Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Week 9 - Player Picks

Before we start, a quick note on Liverpool.

After last night's defeat there's no denying they're in serious, serious trouble. The squad simply isn't strong enough, injuries are mounting, they could be going out of the Champions League &they have Manchester United this weekend, with their title challenge on the verge of being over in October.

But despite all this, I have a funny feeling that Benitez could find something to cause a bit of an upset on Sunday, especially if he can get Torres back & the crowd behind them. Whatever happens, it's sure to be an absolute cracker...I can't wait!

Now on to my player picks for Week 9, and as always there are plenty of options:-

Given - I picked Shay up on the barndoor but still haven't decided whether to keep him. He'll make saves as always & has a nice home fixture but at almost 8 I'm wondering whether to go with a slightly cheaper option.
Jensen - Had a shocker vs Blackburn, looking uncertain for crosses and making some rash decisions, but this has led to his value dropping & we know Burnley are a different proposition at home. Wigan don't travel well so if you fancy the Beast to keep a clean sheet then he could be great choice for Week 9.
Gordon - My initial barndoor keeper pick, but I've now let him go for Given. I'm not that sure it was the right choice...Gordon is a really nice pick away to a struggling team, with Sunderland hitting form & Birmingham finding it really tough to score goals.
Myhill - Home to Pompey & only £3m. These are the games Hull MUST win & I have a feeling they will, so Myhill could be a bargain. Unlike Robinson he actually makes saves (hence the 4 points in a 2-0 defeat to Fulham), but it's always a risk.
Cech - If you have some cash lying around then Cech at £10m at home to Blackburn is probably the closest you'll get to a guaranteed clean sheet (no guarantee ;)

Vermaelen - Duh
Heitinga - Still not good enough for Everton IMO, but he keeps returning points (and get a few free kicks) so I'll probably hang on to him.
Carlisle - Affordable, scores good points & has a decent home fixture vs Wigan.
Mears - See Carlisle
Alexander - Averages less points than both of the above Burnley defenders, but also costs less & there is always a chance that Burnley get a penalty, which he would take, and he nearly always scores.
Bassong - Home fixture & cheap price, although I'm wondering what happens to him when King & Woodgate are both fit to play?
R. Johnson - Whether Birmingham lose by 1 or 3 goals, this man keeps returning excellent points. Sunderland at home isn't the worst fixture & he's still affordable...imagine what he could achieve with a clean sheet!
Sonko - Bargain filler with a home fixture to Pompey
Ivanovic - Bit of an outside bet, but there are rumours that Bosingwa could be out for a week or 2. If that's the case then don't sniff at the chance to have a Chelsea defender at home for Blackburn for under £8m
Richards - Guaranteed to start with Zabeletta suspended and is now under £6m...fantastic value with a home game for City vs Fulham
Bridge - Still under £8m and has the same good fixture as Richards
Finnan - Always a chance of some great attacking points for Steve Finnan. Pompey have been improving & may fancy something at Hull, so Finnan could offer an alternative that few others will pick up on.

Fabregas - I'm going to hang on to Fabregas for the foreseeable future, as he becomes 1 of my 4 undroppables (along with Verm, Billy & Drogs). He faces a West Ham team who are nowhere near as bad as their league position, but if they decide to take the game to the Gunners (which Zola may well do) then they could be torn apart, with Cesc at the heart of everything.
Arshavin - With Walcott out & Rosicky suffering another knee injury, there is no risk of Arshavin being on the bench this week. He scored off the bench anyway.
Lampard - This is the first time I've recommended Lampard for a long while. He's playing deeper, hardly shooting, getting less corners & free kicks, but I've got a feeling he could break out of his slump vs a Blackburn team with zero away points this season. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a penalty that does it.
Billy - I have him at £4m. He takes corners. He takes freekicks. He shoots. He stays.
Kranjcar - Now he's taking all corners & freekicks he represents one of the better midfield picks available. Home to Stoke is a game that Spurs should win, so even though he's costing close to £12m I feel he should return his value & possibly more.
Deco - Has stolen Lampard's corners & is playing just behind the strikers, so if he's rested tonight then he'll probably play on Saturday & he could be a great option at under £9m
Bullard - Hull need to start winning, they need some inspiration...step forward Jimmy. He's one of the great fantasy football point scorers & if it's confirmed he's ready to start vs Portsmouth then it's a tempting move.
Geovanni - If Bullard isn't ready then Geo is also in with a chance of a good week
Hunt - And if you can't afford those 2 then Hunt is a possibility, but has been scoring poorly in recent weeks.
Milner - Is in fantastic form & Villa will be on a high after the Chelsea victory. Wolves are struggling at home & I fancy a Villa win so Milner is someone I’ll be considering.
Martin Petrov - He's played 2 of the last 3 games, scoring 2 goals and getting 2 assists. I barndoored him but if Bellamy/Robinho return then I wouldn't be surprised if he lost his place. Would be harsh, but that doubt means I'll probably be getting rid.
Boateng - KPB was bound to score vs Spurs and really does seem to be the heartbeat for Pompey at the moment. He's a bit expensive now but if you have him at £7m it's difficult to drop him for the Hull game.
O'Hara - Will return after missing the Spurs game but may find himself playing deeper with Michael Brown out. Still, he'll take all set pieces so under £6m is a massive bargain.
Reid - His value is back below £10m and he has a decent fixture at Birmingham. Another set pieces taker who I’ll be considering for Petrov's place.
Ballack - Should be back from an ankle injury & always seems to grab goals in Chelsea's home games against lesser opponents.
N'Zogbia - Outstanding vs Man City & should cause Burnley some problems playing in a very attacking right wing role.
Cole/Zhirkov - Maybe a chance for one of them this weekend? Wait for team news before even thinking of getting them in.

Drogba - Same every week no matter the fixture - unplayable, undroppable. And this week he faces Blackburn.
Van Persie - Pricey due to consistency, but he never seems to really "nail it" with a 25 point week. Capable of doing just that at Upton Park, but I'm probably going to drop him to strengthen elsewhere.
Adebayor - Capable of the sublime as he showed vs. Arsenal but also capable of total rubbish as we saw at Wigan before he decided he was injured & forced Hughes to sub him. No coincidence the first performance was at home & the recent one away, so as City face Fulham he has to be in your thoughts, especially now his price is below £14m.
Crouch - With Defoe suspended for 3 games expect, expect him to really try and grab his opportunity, starting with a goal or 2 vs Stoke. Fantastic value at just £9m.
Tevez - Hasn't completely taken off yet, but he'll want to impress in front of the home fans. He'll run Fulham ragged & could offer a good alternative to Adebayor.
Bent - I keep on not picking him & he keeps on scoring. You can't deny he's been impressive so far with goals vs Liverpool & Man Utd, so with a game at Birmingham there's no reason for him not to continue his goal per game ratio.
Keane - Hasn't been particularly impressive but his 4 goals vs Burnley masked this. However he's guaranteed to start up front and his trickery on the floor may cause Stoke's giant defenders more problems than Crouch's height. Plus he'll take penalties.
Yakubu - I'm wondering whether Moyes might think about starting The Yak at Bolton after a couple of disappointing draws. If so he's a steal at just £7m, but wait for team news.
Saha - If not, Saha isn't a bad bet.
Bellamy - Missed last week's game with another injury but could be back & is in great form.
Agbonlahor - Scary pace will cause Wolves plenty of problems
Diamanti - Doesn't matter how he plays, he'll keep picking up points with his set pieces & "shoot on sight" mentality. Takes penalties too.
Rodallega - Has been shifted out to the left wing to accommodate the surprisingly impressive Jason Scotland, but that hasn't stopped him impressing & will cause Burnley problems along with N'Zogbia.
Rooney - What could he do to a fragile Liverpool this weekend? He'll probably score...but he could just as easily get sent off.

So those are the FIFTY players in consideration this week, but remember this is written well in advance of any team/injury news so don't click "Save Changes" just yet. Anyone you feel I've missed out in my list above?

A reminder to anyone who missed out on the first 4 Blog Leagues that Blog League 5 is now open in preparation for the new Cup competition due to start in the next 2 here for details.



Anonymous said...

Richards/Petrov/Crouch vs Upson/Diaby/Adebayor.
which one you prefer?

Fidan said...

I AM seriously considering Lamps. I think he's due to black-BURN the Lancashires this weekend...but I hope that fire doesn't ricochet on me ;)...!!!
I think Given is there to stay. Not that there aren't better options elsewhere but with his next 3 matches I think you can't afford to drop him @(I bet you got him) 7.5m...You just can't expect him to come lower than that, at least not for the next 4 or 5 weeks...!!!

I really LOVE RJohnson, and I expect him to do his usual business (8 pts average) even against firing wild-black-cats...and as you said, IMAGINE a CS ;)!!!

For now:
Verm,Heiti,TBC (Ivanovic/RJohnson)

As you see, not all positions are filled yet. That's due to the fact I'm still thinking of best formation...
1. 4-4-2 (MRichards in that case)
2. 3-5-2 (O'Hara/Essien/CEagles!/Sicky!/JCole!)
3. 3-4-3 (Chucho/Dindane/Blake)

Any suggestion would be welcome ;)...!!!


Fidan said...

@ Anon - The first one, although with Bellamy back I doubt Petrov will get a go, but he is REALLY good...!!! If you have him for around 6 keep him. If not!!!

Good luck

Michael said...

AM -

Dunn is still a good player for week 9!
I'm sure he'd net 1, if not 2 ,past Chelsea.
And I foresee Chelsea losing their CS right in the beginning OR some 10 minutes after the Hour mark!
Also, the way the match ups are this week, there might be only ONE CS!!Yes.. you read it right!.. only ONE CS!!
Where that CS is gonna come from is like picking whose going to play for Chelsea. My best guess is that it would come from the Villains. :)

For the keepers, as above mentioned,I'd rather pick Myhill than Given.In fact , Myhill is in my team right now!

And my defense is Verma/Sonko/Heiti/(Dunne)
Coming to midfield, I really think Cesc is gonna cool down this week.Hence I immediatley swapped him out for Lamps.Did'nt bother bout the huge discount.I really suggest JRod for this week.And O'Hara is also cheap.However,with Brown gone,as AM mentioned, O'Hara might play deeper and hence render ineffective. a la Stevie in 'Pool the week after Yosssi's hattrick.So if your going Pompey, might as well as keep KPB.Although at 10,there are much better options.For instance, Reid is a really good bet!KRANJCAR!Boy,was I impressed,BUT he's like Yossi, totally unpredictable,so lose him.I guess Hunt is gonna have a revival, and what better a way to do it than against Pompey ?? :)
I'd personally wait for Jimmy.Would watch him on the BD though.Same with Kightly.
Not to forget, IF Deco is rested tonight , then I might consider roping him in.
Have got no interest in the 'Pool - ManYoo match.
MTay is the way to go if you have neither Lamps nor Cesc!And he doenst have the worst match up.
You could do a lot worse.BTW Cahill is off my radar.

So, here's my midfield -


Onto Strikers,
There is'nt much to say.Although I dont consider RvP.He's too pricey for my liking.So is Adebayor AND Bent. Although if you're one of the very dew to have him @10, then you'd rather keep him.
Diamanti is really good and did the job for me last weekend.So sticking to him.Right now I'm in a dilemma bout Crouch/Tevez.Both look certaon starters and both can net goal(s).BUT , both can have their 'off' day and disappoint me.I'm considering switching to Hunt if I'm still doubtful bout the two on Friday.

Here are my strikers -


Hers my line up -


I can pick only 2 outta those 5 players,so I'd wait it out, have some booze, watch the CL and then come back on Friday and think bout it again.
So other than these 5 probables, the rest of my team is settled barring any injuries in the CL.


REMEMBER - This is just MY opinion.If I'm right,I'm right.If I'm wrong,I'm wrong.

So follow what I typed/preached (:P) at your own discreetion. =)

gman26 said...

Good info here. Might I also suggest TOT defensively. In 4 games away, Stoke are 0-3-1 with only 2 goals scored. For some reason, football fans are skeptical of stats, but the numbers don't lie. I BD'd Gomes at 7.34 so I like my chances. This TOT team isn't as good defensively as they were last year, but I think it's time for a CS.

Michael said...

gman26 -

I beg to differ.( I'm a Spurs man :D).BUT as mentioned in my earlier post,i guess Villa are the only team to come out unscathed and with a CS.


Jon said...

I understand where you are coming from with the comment about so few clean sheets this week, but for me Man City at home to Fulham reeks of a MC clean sheet - so much so that i am seriously considering Given, Bridge AND Richards.

But then again, it might all go tits up!!

gman26 said...

Michael - Fair enough. We shall forsooth. I BD'd Collins as well, so I have some skin in the Villa game.

Anonymous said...

after this week,villa and west ham utd will play twice right?
so i think it`s ok if i DB early just after time closed right?

Michael said...

Jon -

I would'nt fo that!
I'm still saying ManC will lose their CS!
And only Villa DF to get an additional 6 ponts ! =)

Saitofall said...

I seriously considered dropping fabs for lampard, but with fabs performance in the champions league, and lampard's mediocre performances so far this season it was a no go. Also i have fabs at ~16. I wonder why no one has given a thought to Anelka, he may be a mite pricey, but with Deco playing just behind him(hopefully) I look for him to net once or twice against Blackburn.

My team:
Myhill/(I ave him at 1)
Verms/W. Bridge/ Rchards
Anelka/Drogba <---- a ridiculous risk, I know

Fidan said...

@ Michael - You really sound like ToffeDave few weeks ago...and everyone called him "biased"...!!! But, I think that's just the attitude a fantasy manager should have...not to much doubts about your picks usually brings less last-minute (e.g. Friday) mistakes...USUALLY ;)

@ Jon - I wouldn't recommend you the opposite neither!!! With DMurphy out (for at least 3 wks) I think City REALLY have chance for something like 3 CS in a row...hence Given&Richards WILL figure in my team...!!!

Good luck and...YNWA

Michael said...

@ Fidan -

Lets just see how it turns out. =)

BTW, was that a compliment or are you calling me biased?? :/

Michael said...

@ Fidan -

What bout Duff?
He can have a huge impact on the game.Plus he creates a huge number of chances.
Do you really think ManC will keep a CS teh way the Premiership is going right now. ;)
It's all bout upsets this season.I believe Citeh will win but i also forsee a 2-1 , 3-1 score.

Cheers! =)

greginho said...

i may be keeping two of the 3 players, from last week, that underperformed. geovanni was my only subpar midfielder. his 2.5 points were a disappointment, but his previous week, when he got me 20 and the home game against portsmouth, means he will stay. i don't like any of the other midfielders better than him.
i, generally, don't like to get rid of players after one bad week, but adebayor's .5 was hard to take and his niggling injury is even harder. i may just let him go, but i am not in love with too many other forwards that i don't have already. i do like bellamy, and if he is back, i might pick him up. givet's low score, not starting and bad matchup, means he is gone!

Anonymous said...

Here is my selection so far :-

Heit Verm (Sonko\Richards)
KPB Milner Arsh (O'Hara\Moko)
Dorgs Adey(if fit) Crouch

Only selection worries are the Adey calf injury and whether the filler should be in my midfield or defence.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

team as of now

verm heint sonko
deco billy nzog arsh
drogba Bent Ade

with 1.95 in the kitty

I was thinking giggs/Diam instead of Nzog/Ade.

Bad week last week as I had both Nani and Gera in my squad.

Doctor Teeth said...

Love that AM listed out 50 players (really? 50???) and did not mention MTay. Yes, please - avoid him like the plague. Don't pick him up this weekend! Only a foolish manager would consider him for his starting 11. ;)

My biggest selection quandary this week will be down to:

KPB/Bent (in a 3-5-2)
Crouch/Tevez (in a 3-4-3)

Two players who I feel are hotter but are playing on the road vs. two players who, all told, have been a bit disappointing this year for YFF purposes but are playing at home and are due for big perofrmances.

What do people think?

greginho said...

doctor teeth,
AM doesn't like mtay, that much, so he has never been recommended. it is not our blog. i had mtay 2 weeks, where he outscored lampard for both and gerrard had 21 total points and he had 22 points.
i said it before mtay is going to be between 3-5 in total points, but the difference this year is there is not going to be a gap between ronaldo, gerrard and lampard, like the other years. mtay's price is a little too high right now.

greginho said...

total points for midfielders i mean, sorry!

Anonymous said...

So after an average week, I need to start again hitting form. My current team:

Vermaelen Heitinga Bassong
Bily Fabregas KPB Geovanni
RvP Drogba Crouch

Bassong worries me, because I'm not really sure Spurs will get a CS, but I dropped Richards for him because the former just committed too many fouls a match.
RvP and Crouch aren't very predictable, though RvP could have gotten 15+ points from his match at midweek. I just don't believe either Adebayor or Bent can also be that counted on.
I don't have full confidence at KPB, but he does play Hull.
My problem is really Geovanni, that I had for his dissappointing 2.5p performance on Monday. But I know that if I drop him he'll score a brace. Or not.
I'll appriciate any comment on my team, and any answer on whether I should keep Geovanni or drop him for Reid. I'm leaning towards Reid, but I can use logical arguements from others.


Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys - lots of good variety in teams this week!

Just a quick word on Matty Taylor...he's actually not a bad pick but just a tad expensive. I've avoided him all season as I thought his 2 penalties were masking his true average, but to be fair he keeps putting points up.

I still think there are better places to spend your money though :)


Anonymous said...

great blog. laffed and agreed with the comment about p rob making no saves, unlike i've been alternating between the 2 all season. amazingly p rob made it into garth crooks team of the wk on the bbc website ... we know gc's a plonker , but even by his std's that unreal. the sky stats had p rob with 3 shots faced, 2 let in,,whereas yahoo had him as 4 shots faced, 2 let in. but his overall g.a/saves ratio virt always hovers at the shocking 0.6 level.
interesting with all the topical liv'pol stuff to mention reina..who keeps being referred to as a world class g/k. i'm not convinced...he goes thru worrying dips in form..a g.a/saves ratio of 0.54 . compare with friedel 82.5 ff pt's won, 7 goals conceded in 41 shots faced , 7/34=0.20 ratio . whereas reina 13 conceded in 37 shots faced and just 31 ff pt's gained.
joe hart..faced 50 shots, let 11 in etc.
the media keep saying they're a 2 man team ,but it's the defence which can't keep a cl sheet to save their lives and reina is a big part of that.

Brutto Ozan said...

hi guys, here is my team

verm /heiti/sonko

am not sure about lennon nor keane, and m petrov being on bench?
what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi AM, this week i will try to go for a real `fantasy` team, either gets below 50, or goes above 100 :)


read somewhere that bellamy is back, is he injured or recovered anybody has more info on that...


Doctor Teeth said...

Wow - finally there is some variety amongst managers' teams! Good to see...the absence of Rooney and/or Torres can really open things up.

I have MTay on the BD for ~15...I agree that I might not spring for him at is current price. But he is scary consistent....and he gets loads of phantom points (well into the double digits for succesful crosses, corners won, fouls won and passes intercepted) and he takes PKs/set pieces for the Trotters. The Toffees have not traveled well this season.

Anonymous said...

Hei, my current team will look like this:
Gordon 4.06
Verm 6.05
Sonko 3.16
A.Cole 11.41
Fabregas 16.75
Billy 4.71
Boateng 7.01
Kranjcar 11.22
Drogba 10.66
Bent 12.90
Keane 11.94

Thinking about A.Cole- have free money to spend, but thinking about downgrading him and go for arshavin. However, i wouldn't like to have so many arsenal players.

ToffeeDave said...

New PODCAST. Enjoy gimme some feedback in the blog post by AM.

gman26 said...

Current Team:

Vermaelen, Mears, Cole, J. Collins
Dunn, Bily, Kranjcar, K. Boateng
Van Persie, Jan Vennegoor

I have 2.35 left over. Could upgrade Vennegoor but don't see much. Maybe upgrade Mears or Kranjcar. any suggestions?

Hinrik said...

My team

Vermaelen Heitinga M. Richards
Fabregas Bily Geovanni Kranjcar
Drogba Keane Crouch

saitofall said...

updated team after watching champions league. Any thought or ideas for my team. I would be happy to return the favor.
drogba/ghilas or vennegoor

Anonymous said...

(Hoping that last week's disaster was just a one-off.)

Vermaelen / Heitinga / (Sonko)
(With clean sheets so rare this season I have to question whether players like Bassong and Richards are worth their price. Would like to spend more for Roger Johnson but can't.)

Fabregas / Bily / (O'Hara) / (M. Taylor)
(Good to have Jamie back with the possibility that he'll play out the season for Pompey. I have a feeling Hull will be all over KPB and that may create opportunities for O'Hara, the MF bargain that Milijas and Gomez were not.)

Drogba / Diamanti / (D. Bent)
(Like AM I passed on Bent all year, so with my luck he'll draw a blank this weekend. Might go cheaper here to build up the back [Saha, Tevez].)

Anonymous said...

I got 7 untouchables on my team due to discount,form and week 9 match up. Leaves me 42.29 to spend on 1 defender, 1 mid, and 2 forwards as I'm on a 3-4-3. Currently have Bassong,Ballack,Keane,Anelka..... my fear being Ballack & Anelka actually starting and also playing at all on saturday after CL today. Any better ideas on how to spend this 42.29 for those 4 positions ?

Kellz said...


Given, Verm, Richards, Bassong
Arshavin, Kranjcar, Milner, Billy
Bent, Drogba, Crouch


Richards at under 6mil is good defensive bet, Arshavin for 16mil, I'd go for Crouch over Keane, would give you room to plug in pricy RvP, but he stands a good chance to score this week.

Maxer said...

good to see that most of the manager here is putting a variety of different player in their team for this week.. i too for the first time am trying on r.johnson at def and bent on fwd.. both players are my big hunch this week.. (recently my hunches seem to be good :p)..

anyway my current team.. (still open for changes come saturday)..

verm, r.johnson, sonko
fab, secret, bily, mok
drog, secret, bent

before. got bassong and heiti.. with consideration for alexander (df) and kightly (mf)..

do u guys think this is a wise decision?..


Anonymous said...

I have Reid\Milner\Bily\?.
Please advice whether to take Bullard Or KPB?

Anonymous said...

i;ve sold Bily as Piennar almost recover!

my team selection

tyron, micah, verma, lescot
milner, KPB, elliott
drogba, jerome, tevez

Anonymous said...

anyone has the link for week 10 FANTASY fixtures?


chris m said...


Some mentioned above the extreme variety in team picks finally starting to appear. Good. Its time for gambling to be rewarded and increased separation. There are just 3 players that every thing manager who has them at a deep discount week 1 discount will be keeping: Verms Drogs and Blini. I think everybody else is now a hunch.

From day 1 I have Drogba/Rooney/Torres up front. This got me to the top of the table once, and more to the point its who SteveBobFC our overall leader had since the get go. Last week, because of the injuries, that had to change. I swapped Rooney/Torres for RVP/Rodaelga and strenghted my midfield with Lennon/Kranjcar for O'Hara and Hunt.

That sort of worked.

But, and here's the gamble, no one above has dared mention this, I have gone back to Torres/Rooney. I just read on 365 that Torres is probably ready to go. I think Rooney will go.

So I will be fielding and all time sick list team.

verms heiti seabass
Bilini Duff Dunn Rodwell
Drogs Torres Rooney.

I will be keeping my eyes pealed to injury news. Even worse the only swap I am thinking of is Duff for Rosicky if some how Rosicky is fit. Like I said, the all hospital team.

My insane thinking here is that Liverpool has to be ready to commit collective suicide. Rooney, if recovered is going to hit them for a brace. Torres, again if fit, will be 'Pool's only fresh player and probably will score against a tired ManU defense.

I don't recommend this for any one else, a matter of fact don't do it, I want to be alone with this stupidity. If it works I win big, if it doesn't I take a swan dive down to the table.

Regarding some of the above. If I wasn't committing hari-kari this week I would take flyers on KPB who was a shooting fool in the last outing Pompey should use him as an out and out striker replacing dindum or whatever his name is who missed two open nets next week.

No way I take Bullard who I have had in the past, he's not ready to roll. Also, I have had Lampard nearly every year, started this year with him for one game, lost him, won't touch him, imho he's through.

And finally as AM said with Defoe out for 3 games I definitely would take a flyer on Crouch.

I did hit the save button on this team by the way.

We who are about to die salute you.

Chris m
velvet underground allstars

Bojan said...

What about Hudd? For me he is a great pick, with sure value return said...


Not sure how sick Jack Rodwell is but I love your enthusiam.


I had THud last week. He was a disappointment. But now that I'm off him, I'm sure he'll do well, so you should pick him up.

I'm employing a new strategy with van Persie this year. Last year, I would always miss his productive weeks. So this year, I'm going to stick with him, week in and week out. He's only 9% owned. How is it that Bily is only 9% owned?

Bojan said...

i'am not even near final selection... Everton and Fulham play today in Europa League so I could put some more players in my team from their rivals on Sunday, not Saturday like it says in JFF schedule.

Bily for 4,71 will surely stay with Cech,Verm,KPB, Drog and Diamanti... For other spots:
in defence(2 spots): Chelsea(ivanović,Terry or
A Cole) and City(Lescott, Micah or Bridge)

in midfield(2 spots): Hudd(90%), and hard choice to leave Fab(16,58), or to put M.Taylor(15,71) or M Petrov or some(hardly) 4th choice

in attack(1 spot): Crouch, Keane or Tevez

For me this is a hardest week this season, but I can't wait next week with two teams two fixture scheduled... And very glad that A Villa is out of Europe


Bojan said...

next week is Arsenal-Tottenham so Fabs stay... On that game will be 5+ goals

Bojan said...

i think that Bent will have problems because his partner will be Frazier Campbell and not K Jones

pDax said...

Phew.. The match-ups are really not that great with the only CS in this coming weekend will be Chelsea i guess. Here my team:

Verm, Heitinga, R.Johnson/Collins
Bily, Fabs, KPB, o'H/ Kranjcar
Drog, Bent, Diamanti/Rodallega

AS you can see, there are 3 hunches in my team.Still need to pick between the options i got there. Well, the first combination of hunches can be my season-long-term choice but I really need to score a lot of points this weekend to recover my last week terrible performance with 78 points. Hence 2nd option looks good to score a lot of points. Any suggestion guys?

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