Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Blog League 5 Now Open!

Hi guys - I've decided that I'm going to start a new Cup Competition in the next couple of weeks called "The AM Challenge"...it won't have prizes (unless I get some donations) but will be for the glory!

It will run on alternative weeks to The Blog Cup, possibly starting in Week 10, and will include all 400 teams in the 4 blog leagues...I am also opening up 1 or 2 additional blog leagues (using an additional yahoo ID) which if we fill them would bring it up to 500-600 teams.

If you have no idea what The Blog Cup is, click here (it's now FULL).  It was for the first 3 Blog Leagues. I'll keep The Blog Cup as it is with Round 2 in Week 12, Round 3 in Week 16 etc & the final in Week 34...it'll be the main cup competition for the Blog & will have the Premiership shirt as the prize for the winner at the end of the season. The AM Challenge is a completely separate competition.

To start with I've created a 5th Blog League, with a 6th to follow if we fill it! We have over 1500 visitors per day now so we could do it....

**League 5 is for people who missed out on the first 4 so they can take part in the new cup, so please only join if you are not in League 1,2, 3 or 4. I have a list of all the team names in the existing leagues so if I see any of the same teams in League 5 they will be removed - I have to be strict about these things :)**

Group ID: 23245
Password: yahoo

I'm still toying with the format of the AM Challenge at the moment...I may keep it the same format, or I may make Round 1 the Top 60 weekly scores in each of the 6 leagues rather than the top 400 weekly scores overall...I'll decide over the next week or so but would appreciate any feedback.

Week 9 Player Picks will be posted up tomorrow.



Tone$ said...

Thanks for doing this AM. You're the best.

Kellz said...

contemplating joining, I really wanted in the first league but I already had max groups! Love the work AM!

Jojo said...

m( )m AM
Surely the best soccer blog on the internet!!

Fidan said...

I think the second option of "top 400 weekly scores overall" would be better, as it would eliminate the chance of surviving due to luck of being in a rather "easier" group. I think you understand what I mean...!!!

Btw...man you are AWSOME...!!! You make our lives BETTER...!!!

Keep it up, Fantassistant ;)...!!!

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks guys! Already 35 places taken up in League 5 :)

Bojan said...


How much money was donated till now?

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Bojan - So far we've had £8 of donations which I am keeping in my Paypal account to put towards a prize...there is no obligation to donate at all, but it all helps!


Anonymous said...

hello AM I bet it helps if we clik on your blog advertisements as you get money, correct?

love ur blog ;)

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