Saturday, 10 October 2009

ToffeeDave's Podcast - #1

Massive thanks to ToffeeDave who has recorded his own Yahoo Fantasy Football Podcast for the blog...I've just had a listen - it's informative & entertaining so I'll be posting it up each week (if he decides to do it on a weekly basis).

I recommend everyone has a listen:



ToffeeDave said...

Sorry I jsut noticed the sound cuts out every now and then. I'll try and fix that for next time, but leave me some suggestions and questions you want answered, no "this player or this one" but actual questions please. I'll do my best to answer. Cheers.

ToffeeDave said...

Oh and correction, I don't see Everton finishing outside the top 6.

Assistant Manager said...

I didn't notice the sound cutting out mate.

Anonymous said...

well done mate....
finally i could catch some sleep !

Mike B said...

Good entertaining podcast TD, no cutting of sound here too by the way.

pDax said...

So ToffeeDave is Ryan Seacrest now??
Good job dude! Informative and entertaining!
Keep it up the coming weeks Dave :)

Simon said...

TD - A wee bit of advice...
*Keep it short and sweet.
*Prolly around 12-16 minutes.
*Write down what you're gonna say.
*Then read it out loud.
*Say Players Picks a la AM
*That is - 2-3 GK's,5-7 DF,5-10 MF,3-5 FW
*Mention 1 Top Pick of the week that you feel is a musthave!
*Lastly,Try adding on whom you should BD for the next week!

This is just my opinion.

Cheers! :D

Kernal_Panic said...

Great Cast!

I think you're right about Dunn, although Pedersen is slightly cheaper, and a solid player with it. A few seasons back he was a real banker.
You didn't mention Walcott, I've barndoored him from last week, but I've also got Fabs at the cheap price. Walcott will do well, and will rise in price, but I hate having two players from the same team in the same position. Should I keep the both? Or jump on the Jarvis bandwagon?
Do you think Billy will play much? What with Pienaar back from injury.
I've got Berbs up front, I think he's in for a good run, what with Rooney having one of 'bad patches'. But I've got a feeling Bent's going to score too.
The problem with the international break is that it give you too much time to think!!

Ruki said...

Walcott and Fab are not in the same position. Unless you mean both being MF? quite far from same position though in modern football.

The only thing with Walcott is the not sure starting place. Arsenal is playing with 4-5-1 and changing to 4-3-3 when needed. The thing is that forward and AMF are used in the wings position too, so the spot for starting line up are very competitive. Not to mention Walcott is just back from long term injury. He looks like a very good pick though, I think of him as another Lennon with more consistent performance but not 100% on starting.

ToffeeDave said...

Simon I doubt you actually listened to the pod at all.
1. Impossible to keep it "short and sweet" as you want me to mention 25 players and probably say more than just their names, along with match ups which I flew through anyway, this would take me 30 minutes to do easy.
2. The pod went to 18:25 minutes long. That's not excessively long as your implying.
3. I did mention my player of the week, his name is David Dunn although granted, I didn't say "AND MY PLAYER PICK FOR THE WEEK IS #$^$ #$^&!!!!!"
4. THIS POD IS NOT MEANT TO BE THE BLOG! If I was gonna do a pod that states everything as AM sees it, then I wouldn't do it because he already posts it on the blog.

Sorry if this comes across as a little harsh, it's meant to. You are acting as if my producer which you are not, and nothing you said was really constructive. With that being said, I look forward to questions you guys have, topics you want me to cover, even constructive criticisms so long as you don't just say everything that I did in the pod I should do.

Simon said...

@ TD -

It's allright.

My bad. :(


Kernal_Panic said...

Allez Toffedave!

Stick it to the man! lol
I picked up on Dunn, btw.
And Ruki, yes I did mean midfielders, i know they don't play the same position. Although you're right about Wenger giving him ninety minutes, but his stock is gonna soar soon, and I won't be able to afford him!

ToffeeDave said...

haha Simon apologies from my end. I know what you were getting at just having a rough day. No hard feelings, will try to keep you in mind. Cheers

greginho said...

toffeedave strikes again!

Douchebag United said...

Right now my mids are Arshavin, Bily, Kranjcar, and Cahill. I'm trying to figure out if I should sell Kranjcar for Dunn whom I can afford. Kranjcar could have a big game against his former team, but I'm hearing a lot about Dunn and he coudl have a big game against Burnley.

Any suggestions here?

Maxer said...

great podcast TD.. good job.. got bassong out of doubt.. but since u pointed out that he might score his value week8 makes me happy that i pick him up.. most of you selection (apart from the obvious verma, drog n rooney) are totally different than mine.. i uploaded mostly arsenal players week8 hoping they'll do another trashing week8..

a question for u TD.. how u think JRod gonna do in week8?..


Anonymous said...

Nothing is in this PODCAST that adds to whatever AM said.

Anonymous said...

Nice Podcast keep it up .........

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cast. Please do it weekly if possible. I'll definitely tune in.

I would prefer a good sit-back 20-30 minute talk rather than a short who to pick news flash. I like how you talked about Jarvis, Dunn, Robinson, Thomas, etc.

For matches that don't interest you eg Villa v Chelsea, Stoke and Ham, maybe you can add like a line or two of "but if I had to pick" for people with a different take.

This week's best games summarized at the end was excellent... Everton v Wolves, Arsenal v Birmingham, Blackburn v Burnley, and Portsmouth v Tottenham. If you could add who you'd pick for these juicy matchups eg a forward vs a midfielder, if I had to choose one from Everton or Tottenham, it'd be, Defoe v Lennon, Kranjcar Cahill, etc that would be great. Asking a lot but in short, more analysis about these matchups like you did with Arsenal v Birmingham.


ToffeeDave said...

Great suggestions, but as for doing a 30 minute pod, it would be kind of boring with just one person here, so if I could somehow have a friend in to argue with it could go longer and would be more enjoyable for that long. I will definately pick 3 players from each prime match up that I think people should have along with my one darkhorse of the week. I'll try and do it weekly but im not promising anything as I do have school also.

Anonymous said...

@TD- How old are ya??

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