Thursday, 17 December 2009

Week 16 - Players Picks

First off, a quick bit on Wednesday night's games.

I had a fantastic "2nd phase" for Week 15 with 6 goals coming from Rooney, Valencia, Kranjcar (2), Alexander & Defoe. Add to that my joy at Spurs' performance as they crushed Man City 3-0 & it's been a fine midweek!

Obviously Yahoo are playing silly buggers & have only updated Wednesday's points, but even that moved me up 600 places & with another 30-40 points due from Rooney, Valencia & Larrson I feel I should be very pleased at the fightback. 

There was a vital win for Liverpool with Torres back in the goals, Arsenal's draw at Burnley came at an even bigger cost as it appears they've lost Fabregas with a hamstring injury & Drogba-less Chelsea scraped past Portsmouth. Another fantastically entertaining week - hopefully Yahoo sort it out & get the points updated asap today, but let me know how you did in the comments below.

UPDATE: points finally up...175 for me this week & up into 1150th place. I'll take that after the start I had.

Now...Week 16. Another week, another 50 players to consider. It's back to single games for all Premier League teams which is a welcome relief from the confusion of Week 15. It's also Round 3 of The Blog Cup.

I started writing these recommendations after Tuesday's games but before Wednesday's games so there are bound to be some injuries & suspensions which affect the list below. I'll do my best to update as stuff occurs over the next 48 hours.

First off, I'll quote my Week 16 preview to remind you of the fixtures:

Saturday, 19 December 2009
Arsenal v Hull, 17:30
Aston Villa v Stoke, 15:00
Blackburn v Tottenham, 15:00
Fulham v Man Utd, 15:00
Man City v Sunderland, 15:00
Portsmouth v Liverpool, 12:45

Sunday, 20 December 2009
Everton v Birmingham, 15:00
West Ham v Chelsea, 16:00
Wolverhampton v Burnley, 13:30

Monday, 21 December 2009
Wigan v Bolton, 20:00 

Arsenal, Aston Villa, Man City, Chelsea & Liverpool all stand out, these are the teams I'll be concentrating on for the barndoor. If Torres is back to fitness then I may well look to get him in at Portsmouth.

Remember Week 16 will be Round 3 of The Blog Cup

Not much has changed since I wrote the above preview, although I'd throw in Wolves & Wigan as 2 teams who'll also fancy their chances at home given the opposition.

So, onto the players...

Kirkland - I still have him at 1.6 so with a home game to Bolton it's very tempting to hold on, but the -6 in the week has me feeling slightly uneasy. He enables me to spend elsewhere though, so I might stick.
Almunia - A bit more expensive now but I'm sure a lot of you are holding him at a far lower price & may now see him as a season keeper. Home to Hull should be a win & possibly a clean sheet.
Given - His price has plummeted after last night's disaster but we all know what a fantastic keeper he is. Unfortunately, we also know how shoddy Man City's defence is & with no Lescott or Bridge you'll be taking a gamble, even at home to an out of form Sunderland
Robinson - What has happened to Robbo? He's making saves & keeping clean sheets! His price reflects this but like Almunia many of you have him cheap. He'll be well up for it against his old club this weekend.

Vermaelen - He remains for now as Arsenal face Hull but (I know I say this every week) I'm seriously thinking of dropping him soon as I hold him at 7.2 rather than the initial 6 & his productivity has really fallen.
R Johnson - Expensive but he'll get you points no matter what & Birmingham face Everton which in their current form is a winnable game.
Traore/Silvestre - Depends on the injury status but 1 of these players will do a job vs Hull & they are both good value.
Heitinga - Defender playing in midfield & at home
Dunne- A bit like Johnson, he's pricey but you seem to get exactly what you pay for. Villa have a great fixture.
L Young - Has been outstanding in recent weeks & O'Neil has a tendency to stay loyal to players who perform. Wins & clean sheets against Man Utd & Sunderland means he should starts again & he's more affordable than Dunne.
Alexander - My decision to hold on to him at 5.5m has proved a wise move. He's even started taking a few free kicks around the area, so he's a season keeper for me.
Neill - Affordable & at home.
Givet - Another who's price has climbed in the past 2 weeks but he falls in the Dunne/Johnson category of a player who'll score you points in almost any scenario.
Bassong - Outstanding vs City - he's clearly improving now he's managed to string some games together. Another affordable option.
Steinsson - Seems settled at right back for Bolton now & people who've been playing this game for a few years will know he can be a very handy point scorer.
Stearman - Consistent when he gets a game.
Sylvinho - Had a shocker vs Lennon last night but Hughes no other option with Lescott & Bridge out. He'll do far better at home so if you're after a City defender then he represents great value.
Melchiot - The Wigan captain's price has dropped & they have a nice home fixture.
Ridgewell - The most affordable Birmingham defender.

Arshavin - The premium pick for the week, even more so with Fabregas out.
Gerrard - Pricey. He isn't in form but if a player is going to break out of a slump then it's likely to be against the bottom 3, & Liverpool face Portsmouth. I think he could have a good week.
Milner - In his current form it's difficult to leave this boy out of your team. Lets be honest, in his current form it will be difficult for Capello to leave him out of England's team on June 11th 2010.
A Young - He's been getting better & better in the past month. Most people will go for Milner so going with Young could give you the edge if he performs.
Downing - The outsider of the 3, but you'll save a bunch of cash if you go with Stewart Downing. he's just as capable of a monster week as the other 2, at a fraction of the price.
Nasri - Like Arshavin, the pressure will be on him to make things happen with Fabregas missing. Still cheap but needs to start scoring some points soon or I'll go cold on recommending him each week.
Walcott - He's been rank awful since he returned & his price reflects this. Still, I expect he'll get another start & he'll cause Hull problems with his pace.
Bily - A player of his quality cannot be sniffed at for under £8m, especially with a home game.
O'Hara - Mr Consistent, taking all set pieces, he'll be back in my team this week. Anyone want to hazard a guess at how many times I've dropped & re-picked him this season? I'm thinking five minimum...
Milijas - An early season recommendation by fantasyepl & this blog, but to our surprise he flopped. He's back now & I'd expect to see him taking all set pieces vs Burnley.
Valencia - Really does seem to have started finding his best form out on the right hand side for United. Sure to give Fulham a tough test.
N'Zogbia - He was in the list before his goal last night. A class act playing as an attacking right winger at home to Bolton. Great pick.
J Cole - I Imagine he'll be brought back in to start against his old club, cheap at under £7m.
Aquilani - Surely, surely he'll start vs Porsmouth?
Ireland - The only half decent performer last night & I expect Hughes will stick with him against Sunderland. You'd need to be confident to pay his current price but I think he'll have a good game.
Ramsey - If we can get any confirmation from Wenger that he'll start in Fabregas' place then he's the bargain of the week by miles.
Song - If not, Song is a decent filler.
Rodwell - And so is this man.

Drogba - Annoyingly missed the Portsmouth game but if he was able to get close with a late fitness test then I'm sure he'll return for the weekend & should murder West Ham.
Tevez - A lot of manager will be relived he scored poorly last night to bring his price down from £16m+ to £14m. Despite City's poor performance I still expect Tevez to have a bumper weekend.
Rodallega - You can rarely go wrong with Hugo when he's playing at home. He'll shoot all day & even though he doesn't score enough goals he grabs a ton of SOT points
Agbonlahor - In real form & Stoke's tall strong CBs won't be able to cope with his pace
Torres - If I could afford him he would be in my team, but there's always that nagging doubt with Rafa that N'gog gets the start after his goal.
Rooney - Now he's on penalty duties there's a good chance he stays a season keeper for me at £15.8m. He's not really playing that well but the points are starting to flow.
Defoe - Same as Rooney, at £12m I can't see a better option even with an away game at Blackburn, but at full price you may prefer Tevez or Rodallega this week.
Doyle - Looks good for Wolves at home to Burnley, but a touch expensive now.
Benitez/Jerome - 2 players getting better each week & should cause Everton problems.
Eduardo - Wenger may give him another chance at home to Hull after benching him for the past 2 games.
Ebanks-Blake - Suggestions in the Spurs game that he may be starting to find some form after a disappointing start to his Premier League career.
Heskey - Starting to score goals!

Those are the players I'm considering this week - I'd like to hear how your midweek went & as ever let me know if you think I've missed anyone from my list!

Remember, Week 16 is Round 3 of The Blog Cup for the remaining 102 teams....



Anonymous said...

Any barn door players from Tuesday game?Yahoo still haven't update the points.....


Anonymous said...

Why Luke Young? Warnock isn't injured after all, while Collins is likely to be back. The Villa defencer I have is Cuellar, as he's expected to move to the right, and for 3 consecutive weeks earned above 8 points per match (and will get them from Tuesday). Villa have a great chance for a CS, and he earns a lot of phantom points as well. Dunne might have more chances for a goal, but it's not a safe bet.
I have Almunia at his current price of 8.14mil. I don't like having keepers at this kind of prices, but the Hart spell in my team proved successful, and he might return his value or more. Robinson is more expensive, while I don't count any more on the ManC defence so Given isn't an option. Kirkland? Bolton have scored in their last 4 games, and scored 6 in the last two, while Wigan's defence seemed really poor last night.
I'm currently satisfied with my team, though Bily and Tevez aren't safe picks - but you don't win this game only with safe picks, right?

Vermaelen Bassong Cuellar
O'Hara Arshavin Nasri Bily
Drogba Defoe Tevez


rwlwhite said...

can I just comment on the drogba - to drop, or not to drop, debate.

A lot of people are worried about the loss of discount they will suffer if they have to buy him back later, however, being nosy, I had a look around at a few of the top teams today and noticed something interesting.

Those teams at the top (i.e. Glory Glory ZiZo Kuwait for example) are obviously not too bothered about this, as they will still pick up expensive players without discount when it counts.

For example: GGZK as mentioned above, in wk 14, did not have Drogba, yet in wk 15, sacrificed a position to have a filler and buy Drogba at what must have been at least 6-8 over the 10.66 price most people hold him at, and then had a great wekk receiving 26 points from 1 game for him.

If a player who is leading overall can do this, why can't other people?! I dropped Drogba on the BD to pick up someone else who I think can get points, and if I have to buy him back by sacrificing someone else, then I will. After all, Drogba at 18 (or whatever after he comes back from ANC) and a filler will probably get more points than 2 mediocre players valued at around 9-10 each!

Not saying everyone SHOULD drop him, but that is my reason for getting rid of him over the ANC period. I am aware I may have dropped him before he goes, but I wanted to capitalise on getting someone else in before THEIR price goes up and not have to worry about holding a player at a 10+ discount anymore

Ruki said...

You cant really look at one example and assume that it would work for everyone, or work in all circumstances. I could give you the example of my friend who was having Drogba at 10.66 and only 20-40 points behind me in private league, and after dropping Drogba the gap is widen to 120 point. Would this mean dropping drogba is a the main decision for the bigger gap? No.

You have many flaw in your reason as well. You assume that Drogba at 18 and Mok at 1 ( example) would outscore 2x 10 cash players. Really? where do you get this guess? And this assumption also conflict with the dropping of Drogba, because his price is 10.66 and if we drop Drogba and try to replace with a 10 cash player, that would mean we will get ~50% Drogba's point with that player ( since Drogba + filler > 2x 10 players).

The reasons of keeping and dropping Drogba is more complicated than that. There are a lot of factors, and its quite similiar to Tuncay at 1 situation, just in bigger scale. Tuncay at 1 but doesnt get any point for 14+ games, vs Drogba at 10.66, wont play 4 games and guaratee to start for the rest of the season ( assuming no injury in both cases), and Drogba consistency is scary, his average says it all. I understand that it is easier for Tuncay to outscore his 1 cash value, but with Drogba form, and so far, he has been showing that with 10.66 he has been outscoring his value as well, and in much larger scale i.e much higher return compare to Tuncay.

By all mea this doesnt mean I recommend keeping Drogba, its hard to see big 0 in 4 weeks with a lot of uncertainty. But I would say whether keeping him or not, you cant just simply looking at top team or whoever and follow them.

ktl said...

I hope Almunia doesn't concede a silly goal again.

The problem with Arsenal against easy teams is that they tend to concede one and the keeper hasn't got many saves to make to compensate.

Jon said...

Great blog, AM - keep it up!! I am one, of many i'm sure, that read regularly but post rarely ...

Just to let you know that Wenger confirmed on the Arsenal website before the Burnley game that Traore is out for the game with Hull, but might be back for the game against Villa, so Silv will start both.

Hinrik said...

My team for next weekend

G Alexander L. Neill Jordan
Arshavin A. Young Kranjcar Valencia Bily
Saha Klasnic

Ben said...

Who is a better option as a long term alternative for benitez? Defoe or Tevez. Currently i have anelka and hrod. I will be on holiday in Japan so won't be able to update my team for a few gameweeks. Also any consistent points scoring middie besides O'Hara? Can anyone give me some advice?

Anonymous said...

Anelka has been a revelation for me this double gameweek, scoring a grand total of 41 points. Glad i had him at just 13+.

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Ivanovic Sylvinho
Bilyaletdinov Arshavin Milner Huddlestone
Drogba Defoe Ebanks-Blake

I'm unsure about Huddlestone and Ebanks, but to have both Arshavin and Milner I would need a cheap 3rd striker. I currently hold de Laet at preupdate price instead of Sylvinho, any chance that he will start?

Anonymous said...

got sylvinho- bit worried he might get dropped by hughes for garrido- S.P.

Anonymous said...

Verm Alexander Roger Johnson
Reid Giggs Milner Arshavin Brown
Drogba Fletcher

Need some advice as i won't have internet access for some time
Won't be able to update my team for at least two gameweeks
Still unsure about fletcher and brown
Have brown as filler

Anonymous said...


Have a 343 and was dropping Kranc to pick up Milner. Yahoo showed Milner's price as 13.76. I could not afford him.

I then switched to 352 dropped Kranc and Rodallega and went back to pick up Milner but his price had dropped to 12.74. Tried this twice to make sure. I assume this is a technical glitch.


Bradley said...

As usual, the 2nd round in a DG week was not kind to me. Went in with 120 and came out with 195, which was just enough to hold onto my gains in the standings. Rooney's goal was my only one from mid-week. No Drogba, and a big fat 0 overall from Fulop (well, that was worth the extra cash).

But enough of the whining. On a positive note, my biggest points returner from the DG week? BFAR somehow managed to amass 30 points despite disappointing Sunderland performances.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised too with Reid's 30 points despite Sunderland's poor performance and him not scoring a goal. I dropped him at the start of the week, but now I am considering picking him back up at full price

Anonymous said...

Cahill was screwed over on points. Apparently a header from a corner isn't a set-piece goal? Ha. Also he had at least another shot on goal if not two more. What a joke. Man of the Match according to nearly every respectable site and garnered massive points in other fantasy games. Yahoo needs to get their shit together.

Anonymous said...

@anon, Villa have some tough games coming up (although milner has been immense, so that might not put you off) Arsenal, man utd and man city in particular have good games coming up, and if its liverpool play wolves next week. Burnley have a surprisingly acceptable run so fletcher might not be too bad. I think you have a good balance of players who score well most games there, which is what you want long term. as you say tho, brown and fletcher could be changed, aquilani could be a decent gamble, he has to start soon right!?

kit said...

Is there something wrong with D.Hoilett's stats page?
Everytime I try to load it, it uses up a lot of memory and my window freezes.

kit said...

@anon 2.45

If the goal was scored directly from the corner (without anyone touching it) then it is a set piece goal.

Otherwise, "set-piece goal" means a goal scored from a free kick.

Anonymous said...

For the BD of the weekend I'm looking to Modric - he's returning to fitness, and on the DG week Spurs meet both Fulham and West Ham - food for thought.


Dave said...

@ Anon (2:45PM) re: Cahill, etc. Yahoo counts set piece goals as ones from free kicks that result directly in a goal (ie: direct shooting FKs). Other free kick situations, such as the one you describe, will at least garner an assist and usually a successful cross.

Are you actually still talking about the Everton-Spurs game from 2 weeks ago? Cahill got 1G, 1SOT according to the Opta stats. And he did not play in the recent Chelsea match. So, what are you on about? Besides, as we managers know, a great on-field peformance does not always translate into YFF points. I know some other fantasy games award a bonus for man of the match, but not Yahoo.

Dave said...

Re: Modric - it's hard to imagine him getting two starts in a short span, let alone one, given his lenghty lay-off and the sparkling form of Kranjcar and Lennon. Maybe he gets deployed behind Defoe in a 5-man MF, with Crouch dropping to teh bench. But even so, 2 starts seems unlikely - he played 30 mins as a sub this weekend, but did not even get a run yesterday.

My 2c...

Bradley said...

@Dave/anon: I believe he's talking about Gary Cahill of Bolton, who's been credited by Yahoo with 2 goals and 3 SOTs (among other things) for the DG week with a resulting 30.0 points. Both Opta and Soccernet credit him with 2 SOTs vs. WHU and 1 SOT vs. ManCity.

Anonymous said...

@ anon Team looks good except I don't really like the reid giggs picks, i'd swap reid for nzogbia and maybe giggs for a cheaper arsenal mf and upgrade brown. Keeping giggs isn't worth a filler. Maybe even drop giggs for hrod as bolton will let goals in.

pretty successful week for me with 201.5, lee was a great pickup for me at 6.5~ and scoring 24 points, he seems to have brought his fitness level up to PL standards and will most likely become a cheap, points machine, season keeper, like o'hara, for me. My team is heavy on birmingham and chelsea players again. (it is always fun to back your favorite teams)

r. johnson carr ivanovic
lampard lee o'hara larsson
drogs benitez heskey

I wenger says ramsey will play I will drop carr for silvestre and change heskey to ramsey. I think the pace and power of BC will be too much for Everton, and their backline is a mite dimunuitive with their recent injuries. lampard looked good against portsmouth and deco should be out and lampard gets forward better with j.cole in the lineup. lee and o'hara will be there for awhile as I have both on deep discounts. I am a little surprised that jensen has not gotten more hype for this gamesweek as wolves are not exactly running rampant with goals and the beast is making saves again.

P.S. your site is incredible AM, I am glad you keep working away. cheers

Dave said...

LOL of course he is! My bad, got my Cahills mixed up. Color me embarrassed.

Hinrik said...

Would you pick Rodallega over Kranjcar? Please comment.

Kellz said...

@Hinrik: I had Kranjcar, I love Kranjcar, but with Modric coming back in and Keane always a danger to come in on the left I am scared. O opted to grab Lennon this week, but Kranjcar will surely start after his 2 goal performance against Citeh. Therefore I like him over HRod, he takes kicks and will be looking to continue his form.

@Anonymous 2:21pm: I like your defense, cheap and gets points. Its fine to stick with PRobbo but with SPurs coming to town could be looking at either a high or low point week (depending on saves). As for the rest, you have loaded your midfield with strong players, however your forwards are weak with Drogba still a doubt and Fletcher away to Wolves (Championship fight). I would consider dropping Giggs as he has the most unfavorable matchup, thats about 12-14mil so you can upgrade Fletcher to a striker around 13 and upgrade Brown to a better filler or possibly Billy (my suggestion). Great looking team none the less.

Guy said...

Some great comments over the past two or three days about Drogba. This is a great site AM and there are some really good contributors. I wish I could add something to them! For those considering dropping him come January, how would you feel if he was doubtful this weekend? Blog Cup weekend too. Four weeks seems a long time to gamble on someone with possible injuries etc. One week is bad enough!
For what it's worth, my tactic has been to try to play as safe as possible this year. Compared to previous years it seems to be working - or my luck is better this time. No really bad weeks (it can't last) although no really good ones either and a current rank of 663 which is a mere 34 points ahead of AM. No doubt I'll be looking up to your ranking all too soon.

Anonymous said...

Rendered 200.5 points.

Team for next week atm:
Capt Kirk
AHole/Mad Max Scharner/Boycienne
Stewie/Cahill/Forever AYoung/BrooklyN'zogbia
Gabby/The Irish Ghost(Doyle)/Dodo

I am popcorn, hear me pop.

bean said...

ended up with 180.5, was hoping to break 200, but can't complain...

@Ruki - i think rwlwhite's point was just that a lot of the top teams don't pay attention to discount. i remember that from year's past too, some of those at the top would basically change their team every week based on matchup/form etc.. it's just a technique, but interesting to note that there's typically teams performing the best in YFF using this method.

as an example, look at Verm. He's had pretty week points for the last 8 games, but is still considered a "season keeper" (that term should be outlawed). I know that most have him at 6 something, as do I, but just seems people are okay with him not putting up points because he had a couple huge weeks in the beginning of the season. my point is, I think most people, including myself, keep players like Verm because the discount looks so good.

To be honest, my gut tells me that the Drogs is not going to keep up this form. Anyone remember last year? Maybe he's rubbing horse placenta all over his legs or something this year and that's the secret.

richy 'liverpool' said...

i think its a little wierd that anelka hasnt been barndoored by everyone! I have him at 13.88 and will be sure to keep him for a while at that price, particularly with drogba away, when drogba returns, i may well keep anelka for the rest of the season at that price. Yet again, as a liverpool fan i cannot pick any of our players. Id love gerrard/torres to turn it on and start really playing again, or for aquaman to get fit, but as fantasy options this year, liverpool have generally been awful.

Naning said...

I want anelka, but I missed him on the BD, and now it's simply too late.

Afrikan said...

Please please word of advice on my below tema would be highly appreciated:

Ivan, Vidic, Givet
J'Ohara, Larsson, Arsh, Downing, Ramsey (i may drop him tho)
Drogs, Tevez, (Ebanks/Tuncay)

I'm also thinking of dropping Ramsey and adding Ebanks/Tuncay on my strike force.

- Kayoti FC

brianonymous said...

Afrikan, keep Ramsey and go with SEB, Get rid of Givet, Tot are actually quite decent away from the Lane and the Rovers are barely average at Ewood. I'd be wary of Arshavin this week as well, he's playing in pain and I can definitely see Wenger trying to keep him off the pitch this week. No offense, but your team is quite conservative. I would add more Arsenal, Wolves, and Wigan (Attackers only). Anyhow, goood luck.

Disappointing week for me, only 179.5. The scoring was insane. For instance, Andy Reid scored 30 pts somehow and really did fuck-all while Klasnic scored three goals (one mwg i might add) and had an assist for 31 pts? Yes I know he had two yellows, but even 37 pts sounds a bit low. Not to mention Lampards tally, gees.

In the end I jumped 800+ places and back into the top 2000. Hopefully this is the start of a run that gets me in the top 100 again. God I hope so.

Team for this week:

I know, I've lost my frickin mind. Oh well, at least it's going to be fun.

Mohd said...

who is SEB? is he Ebanks Blake?

Mohd said...

and my team is


something strange with Milner's price..
2 days ago i had him at 11@12 points..
but today he is at
so i have to downgrade Torres(at full price) to Rooney(Pre update)..huh

shadowgex said...

@ Mohd... yes

Here's my team - crap defense but decent mid/fwd:

G.alex / SeaBass / Mancienne
Arsh / Milner / Nasri / Bily
Roon / Ebanks / Torres

wound up with 212.50 this week, had anelka (at 13.66) and benitez (at 7.8) but i dropped them for torres and ebanks... risky decision, hope i don't regret it.

I'll be looking to get anelka back for the ACoN.. so hopefully his price will drop to something more reasonable, although i think he's even worth the 17 he's at now.

Anonymous said...

How about Ritchie de Laet? Do you think he will continue to start after his game against Wolves? I have him preupdate, but I'm worried Ferguson might play Fletcher instead of him.

Anonymous said...

Which combo is better? Ivanovic and 9.76 for a midfielder, or Sylvinho and 13.87 for a midfielder?

Anonymous said...

please comment my team because i'll go out of town and maybe will miss BD..

verm givet g.alexander
ohara arsh kranjcar milner
drog chucho klasnic

consider to drop jensen for almunia but have to drop one of my MF(all at discount), maybe to nasri/billy/benayoun/r.johnson(4-3-3)


Anonymous said...

Which combo do you think will do better? Rodallega/Brown(Pompey) or Ebanks/Huddlestone?

firejay said...

i'm as in the dark as all of you... going with
Bassong / Hrei / Traore
Arshavin / Ramsey / O'Hara / Muamba
Drogba / Defoe / Rodallega

Had to use Muamba as a filler to make way for Rodallega, and of course i'm waiting for confirmation that Ramsey will play...

Anonymous said...

I can't remember whether O'Hara is going back to Spurs in the beginning of January or in the end of January. If someone has any information about it, it will be very useful to me!


Anonymous said...

he not gonna extend his loan spell at pompey?


Assistant Manager said...

Hey SF - his loan deal is due to expire in January so it's then down to Spurs to decide if they want him back. To be honest I can't see him getting in the Spurs team at the moment so I expect Harry will let him stay till the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

firejay - Traore is injured and Muamba is suspended so if you don't mind the zero points keep 'em. If so, Sylvinho and MBrown are decent replacements as is Mancienne though he may not play. Don't worry about Ramsey, he'll definitely play some.


markygoods said...

Ended up with 191.5 and held my 1300 ish place I had on fri. Not too bad , was hoping for a better midweek but there is no better feeling like that of when Defoe scores for me and spurs....have kept my team the same now for 3 or 4 weeks, not scoring brilliantly but doing O.K, you see I have all my players now at varying discounts, sure I get the urge to barndoor players that have just scored well and have good matchups coming up but matchups aren't everything and a good points player seems to score points no matter what the matchup. I'd love to get Torres in but can't justify that price, most expensive player I have is Rooney at 16+ and when you pay big bucks for a player you need big points in return. So my team looks like this
Verms Seabas Givet
Billy O Hara Lennon Arsh
Drogs Defoe Rooney

Toyed breifly with the idea of switching Lennon for Milner but talked myself out of it, may drop Arsh at some stage but baring injures and suspensions it will probably stay this way.

Anonymous said...

My current team..


g.alex givet hreid

ars(13.79) milner(12.73) kranj(11.61)(10.30)nzog ohara(8.74)

drog(10.75) doyle (10.43)

I'm thinking to fit in yayga in forward..which mf should i replace with him..?
or should just stay with my choice right now..?

Ban said...

In week 15, i got 182point.. and moving up from 15.,000++ to 11,888 with missing the week 1!
before the days, i tot i just getting 120+point only. How know is the YFF is not yet updated.
thanks to AM's advice in blog! and all of the advisers in this blog..^^
All the best in week 16

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