Thursday, 22 October 2009

Billy Injured

Bad news for Everton fans and Billy holders as Everton were handed a 5-0 thrashing in Benfica, with Billy off injured after 60 minutes.

This taken from Sporting Life
To add to Moyes' injury woes, Russian winger Diniyar Bilyaletdinov ended the match with a strapping to his thigh and is doubtful for the Barclays Premier League match at Bolton on Sunday.

Moyes added: "We will need to assess him when we get back as well. I am not sure either yet who might be fit for the weekend."
Tough decisions to take now...if he does miss out it's probably a 1 game hit for managers, and if you have him at £4m then it would take some real guts to drop him.

My own gut feeling is to keep him even if it's confirmed he misses out this weekend, provided it's only for 1 game...but i'll make my final decision based on the news we get tomorrow.

I still have so much to decide on for this week & this has not helped - is anyone else in the same situation?



mehicoradio said...

I'm pretty solid on my team, the only real dilemas i have is to stick with Geovanni or jump on the KPB bandwagon. I already have O'Hara though, and something about 2 pompey players makes me really really nervous. The other is should i keep Saha or not.

As for Billy i think i'll hold on to him for now.

Anonymous said...

i got billy at 6.5, i dont know to hang on him or not..


bean said...

i'm taking a wait and see approach. seems like way too many players that may or may not be fit for the weekend's matches...

tempted by lampard though, that goal could be the confidence booster that turns his game around.

want to get in on Villa, thinking Milner, also like Carew for his price..

was interested in Roque Santa Cruz as a cheap option when it was looking like Adebayor and Bellamy may have been out, but looks like they are fine.

Doctor Teeth said...

I would be nervous abut holding on to Billy, even for one game...who knows how quickly he'll be reinserted to the squad, especially with Pienaar and (eventually) Arteta returning. It wil be so tough to get rid of him at 4.71 but I think I may have to if he is indeed not going to play this weekend. It won't matter too much in my priavte league since, strangely, few teams have him in their midfield.

So, if Billy leaves, my switches would be as follows:

Verms Heitinga Mears
Fabs O'Hara Billy MTay
Drogs Crouch Tevez

switches to

Verms Heitinga Richards
Fabs O'Hara Kightly MTay
Drogs Crouch Bent

I actually still own KPB right now for 6.97 but am begrudginly planning to drop him for O'Hara (thus, the line-ups above).

As I said earier, this week was going by far too smoothly....

Maybe Rodwell is a good pick-up to "replace" Billy?

bean said...

is it just me or have there been a ton of red cards in the european matches? 8 reds today in Europa and 6 reds wed in Champs.

greginho said...

i agree bean. that is a lot of reds. i saw the fulham match and the ref gave it first to the wrong defender. he figured it out. the problem, for me, is that kelly only tangled with the guys legs and should not have probably had a booking, let alone a straight red. there was another defender back there too. it was puzzling, then schwarzer looked like last year and made the save.

bean said...

seems the refs are a bit more strict in the european matches

Kellz said...

Carew is the last striker on my mind, doesn't perform YFF wise and a striker without a SOT screams stay away

greginho said...

do you have any idea what they where for? did you get that red card info from an article or something.

i saw the extra official behind the goals, so that experiment is going forward. i noticed a lot of penalties were called, as well. i wonder if the extra official will cause the number of penalties to go up?

bean said...

@Kellz-yeah, Carew is not exactly a top pick, but Villa has a nice schedule and are looking pretty solid at the moment + the double gameweek.. was considering for the price, but most likely won't.

@greginho-just got it from the soccernet scoreboard thingy

Kellz said...

I dunno, away to Everton and away to West Ham doesn't seem that easy to me. Everton should give them a fight and I think West Ham will start to regain some confidence especially at home. If anything I'd stick with Milner through those games.

Maxer said...

got bily at discount (4.71) too.. quite bad dropping him since he's at 9.02 now.. i'll wait for saturday morning news to see if he stays in my team or not.. in that case, if he isn't, my option would be.. to upgrade mok and get either..

o'hara, h.thomas, kightly, rodwell, jong, sidwell, cattermole, song..

didn't do any research about them.. i pick them up due to their good fixture and cheap price (not much player priced at $5.0 worthy to replace bily's $4.7 price)..

how bout u guys.. any recommendation for bily?..


Kellz said...

O'Hara for sure, takes kicks and has dropped in price to 5.68mil

Naning said...

@Kellz - It doesn't really matter if Villa has tough matchups. Most Villa-players will still return their value, and some might double their value. Ofcourse, I wouldn't pick up Carew either, but Milner, Aggy, Young etc. should be really good picks for next week.

john said...

will wilkinson play?
i really like this player...

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