Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Berbatov & Crouch Hit Form

Two players highlighted in my player picks earlier this week appear to be hitting top form as we approach the Week 8 deadline.

Manchester United's Dimitar Berbatov hit a hattrick in 38 minutes as Bulgaria thrashed Georgia 6-2 and Tottenham's Peter Crouch bagged a brace for England as they dismissed Belarus 3-0 at Wembley.

Other goals of  note from players I mentioned were Andrey Arshavin for Russia & Niko Kranjcar for Croatia, while Ben Foster regained some confidence with a clean sheet which included 1 world class save.

The Berbatov news will really have swayed some managers who've been thinking about him for Week 8. If Rooney is out with his calf injury then he becomes a real challenger for my third striker spot.

I'm sure many of you saw far more international action then I did tonight. Did any Premiership stars impress you before the weekend?



greginho said...

nani got a goal and an assist. his turnaround shot was beautiful. he played well the whole game and was the only quality player for portugal.

bean said...

at the moment i'm sitting with:

in regards to Tuncay, i really can't believe people still have him in there squad.. 5 or 6 straight weeks of zero is not returning his value. just seems kind of crazy to play with 10 men for so long.

Kellz said...

@Bean: if he had started to play full games I think it would be a huge benefit to any team, but yes he is not playing so he needs to be dropped.

Currently waiting on news of Rooney. If he is declared out or in doubt I will drop to Berbs and be able to upgrade my midfielder with a 8.5mil pick, possibly Boateng.

PRobbo, Verm, Bassong, O'shea
Giggs, Lennon, Billy, (Knightly/KPB)
Torres, Drogba, (Rooney/Berbs)

I hope Lennon can hit the form he had the first 4-5 games.

Doctor Teeth said...

I am going to throw out a name I have not heard anyone talking about: Clint Dempsey. I like him to blow up against Hull on Monday evening. The Texan has yet to open his account this season so he is due to score and what better team to do it against than the Tigers. I have provisionally had Boateng on my team the last ten days but am starting to think that I may upgrade to El Clinto instead. It would mean dropping Given for PRoblem, however, which makes my stomach turn.

I'll likely be back to Kightly-O'Hara-Billy in my MF come next week which probably means a switch back to a 3-5-2 for me.

masterP said...

my current team :

vermaelen, bassong , sonko
fabregas, dunn, fletcher ,mokoena
drogba, Vpersie, torres

myhill - still got him at 1.oo so he's worth the risk

vermaelen- season keeper

bassong- clean sheet chance

sonko- got him at 3.16 and he does return much more than his value

fabregas- no need for description

dunn- strarting to take set piece and is likely to play well home against burnley

mokoena- big time filler

fletcher- got no better player than him below 7.00 :(

drogba - season keeper

Vpersie- much likely to score again at the emirates ( mayber from assits from fabregas ;) )

torres- tempting match against sunderland ...

i would really go for berbatov..... but then i would have to remove fletcher...
but who can i put then??????

i'm having a real headache here!!!

AM or anyone, plzzz help meee!!!!!

Jon said...

For those holding Arshavin, not sure that Wenger will start him. Played 90 minutes in both internationals and done a lot of travelling, and a CL game on Tue. I think there is a real chance of him being on the bench.

Fidan said...

Right now sitting on:

+ 1.2m

I still didn't save the changes which consist of Given(at discount), Walcott(8,13) and Gera(6,64) (yes Mensa or whatever, almost same as yours)...!!!
I really like Gera@6m, but Boateng is great asset since O'Hara is not available against Spurs, and playing against his old club makes it even more tasty choice...!!! Walcott??? I'll wait till Friday for any news on his starting status...!!!

Any suggestion would really help!!!

Cheers for a Fantasyfull weekend...!!!

Jon said...

Have gone with Walcott. Think it's a good match-up for him, and both Arsh and Rosicky played significant minutes in both internationals. Would be surprised if he plays the full 90, but think he will start. But then again, Wenger could go with Eboue!!

Raul said...

I think you could drop Torres, Liverpool is lack of midfielders and i think there wouldn't be much chances to score. I rahter pick Berbatov or Saha.Both are in great shape.With the extra cash, you could upgrade your filler to kightly for example, but it's all up tou you.

Kernal_Panic said...

Ok, currently running with...

Verm/ Heit/ givet
Billy/ Fabs/ Walcott/ Dunn
Drogs/ Saha/ Berbs

Feeling pretty good about it, so probably means instant fail!
Looking forward to saturday, is it me or does the weekend seem to lose purpose without the fantasy foot?

Glen said...

Martin Petrov was on target twice for Bulgaria.

Anonymous said...

i currently have...
P Robinson
walcott/kevin boateng/dunn/jarvis

thinking of getting adebayor for rooney and berbatov/saha/defoe for torres

not sure if walcott will start, so can then change to baines

what do u guys think?

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