , is there any my fellow friend here ?

Anonymous said...

i'm from Malaysia, xero fc.

SiR Zai said...

I am very satisfied with 120 point + drogba and warnock.
My team was: myhill, bassong, Vermaelen, warnock, bily, cahill, cesc, arshavin, Rooney, Drogba, tuncay.

SiR Zai
Sabah, Malaysia

greginho said...

my decision was

giggs, bridge
fabregas, sonko or
geovanni, gallas

when i sat that big fat 20 points for geovanni, i was happy that i went with him and gallas. i had no idea that gallas would only offer up 2.5 points.
with giggs not playing and bridge playing at villa, i am happy that i didn't go with that one.
no one thought fabregas would get 4 assists along with a goal. his 38.5, along with sonko's 1 point would have been the better option, obviously, but i am not too sad because, no one had geovanni compared to the number of people, that had cesc.
guess who are in my lineup together, now?

Douchebag United said...

After looking at your team Sir Zai I'm a little upset I dropped Tuncay great team.

I'm waiting for the points to add up for Drogs but I'm fairly satified with my production this weekend. 91 before Drogs which will probably get me scraping 100. Of course I was up at 5:00 on Saturday and switched from RVP, Moks, and Heitinga to Diamanti, Lennon (should have gone Giovani or Cahill,) and Distin. The move actually worked out for me points wise although I was petrified that RVP was going to score 3. Thankfully Diamanti made up for Van Persie which I was shocked about.

As of right now I've barndoored Kranjcar who looked great and a more aggresive version of Modric against Bolton. I'm not sure who to grab for next game week right now I'm holding on to Diamanti and I've also grabbed Cahill as his price is preupdate I believe. I could grab Pienaar or really any of the mid priced mids, Pedersen is an attractive play in my opionon next week. I'm holding on to Arshavin because I think he's going to really explode over these next coming weeks. My main competition in my private league has Fabs and Torres so I have to make sure that I am attacking at a point gaining mentality.

This blog has been great and I've directed plenty of traffic over here this year not sure if I've made an error. I'm clocking in from Boston, MA although I'll be moving to Worcester, MA soon. Looking forward to the Aston Villa va. Man City match up today. Wondering who will play today for Man City...

Anonymous said...

Anyone else see this message on the YFF message board? It's a little late in this season's game for Yahoo to introduce the concept of team point deductions, isn't it? Maybe they should spend less time watching their boards and more time troubleshooting the missing points issue.


5 Oct 1:40PM




Assuring you of our best interests in this matter

Yahoo administration team

Ruki said...

I dont believe this, probably just to scare off the annoying kids on the board.

Mike B said...

Lol that's just a hoax, don't worry. Look at some of the other posts that guy has made further down the message board.

There are lotsssss of people bitching on that board every week.

Patience is a virtue.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you're right. Fooled me b/c Yahoo (or someone like them) has posted similar messages before.

Still, I WANT MY POINTS !!! :-P

Mike B said...

Hey do any of you lot have an iphone or ipod touch?

I was just mucking around on the net and saw a Yahoo fantasy football app for those gadgets!

I wish i had an iphone, but i'm stuck with a good for nothing Samsung.

Anyway just thought i'd let you know if you don't already, it could be handy for a sneaky barndoor session during Sunday lunch haha

Here's a link for anyone interested, i clicked download and it went to i-tunes so it seems legit.,1000000375,39616808s,00.htm

brian said...

Is anybody worried that Bily will drop to the bench when Pienaar comes back? He should be ready after the international break and the Russian really wasn't all that impressive, nothing really came from his efforts.

Maxer said...

great.. drogs got 20.5.. makes me at 137.5pts.. could have been 146.5 if i kept walcott making that my personal best.. :).. anyway quite happy with this week results especially arsenal trashing of blackburn (because i watched the game with few buddies :p)..

my week7 team..
verm, sonko, heiti
fab, billy, o'hara, kightly
drog, rvp, roon

my early week8..
verm, hunch, baird
fab, billy, hunch, moko
drog, hunch, roon


mehicoradio said...

I'm going to finish at 128.5 likely as it looks like (From looking at match stats) Given is going to put up a 0.

@Anthony BBK, your from thailand? thats awesome! i love Thailand, mostly up in the North, though never been to the south. Besides the beaches though it surely can't be better, can it?

Also for my location (posted it before in the chat, but you asked on the post :P) i'm in SE Arizona

Kellz said...

@Maxer: I always hate to justify 2 fillers, Baird will net you 0 and Moke likely anywhere from -1.5pts to 2pts. Just remember a balanced team can score the same or even more than a loaded team with only 4-5 premium players and multiple fillers. If you hunches are really expensive maybe consider a balance, since I don't know your whole team I can only comment and your fillers. Hope it works out for you!


Maxer said...

@kellz.. thanks.. u're right.. 2 weeks till game8, i just put moko n baird in there to see how my team looks like.. they will be dropped for someone else in coming days..

my hunches are medium priced players btw.. i didnt want to reveal them because i'm sticking with them for week 8.. last week i tell evryone my hunches is walcott, got many negative comments until i finally dropped him on saturday morning.. and he got 15.5.. i don't want that to happen again..


SiR Zai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Starky said...

Sweet - K2 dropped by .02 last night which gave me the exact funds i need tp upgrade O'Hara to Kightly.

Early week 8 team but probably won't make any changes

Verm, Sonko, Heiti
Kightly, Bily, Lennon, Fab
Drogs, Nando & K2 funds left!

This is by far the most potent forward line i've gone for this season (just dropped Tuncay)
I got 117.5pts this week with Given's big fat zero to come. Sitting just better the 900th which is my best ever placing at this time of the season, usually at around 5K.

Gotta give props to AM for this awesome blog and all the regulars like Dr Teeth sharing their opinions & wisdom with us all.

Stark A.K.A. "The Genetic Freakz" in blog group 2.

Anthony BKK said...

I'm probably going to get 124 pts. this week(if Given=0). That's very good compared to my first few weeks performance(before I found this blog). Hopefully that's enough to make the Blog Cup cut for this week. I'm in Blog League 3, Take a bath United.

@mehicoradio: It's nice to here that u like my country. U should find a chance to go to the south beaches as well, u'll love it - guaranteed! May I recommend Phuket or Krabi, although my personal favourite is Samed island coz it's only 3 hours drive from Bangkok.

Sawasdee. :)

* Anthony BKK *

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