Saturday, 19 December 2009

Week 16 - My Team


Alexander  Neill  Vermaelen

O'Hara  Milner  Belletti  Arshavin

Drogba  Defoe  Rooney

Not particularly pleased with my final team this week. Having so many players at big discounts means I can't lose them & this also means I don't have much room for manoeuvre when it comes to my strikeforce & midfield.

In goal I have Kirks at 1.64 - at home to Bolton he should do okay. In defence I have the usual 2 of Verm & Alexander, & I went with Lucas Neill at home to Birmingham as I'd managed to pick him up on the barndoor for 5.08.

In midfield I decided to splash the cash on Arshavin, a move that could make or break my week. I picked him up on slight discount after the midweek game (15.94) but that's a lot of money & I need a huge performance. I hope the extra responsibility with Fabregas out will ensure a big score from him, otherwise I could be in trouble. Because of Arshavin I needed a filler & you'll notice I've gone for the most ridiculous choice possible - Juliano Belletti from Chelsea.

He almost certainly won't play, but he was 3.01 & I saw Anchelotti's press conference yesterday where he suggested Mikel might be rested. If so, with Essien missing Belletti MIGHT play the defensive midfielder role, so I thought I'd take a punt. The only alternative with my money was Grella of Blackburn (who never scores well) so I'm not too bothered if the Chelsea man doesn't start. Final places go to the in form James Milner & the ultra-consistent Jamie O'Hara. I wanted Milijas this week but I just couldn't find the cash.

Upfront remain the 3 top scoring strikers on the game, Drogba, Defoe & Rooney. Drogba vs West Ham was essential, and with him leaving in a few weeks I had to keep the big discounts on Defoe & Rooney as I'll need them during the African Nations.It meant missing out on Tevez & I couldn't get close to affording Torres.

So that's my team for Week 16, which is Round 3 of The Blog Cup. As I said at the start I'm not delighted with it but I've had to make sacrifices to keep the big guns.

Please let me know your teams - who are you picking up on the barndoor?



Mohd said...

My final team:


all the best AM!!!
i love your blog

rwlwhite said...

i've gone with:


r.johnson - silvestre - caldwell

arshavin - benayoun - mok - kranjcar - nasri

torres - rodallega

* although i'm gutted cos just seen benayoun is starting on the bench! balls! at least nando is starting!

Anonymous said...

heitinga/Dunne/L Young

im pretty pleased with my team this week


mudwalkerz said...

Have everyone at discounts as well in my team.. so indeed not too much options if you want to think a bit long term..
for this week I went
Verm, Bassie, Neill
Ohara, Eagles, Bily, Lamps
Drogs, Rooney, Tevez

Chris said...

My team this week :


Verm (last week for him I think) A. Cole, Ivan

Nasri, Arsh, Downing, Milner, Milijas

Drogba, Tuncay

Hoping for a big haul from my midfield as I think they all have quality opportunity to rack them up.


Teknokrat said...

Arshavin/Lee Chung Yong/Blini/Larsson
Wazza/Defoe/NEVLAND :D

Ban said...

Week 16:

Myhill (1.00)
Nelsen (5.25) Givet (5.45) Bassong (6.53)
Larsson (9.52) Arshavin (15.83) Milner (12.73) Nasri (8.54)
Rooney (12.91) Defoe (16.10) Heskey (6.10)

No having Drogba and Having Myhill in my team
It is more dangerous for me!

Bradley said...


Like you, AM, I'm being hemmed in by my selection of Arshavin and by the discounts I hold on several other players.

One of my biggest regrets in YFF to date is failing to snag a half-way decent keeper for cheap early on and sticking with him. I'm pretty sure if I'd held any keeper not named Hennessey or Kirkland, I'd have more points from that position than I've managed by jumping around. With this line-up I can afford only Kirkland or Jussi today. The former's stats are awash in red. Jussi, however, usually manages to scrape up some positive points even when the Trotters get thrashed (see the match vs. Villa, for example). Fingers crossed.

I'll probably pick up Given and Valencia for the holiday DG week. Not sure who else yet.

Fidan said...

I've gone with 3-5-2 this week.

Eagles,Reid(4m-dc),Billy,Milijas,Nasri(remember him scoring twice with Fabs and RVP missing ;))

I don't like my team either AM. Let's just hope that it gets somewhere NEEEAR 100. Esp with it being BlogCup week.


Hinrik said...

My final 3-5-2:
Heitinga Neill Bassong
Arshavin A.Young Valencia G.Barry Billy
Saha Klasnic

Fidan said...

@ Hinrik - Great MF...but, very, VERY tricky one. None of them is consistent enough for those digits they are at, imo.
Arsh - can be 20+ or 1,5
Young - ditto
Valencia - ditto (look at his stats)
Barry - is employed in defensive duties way to much for my Fantasy taste, but he CAN score big in his day
But...Billy - He's the consistent one, and I LOVE him fantasywise...!!! ;)
Solid team I think...You're headed towards 100 imo...!!! I think taking these kind of risks can be a great part of success in this game!!!

Good Luck to you...!!!

Anonymous said...

My team line-up


i'm not happy couldn't get slyvinho but to settle with Jordan..Klasnic i got on the barn door and the gamble i'm gonna take for next double fixtures too..could have drop him to get fletcher and upgrade to sylvinho but not big worries as Man City could still leak a goal or two..

Hinrik said...

@Fidan. My plan was to stick with this team during the christmas period and then this would even out point-wise. :)This is not very injury-prone team and are all sure starters except Valencia. You can´t predict the midfield from Ferguson.

Anonymous said...

C. Kirkland
G. Alexander/T. Vermaelen/S. Bassong
J. Milner/D. Bilyaletdinov/A. Arshavin/J. O'Hara
D. Drogba/H. Rodallega/E. Heskey

Bojan said...

Almunia/Sylvinho,Cuellar,Mancienne/ Larsson,Arshavin,Walcott,Milijaš/
Tevez,EDS,H Rodd

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Ivanovic Sylvinho
Bilyaletdinov Arshavin Milner Ramsey
Drogba Defoe Ebanks-Blake

I'm nervous about Given as he's good, but I always pick him when he is having a bad week. I really need a CS from Man City, which seems really hard as they are conceding so many. But Sunderland's form is just as bad so hopefully City will do well.
I'm also concern that Ramsey may not start. I could have gone with Song who most likely will start, but I decided to gamble as Ramsey will probably do better if he starts

Anonymous said...

Any idea is there a triple week next week for Bolton, Arsenal, Fulham and Stoke?

Ian Sanderson said...

S. Given
T. Vermaelen Bassong Dunne
D. Bilyaletdinov N'Zogbia Downing Arshavin
D. Drogba Tuncay Rooney

Last minute double swap; Howard/Lennon out and Given/Arshavin in.

Doesn't look like a triple week anon, probably a double for those 4 teams the following game week.

Anonymous said...

Week 17 (deadline: Sat 26 Dec, for games Dec 26 to Jan 8)

Those 2 games fall between this time though, so it might be

Kellz said...

ITs going to be a terrible Christmas. Liverpool need an injection of life, and if that means sack Rafa, then so be it. Theres no creativity anymore. I'll be lucky if I don't brake something in rage.

Anonymous said...

Kellz - hope you brake your rage before you break something.

Anonymous said...

Ivanovic - Silvestre - Neill
Arshavin - Milijas - Bilyaletdinov - Ramsey
Rodallega - Drogba

Anonymous said...

+ Ebans-Blake

Anonymous said...

Newbie here... I keep seeing mention of the "barn door" - can someone please tell me what that means? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

p robbo - normal service is resumed ! - per bbc website spurs just 2 shots on target, 2 goals conceded . :)) S.P.

Anonymous said...

barn door is grabbing a player right as games end or are going on before he's value goes up. Say someone like Santa Cruz for City. He's in the 4s but after scoring 2 goals today his value will go up.

bean said...

went with

looking at next week's fixture list is daunting, way too much info to process. I think AM's list in the previous post helps a lot (the list of each of the teams and who they are playing)

bean said...

seen a lot of chatter about picking up Fulham players for next week and possible 3 gamers? yahoo only lists two for each team for week 16, and Fulham is home to Spurs and away to Chelsea. Doesn't seem like great matchups.

Anonymous said...

Well, there can't be anyone happier than me right now! ManU lost heavily, Arsenal destroyed Hull, and I moved up 605 places in the overall ranking with 35 points from 5 players (WTF?!). I was so worried about not being able to get Milner, but he got only 1 point. I guess it was a very very (very very very) low-scoring week. My bet were great - Cuellar and Bassong with CSs (although I didn't like Bassong's 6.5 points), Tevez with a goal. O'Hara was very active in his match, but wasn't up there every time Pompey became dangerous. Defoe was horrible.
From the Arsenal players I had - Almunia with a CS, a win, 3 saves and a penalty kick save had a fantastic game; Arshavin with an assist, but I don't expect a lot; Vermaelen with a CS and a lot of great tackles; Nasri will probably go with a YC and nothing but a SOT to cover for that.
On BD I replaced Cuellar, Tevez and Almunia so far. Cuellar has difficult match-ups, Tevez isn't a sure starter for both matches, while I needed extra money so Almunia was the one to pay the price. I think I'll replace Nasri too, he might not start both matches, but I couldn't find anyone yet. Modric maybe?
So far I added Heitinga, Rooney and Robinson - all of them sure starters for both matches, all of them with satisfying match-ups. The things that scare me right now are O'Hara and Rooney's 4 YCs tallies, and the unsure flight date of Bassong and Drogba to Africa. They'll all probably stay. Generally, I'm looking towards players who'll start both games.
So as for now:

Vermaelen Bassong Heitinga
O'Hara Nasri Arshavin Bily
Drogba Defoe Rooney

Drogba and Bily are my only players tomorrow - I hope it pays off.


Anonymous said...

Torres -0.5 pt, Defoe -1 pt, Rooney 1 pt what a pre Christmas gift.......


Anonymous said...

That photo is not flattering even to Arshavin ..

Afrikan said...

anybody knows when will PL teams release their afrikan players for ACN? am thinking pf picking Bassong (Spurs) and Song (Arsenal) for the double games.

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