Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Week 17 - Tuesday

One moment of quality in a match desperately lacking in excitement, it's the reason Fernando Torres is probably the best striker in the world.

I was really looking forward to watching the game last night but it was one of the most boring games I've seeen this season. It wasn't even a case of the teams cancelling each other out, they just both played poor football. A draw would've been fair, but Villa didn't do enough as the home team so if one team were going to grab all 3 points I would've preferred it to be Liverpool.

The other game was the one I had more interest in from a fantasy perspective, as Bolton faced Hull. I was hoping Klasnic, Taylor & Steinsson could grab me some useful points & they did as Hull fought back from 2 down for a valuable point (congratulations if you had Stephen Hunt!). Klasnic opened the scoring, while Taylor & Steinsson got some phantoms to bring 26.5 points, up to 146.50 points for Week 17 with 11 players still to play - hopefully 200+ is on the cards.

I thought about grabbing Torres on the barndoor but at £18.5m he was just too much & I'd need to 2 fillers to allow it. I'm currently sticking to what I've got but that's not to say I won't be doing more chopping & changing after tonight's games.

Any more points for you?



Anonymous said...

I have Kovac and Bale on the cheap but I fear they are watering down my squad too much. It leaves me about 6mil over and I hate leaving change. What do you think?


Mike B said...

@CJ - Definately keep hold of Bale, i think his price dropped again for some reason to 2.66! He'll be gold-dust at that price for an attacking full back that can take the occasional kick for Spurs.

Kovac on the other hand isn't so great, his performance against Spurs was rubbish and he's not gonna start every game for the Hammers, i would get rid of him and use your money to get a decent MF player in if you have £6M in change right now.

Last night wasn't great for me with only Taylor playing, thankfully there weren't huge scores from Klasnic and co so i only dropped a few places in the rankings.

I can't check YFF at work but i think i'm sitting on about 169 points right now which i'm quite happy with.

Tonight i have Verm and Arsh playing only, with Fabregas out injured, then i still have Verm, Faye, Arsh, Fabs, Taylor, Etherington and Tuncay to come again next week. I'm hoping for 250 points in total for week 17.

My current BD team for week 18 is as follows...

Verm, Alexander, Zabaleta, Bale
Petrov, Fabregas, Gerard, Arshavin
Diamanti, Sturridge

My only change will be perhaps the Sturridge spot, i may well go back to Tuncay as i think he's due a goal and he looks lively, i just don't want to miss out on a potential Chelsea forward for £6M.

greginho said...

4 or 5 weeks ago everyone said klasnic won't keep his starting spot and bolton has to play its most expensive signing elmander and that since it is bolton it is a wasted pick, they don't score goals. 3 weeks ago everyone said the same thing.
is everyone under the same belief now. klasnic's only glitch was a snowed out game.

Naning said...

I never thought Elmander would get his starting spot back. As a Swede, I know he's rubbish. I'd love to have klasnic at 7 or so. That's pure value.

Anonymous said...

189 points with vermaelen and diaby to play tonight.. hopefully could grab 220 points after tonight game.. can't wait for 3rd round games.. I have 7 players playing 3 games.. good luck all!!

Anonymous said...

finally Megson OUT!

maybe now klasnic can go do some damage!

Anonymous said...

who should i get, jarvis or noble?
anybody else because i have almost 9 million to spend

Bradley said...

163 points with 3 players today and 6 next week. The 8.5 from Steinsson yesterday was more than I was expecting, so that was a pleasant surprise. I didn't drop many places considering that's all I got.

The news is coming fast and furious:

1) Megson out:,,1004~1918534,00.html

2) Pompey have received a winding-up petition and could be forced into bankruptcy:,19528,11095_5812512,00.html

3) In weird news, Joey Barton is offering life advice to other footballers:

Bradley said...

Now Pompey are denying that they've been formally served with a winding-up petition:

On the other hand, Lens have confirmed initiating legal action over unpaid fees for Aruna Dindane and Nadir Belhadj:,19528,11674_5805881,00.html

Anonymous said...

in other news BAE is not going to the ACN which could mess with peoples bale barn door pick (or BBDP to continue in acronyms)


Anonymous said...

@JT - Where did you get the news from? Man now I'm worried about the Bale pick....arrrrgh!

Anonymous said...

Alright, looks like Man United only has one winger on the bench today and it's Obertan. Looking forward to seeing what he's made out of and @4.20. Aparently Giggs is injured and Nani falls out of the pecking order...I hear he's looking for a transfer on January.
On other news, Congratulations to David Suazo for finally leaving Inter Milan, it wasn't his style of he's at Genoa where he'll prove Stubborn Mourinho. As a fellow Honduran I am proud of what he's accomplished in Cagliari and encouraged his move a year ago, it finally happended. Good luck Suazo!!!

Anonymous said...

^ yes, i just heard BAE may not be going to ANC due to injury as well. now the worry is will seabass be called up?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and congrats to those holding on to Capt Kirk. Conceded 3 goals and a loss, don't think he make much saves as well. He was even subbed at half time. i will certainly stay off these sort of enabler, its no brainer.

ToffeeDave said...

I hate to say it, but Torres' goal was stunning. I feel I've seen that goal a million times from torres and still no keeper can stop him. I just wonder how big of a beast he could be at Chelsea or Arsenal. Anyway, am I the only one who still has Drogba out there for 10? or even Billy for 4? AM what're your thoughts on the Drogba situation, I feel a new revision of the topic would spark nice conversation. will he be the same after ACN, is it worth takin four 0's to keep a top fantasy player at a huge discount. (I took 3 for Billy at 4mil). ahhhh it's good to talk fantasy again.

Anonymous said...

arshavin was the worst 16 mil ive spent...terrible...arsenal score like 7 goals in the past 2 games n all he got was i think 1 assist???terriblle!!!dropped him n BD'd roon..he seems to be playin brinliant atm...need a filler though...

Anonymous said...

^ i will hold on to billy while dropping drogba if i were you. maybe i will get drogba when he is back. well if you drop him and there is one or two DG you can take advantage. yes, you will likely pay more to get drogba back(since i never think his price will drop to 10.66 again this season), but hey , you are getting points when your friends holding on to drogba don't AND when he is back, all you need to do is to select cheaper but as good players as your friends. Everywhere there surely will be cheap players with 'BIG' points. are you one of those astute managers? That is the big issue.

Anonymous said...

Arshavin&Zamora or Duff&Eduardo?

I currently own the first pair, and I want to see Arshavin's form in the next couple of game before I drop him at the price of 13.79mil - he can have a great time home to Everton. Plus, I don't think that during the update Eduardo's price will rise a lot, and Zamora is already more expensive, so I don't have the fear of him being out of reach. I'll have more time to think, I just need more opinions.


Anonymous said...

terrible arshavin!

Bradley said...

8.5 after two matches? At this rate Arshavin won't even return his value after playing 3!

richy 'liverpol' said...

190 with 5 more arsenal players left for second game.. glad nasri finally returned on his potential and spared my arshavin blushes!

J. Dunn said...

I can't believe that 20 minutes of Cesc might be far better than 3 full games of Arshavin. That pick has totally ruined my week, and it seemed like the least risky one around. He'd better score 4 in the final game or something.

Anonymous said...

194 with 7 more player to play. And guys, be patient with arshavin, he might return his value
in the next couple of games...

Anonymous said...

yesterday Capt Kirk value 2++ at the time i'm keeping him..
today 1++..but why the selling price drop also, shouldn't it be 2++ for me?


Anonymous said...

@MBasil - The selling price dropped because the credit went to your available funds. Hope you understand what I mean.

Maxer said...

i'm at 120.5 after the second heat.. too bad for fabregas holder (including me).. i got bassong too whom didn't play due to injuries.. Arshavin's performance is poor.. and klasnic even with one goal only managed 12.5 pts because he's subbed at 70minutes.. rsc injured.. and mikel left for ACN (he's my filler actually hoping he can get some decent points for his price)..

i've opted for safe 0 points gk by getting duke in.. and it works because earlier my two goalie option is fulop and kirkland.. both got negative..

my week 18 lineup..
verm, sylvinho, jordan
fab, mtay, diaby, ___
klasnic, zamora, tevez

i'm still holding on fab with the option for arsh if he still injured..
wigan vs aston looks quite decent for kirk playing at home..
and i got sylvinho and jordan for their matchup..

i'm still open for changes.. might get player from mcity to fill my last spot..

anyway, Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!

Bradley said...

@MBasil: It doesn't work that way. If a player's price drops below the price you paid, you get the difference added to your available funds (some seasons ago you had to sell and rebuy the player, but these days it's done for you automatically). If a player's price rises, you don't get to make money off him by selling; you get back the price you originally paid, which makes it harder to sell a premium player you have at a discount. In short, you have exactly 100M to spend on players each gameweek, no more and no less.

These rules may seem arbitrary, and that's because they are. The real Premier League has no salary caps at all beyond each owner's willingness and ability to spend.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon@1.20 n Bradley,

I didn't notice my available transfer fund changes.
but i do recall when there was a season where YFF allowed we to have more than 100M.
That season, i always bought cheap players and sold them when their price rose.


Anonymous said...

i have mancienne and kompany just to allow for Torres.

Anonymous said...

I have Bassong at 5--should I keep him or sell? Is he not a starter anymore?

Anonymous said...

Morning AM,

I just wanted to wish you a happy New 2010 in advance :)

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