Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Week 7 - Monday

The final game of Week 7 was an entertaining 1-1 draw between Aston Villa & Man City. Not a huge number of points in this one as there were no clean sheets & few shots on targets/saves, but Dunne, Bellamy, Warnock & Adebyaor should all pitch in with decent scores due to goals & assists. I'm pleased for Richard Dunne after the way he was forced out of City after so many years of service, just a shame Villa couldn't hold on.

The points for all other games are now up to date & I finished on 99 points for the week, which is poor compared to a large proportion of others in the blog leagues. Just to give you an idea of the impact Fabregas had this week, if i'd gone for him over Arshavin I'd be on 123.5 & up over 1000 places.

Now as soon as the Villa & City points are in I will begin calculating the 1st round results of The Blog Cup with the Top 200 scores for Week 7 going through to Round 2.

I can tell you now that the cut off point will be high, & it's likely my 99 points won't be enough to get me through. I'm actually feeling a bit nervous about it all - I guess that's what "The Cup" is all about, but I'll be really disappointed if I'm knocked out of my own competition in the 1st round!



Wolfy Dave said...

Damn. I'm expecting about 95 points depending on how Milner does. It's not a disaster but I'd really hoped to get through to at least the next round of the Cup!

Can Fabs do it again next match against B'ham? I'm hoping so. If I ever have to pick between Arsh and him again, I know who I'm going for.

Dave (in Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

mudwalkerz said...

If its any consolation.. ill prolly be joining you on the way out AM ;) 98.5 points.
Had some good hunches, which scored well.. but too many slackers! Nzogbia, HRod, Gallas; Kightly.. value was around 35.. and only 4 points.. these **** really killed me!

Bojan said...


You can take my place in 2nd round if it's possible.

Ruki said...

I got 117.5 this week, Torres is a huge blow but a lot of top players had him as well. I am not in the cup however.

Good luck AM, I hope you got through!

Kernal_panic said...

Are you sure Warnock got the assist? the bbc site says otherwise, and i hope they're right coz i've got milner!
Does anyone else think we might see a drop in points from the 'holy trinity' of drogs, torres, and rooney, in the forthcoming weeks?
Pretty happy with my score this week, 133 with milner still to come, sitting second in my league at the minute, and closing on the leader!
Man I love this game!
Great blog too.

I'm from France btw

Crazylegs Kev said...

Warnock had the assist Milner put the ball down in the corner and Warnock picked it up and placed it on the right hand side of the flag then took the corner..

I would say 100 is about the average this week, anything over that and you done well, many were bitten by having there arse shaved instead of getting it Fabregassed..I had both!!!! ;-)

Crazylegs Kev..

rwlwhite said...

i admit i went for arshavin over fabregas too, and I guess I now remember the rule of go with your head, not your heart! Arshavin is one of my favourite players (as is Cesc but you know, mistakes are always made).

I'm wondering about the potential of fitting Cesc in or not for the next week. I always believe (excpet for the likes of Ronaldo) that no one player can put up 30 points+ week in week out, and due to the ridiculous price rises that players achieve when they have a good game, I always wonder if it is worth sacrificing so much budget on previous form

I am pondering on swapping Arshavin and Van Persie for Fabregas and Tevez for the next gameweek, but I don't feel ready to hit the save changes button because I still think it is a gamble. because of fabregas' price rise, i would effectively be losing 4.03 of my budget, as well as losing van Persie for tevez. in my opinion, RVP is a much better points prospect than Tevez due to his corner taking, number of shots, and the fact that he is now a target man, whereas tevez has 3 or 4 others who are there to take away his points (adebayor, bellamy, petrov, ireland, barry and robinho and santa cruz when they are back)

Think i'm going to sit on this one for a while...lucky there is an international break to give me a chance to make up my mind (which i still dispise!)

The Socialist said...

Hey guys I just noticed that they have emerton as a defender and he played in midfield, might be a good pick verses burley at home. that is if he plays.

rwlwhite said...

just to back up my comment regarding international football breaks:


Bradley said...

I'm at 98.0, so if the cut-off winds up being 99, I'll be pissed. :) (That's "angry," BTW, in Yank, not "drunk," although I am capable of being both at the same time.) I don't mind not picking Fabregas so much because that's just 20/20 hindsight. I am, however, kicking myself for not listening to the little voice telling me to upgrade Hunt to Geovanni. I seem to keep getting my weekly dilemmas wrong. I'm pretty happy with my Week 8 line-up so far but we'll see.

Hinrik said...

I had 136 pts. R. Keane was my mistake.

Vermaelen O´Shea Heitinga
Fabregas Arshavin Lennon O´Hara
Saha Crouch R. Keane

Anonymous said...

What a weekend for Alzheimer Wanderers. 143.5 points, a jump of 2200 places in YFF to 1590, and from 39th to 16th in the Blog League.

What's more, barring injuries during the international break there are only three spots in my lineup that might need changing (O'Hara, Distin and Ballack). Didn't BD anyone last weekend but always ready to lock in an inexpensive newcomer who shows something (Kightly, Chucho).

So at this very early stage I've got this lineup for Week 8:

Vermaelen / Heitinga / (Sonko)
Fabregas / Bily / (Jarvis) / (Walcott)
Drogba / Diamanti / Rooney

With clean sheets so rare this season it seems like a waste to spend a lot of money at the back.
But what a relief to have a set of eight fairly consistent players at bargain prices.

Anonymous said...

And of course I'd love to squeeze Giggs in there too, if I'm sure he'll start.

ToffeeDave said...

Im with you AM, I hate how great 100 point scores for the week have become average at best scores this season. I came out this weekend with 100.5 points so I hope I will be the cutoff lol

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