Sunday, 4 October 2009

Week 7 - Saturday

One word. Shit. I don't often swear on this blog, but that was truely one of THE worst fantasy football days I've had in my entire life. 5 players played, 21 points gained. Shit.

-3.00 for Kightly (may as well have stayed on the bench), -2.00 for Foster (so much for future England no.1, should've gone for Myhill), 3.5 for O'Hara (not too bad seeing as he got booked). I have John O'Shea & Rooney to thank for giving me 22 least something to show for a day of agony. The only silver lining is the fact plenty of people have (somehow) had worse weeks due to the lack of clean sheets & obvious goal scorers...a guy in my league who was 10 points behind me scored -0.5 points from 5 players with Bassong, Mancienne, Foster, Kightly & Doyle!!!! Now that is rubbish.

I dropped 300 places but have Drogba, Torres, Billy, Heitinga, Vermaelen & Arshavin to play tomorrow so there is a very slim hope that I could get up to the 80 point mark which could actually prove enough to salvage my week AND MAYBE get through to the next round of The Blog Cup (remember that?) ;)

As for the games...Sunderland were desperately unlucky against a very poor United side, Spurs did well to come from behind twice as Bolton did their best to rough us up again, I'm pleased for Portsmouth but pissed off at Wolves (& Kightly), while Hull & Burnley will need to keep this home form going to survive. 4 more games to follow on Sunday so plenty of points still to be had.

So what did I do on the barndoor?...the answer, is no a lot. I've got Paul Robinson in & I'll be removing O'Hara as he can't face Spurs in Week 8 due to the terms of his loan, but the majority of my work will be done tomorrow. I want to keep Rooney at home to Bolton meaning my forward line will remain the same. Kightly is gone so I'm looking at a midfielder around 9...possibly Dunn or Walcott. Not sure what to do with Arshavin but I will want a few Arsenal players at home to Birmingham.

I also want a Spurs midfielder or forward (Defoe or Crouch vs Pompey) but haven't worked out how to fit them in. O'Shea was good today so will stay, as will Billy at home to Wolves. The rest will become clearer tomorrow.

So that's it for's it going so far? Better than me I hope! Any barndoor work?



Ruki said...

Shit is the word indeed.
I lost 2 cleansheet near the end of the games( winning game mind you), that was annoying. At least Rooney did nothing and still managed 11 points (so did Lennon but I didnt have him)
On the bright side, I still have 7 players to go and have manage 26.5 points for 29 millions ( values whatever). Everton needs to be good or I will take major blow by having 3 of them in my team.

My lineup this week is very similiar to yours AM, just 3 different slots. Still got Drogba, Torres, Arsh, Cahill, Bily, Heitinga, and Verm!

Anonymous said...

Most of the teams < 30 pts with still 5 to 7 positions to play......Hope Arsenal/Liverpool/Chelsea players shine......


Mike B said...

I'm indifferent to my weekend so far

Myhill, Alexander and Lennon all played to a total of 20.5 points.

I'm pretty pissed at losing 2 clean sheets in 3 minutes. But happy i went with Myhill who did what Tuncay will continue to fail to do,and returned 9 times his value =P

I have Verm, Baines, Fabregas, Benayoun, Arshavin, Bily, Drogba and Diamanti to go tomorrow. We'll see how that pans out.

I've only barndoored Kranjcar, but may not bother keeping him. I've lost faith with Lennon, he seems like he's back to his old ways after a blistering start.

I'm looking to get off Benayoun too this weekend but i want to see what the barn door offers tomorrow before i make any rash decisions.

Bentiez will be back in my line up upon his return so i may switch to a 3-4-3 again for the next games.

AM - Being a Spurs man, what's your take on Kranjcar? Will he be ousted from the starting 11 when Modric is back, or will harry play him alongside do you think?

ToffeeDave said...

I leaped you in the league! :) I got 38.5 from 6 players today with these to play


I have a feeling that the london derby is going to be 3-2 either way with Drogba and Torres both hitting braces, both are just too good in this vein of form. Also, Baines and Verm are point machines so I think im guaranteed a nice 80 point week with so many people doing badly and if im lucky 100+. I had Geovanni and swapped him out last minute with lennon and resaved. Terrible idea!

Bradley said...

19.50 with Vermaelen, T. Cahill, Drogba, and van Persie left to go. For some reason, Hunt's 6.00 points magically became 2.00 after the ManUtd-Sunderland update. Worse yet, I was considering replacing Hunt with Geovanni but didn't pull the trigger.

Assuming events don't continue to go horribly awry Sunday, I'm planning on keeping Cahill, Drogba, Rooney, and RvP. I've gotten rid of O'Hara, Hunt, and Hennessy (sure, *now* Pompey get their act together). I brought in Given, but think I'll need to replace him with Robinson to finish funding the rehab of my midfield (hopefully Given will have a bad day at the office Monday so I can BD him next round). Money's harder to come by post-Tuncay.

Speaking of which, I expect Tuncay to score a brace tomorrow just to put the cherry on top of this "extra special" weekend. :(

Bradley said...

Oops and Heitinga left to go also! Don't need to make my situation any worse than it already is!

fantasymixx said...

48.50 with Gallas, Vermaelen, Martin Petrov, Diamanti and RVP left to go. My backline of Alexander and Mears got cheated out of 12 points with the late Birmingham goal. Great job out of Mears with 13 points, yet no CS. And thanks to Myhill for his 9 points. Now it's time to look for a new goalkeeper for next week.

Thanks for heads up on O'Hara. Time to find someone new.

Anonymous said...

36.5 from 5 players -- thanks to Crouch, whom I only got because I couldn't afford HRod. I can afford him now..... Also moved up 2-300 places. I don't think anyone scored big today.

Anonymous said...

Not a good FF day all around. Top footballer score just 20, top FF player score only 97. So there's still hope for those of us with horses in tomorrow's races.

I was surprised by all the interest in Kightly, who has no track record at this level. But he'll be cheaper now and barndoor-able if he lives up to the high expectations.

I'm at an even 20 points but with 8 still to play, including Drogs, Fabs, Ballack and Bily. Devastated of course when The Beast lost his clean sheet, but still an outside shot at another 100 point week.

Hoping for a better Sunday. Good luck to all.

mehicoradio said...

got 39 with 6 to go, though depending on the Drogba injury, likely either 4 or 5 of them will play.

Heiti, Verm, Given, Cesc, Drogs, Tuncay.

@Bradley, i think the reason it went down is yahoo is using Soccernet, as ESPN gave Hunt a "phantom assist". So i'm guessing it got reported correctly finally and yahoo dropped his assist points.

I hope Tuncay scores tomorrow, over even gets some shots. Might actually keep in the line-up then. As it is with O'Hara not playing next week, i can't have two zeros.

Bradley said...

@mehicoradio: I thought YFF used the Opta stats, but regardless, your point is well taken. Removing an assist would account for the discrepancy. The situation was annoying enough without Hunt and Kightly winding up combining for an even 0.0.

maxx said...

26.5 and Given, Hetinga,Verma, Bily and RVP left ... I expect too much on Rodallega and Kightly but they didnt do well yesterday. Hope today is my lucky day. Im counting on RVP ...So disappointed because i didnt pick O'shea and Jarvis for week 7. Poor Kightly with high expectancy.

Anonymous said...

to AM: can kevin prince play against spurs? since u said o hara cant

Bradley said...

@4:33 AM: O'Hara can't play against Spurs because he's on loan from them. KPB, on the other hand, isn't on loan. He signed a three-year deal with Pompey.

Anonymous said...

So the O'Hara problem isn't solved yet for me. I'll probably keep Given, Heitinga, Vermaelen, Fabregas, Drogba, Berbatov and Saha for next week anyway, because of their good match-ups.
The problem is with three spots - Bassong, O'Hara and Cahill. I'm sure that I'll drop O'Hara, but whom to put instead? Bilya will leave me with funds for poor defenders like Nelsen (ech) or Sonko (echier). Rodwell will be good, but I'm not sure he'll start and it doesn't bring me a good defender yet.
So I thought about the following plan - I'll watch the Arsenal match, and if either Rosicky or Wallcot do well, I'll get one for Cahill and free up some money. That can go awfuly wrong, since the Everton game is starting later, but it might be a risk worth making (although even in the 7mil area there is almost no attractive defender, maybe except of Richards).
Any opinions?


Razesh said...

i had a decent week so far with geovani,rooney,crouch all returned double digits .i've baines & heiti in my back...desperately waiting for a clean sheet from everton

55.5 pts so far...still given,verm,baines,heiti,billy,drogba to play

looks like i crossed the 1st knock-out round :)

Maxed said...

Hey, I play the official premier league fantasy and only got 5 points for yesterday's matches .

Giggs = I thought at least he would be on bench... appears not. 0 points . Damn it!

Took a 16 points hit to transfer out these people...

Bent (7.4) -> Saha (7.1)
Bellamy (7.9) -> Van Persie (10.1)
Milner (6.9) -> Fabregas (10.7)
Dunne (5.2) -> Alexander (4.5)
Friedel (5.5) -> Jensen (4.2)

Saha better get hat trick today and RVP!

Didn't expect Burnley to concede at home..

Anonymous said...

i have 35 points now with still to play :

Maxed said...

That's pretty decent mate.

I have Cole, Vermaelen, Bennayoun, Fabregas, Torres, Saha, Van Persie still to play...

I am regretting the fact that I thought Burnley had easy matches and will be able to keep clean sheets..

Naning said...

15 pts with Given, Verm, Heitinga, Baines, Billy, Cahill, Fabs, Drogs and Tuncay yet to play. 75% value return so far. Not bad, but not good enough.

Max said...

i got 23pts with verma, heiti, fab, billy, drog and rvp to play.. hopefully i can reach another 100 this week (or at least 80).. i'm leaning towards fab, drog and rvp to get 20s, verm and heiti to get 10++, billy 5++.. hopefully.. :p

coming in..
robinson & walcott (maybe)..


Ruki said...

After some times seeing Foster picture on this post, I start to understand why he got sold to Plymouth in my FM game!

Arsh and Everton need to be nuts, hopefully Bily will play tonight.

Anonymous said...

looks like i had *THE* worst week in the history of Fantasy!!
jus THREE points (3!!) form EIGHT players (8!!)
Go figure!!

Also, i have Verma,Torres,Gerri to go!! :(

Im hoping Chelsea get thrashed in a record Premiership defeat against 'Pool!!
im hoping on the lines of a 10-0 or 11-0 victory!!
Daydreaming can be niiicee!!
Back to reality, i am SURE i have the worst score of this week!!

Anonymous said...

I got 45 points from three players (Mears, Jarvis and Geovanni) and have 8 to go (Given, Verminator, Heitinga, Cahill, Fabregas, Torres, Drogba and Tuncay) leaving me still at teh top of blog group 3.

Anonymous said...

@11:57.. someone in my private league got -2.5pts.. with only 5players to play.. worst than your points :D..

Assistant Manager said...

I'll let you all know now that at the moment 18 points would be enough to get you through to the next round of The Blog Cup...that proves how rubbish everyone is doing!!

Good luck today.


Gordon said...

9pts from Hara, Hunt, Evra. = (
I picked up rosicky/Bily incase I missed the BD.


Anonymous said...

I'm seriously looking at either Rosicky or Wallcot (Rosicky is very active so far, but not that sharp) to replace Cahill, in order to free me up some money to upgrade Bassong.


J. Dunn said...

Cesc is in the middle of singlehandedly saving my disastrous week. If I'd gone with RVP over Rooney like I should have, I'd be over the moon right now.

Maxed said...

Haha, I choose Fabregas as captain! 38 points for me so far

Bojan said...

Maxed, what captain are you talking about?

Mike Lowrey said...

CYKI maybe? Also playing that one btw and also have Cesc as a captain.

Anonymous said...

This week is shaping up to be one of the best, got 106 points from 5 players so far, moved me upto 881 points, happy!

Anonymous said...

AM -
I know this might be coming late,but..
Why dont you make the Blog Cup a League/Knockout format? And let the last 3 weeks of the Blog Cup remain as Quarter/Semi/Final ?
This would give an oppurtunity to thos who missed out in the 1st round as they could have a second chance.
We all believe in Second Chances right!
So why not give all of us a second chance ??

PS :-
I have got 90 points with Drogs 2 Assists and Bily/Heiti points to come.
So technically i am into the Blog Cup
I am just suggesting this coz MOST of the guys have had a bad week and it would really hurt those who couldnt get through.

And everyone who are like surely into the 2nd Round,
No need to be haughty and tell me that this would'nt be fair!
Temme what YOU would do if you got only a measley 50-60 points and got knocked out!!
So please give thos unfortunate guys a second chance

-Mr.Pity- :D

Assistant Manager said...

Mr Pity - Erm, no. The whole point of the cup is that players who aren't great could have a good week & knock out a better player. I'm probably going out of the competition this weekend, but I'm not going to change the rules now to suit the way, I'm pretty sure you might be N00B ...



Anonymous said...

Cheers AM, I agree that you should not change the rules just because it has been a tough week-end for some including yourself :-(, that's just how it goes.

Arsenal transformed an average week for me to a good one - 108 pts with Drogs 2 assists and Given to come


Jamie said...

Got 91.5 with given,tevez and drogba points to come in. Pretty good week considering what some people got. And I also think that Mr Pity may be Sam in disguise

Kellz said...

71pts with Drobga, Torres, and Given left.

mehicoradio said...

I also had Cesc as a captain (on the offical site game) brought me up from 14 to 79 so far.

Could of gone well over 80 if i had started Larrson and G. Cahill instead of Bassong and Hunt.

As for on yahoo, should be above 120 when they get the Chelsea/Liverpool game points in. Plus still will have Given to go.

I <3 Cesc

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