Thursday, 29 October 2009

Injury Update 29/10/09

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Now, update from
The club with the biggest injury list in the Premier League (Everton, by a mile) have been given a boost with an update from head physio Mick Rathbone which indicates that several of the ten players who missed the midweek clash with Tottenham will be fit for this weekend and many more are just weeks away from a return.

"Although we have lots of injuries at the moment all those players who are out are making good progress," said Rathbone. "I expect the vast majority of the injured lads to be back in the next few weeks.

"We are hoping to have one or two available for this weekend's match with Aston Villa at Goodison and we then hope to have some more fit for next weekend's trip to West Ham."

Although Rathbone did not mention any names, Steven Pienaar, Joseph Yobo, Leighton Baines and Leon Osman are thought to be the closest to a return.

Everton face Aston Villa, who reported no new injury concerns after their midweek win on penalties over Sunderland.

The big game of this weekend is the north London derby, and Tottenham have a doubt about Jonathan Woodgate, who suffered a blow to the head during the defeat to Stoke.

Scans have confirmed that Woodgate has not fractured his cheekbone but he is still major doubt for a game that Aaron Lennon will definitely miss with the ankle injury that saw him limp off last week.

Arsenal could have Samir Nasri on the bench after he came through 90 minutes of football in the Carling Cup after missing the start of the season while he recovered from a broken leg.

The news from Burnley is that, according to the Lancashire Telegraph, Brian Jensen is 'showing signs of improvement in his race to maintain his 100 per cent Premier League appearance record' at home to Hull this weekend, while Stephen Jordan is expecting to play despite missing training all week.

West Ham have been handed a boost with the news that serial injuree Kieron Dyer is back in training after missing over a month's football with a hamstring injury and could face Sunderland this weekend.

He could face Darren Bent, who returned to Sunderland training on Thursday after sustaining a knee injury in last weekend's defeat at Birmingham.

So interesting news on Everton, especially the worrying lack of information regarding Billy's injury. I'm still hanging on to him but if he's to miss another game this weekend then it could be time to jump ship. I found this additional piece of news from one of the merseyside papers, who tend to be a bit more up to speed on news from Liverpool & Everton
Joseph Yobo (head), Steven Pienaar (knee), Leighton Baines (calf) and Diniyar Bilyaletdinov (thigh) are all being given every chance ahead of Saturday’s game, with Everton looking to halt a run of three successive defeats and score a first win in six.
So he has "a chance", but that's it. Not really that helpful. It does mention Saha is also struggling.

Also interesting update regarding Kieron Dyer, who of course plays for West Ham, who have a double game. Extremely unlikely he'd play in both matches after such a long spell out, but could mean another player (Diamanti? Noble?) drops to the bench in one of the games.

Finally, the news on Jensen is a concern for me as I had been trying to decide whether to go with Penny in goal for Burnely this weekend. If it's not confirmed whether it'll be Penny or Jensen then i'll have to look elsewhere.

So basically, all this injury news has done is confuse me further. Great!



Anonymous said...

A big problem:

S. Petrov+Mears


Mike B said...

Well i think i'm all set now barring the Bily conundrum.

Verm, Dunne, Alexander
Behrami, Fab, Arsh, Krancjar, Bily
Drogba, Diamanti

I will check the news before the deadline, if nothing i certain about Bily, i'm taking the plunge and swapping him for Benitez, who i had for a couple of weeks and will have him back on the barn door this weekend regardless.

I had Richards, but with Zabaletta playing last night, and Burnley at home V Hull, i swapped him for a cheap Alexander. Lost some discount on him, but that's better than a possible Zero!

What will everyone else do if there is no Bily confirmation before kickoff?

OS said...

I'm just gonna have to hope that Rooney doesn't score the hattrick I've got a feeling he's gonna score cos I just can't fit him into my team without gutting it...

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling with selecting either C Cole or Diamanti. The lower priced Diamanti also won't allow me to upgrade anywhere else that I would want to. Seems like most on here prefer Diamanti?

Anonymous said...

Do we think Diamanti is going to play both games though? What about Hines and Franco?

Anonymous said...

I think Diamanti will play both games - look where Hammers lie in the table. They can't afford to keep him on the bench or off the bench, for that matter. He may not get a full 90, but he will start, me thinks (Donegal08) Noble will also see the pitch in both games.

chris m said...

There is just too much going on this week zzzzzz-the sound of my synapses frying.

First, the never ending Bily/Blini debate. This is only a debate if you have him, like me, at his initial price of 4.71 vs his current value of 8.74. Granted, from his one full game, an 18 pt outburst, he looks like an amazing value. So much so that nearly all of us kept him last week knowing he wasn't going to play. Everyone this week is again focused on his health. But there is another, bigger problem we are missing. From the AM's info above it looks like Pienaar (and Osman) are returning. He and Bily are both left midfielders. IF Blini is healthy, who sits. Further complicating this is that one of these guys absolutely sits when Arteta comes back. Is Toffee Dave around to chime in on this?

If Blini is healthy could he replace Osman? Leaving the Everton midfield looking like this:

Blini Cahill Rodwell Pienaar.

We are talking about double gamers, Blini is a double variable.

Given this, I am seriously thinking of taking a flyer on Aquilani. I think he might get a 20 minute run out or so, a couple of SOT's or an assist and his value does a Bily.

This all ties into, good segue, to the double game issue, Villa is playing at beat to hell Everton and at wildly inconsistent West Ham. Two away games. This week will have huge implications for all of us. Oh by the way no one has mentioned yet in all of these posts that next week is a CL and the effect that may have on team selections. Just want to confuse you some more.

I'll tell you what I am going to do. Nothing. Out of my top 6 players I have 5 at huge discounts-Drogs, Verm, Torres, Dunn, Duff. The only player at little discount is Rooney. I am not going to sacrifice discounts for a one week one off. I thought (see previous) of swapping out Rooney for Friedel, Agbonlahor and Petrov. But Villa is away. They have been scoring nearing all their goals on set pieces. Dunne and Collins are their most attractive players and grossly overpriced based on the goals they scored. You can either say Young is due or he has looked awful. On the West Ham side Diamanti is the only player with any attraction to me and he sat the last game so who knows what's up with that. And Rooney is damn well due.

So I am standing pat with one debate, whether to dump Blini for Aquilani, seeing as they both may be 0's it doesn't really matter.

My work is done. Have fun driving yourself crazy :) :) :).

best wishes

chris m
velvet underground allstars

Bradley said...

@Chris M: No kidding. Lately each week has seemed more confusing than the last. All I've really accomplished is confusing the heck out of myself. I have several potential line-ups. Just waiting on the late team news Friday to pick which one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I am in a bit of a conundrum with Bily news. If I drop him I could do a small upgrade to say Lucas or something. I really want to get Rooney in but I got Torres and Diamanti up front as of now. I'd drop either Torres for Rooney or Diamanti and Lamps for Rooney and spread the wealth in midfield. I think Torres could score, but Rooney has a nice fixture. If Bily plays, I'll upgrade a middie with the 1.32 I have left.
decisions, decisions...

bean said...

I'm leaning towards dropping Bily. Unless there is news that indicates for sure he will start, or at least be on the bench, I'm thinking of getting out.. Pienaar & Osman are either healthy for this weekend, or soon to be healthy and it just seems like it will be like predicting chelsea's midfield, or manU's midfield. Add to that Everton's midweek Europa concerns coming up, and it just seems quite a risk. Although having only invested 4.71 in him, it's not that much of a risk...

definitely liking Aquilani. Rafa mentioned that they want to slowly introduce him into the squad, giving him a little bit more time each match.. if he managed 2 SOT in the 15 min he played, maybe he can manage 3 SOT if he gets 20 min.. I think Rafa will be desperate to get strength back into his midfield and get things settled, so I'm thinkin' Aquiman could be money well spent.

bean said...

i guess the big question for the Toffees is who gets rested for the Benfica match on thursday? I would say that Pienaar, Osman, and Bily are in the same boat, all just about coming back from injury, but could be doubtful. I would guess two of the three get rested so they're sure to be healed for thursday, but which two?

i'm still wondering what will happen in ManU's RB position.. Neville is out, but O'Shea & the wonder twins are all healthy (as far as I know). It's been said that O'Shea is sure to start, but seems like there's just as good a chance that Raphael the Brazilian Ninja Turtle will start

Eric said...

Id like to hold onto Torres... but I think I will end up swapping him for Rooney this week.

Kellz said...

I think theres no one else at 4.71mil that can even come close to the production that Billy has and can have. Thats said, Bean is right, with many midfield players returning, Billy becomes a victim of rotation, even at 4.71 mil you have to think starting 11 fielded players is better than keeping one on the bench. Even though theres not a lot of options out there, I am considering Sidwell as this weeks replacement purely on double games. After that it will be hard to find someone like Billy for so cheap

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I may jump ship on Bily if he for sure will not start on Saturday. Bean has a good point in that it could be like predicting a midfield for Manure or Chelsky.

Anyway, almost time to watch some MLS playoffs. Did you know that the Sounders rank 50th overall in the world for attendance. If they expand their seating by 2,200 seats and sellout they'll move up to 30th in the world for attendance. Looks like professional soccer in the US is here to stay! But we gotta continue supporting the home league or it will never grow to what we should have as a soccer league.

Kellz said...

We'll be ready to start kicking Seattle's ass again in 2011, PORTLAND TIMBERS! We get more attendance for our USL games than some of the worst MLS teams

Dave said...

Have people cooled on H-Rod as the week has progressed? Or is it just too hard to fit him in?

Kellz said...

For me it was 2 considerations:
(1) couldn't fit him because I think Rooney is going to have a stormer against B'burn, leaving me with Drogba, Diamanti, Rooney
(2) even though his points have been good in some games, he still has only scored 3 goals and is rather inconsistent with some really poor weeks.

Also believe Pompey will surprise some teams and I think with Wigans over all inconsistent ability to perform could be the next to get upset by Pompey

Maxer said...

jump off blini wagon if its confirmed that he wont play another week.. the impact of player with 0 (or negative) pts is to big for my team.. i cant afford another drop this week.. might go for doublegamer sidwell like kellz.. or maybe cattermole or kightly.. can't think anyone worthy to replace bily's 4.71 price..

the diamanti news is worrying me :(..


Anonymous said...

@Maxer - by 'news' do you mean uncertainity about Diamanti's playing twice? Depending on what your second choice is, you'd be pretty certain to get Diamanti for at least one game - not bad for your 9.71 or whatever. The second game would be gravy.

Anonymous said...

Shuffled a lot on the BD but my current team is a mix of class and sh1t filler
Verm Cuellar Alexander
Lamps Sidwell Milner Mokoena
Drogs RVP Diam

2.3 in the kitty

I hate my midfield and am tempted to drop RVP, go 3-5-2 pick up Giggs, drop Mokoena and put in maybe Hunt or someone for under 9.86
Maybe even 4-4-2, Giggs and another defender like Ivanovic?

Last 2 weeks have not been kind to me. Need a boost.

Maxer said...

@2.55.. yup.. but after some reading and advice, i'm certain that he will play both game and collect huge points, altho not full 90minutes each.. wes ham is struggling right now, and at least zola can do is fielding his best player to win these not-so-tough games and climb few spots away from relegation zone..

@3.22.. i like your giggs choice.. but he's too darn expensive and as far as everyone knows, united mf (fergie) are hard to predict.. and since u're dropping rvp, might i suggest a cheaper kranjcar for your mf? fab or arsh also would be nice..

Kellz said...

Agree with Maxer, Kranj is a good choice, I have him at 10mil and he will def take lots of kicks in a heated derby. I can see this one high scoring in Arsenal's favor though.

@Anonymous why not drop RvP for Rooney? hes cheaper and has a much better match up. I think you have too many fillers and it will hurt you in the end. You don't always need to pick premium players for good points, spread your cash around more and I think it will help your score

Geobfree said...

Don't understand all posts and concern over Billy. I dropped him prior to last week,getting only 4 & change, because:
Thought he wasn't going to play.
Don't like the Toffee's fixtures
Don't like their form either
All their good players are crocked
I say, there are other team, move on.

Ruki said...

I would have to drop Fab if I want to fit Rooney in wo any filler. Hmmm, I like Yayga but like Kellz said it is hard to fit him in.

Another tough decision is that having Kranjar, I would have to drop Fab again if I want Young or Milner on the line up.

bean said...

a little bit more than 4.71, but could be good replacements for Bily: O'Hara,Rodwell,Yebda,Chucho,G.Alex,Piquionne,M.Johnson,Tuncay(ha,ha,but seriously),Aquilani,Matic,Obertan(those aren't really serious)

did i say good? maybe just acceptable. at least better than fillers..most of those might not play, but if any are guaranteed to start, could be ok.

mikl-em said...

I'm in on Bily only at 6.5, so not as deep a discount. I could let him go, but hard to find someone I'm excited about. Though I expect his cost will come down a lot after this week, another one of not playing.

I switchd to Gordon in goal due to the q's on Jensen. I can only take one issue of Bily-like doubt.

the rest of the squad now is:

Verm O'Shea J.Collins
Arshavin Bily Ballack JCole Moko
Drogs Diamanti

some rationale: I look at Collins stats and he is number 2, way ahead of the pack, on blocked shots which are 2-pts per. Over 2 games, I like that, and while I don't like his 11.5 price, over 2 games I think he'll earn it back (and a clean sheet would add a nice premium).

Ballack i have at good discount. Coley I believe is going to come be strong, creative and bringing points at Bolton's expense. Moke is worth a single point investment--he's in the game as Midfielder, so goals dont hurt him, and hey he's had YCs 2 weeks in a row, there's no way he makes it 3, right? Right?!?

If I swap out Bily, I have 8.61 to play with. How depressing that I'm not excited about any of them. Would add a 4th defender. Boyce? Rafael? Bridge? Probly D Collins actually (Stoke @ home vs Wolves).

STM said...

@Kellz 2:36 AM: with all due respect, HRod has scored 5 goals (1 less than Rooney), not 3. ;-)

I agree with HRod being very inconsistent though, so I can understand if he is not in everyone's consideration. And he is rather expensive right now. But if anyone picked him up at the barndoor price of 10.8, it may still work out quite well.

Ban said...

Injury report: Gameweek 10

Burnley's Premier League honeymoon was ended once and for all when goalkeeper Brian 'The Beast' Jensen went down with an ankle injury just 15 minutes into last weekend's match against Wigan. The big Dane was stretchered off, and Wigan also waved goodbye to their 100 per cent home record. It's not yet known how long the Clarets will missing him for.

Aaron Lennon also came off early for Spurs, reducing them to 10 men against Stoke after being nobbled by Glenn Whelan. The England winger will now miss the North London derby against Arsenal at the very least.

After starting 48 consecutive Premier League matches stretching from his debut until that match at Turf Moor, Wigan defender Maynor Figueroa will now be out for some time with torn medial knee ligaments.

Theo Walcott - Knee
Denilson - Back
Johan Djourou - Knee
Lukasz Fabianski - Thigh
Tomas Rosicky - Knee
Armand Traore - Groin
Jack Wilshere - Ankle

Aston Villa
Curtis Davies - Shoulder
Stewart Downing - Foot
Wilfred Bouma - Ankle

Birmingham City
Martin Taylor - Ankle
Giovanny Espinoza - Ankle
David Murphy - Knee
Franck Queudrue - Hamstring
Keith Fahey - Ankle
Gregory Vignal - Hamstring
Stuart Parnaby - Thigh

Blackburn Rovers
Chris Samba - Virus
Pascal Chimbonda - Calf
Vince Grella - Thigh

Bolton Wanderers
Sean Davis - Knee
Joey O'Brien - Knee
Andy O'Brien - Hernia

Brian Jensen - Ankle
Jay Rodriguez - Ankle
Martin Paterson - Knee
Chris McCann - Knee

Jose Bosingwa - Hamstring
Yuri Zhirkov - Ankle
Ashley Cole - Leg
Jon Obi Mikel - Ankle

Mikel Arteta - Knee
Phil Jagielka - Knee
Phil Neville - Knee
Victor Anichebe - Knee
Diniyar Bilyaletdinov - Thigh
Leighton Baines - Calf
Leon Osman - Ankle
Steven Pienaar - Knee

Toni Kallio - Achilles
Danny Murphy - Knee
Andy Johnson - Groin
Dickson Etuhu - Knee
Simon Davies - Ankle

Hull City
Ian Ashbee - Knee
Jimmy Bullard - Knee

Steven Gerrard - Groin
Andrea Dossena - Groin

Manchester City
Robinho - Ankle
Benjani - Hip
Nedum Onuoha - Thigh

Manchester United
Owen Hargreaves - Knee
Park Ji-sung - Knee
Darren Fletcher - Foot

Linvoy Primus - Ankle
Joel Ward - Groin

Stoke City
Amdy Faye - Back
Tomas Sorensen - Virus

Lee Cattermole - Knee
Boudewijn Zenden
John Mensah - Calf
Darren Bent - Knee
Fraizer Campbell - Knee
Phil Bardsley - Hip
McCartney - Shoulder

Tottenham Hotspur
Aaron Lennon - Ankle
Luka Modric - Fibula
Giovani dos Santos - Ankle
Peter Crouch - Groin
Jonathan Woodgate - Head

West Ham United
Luis Boa Morte - Knee
Dean Ashton - Ankle
Calum Davenport
Kieron Dyer - Hamstring
Danny Gabbidon - Calf

Wigan Athletic
Maynor Figueroa - Knee
Chris Kirkland - Hand
Paul Scharner - Hip

Wolverhampton Wanderers
Stephen Ward - Knee
David Jones - Knee
Kevin Foley - Knee

bakayoko said...

i have 3 aston player right now....too much risk??

Robson said...

need advice

billy, milner, BFAY, Spet
drogs, diaman, gabby

good or bad??

Anonymous said...

Myhill is now out of contention


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