Friday, 11 December 2009

Week 15 Round-Up & Week 16 Preview

I had my work Xmas party last night so I'm sitting here with one terrible hangover. This will not be my finest piece.

First off, head over to Jeremy & Neal for a look at "The Week Ahead"...done? Right, now a quick summary of the 22 players I'm still considering from my initial list of almost 50...


I don't want Kirkland in my team & I'm doing everything I can to try & find the cash for Fulop or Jussi. However, to do that I'll need to get rid of one of the outfield players I really like, so it's very possible he'll stay. It's not like I have any luck when paying the extra for "better" 'keepers so I'm prepared to take the hit it's bound to bring.

R Johnson

3 from 5 - I REALLY want Johnson but again, money is the issue. Verm & Alexander will stay so it'll probably come down to a straight choice between Bassong & Jordon. As I already have 1 Burnley defender you can almost certainly expect to see the Spurs man in my defence. 


As always, the midfield selection is the trickiest. Arshavin & Taylor are 2 players I would love to have but they may be just out of reach. I have Larsson at 9 so he stays, O'Hara might have to go because of the yellow card risk so I'd then pick 2 from Reid, Valencia & Kranjcar. I strongly recommend Mikel if you need a filler - with no Essien I'm convinced he'll start both home games for Chelsea.


All 6 of the strikers above are good choices. Drogba will stay but I have a bad feeling he'll get booked in the 1st game. Holding him at 10 it's a risk I'm willing to take. Defoe will also stay, so then it comes down to me deciding whether to keep Rooney or get in Bent/Benitez & upgrade my keeper. I'll decide tonight.

Moving swiftly on, the Week 16 Fixtures.

Saturday, 19 December 2009
Arsenal v Hull, 17:30
Aston Villa v Stoke, 15:00
Blackburn v Tottenham, 15:00
Fulham v Man Utd, 15:00
Man City v Sunderland, 15:00
Portsmouth v Liverpool, 12:45

Sunday, 20 December 2009
Everton v Birmingham, 15:00
West Ham v Chelsea, 16:00
Wolverhampton v Burnley, 13:30

Monday, 21 December 2009
Wigan v Bolton, 20:00 

Arsenal, Villa, Man City, Liverpool & Chelsea all stand out, these are the teams I'll be concentrating on for the barndoor. If Torres is back to fitness then I may well look to get him in at Portsmouth.

Remember Week 16 will be Round 3 of The Blog Cup

Let me know your teams - what dilemmas are you still having?



Anonymous said...

Scholes or Mikel???
Had Scholes at +2. Arghhhh...

Anonymous said...

Seabass, Ridgewell, Noworthy,
Hudd, Scholes, Larsson, MTay, Valencia,
Drog, Roo.

any comments?

M said...

Traore? I think many of us have him at discount. But he had a knock against Stoke, will he make it against Pool?

Anonymous said...

I'm picking Torress this weekend for the double gamers, heard that he'll play against arsenal..Having O'hara too and couldn't really find any cheap and good midfielder if I want to replace him T_T

any player reccomendation? comments? =]

Alex, Bassong, wes brown(might be replaced), Dunne
Kranj, O hara, Song
Drogs, Torres, bent

Anonymous said...


greginho said...

first anonymous. i would keep scholes at 4+. that is a good price for him.

Anonymous said...

Elliot + THud or Reid + Grella?


Mike B said...

Please excuse the copy and paste :P this was on the end of the last post but it wont get seen now.

"Really tough week when you don't have much money to play with due to having Drogs at 16.

I am actually going with Obertan, with Utd middies playing in defence, Giggs being old and Nani being crap again midweek. Obertan came off the bench midweek and got 2 assists, i think he'll play a part in at least one game and return more than his 5 mill value. Plus i'm a few pennies short of Aquilani.

The goalkeeper is my dilema this week.

To field a team i even half like, i have to sacrifice my goaly by keeping Kirk, even if he's injured.

This is my team at the moment, any suggestions will be appreciated, cogitated and digested.

Verm, Alexander, Hreidarsson
Arshavin, M Taylor, Obertan, Mikel
Rooney, Drogba, Franco

I'm happy with my defense and i got them all on the cheap, i'm deliberating over Mtay or Fabrgas since not many will have Fabs, but like Mtay more.

I could switch out Rooney to Bent or similar and upgrade my keeper, but i'm scared he'll find some decent form and Bent will score Zip.

Help! :P"

I'm now actually considering dropping Drogba again! I have him at 16 so it's not too much of a discount, but would he be better to drop than Rooney?

I would get Benitez in place of him, and upgrade either Kirk or Obertan.

Aagin, help!

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...


toshack said...

holding eagles at disc....worth it??

Anonymous said...

how about J. Milner?

Will said...

Scholes is banned for the Villa match! So no double week for Scholes.

Anonymous said...

what do you guys think about Kanu??? he valued at only 2.79...i know he has very difficult fixtures but he only needs a couple of SOT to double his value..

besides this will easily allow you to chose arshavin who is basically a forth striker...

let me know your opinion guys!!!

Anonymous said...


vermealen bassong johnson

gerrard ohara brown huddlestone duff

torres drogba

Mohd said...

my final team


any comments?

Anonymous said...

Aquilani anyone? Will he play?

Anonymous said...

anybody have any idea if gibson (manu) and ramsey (arse) are likely to start one or both games ?


Fidan said...

Lennon/Rigwell or

And, btw, what do you think of dropping Rooney and go for Lamps!!! Good idea???

Really need some help in here...!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought I was going to keep Wes Brown for this week, but then I saw that he's injured for another week. It is still a rumor, but if it turns out true throughout the afternoon I'll replace him.
In his price range there aren't many good options besides of Carr, and I already have RJohnson from Brum. I'll probably go with Bassong, though as I have Gomes in goal I'm pretty afraid.
So with Bassong I have 2 choices:

Hart+Nasri (discount)

Another choice which I consider is Jaaskalainen+Kranjcar, but I'm not very sure about that.


Anonymous said...

I am considering to swap Rooney with Defoe .. good idea ? comment ?

Bojan said...

I hate my team:
de Silva

Anonymous said...

Guys petr cech is pts in the bag. Ivanovic is the bag. Just look at their stat 22 pts 4 ivan and 40 for cech. U heard it 1st frm the oracle- The Oracle

Anonymous said...

Anyone else afraid Rooney will be rested against wolves? might move him to lennon and upgrade my keeper. any thoughts? JT

anyone know if Wes Brown has been ruled out officially yet?

Anonymous said...

Rooney listed as 'doubtful' on bbc...thats interesting to say the least.

Anonymous said...

one question ashley cole?? He will score major points, but will he play both games ??
Here is my team

johnson a cole givet
larsson lee o'hara deco arshavin
drogs benitez
if I have to drop cole what moves should I make?

Anonymous said...

Keep Dunn at the bargain basement price of 7.19 and maybe suffer the week or look elsewhere? Currently teamed up with valencia, reid, and cohen in the mid. Rooney, drogba, h rod up top. Could drop h rod if i wanted to upgrade elsewhere. Thoughts? Back is set with Robo, verm, bass, and alexander

Anonymous said...

I suspect rooney wil be on the bench agst wolves and hat trick hero owen starting. I also reckon Valencia and giggs wil play saturday and park and nani on wednesday.utd bad for 2gamers. The oracle

Fidan said...

What do you guys think?

Drop Lennon/Jordan for ACole/Ballack (with Deco and Essien out, he is a sure starter and plays on the left wing)...!!!

Any suggestion would help!!!

Neale said...




If ManUtd don't get the W against Villa, which I think is possible, then Roon wouldn't be rested.

Any thoughts?

Fidan said...

Sorry Oracle, I think you got this one wrong. Owen as SAF himself declared "won't be pushed over his limits" and his "limits" as (again) SAF said "is a game every 10 days"...!!!

I too have some strange feeling about Rooney, but I got him at 16.5, and no other United strike force in my team, so he STAYS...!!!

Fidan said...

@ Neale

First option ALL THE WAY. And why not Ballack for Bowyer and upgrade Mikel to Elliot maybe ;)!!!

Anonymous said...

where does it say deco is out????

Anonymous said...

When i hear a new attacking mf i simply wait these days. Rememba kightly and his negativs? Milijas, jimenez as fk specialist? Utaka kem blasting bt nw givs us insignifcant pts. I hope mr. Aquilani doesnt dis-appoint! Bythway wasnt aquilani the female president of philippines? The oracle

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think Valencia will be rotated?

gman26 said...

From Chelsea's website:

Carlo Ancelotti has taken the step of naming eight of the starting line-up to face Everton on Saturday afternoon.

In response to a request to reveal the team at Friday afternoon's press conference, information he has volunteered once this season, he listed Petr Cech, Branislav Ivanovic, Ricardo Carvalho, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Michael Ballack, John Mikel Obi and Frank Lampard.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Here is my squad.

Emerton (have him at 5.80)/Traore(discounted)/Bassong

Please to rate my team! any suggestion will be appreciated. Im planning to drop Rooney to upgrade a good keeper, should i?


Abdulkader said...

Sephiroth, almunia is a big risk. Wat if torres blasts 3 agst him and also it bekams those evenings gerrard bekams lyk a man possesed just2 celebrate their reunion? Bt samtyms big risks, equals2 big rewards. If ur rich enaf cech is a gud bet as 4rooney he kan go unless u hava gud feelng he wil play agst wolves

Ian said...

My probable 11 this week:
Verm Traore Bass
Nasri Valencia Lennon Cohen
Drog Rooney Benitez

Check out my blog at

Conswaila said...

Help as usual

Vermalen, Alexandra,Nelson
Arshavin, Milner,Gibson, ?

All above on cheap
Need help on 4th Mid
Have 7.78 ,
could drop Gibson then hav 13.06 for 2 mids

Help please

Kellz said...

@Bean: I have reluctantly dropped Giggs in favor of Kranj. Also dropped Brown who I haven't heard will return for Villa.

So looks like:

Verm, Bassong, Samuel
Kranj, Valencia, Larsson, Gibson/Obertan
Rooney, Drobga, Bent

Thomas said...

Yeh have valencia and rooney ,

either berbatov or rooney will definitley be rotated for owen on wednesday, hopefully berbatov I suppose

Anonymous said...

The holidays a few weeks ago killed some possible BD discounts I could have had, so now I have to try with 2 fillers...

Verm - Seabass - Samuel
O'Hara - Arshavin - Obertan - Mikel
Drogs - Defoe - Rooney

(with 0.06 left over)

I will be watching the prices (and who plays) for both the villians and manU... *crosses fingers*


Anonymous said...

Ridgewell/Ivanovic or Joe Cole/Roger Johnson?

Hinrik said...

It will be a wild double week for me.

Traore Nosworthy M. Turner Bassong
Arshavin Lampard Cohen
D. Bent Klasnic Owen

chris m said...

Well I have gone completely crazy. I just switched nearly my whole lineup. You guys will like this one. I was able to fit Torres, Drogs, Rooney and Arshavin on the same team by going bargain hunting in the midfield.

Verm Seabass Traore
Mikel Aquaman Arshavin Song
Rooney Torres Drogba

So am I out of my mind or what. Been going down. Major role of the dice for as much offensive firepower as I could muster. Doing this in a double week will surely make me or break me. Mikel and Song will definitely play 2 games and not get much. Aqualini is a total crapshoot. I tossed Bent Downing and Reid to make room for Torres and Arshavin. Well its done. Off to an xmas party to get completely pissed. Will be watching tomorrow totally hungover. If this doesn't work my hangover will kill me.

chris m

bean said...

still torn about dropping Giggs. Valencia seems much more likely to start both matches, but I've had Giggs for a while and he's treated me well. Maybe with Nani out, he has a better chance?

Guardian has Beletti starting over Mikel? i know they're not always very accurate, but maybe there's a reason? Beletti would be a nice cheap filler that has more of a chance to get some points than Mikel...

Anonymous said...

well I have to finalize my team and feel pretty good, for once.

Givet Cole Johnson
Larsson Arshavin Mikel O'hara Lee
Drogs Benitez

Go BLUESSSS. Both of them ;P

Anonymous said...


SeaBass RJ SJordan
Aquaman Lennon Valencia Collison
Chuco Bent Diamanti

Bet on WHam players at away game..hahahaha


Anonymous said...

verm bassong alexander
mikel grella MTay Valencia
Drog Defo Rooney

i know kirk wownt play but cant risk this 11 for a keeper who will get clean sheet and low in price

Bo 7aMaNi

bean said...

big fan of procrastination, still tinkering:


lots of different team news reports I'm running across, especially they list fab,arshavin,eduardo,gallas as doubts?

at the moment i'm going with Gibson/Giggs as both are set to start (Scholes suspended,Giggs rested,Nani injured) at least the first game, matchup is good, form is good, with the 50/50 chance they at least get some time in the 2nd match. Ballack same sort of thing, Ancelotti says he'll start 1st match, hopefully the 2nd. I like Huddles points chances a little better as it looks like Palacios will be fit..

bean said...

but still a fan of Lamps,MTay,Valencia,Franco,Bent,Larsson,RoJo

dabears said...

liking my team:

(wish i hadn't dropped kirk now that he's out)


g.alex / bass / rjohnson

arsh / ballack / reid / aquil

rooney / anelka / chucho

Maxer said...

already saved my team.. first time i did a morning-before-the-game changes.. anyway.. my teams looks like this..

verm, bass,
fab, bowyer, carrick, grella
drog, roon, klasnic

keeping kirk for the discount..
grella is my filler..
carrick & roon replaces m.tay & bent.. hopefully it wont bite me in the end..
tempted to get defoe, but he's 0.4 too expensive..
giggs originally in my team but dropped him for m.tay

i'm saving early because i got other commitmens to do.. tough week to decide.. can go either way.. anyway, good luck everyone.. cheerssss!!!!!....


justin said...

i have 6.93 left and narrow it down to

forward:di santo,maccarthy OR
mid:elliott/anderson OR

do u think i should held on to klasnic (BD at 6.77) whom i dont think will play or pick any of those players above?


Anonymous said...

any reason why I shouldnt continue to like Klasnic... good match ups and picked him up for 7.20 last week for a 17.5pt week.

Am I missing him being injured or only playing because of injuries? Ignoring the never bet on or against Bolton for a minute their match ups are pretty good.

justin said...

according to yahoo predicted lineup Klasnic is not playing, kevin davies is back after one match ban.

Anonymous said...

Rooney or Defoe? Really can't decide.

Anonymous said...

I usually avoid Friday trades, but the approval about Brown's absence drove me into it. I got Bassong instead, and with the money left I got Joe Hart instead of Gomes in goal.
I think that they both will get about the same amount of points, but Hart still seems like the safer choice, and I didn't really want to depend on both Bassong and Gomes from the Spurs. Nevertheless, I did think about another option - keeping Gomes and upgrading the discounted Nasri to SParker from WH. I don't know if anyone has noticed, but for the last 4 weeks (before the ManU match) he got about 9 points each. That's solid. He's a good option the follow, but it would mean that I would have to drop Hart for Gomes, and Nasri also gets great phantom points.
I have 2 Arsenal midfielders. Risky? Both Arshavin and Nasri are pretty solid, so I'm not afraid. I really went hard on solid players, I think it is the best way to go when you have 2 games instead of one, because you want the players that can perform on both games - Valencia, Arshavin, RJohnson, Nasri, O'Hara, Drogba and Vermaelen. Hart, Bassong and Benitez are all probably one-timers in my team, while Defoe can score 3-4 goals throughout the double-games.
3 Brum players scare me, but they do have good match-ups and perform on YFF regardless to the score. 3 Arsenal players are still obvious to me as a gunner myself. 2 Spurs, and one each from Chelsea, ManU and Pompey. I can't believe I didn't get more from Chelsea with their match-ups, but their midfield is changing, while their defence is expensive and looked awful in full strength against a Cypriot side. I could get Ivanovic if I drop Hart for Gomes and replace RJohnson, but I don't really want to.

Vermaelen Bassong RJohnson
O'Hara Nasri Arshavin Valencia
Drogba Defoe Benitez


Fidan said...

Someone please give me some help in here. For now I have


What do you guys think.
1. ACole/Ballack/Kirk,
2. Lennon/Jordan/Kirk or
3. Ballack/RoJo/Jussi

Need some quick help, Im just about to push Save button

Anonymous said...

how about R. Dunne and J. Milner??

Anonymous said...

Still bothered by my strike force and gk :(

My team

Verm Dunne Bass
J.Cole Kranjcar Reid Arshav N'Zogbia
Anelka Benitez

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Hreidarsson RogerJohnson
Bilyaletdinov Reid Elliot Nasri
Drogba Defoe Rooney

What do you all think of this team?

Hinrik said...

SF. I think this is the best team I´ve seen so far. Only question-mark is over O´Hara, but I think he will be ok.

Vermaelen Bassong RJohnson
O'Hara Nasri Arshavin Valencia
Drogba Defoe Benitez

Ross said...

aaargh difficult week!!

Gone for Ballack/Benitez instead of Anelka/Mikel even though I think Anelka is due a goal and will play 2 games...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how many players are playing fantasy fooltabll?? my curr position is around 24000, 1250 points (bear in mind that i started from week 2.. could have had 150-200 in week1 and that would be top 2000 rank, but what can u do..)

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