Saturday, 5 December 2009

Week 14 - My Team


Vermaelen  Alexander  Dunne

Milner  Nasri  O'Hara  Duff

Defoe  Rooney  Drogba

No Fabregas. Mistake? Maybe, but with Fabregas in my team I had to have a filler (well, a midfielder at 5.89) & couldn't fit a Villa player in. With no Abou Diaby or Song I feel Fabregas could be dropped deeper alongside Denilson, nullifying his threat slightly, so I made the sensible choice. As we all know, the sensible choice isn't always the most successful - you always need luck.

In goal I kept Kirks at 1.64. He makes more saves than Almunia so I'm hoping it's the right move. Defensively Verm & Alexander stay & I had enough units left ovet to upgrade Baird to Dunne. I was slightly concerned about Bairds starting status after he played 90 minutes on Thursday night & also concerned Traore could lose his place to Silvestre for his extra height/improved heading ability to combat Stoke. Dunne has a great chance of a clean sheet & he's a goal threat from set pieces.

I've mentioned the lack of Cesc, but in his place comes Nasri who should start in the attacking 3 with no Walcott, Bendtner of Van Persie. If he doesn't start I'll be hunting Wenger down. Milner is the Villa player coming in - I struggled to pick between him, Young & Downing but in the end went with the man with the best average. Duff stays due to his great form & home fixture & O'Hara is back after a few weeks out of my team. KPB was my choice but I missed him on the barndoor last week...O'Hara should still do okay & return at least his value.

Upfront is really strong with 3 players at big discounts. Drogba should give Lescott & Toure a torrid time, Defoe the same at Everton where he's likely to come up against the average Tony Hibbert at center back & Rooney at Upson-less West Ham. If the leagues 3 top scorers (32 goals between them) can't fire for me then I'll have to just accept it's not my year!

That's my team, let me know what you think. I'll be out all afternoon at my girlfriend's work xmas meal so I'm not going to be able to do any barndoor work (unless I have my iPhone out at the table - rude?). Very annoying with the double week coming up in Week 15.

Finally, I'm sure I don't need to remind you that Week 14 is the 1st Round of The AM Challenge Cup. 600 Teams, 6 Rounds, 1 Winner!

I really recommend you join my Facebook Group if you're one of the 600 teams. I may well be using Facebook to communicate with managers regarding the AM Challenge, with fixture reminders (which week each round falls on), notifications of results etc.

Let me know your team - who will you be grabbing on the barndoor?



markygoods said...

Finished with,
Verms, Heriderson, Seabas
Ohara, billy, Lennon, Fabs
Drogs, Defoe, Rooney
swapped traore for heriderson at the last miniute....

Fidan said...

Ended up with some cliche' picks:


As you can see no Villa players. I know it can REALLY come to bite me but...I didn't want to change anything in my team, as I liked it in the first place...!!!

Good Luck...!!!

Mike B said...

Very nice looking team AM, good balance throughout despite the wesome strikeforce!

My little lot is...

Verm - Alexander - Hreidarsson
Fabregas - Bily - Boateng - Bullard
Rooney - Drogba - Hines

I love most of my team, but found myself having to choose between Traore and other, Bullard or Milner and a cheap forward under 6.

Traore has been a liability at left back and was too much of a risk for me, if he plays or not.

I'm giving Bullard one more run out, just cos i like him.

And the strikers under 6 were poor, with the exception of Hines, who although has a tough match, no defense like a quick striker sprinting in behind them. He has looked sharp every time i've seen him. So none of that "ooo you were lucky" nonsense when he scores his brace today please! (my tongue was firmly in my cheek then by the way :P)

So that's it, ready to rock!

Good luck everyone :)

Alex said...

Argh AM I never thought of the Fab drop back factor!!

Verm, Hairdrier, Dunne
Downing, Fab, KPB, Dempsey(won't score at the WC)
Drogba, Bong, Din Din's

GF Team
Traore, Dunne, Hairdrier
BFAY, KPB, Arseshaving, Duff
Drog, Dindandong, Bong

Veyr similar this week, lot of barndooring to be done as in my opimion next week is almost as important as the festive double games, suspensions now start to be factor, games come thick and fast and also the ANCup is around the corner.

Early observations, gutted Rooney went up so much and I missed him, but kind of didnt want him for this match up but for the DGamer, also I really can't wait until I can drop Drogba as holding players bores me especially when a high percentage of people have him. When will Aquilani get amongst it?

For the double gamers I am looking at Birmingham, Sunderland, Chelsea and possibly west ha.

Anonymous said...

Wow, AM, my team is really close to yours:

Vermaelen Dunne Paintsil
Fabregas O'Hara Milner Nasri
Drogba Defoe Rodallega

2 spots are different. Will the minds who think alike be great?


lennon is god said...

Hi Am
ended up with
I was going to buy heridason mist out by 0.2......

Teknokrat said...

So here's my team, I really like and i know that it is the first symptom of a disaster..lets just hope not! : )

Jensen -

He is just 2.99 and is pretty much a filler/gamble as i did'nt have Cap.Kirk last weekend,i instead had PRobbo.I would have stuck with him,.. that was until i saw TheBeast's price.. :D

Verminator/STARman/Dunne -

Verma is like a must have until he proves not.
And even though i think Stoke might get something against Arsenal, i just couldn't bring myself to drop him!I hope he repays the faith with a brace!! : )

Stearman is a defender who - *gets forward most of the times,*is a constant threat from set pieces,*can whip a cross in as well,*is playing Bolton who have not kept a CS in the last 5-6 games(i think),.. what more can you ask from a defender who just costs 6.06 : )

Dunne is also an attacking defender but is quite handy as a stopper as well.And he has proved how strong hh can be iin the air.He was a must have against Hull..not that Hull cant score but given the way things are going this year, picking a defender inhope of a CS is like finding a drop of water in the Sahara!

Eagles/Etherington/MTay/O'Hara -

Eagles has just burst into the lime light!He must be on a hot streak and surely would rack up some phantom points against Pompey...
Okay.. enough with the BS.. plain and simple.. points chasing at its best.. :)

Etherington is like a major hunch of mine.I feel Stoke could upset Arsenal, if not, atleast get a goal or two against them.And i feel Etherington would have a part.. a major part in it!

MTay is the most consistent premium middie i have seen so far. And aginst Wolves? I was all over him! : ) And plus he's been loading up and is bound to start scoring, and what with the manager asking himto score goals?.. He's bound to do so especially because it's against Wolves! : )

O'Hara is brilliant and the typical 'FK Taker-at-mediocre-team' player who also knows how to put the ball into the net from either foot.I just want a couple of SOTs from him or else he would ruin my Jensen CS.. :)

Wazza/Defoe/S.Fletcher -

Wazza at 16 is surely staying in my team for the coming weeks,and plus he's on a streak, as AM mentioned,3 goals,whether from PKs or not is still 3 goals to him and that could spur him on a bit to score.

Defoe is the long-term plan and i'm glad i did'nt sell him.Against a leaky and injured Everton defence hes bound to do some damage!! :)

S.Fletcher,even though i just stated that i dont want O'Hara to score.. i would'nt mind him scoring as long as Burnley find the answer through this man!Realistically speaking,.. without Kaboul,the match could go 2-2 or 3-3 so i hope he gets into the frame of scorers,if not atleast a couple of assists! : )

So thats my team for the week!
Hope my hunches pay off! : )


Anonymous said...

Hi Am !!!
I find ur blog very helpful !!!
my team for this week :

Alaxander Scharner Konchesky
O'Hara Hunt Duff Bullard Milner
Drogba Eduardo

have a good time !!!
cheers !!!

- AC

Dave said...

@ Alex - Bolton also has a decent double week, so MTay or Cohen may be worth a look, and even Jussi (if you don't mind them playing ManCity).

I'm looking at Benitez as a cheap striker to allow be to stack my MF with the likes of Lamps & Taylor & Kranjcar next week.

mehicoradio said...

Went with:

Almunia (shit, but seems to be the lesser owned, and Given gone to crap the past few weeks)
Verm, Heiti, Baird
O'Hara, Etherington, A. Reid, Cesc, KPB
Drogs, Yayga

Heiti is out, but coudln't find anyone i wanted to drop him for. Baird i'm taking a chance on, could have 2 zeros. O'Hara due to his free kicks, discount and match-up. A. Reid since he has a decent double week coming up. Cesc for the match-up, KPB same.

Drogs because its Drogs. And Yayga as he shoots a bunch, and should have some chances against Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

Traore - Stearman - Luke Young
Eagles - Fabregas - Brown - O'Hara
Rooney - Drogba - Defoe

Bradley said...


I wanted Carew up front but dropped him with his starting doubts. Initially I replaced him with Eduardo but ended up rolling the dice on Ngog. I considered Jensen in goal, and given the way the first half of the match has gone, I'm regretting that I chickened out. Given their frailties, Pompey-Burnley was either going to be a goal fest or a snooze fest, and sadly it's looking like the latter. Milner usually does well when I don't have him, so I'll probably regret splurging on Fabregas.

And what's up with giving Didane the PK duties?

Anonymous said...


Alex said...

@ Dave, hear what your saying mate but Bolton look awful this season, only team not too keep a clean sheet in the prem so no joy in defence, up front is awful, only Cohen represents value as MTay is expensive.

Ian Sanderson said...

Biggest news this weekend (for a select few of us......

Tuncay gets a start!!!!

Excuse me whilst I go and lie down.

mehicoradio said...

well Cesc with an assist so far, and almost had a goal if it didn't bounce off Eboue

Other then that, O'Hara gets an assist, and Boateng needs some phantom points thanks to a yellow (according to Soccernet). Oh and Arshavin popped up with a goal, so he should have a decent return (finally)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get too excited about fabregas' assist - the idiot missed a penalty so he'll most likely get a big fat zero for this week.... grrr why didn't i go with arshavin!!!!!
Dunne and the Hermanator were this weeks star performers for me!

Anonymous said...

Half time Pie - £6
Football ticket £45
Meal for the family £100

Tuncay to return his value & my patience of holding him @ 1 ??


bean said...

wow, 3.50 from Tuncay, it was SO worth keeping him for 14 weeks of zero.. i know he worked as filler for some people, but there are other fillers for around a dollar always.. anyway, to each their own I guess..

this double week is a tricky pick.

so far picking up Larsson on BD.

bean said...

damn, just as i was running my mouth, Larsson's price went up...

Anonymous said...

yahoo is updating scores first and then the prices a moment later. so their is barndoor, but you still have to get a foot in it to stop it from slamming shut.

Ian Sanderson said...

@Bean, take it easy, also it's only been 11 weeks of zero which makes all the difference. lol.

Bradley said...

Hey, AM, you made a lot of good calls this week. Sadly, I didn't. Most of my points are coming from DFs, none of whom scored. In short, 3 CSs and Rooney's goal get me a whopping 46.5 + Drogba and Dempsey (c'mon Clint -- score a hattrick tomorrow!). To add insult to injury, Carew looked unlikely to start, so I dropped him for Ngog. Both wound up coming off the bench but with Carew scoring a PK and notching 10 pts. more than Ngog. The footy gods were just jabbing their collective thumb into my eye at that point.

A lot of teams are going to have to run PK drills this coming week. I'm looking at you, Fabregas.

chris m said...

36 Pts with only Duff Bily and Bent to go. Heading for the worst week of the season. I had Vidic with the flu for 0. Kirkland at -2. Bullard at -5. And Drogs had his worst week with a lousy 2 pts.

@Bradley on PK's. Do you think Pompey has figured out by now to let O'Hara take the PKs. Would have given me some points.

I did manage to dump Bullard and BD Arshavin who looked astoundingly good this week. He seems to be playing a sole striker role, so getting him as a midfielder makes sense. Hopefully he rest for the CL and they give Eduardo a run.

I need a Defoe day from Bent tomorrow or I plummet down the table once again. I feel like I am on a trampoline.

chris m

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