Sunday, 18 October 2009

Week 8 - Saturday

Mental day with ups & downs. 77 points may not sound like much so far, but overall I'm pretty happy. I'm up 1000 places with Dunn & Robbo still to play.

I didn't have any massive over-achievers, just a nice consistent day with 4 players scoring over 10 points & another 4 scoring over 5 points.

Despite some criticism in the comments (:op), if Arsenal keep it to zero it's another story with Gibbs scoring 5 points (2 more than Walcott) without a clean sheet & if I'd gone with one of my early recommendations, KPB, it could've been so much better...never mind O'Shea, who after a goal & assist in his last 2 games was randomly dropped. Obviously I have Billy to thank for alot of things, & he''ll now be a long term pick & I'm holding him at a gorgeous £4m.

So now we move on to Sunday & I really need David Dunn to score some points, along with a Robbo clean sheet to get me towards 90-100 points. Whether that happens, we'll have to see.

Hope everyone's had a good day & can have another good one tomorrow. Barndoor?



mags said...

Sitting on 97 with only Given to play. Hope to break 100.
I traded Rooney at good discount to go to Saha and with the money left over "upgraded" from JRod at a good discount to Yossi. Yossi got me 3 points JRod would have given me 4.5!

Mike B said...

91 with Given and Richards still to go.

I'm just hoping that Richards plays!

I haven't made a single barn door pick as yet, but looking at Man City tomorrow to see if i fancy anything.

The only change i'm considering is getting rid of Benayoun. I've finally lost my patience with him.

I moved up 394 places up to 292nd overall, and i'm currently 5th in blog league 2. Not bad for my first season (even if i do say so myself).

I think alot of people had dodgy weeks, just looking at the leaderboard, not many had anything to write home about. It was a very odd day indeed.

So it looks like barring injuries i'm going into my 3rd week in a row with almost the same team. It's nice to find a little consistancy at last!

Was nice to see Gibbs almost return his value too, i'm glad i went for him over Bassong in the end.

Douchebag United said...

A couple of people were questioning the Gibbs pick but in my opinion at 6.02 it seemed like a no brainer. Nobody is holding clean sheets this season if Arsenal can't hold on to a clean sheet at home against a toothless Birmingham I don't see a better call. Unless you called Gordon and Turner today not sure you have a lot to question the AM about...

I think Blackburn Burnley is going to be a cracker 3-2 game, I had Robinson but the fact that Burnley's fans are going to be out in full force for this long awaited match plus the fact that Burnley beat Blackburn the last time they played I can see Robinson having a long day.

I scored 88.5 points today with Given, Sonko, and Dunn to go, hoping to push the limits up to 100 tomorrow...

Players on the Barndoor for me Dunne, Boateng, Gordon. Thinking of dropping Van Persie for a Man City Striker for next week, anyone else have a suggestions for strikers for next week?

Bradley said...

I have 92.5 with Robbo, Dunn, and Adebayor to go (thank goodness I replaced Walcott with KPB Friday night).

I made a few changes this morning, primarily to purge Rovers (I don't fancy them away to Chelsea next week :)). Among others I picked up Gordon and Bent. Since I went with Adebayor instead of RvP (hopefully K2 will get more than 12.5 tomorrow), I already have him lined up for next week's home fixture vs. Fulham. We'll see how he does tomorrow. Sadly, I'll be gone most of the day (goodness knows how long the Sunday BD will be open this week).

Bradley said...

Oops. 92.5? I wish. Make that 82.5 with Robbo, Dunn, and Adebayor to go.

Doctor Teeth said...

Gents - sitting on 90 points with Given, Mears and Dunn still to play. I will take over first place in my private league after this weekend...finally, I've recovered from the Robinho-Defoe-Modric "lost weekend" of earlier this year. I BDed MTay and Bent and also picked up Kightly for sub 4 (I know he has been atrocious this year but I'm salivating over the prospect of having him at that price).

Best of luck for everyone on Sunday/Monday's games.

Anonymous said...

Well, I had a pretty bad weekend but for me it's just one of those week in which I want to maintain my place, and nothing more. I think I did go up a bit, but nothing serious. For the rest of the matches, I have Given, Richards and Geovanni. I hope I won't suffer too much from the drop after the early derby, and that Geo will score at least a brace. Right now I have only 67 points.

Barn Door - I dropped Walcott for KPB, because the former might be injured and even if not can be starting as a sub, while the latter can perform well against Hull. Saha didn't have such a horrible week like everyone suggests, 8.5 points with no goal or assist, but he did lost his pace a bit. Along with Lazy Boy Berbatov, his gone.
The problem is with the replacements. Right now I'm with RvP and Nugent, though I'm also consider a combo of Bent+Bellamy, so I'll be glad to read your opinions. I thought eventually that Bellamy can be overshadowed by Adebayor and the possible return of Robinho, and that Bent doesn't get a lot of phantom points and while Birmingham's defence isn't really poor, Sunderland's away form is. RvP gets days with a lot of points, and WH don't look good at all. Burnely are hosting Wigan. Well.
I'll still appriciate your opinions. For the rest of the BD I'm holding my breath about Geovanni. His place depends on his performance. I have Andy Reid on standby, and that may allow me to upgrade Richards. If not, I might replace Richards with Bassong and improve Geovanni (or Nugent maybe?), or I might just as well keep them both, though Richards' spot is never sure...


Raul said...

I managed to barndoor RvP, Bent and Gordon. Considering next week, the best pick will be Gordon, especialy when you got him at barndoor. Cheap and CS is not that far either. RvP doesn't always return to his value and thats why i dont fancy him. However when Liverpool face ManU, then Torres and Rooney won't be good picks. Even if i decide to give up on RvP, then there is a lot of money to play wiht. Bent is in the good form.I guess he will have a goal again. Probably not from the balloon:D Now when Defoe is out, i really would like to fancy Crouch and Keane. Still they are up against Stoke.That makes me worry.
I hope today would be as good as it was yesterday.

mehicoradio said...

i went ahead and Barndoored Bent, dropping Defoe. Other then that didn't do too much.

I think i had about 67 points with Given, Givet, and Geovanni to go

Kernal_Panic said...

OK I know its my fault in the first place for picking him, but Owen only got 1?! Surely he got an assist on the Knight OG. What a muppet, he's never getting to SA.
Missed out on Taylor on the barndoor, gutted.
Up front I'm now running with Drog, Bent and Crouch.
Crouch could be a good bit of business with Defoe out for a bit.

bean said...

it would be insane to have KBoat and O'Hara on the same team, wouldn't it?

Bojan said...

97 points with Dunn to go
95th overall with 950,00 points

i took a chance on Howard at full price (11.61) against my rules because I did't want to change any of my players , and I don't like it... Gordon(3,69) has CS, and PRobo(3,59) and Given(6,80)still to go... To stay up I just need goals from Burnley and Wigan, otherwise Howard would be a giant mistake

chris m said...

Hey AM

Sorry. The WTF didn't come out as intended. What I was surprised at was your picking 4 defenders instead of 3 with a couple of iffy point scorers. If I didn't have my head up my ass over Arsenal's midfield muddle I would have picked Gibbs too. My bad.

@ bean-I was just wondering the same thing. With KBoat on a roll does O'Hara get back in the starting 11. I had him figured as part of my cheap midfield. My guess is probably because Pompey don't have much else.

As for next week. I don't want to think about it anymore until the after the CL games and the injury news gets firm. The Liverpool/ManU match up at this point leaves me totally at sea. If uninjured I don't know whether to try and fit Torres and Rooney back in or wait another week.

Again AM, I am sorry. I didn't mean any disrespect, it just didn't come out right.

chris m

ToffeeDave said...

What a good week. Dropped Bassong for Turner, Thomas for Dunn, Rooney Torres for Defoe Bent. Also, Thomas would have scored a goal but he was ruled offside, so nearly every one of my predictions came true aside burnley scoring 2 this week. A solid 126 points for me, less than 10 points from the top 10 this week, moving me into 887 overall. Podcast will be up midweek.

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