Sunday, 18 October 2009

Week 8 - Sunday

Two more excellent Premiership games today, with Blackburn defeating Burnely 3-2 & 10 man Man City holding on to a 1-1 at Wigan, both pulsating, end to end matches. The Premiership really has been outstanding entertainment so far this season - long may it continue!

In fantasy terms, anyone who had David Dunn should be very happy, as he gave a superb individual performance, racking up a very handy 19 points. Robinson did his classic of letting in as many goals as he made saves, so a measly 2 points for him. Givet randomly found himself on the bench, which probably annoyed a fair few of you in the same way O'Shea annoyed me yesterday. Not a lot else in the game unless you took the risk on Di Santo, although I'll mention that Jensen looked completely out of sorts for some reason & made several errors. His value has now dropped significantly so if you want to take the gamble on him getting back to form against Wigan then he's an option for Week 9.

Speaking of Wigan, they again gave a bigger rival a tough time & Martinez appears to have found a system that really works. N'Zogbia & Jason Scotland were both excellent & a special mention to Titus Bramble who made 2 world class tackles to prevent certain goals. City were poor, although funnily enough got better after Zabeletta was sent off - unless you had Given or Petrov there weren't many fantasy points around. Adebayor was a huge disappointment with an abject performance before complaining to the bench about an injury & being replaced with only 0.5 points to show for it. This may well remind Arsenal fans of some of his away performances towards the end of his time in North London.

Anyway, I did a bit of barndoor work, with Given & Petrov coming in, although it's unlikely I'll keep Petrov unless I'm 100% certain he'll start. Tevez, Crouch, Keane, Van Persie, Bent & Adebayor will all be competiting for the 2 spots alongside Drogba in my Week 9 team. I had been set on Adebayor coming in but I'll have to rethink that after today - even if he recovers from his injury.

I currently sit in 1,899th position, up almost two thousand places with only 1 game to go tomorrow. I'm hoping to hang on to my place in the top 2000, but even if I don't it's been another positive week overall.

How have you all done? How many places have you moved up? Anymore barndoor work today? Did anyone have the beachball in their team? ;o)



Frilbee said...

118 points now 903 in total top 1000 here I come!

Mike B said...

A nice little for you then AM.

I had an ok one too, ended up with 99.5 points with Bily being my top scorer. The points were spread around quite evenly for the second week in a row. All it will take is for one of my consistant performers to have a better week and i'll shoot up the table.

I move up a couple of hundred place to 336th overall, slipped down one in the blog league.

Obviously i'll slide down further after tomorrows games, but as long as i maintain my position from last weeks 149 point beast weekend i'm happy.

I've done zero barndoor work really, the only changes i'll make are removing Benayoun and Gibbs. I'll probably get in Bassong, and that'll leave me with enough for a middy/striker worth just over 12 million. I really have no idea who yet though.

Anonymous said...

Well, that has been an annoying week... I've started it at about 1500, and now I'm 1739th. I hope Geovanni will get me enough points tomorrow in order to at least keep my initial spot. 75.5 points, with Geovanni it's supposed to be at least average 80-90, but I'm not happy.
I dropped Richards for Bassong, I might get him back though it's not likely. Geo is staying until tomorrow.
The big, even huge problem is on the 2 forward spots along Drogba's. Right now the most attractive combos I could find were:
RvP+Crouch or Bent+Adebayor.
Any opinion or suggestion?


Ian Sanderson said...

I dropped 169 places and am in 1672nd place.
However I have Myhill and Tuncay tomorrow.
Maybe some shots on target saved, just maybe.

Mike B said...

I'm going to recommend people get Diamanti in soon, he has a double game week coming up and is scoring points regardless of how crappy the Hammers play.

He's got me 15 and 13.5 the last 2 games, that's without scoring a goal. He's a little pricey at the moment if you don't have the discount though.

max said...

i grabbed gordon and petrov on the barndoor.

as of right now my team is 3-5-2 with gordon, sonko, richards, cuellar, arsh, petrov, ballack, milner, Jcole(!), RVP and nugent.

it's subject to a lot of change with champions league this week... i'm thinking of possibly grabbing anelka and going back to a 3-4-3, but that will require me to severely downgrade my midfield (mokoena + someone decent)

i think ballack could do well... in fact he pretty much scores all his points at home... and almost nothing away.

joe cole's getting some play time, and with chelsea's recent upsets i'd really love to see him start (and score! how huge would that be??)

milner and petrov just seem like solid choices to me with solid matchups, likewise for richards and cuellar.

i think nugent could perform well with a burnley team that seems to be very, very strong at home, and i don't see wigan being a huge threat (although i do like rodallega)

arshavin and rvp are gonna be keepers for at least the next couple weeks

what are your guys thoughts?

Kellz said...

@Ian: Tuncay plays for Stoke and when I say play I mean sits on the bench, its past time to drop him.

@SF: Why not Crouch and Bent? Crouch is assured a starting spot and Bent is white hot. RvP scores by at 19mil getting 12-16 pts is't worth it. K2 had a pretty absent performance today and I think he's cooled off, but Citeh play Fulham at home so it could reignight him. However I think Crouch/Bent is the best choice with money left to pump up a midfielder or defender.

@Max: I wouldn't go for Anelka, hes luke warm at best with Drogba performings so highly, I mean Drogba has scored at or above his price the entire season thus far (if you had him at 10.66). Rvp see above. Nugent will be a huge hit for you as I don't see many people choosing him, however there are reasons for that. Otherwise wait on J.Cole further this week to see if hes included in the CL.

mehicoradio said...

well i moved up to 4,196th place. Only have 77.5 points so far though :(. Need a big game from Geovanni to have a good week.

Maxer said...

got 91 points with myhill still to play tonight.. hopefully he can at least have some saves and got around 8-9pts.. but that is unlikely unless there's miracle :p.. anyway, quite happy with my team this week.. followed my gut and saves a lot..

1. strikers.. choose Saha (8.5) instead of Berba (4.5), ade (0.5), crouch (-0.5), kuyt (4.5).

2. mid.. choose billy (17.5) and filler brown (4.0) instead of walcott (3.0), rodwell (4.5) and filler moko (-1.0)

3. def.. choose heiti (5.5) instead of bassong (2.5). givet is a letdown, i would have chosen sonko over him.. but that's still undecided wether a good move til tonight..

4. goalie.. myhill over robbo (2.0).. please myhill don't score negative... :p

missed the barndoor saturday and sunday since i'm busy playing with my new handphone :p.. tonight bd of hull and fulham still on.. but i wont consider any of their players except myhill which i already got at cheapest $1.00..


greginho said...

why are you and other people recommending crouch? this is not in a negative question. this is one based on curiousity, i want to know, if there is some bit of news that i missed that would say that crouch would start and/ or be productive. 1 goal and 2 assists in 9 games is pretty non-productive. i would rather overpay for RVP or go with bellamy if he is coming back.
eveyone is giving AM some love for his oshea pick. well i went from rooney to adebayor and givet. that was .5 from 2 players that are regular producers. this sucks bigtime, but i turned out fine with boateng, cesc, bily.

Bradley said...

I've finished with 104.0 points. Obviously my Adebayor gamble didn't exactly pay off (picking him over RvP cost me 12.0 to be precise). Nevertheless, each of my midfielders returned double digits making up for a woeful front line, so I'm pretty happy. I've moved up 4995 places, so hopefully I won't drop too much tomorrow (don't be too impressed -- I'm now at 6431st place).

I'm not sure now what to do about next week. Adebayor's sad performance has left me in a quandry, although his drop in price has freed up some cash. I was gone most of the day, so I'm sad I didn't BD Given before I left (oh sure, *now* YFF manages to update the Sunday points in less than a day).

Dave said...

Is anyone else keen to see if Bullard gets a run out tonight, and how he performs?? He was fantasy gold 2,3 years back, but I wonder how he meshes with Geovanni in the Hull MF, since they never played together.

greginho said...

i forgot about defoe's sending off, that is why crouch is getting recommended

IMRAN said...

i got 99.5 pts..thanks to all my mdfield plyers..giggs,febregas,dunn n billy. currently in 150 place..move up from 288 last week.. For this week i'll focus on players from citeh, hull, totnhem n chelsea..

Kellz said...

@greginho: I think if Crouch got more starts he would have better scoring stats then what you listed. Many players get into a groove by playing 20-30min then can find the back of the net. Crouch has come off the bench mostly and that makes it hard to be an impact player. But Spurs have a favorable home game to Stoke and with Crouch at 9.01mil, hes a cheap sure start option. Whether or not he can get some big points is another story but its lined up for him to knock em down

Anonymous said...

Crouch/W.Phillips or Adebayor/Boateng? They all have nice fixtures next week.


GTR 34 said...


An ok week after the points from Dunn and PRoblem yesterday. Only Pantsil to go today, and I should be safely over 100 pts.

Not too many people scored highly this week for a variety of reasons such as Adebayor (didn't perform), O'Shea (didn't take part) and so on.

I have never taken an interest in the BD,and it has not really affected me. I am currently in 184th overall with 950 pts.

I spend my time looking at match ups, and always try to buy a balanced team.

I wonder if this will be the first week I change from a 4-3-3

Good luck with your choices, and to all of us who are still in the Blog Cup.

Dare to Devil said...

Finally a good week for me with 116 points. My MID bailed me out after my disastrous selection of strikers (Saha & Berb alongside Drogba)

Looking forward to next week, I am searching for 2 strikers to partner Drogs.

RVP - Had him on the BD. Good matchup but doesn't seem to get much phantom points. Also, if he starts in midweek for the CL, will he be a sure starter next week?

Bent - Birmingham is tight at home. He is on fire but will the loss of Jones affect his performance?

Crouch - cheap & sure to start. Will be a risky move considering his record so far this season (fantasy wise)

Saha - Everybody off the Saha bandwagon now? I had him for 2 straight weeks & he failed to score in both. I am inclined to keep him, surely he is due?

Any comments?

Bojan said...

i'am thinking about putting whole Chelsea team + Bily and Verm :)

GTR 34 said...

@ Bojan

I would try to avoid doing that if I were you.

It is hard to pick the startin 11 for teams like Man Utd and Chelsea to start with.

Try to spread the team with several high potential point scorers, and it should provide you with a better return.

Just my advise to a fellow YFF.

Bojan said...

to get a response you have to post this crazy thread... thank you GTR 34 :-)

i will put Cech,Terry,Ivanovu─ç
and A Cole + Drob

Anonymous said...

I moved back upto 7th overall from last weeks 8th, oh and Kellz, for what its worth have had and still have Tuncay from the start.

Kellz said...

He doesn't have worth anymore, he doesn't even play, 0 at a striker spot is tough when there are great options

Anonymous said...

This week was alright overall with 86 pts. Great news that Jummy is back...Now waiting on Arteta's return and can have my Holy Trinity (MTay, Bullard, Arteta). These 3 guys scored about 60% of my fantasy points last year :)
Currently on:
Vermaelen - Sonko - Alexander
Billy - O'Hara - Hunt - Taylor - Lennon
Bent - Drogba
Thinking about replacing Hunt + Lennon with Bullard + Deco...just need to make sure they are starting next week. Other than that, I'm happy with my team and won't change it unless there are injuries or serious doubts.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have worth and I haven't left the overall top ten so far this season...i'll stick with my tactics thanks ;-) enjoy yours!

Kellz said...

@annoymous whats you team name then? Top 10 with Tuncay I don't believe it

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