Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Week 15 - Tuesday

I was going to wait until the points were up to write this post, but I realised I could still write a summary & then add to it later.

4 games & 12 goals with wins for Birmingham, Man Utd, Bolton & an increasingly impressive Aston Villa. West Ham, Sunderland & Blackburn all had poor evenings & Wolves put their reserves out.

I can see why McCarthy did it, but Man Utd were struggling with injuries & if they'd played a full strength team & performed as they did at Spurs it's possible Wolves may have got a vital point. If they lose to Burnley on Saturday I'm sure McCarthy will come under far more fire from the media & Wolves fans who paid £40+ to travel to Old Trafford last night.

We can't be sure exactly how the points will have worked out, but we can guarantee there will be decent returns for Jerome, Rooney, Valencia, Milner, Cahill, Lee, Klasnic, Nelsen, Diamanti, Benitez, Gibson, Vidic, Evra, Kuscask & the Villa defence due goals, assist or clean sheets.

I had 3 players playing - Rooney, Valencia & Larsson, so I have to expect a return of around 35 with 2 goals including a MWG & hopefully plenty of phantom points for Larsson. It's exactly the start to the midweek I needed & it should push my score past 100 with 8 players still to play tonight; Kirkland (slightly scared about him), Verm, Bassong, Alexander, Mikel, Kranjcar, Defoe & Drogba (if fit).

I'll have my Week 16 Player Picks up tomorrow morning after tonight's games - remember it's Round 3 of The Blog Cup for the remaining 102 teams.

How did your Tuesday evening go?



Mike B said...

Tuesday went better than expected for me!

Glad i kept Rooney as he seems to be the penalty king at the moment, and he was actually looking lot more lively last night.

My gamble with Jerome paid dividends, although i expect over the course of the 2 games him and Chucho's points wont be much different.

Taylor did nothing for the second game in a row which was disappointing as i juggled my team around alot specifically just to get him in. I thought he would score decently but he'll be lucky to even be in double figures for the 2 games!

Franco was also pretty rubbish, he'll score negatively with that card he picked up, wish i'd gone for Diamanti, but as discussed with the guys last night in chat, he's hard to pick after that double disaster a few weeks back :P

So i'm looking at about 40 points i think from Tuesday, which will take me near 100 after the shocker i had at the weekend.

The following 7 players to come this evening...

Kirk, Verm, Alexander, Hreid, Arsh, Fabs, Brown.

I'll be disappointed if one of the Arsenal boys doesn't come up big for me, other than that i have no expectations. I'm petrified of Kirk.

Now i'm off to France tonight, so will miss the games and the barn door tonight and Saturday so would you be able to let me know of any obvious changes that i should make to this week 16 team?

Verm, Alexander, Hreid
Arsh, Aquilani, Fabregas, Bily
Rooney, Jerome, Tevez

I want my points!!!

OS said...

Sunderland were a massive letdown over the double week - Fulop seemed the most sensible of the budget keepers over the 2 weeks but after conceeding 2 last night (to add to a 93rd min goal by pompy decimating his 1st game score) he'll be lucky to avoid negative pnts across the 2 games.
But MTay secured the award for sh!tpipe of the week... he'll be lucky to score half his value across 2 games! PATHETIC! He looked an exellent & solid pick with 2 good fixtures but he just went missing completely... tw@T! No wonder pompey old him!
Rant over

Dave said...

Agreed completely with the first couple of posts - MTay laid an egg over 2 games and was the donkey of the week given his decent match-ups vs. price. He's on my sh*tlist for a while now.

I was happy with Chucho's return from game 1, so anything he got yesterday is gravy IMO. He was unlucky to hit the bar and also have a goal disallowed for offside - so close to an even better score. but I'm happy with him, he's done the job, and out of my line-up he goes.

Larsson is a little hard to tell in terms of points, but should do OK. He got an SOT, and close scanning of the matchcast reveals a cross or 2, and a blocked shot at least (hopefully more phantom points too).

Too bad Nelson was on the spot to scramble in a goal to ruin Brum defenders' clean sheets.

As most of you, I am hoping today's batch of DGers will rebound from poor weekend performance - in my particular case, I'm looking at you Defoe.

@ Mike B. - You may want to consider going with jsut one Arsenal MF and add Lampard or Gerrard if you can squeeze the $$. Or what about Milner?

Anonymous said...

don't normally like putting all my eggs in 1 basket, but i'm going v. big on arsenal this wk/end.- walcott, nasri, arshagin, eduardo, verm & almunia. think i might need to get rid of 1 just to spread my risk a bit, possibly eduardo . any suggestions ? S.P.

Anonymous said...

Had 4 players playing tonight. Rooney managed a goal, while I was unlucky not to have a CS for Roger Johnson, but still a decent performance for him this DG. I thought Fulop had good matchup, but now I think I'll be happy if he managed to avoid negative and maintain that 6 points he got from the 1st game. Not too sure how Reid will do, didnt watch that game.

6 more players to play tonight - Vermaelen, Hreidarsson, Elliot, Defoe, Nasri and hopefully Drogba(if fit).

Anonymous said...

After a 121.5 points blast on the weekend, I'm pretty disappointed with Tuesday's results - it could've been much better for me. Firstly, RJohnson and Hart both lost their CSs with Nelsen's goal, but Hart should put solid points after all with a save and a win, and Johnson is Johnson - he gets points whatever happens.
Benitez was reported to be very active in that match, but I'm not sure how well it will end with only 1 SoT. He's cheap and might be good to keep for the long run, but I drop him to clear the forward spot to Tevez. Valencia, my last player yesterday, got a goal and should recover after that poor 1.5 points. What worries me is that many had Rooney, and I didn't. I'm not buying him now, maybe I'll wait until his price drops and he gets an easier match-up - @Fulham is not an easy fixture.
After yesterday, the obvious BD buy is Milner - he has been performing well almost every match, and got a goal and an assist against Sunderland. But for me, I can't really find they way to fit him in without ruining my entire team. The possibilities are to drop either Tevez or Arshavin for him, but I believe both can perform better than him - Tevez scored 4 goals in 3 last matches and is against out-of-form Sunderland; Arshavin is against poor Hull, and also on great form as a forward.
The only other possibility is dangerous - drop Almunia for Kirkland, and upgrade Bily to Milner. Kirkland is at home, but against Bolton that score a lot lately, and Wigan aren't exactly stable right now; Almunia is a much safer choice. Bily is against Brum, and I believe he can return scoring big against them - Brum aren't good away as they're good at home. Milner is more safe, but can anyone promise he'll score enough to clear the possible upset from Kirkland?
It's a bet, and I'm taking Bily's side. It might be smarter while looking to the future as well - Everton are meeting Sunderland and Burnley on the Boxing Day week, while Villa are meeting Arsenal and Liverpool.
So far:

Vermaelen Bassong Cuellar
O'Hara Nasri Arshavin Bily
Drogba Defoe Tevez


mehicoradio said...

had 6 players out there, with Evra, Rooney, Larsson, Chucho, BFAR, and K.Rich (bad pick).

Think i should be in good shape to get close to 200 points if Gomes does a good job today (my other bad pick this week).

Thinking AR should do alright, for sure gets at least 3 points. K.Rich needs a good phantom point return since without them he is -2. Rooney is guaranteed to add at least 16 points to his total. At worst Chucho adds 3.5 points and Larsson 3. Lastly, Evra adds at least 9 points.

Counting up added about 32.5 points at the minimum. Hopefully get a CS for Verm, Drogs plays, and O'Hara gets some damage down from Set Pieces

gman26 said...

Get ready for a steady dose of Gareth Bale, boys. This is from Harry Redknapp talking about the effect of the ANC:

"We'll be OK at left-back. Gareth Bale's training great and looking OK, doing well. But we've got a problem obviously at centre-half if one of the other two boys don't get fit - if Ledley or Woody don't get fit. That is a problem."

I know that a lot of people don't think Bale's very good, but as a fantasy player, he does the business. Granted he'll see red every now and then. In fact, as a fantasy player, former Tottenham player Christian Ziege is comparable. Wasn't he left-footed as well? Lots of crosses, not much defending, lots of attacking, occasional red cards. At 5.22 though, Bale will be in my squad.

Anonymous said...

So I Valencia, Rooney & M.Taylor player for me last night. Man Utd players obviously did well & in 2 games M.Taylor scrored one of his lowest scores. Thanks Matty.

So my big BD move was to drop Rooney @ my low price of 16..... I could regret that BIG time but I really like the potential of my team as it allowed me to pick up a few players I believe are at bargain prices at the moment. Here is my team:


Verm Ivanivic Vidic

Nasri Arshavin Downing Milner Aquilani

Drogba Tuncay

What do you guys think ? I am happy that I believe all my players are in teams that will win more often that not picking up points in the process with the exception of Tuncay who I have @ 1 & am chuffed that he has begun to play. the only player I am not convinced with is Aquilani BUT who else can I replace him with without downgrading Arshavin ?

Any advice would be great !

Thanks :- )

Team Crispy

Fidan said...

@ Team Crispy - Heskey (but you have to be quick and bd him, he's about to jump in price), or go with...SEB (Ebanks-Blake) if you have some spare money (0,5$)...!!!

Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Fidan who will get more play time ? Am not sure hesky would make my Villa first 11

Team Crispy

Fidan said...

He made it on last two matches I've seen him. But I think SEB is much safer on his starting status (unless Mick-Mick decides to put another defender alongside Doyle, as he did at OT ;)...!!!

I would have gone with Heskey anyway, of course always IF you decide to drop Aquaman (and btw, I love Aquilani ;)...but it's your hunch after all...!!!

Anonymous said...

mines jus weird...i have almunia and verm and alexander...verm caused the penalty that alexander ended up scorin past even though i got a goal i dont think il get any points...theyl jus cancel out..

Dave said...

Hey AM - things are looking up for your team today, aren't they?? :) LOL You picks came through and look to get a massive points haul for you...

Sam said...

of course torres scores...

i have ivanovic and benitez bd'd... should i switch to bass and torres?

Bradley said...

Well that's a new one. Yahoo's updated the points from today's matches, but so far we're still missing Tuesday's. Sadly, that's when I got most of my (paltry) points from mid-week.

Kellz said...

So in the end Valencia and Kranjcar were good choices. Wish they would update tuesday so I can see my total, probably going to be around 150pts or so.

Anonymous said...

158 points with benitex r johnson larsson lee and hart to come which should put me close to 200 which should make me feel better but what a poor midweek I back doored carr lampard and heskey dropping arsh and tevez. I know it was a knee jerk reaction but oh well

Anonymous said...

Man Utd & Bolton points for Tuesday game not yet update,pls verify.


Anonymous said...

All of Tuesday's games are not updated yet

bean said...

pretty funny that Yahoo updates tonight's matches, but forgets to update tuesday's.. typical.

i barndoored Milner, but may have to pick a less expensive option like Downing instead to free up some cash. Need to escape the clutches of Captain Kirk.

Benny said...


Ruki said...

I think I am going to be so close on breaking 200, danm Drogba missing the game -_-. At 179.5 without Rooney/Emeron/Robbo/Franco point, but I think i will probalby get around 15 for those 4 due to the crappy points of the other 3.

Got Elk/Milner/Gomes on the BD but Milner and Gomes probably go.

TAHENDAR said...

rate my team AM



Anonymous said...

That's annoying.
No, I'm not refering to the weird policy of Yahoo of updating the points, though that also doesn't make my day :(
After 121.5 points from Saturday and they way picks like Kranjcar or Rooney looked poor, this mid-week turns it all over. Last night I got 47.5 poor points from Arshavin, Nasri, Vermaelen, Bassong, Defoe and O'Hara (and Drogba, but he was injured). The night was officially ruined by the draw of Arsenal at Burnley, and the possible injury of Fabregas - can Wenger ever make a team from what he has now?
O'Hara, Arshavin, Bassong and Defoe were good. Vermaelen again with a 2 points party, but you can't find anyone better than him on 6mil. Nasri with another 5 points, and the obvious pick doesn't look that obvious all of a sudden. He looks tired with every move he makes, and he hasn't still returned from his injury. Maybe home to Hull it'll be OK.
Waiting for points from Hart, RJohnson, Benitez and Valencia whom I all already dropped. I hope for at least 31 points to break the 200 this week, but it probably won't happen. The BD that really worries me is Tevez - he was on good form before last night, scoring 4 goals in 3 games, but than he got -1.5 @Spurs. I still have him on discount, and home to Sunderland... he might be a good choice, and I don't have many better options.
If anyone finds a reason why I should switch Tevez from my team, please shout before it's too late!


Alex said...

My worry about Tevez is....Adebayor, Robinho, Santa Cruz, Benjani...meaning, will he necesarily start, or even start as a striker rather than the forward he is sometimes employed?

Anonymous said...

I believe he'll start as a forward, but it is a good thing - ManC are lately using a formation with a forward behind the striker, and they actually have no one in the team beside Tevez that can play in this role. So I believe he'll start, especially because he's the only striker who is on good form for City, and their match against Sunderland is a very important one. He has already proven that he can score from that position as well.


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