Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Week 17 - TRIPLE WEEK!

Yahoo have updated the fixtures for Week 17 & it seem to confirm it will be a Triple Week for Arsenal, Stoke, Fulham & Bolton.

This confirmation adds an extra dimension to what was already a tricky double week. Do we load up on triple gamers? Or do we assume that very few players are likely to play in all 3 games, making double gamers just as valuable?

I'm honestly now sure at the moment, but I can see myself leaning towards players like Matt Taylor & Arshavin rather than Lampard & Kranjcar.

Will this news change your Week 17 plans?


p.s. Just realised yesterday was the Blog's 6 Month Anniversary! How time has flown...


Ian Sanderson said...

Blimey, this news (which I wrongly said probably wouldn't happen) will certainly changemy line up.
Gonna take a while to digest things before making any decisions - hopefully some regular contributers will supply in depth annalysis.
Thanks, in advance.

Assistant Manager said...

It's buggered up the team I'd picked Ian, I didn't think they'd make it a triple week either.

I'm not sure what to do...I was set on Rooney, but now this triple week has come up I'm thinking of losing him, especially because a booking in the 1st game would rule him out of the 2nd game. Risk of 1 game vs 3 games changes everything.

FanKuat said...

yeah A_M Certainly it changes a lot of ppl's tactics/teams lineups

but not many players will [play definitely for thsoe 3 games due to possibles injuries/fatigues

and not many players appears attractive though...

besides arsenal players, bolton players(Lee, Taylor, Klasnic, Jussi)...

fulham(Dempsey, swachzer,zamora) and stoke(ehterignton,sorensen) players

Alex said...

Definately in;

Verm, Seabass
Arsh, Taylor
Drogba, RSC

Currently filling but open to change
Diaby, Billy

With that have £3m left

Dave said...

I'm glad Yahoo finally confirmed it - removing the uncertainty and speculation, allowing us to focus on the player picks and match-ups.

For me it will definitely change my thinking, at least a little bit. I may not go nuts on 3G players, but will include one or two more. There are a couple of nice options that are solid on any given week, so it's not like we would be scraping the bottom of the barrel for the sake of a triple game pick. I'm sure there are some DG picks that will perform as well as a three-gamer, so it might not be worth it to go all-in. For isntance, will 2 games from Lampard be outscored by 3 games from MTay? Perhaps (not based on recent form LOL), but not likely enough to make a real difference. Also, it will depend on who you are holding at what discount. I've got Lamps at 18.43 and Arsh at 13, so they are not moving. But the mystery around a potential triple week meant that I BDd Kranjcar rather than Duff :( . And I will absolutely positively NOT pick Zamora again after the last double week, where he laid an egg. Also, I'm not sure any 3G GK is worth their cost right now and/or likely to get a lot of points from 3 matches. A 6-unit Almunia would be nice, but I missed the boat on that one a while back.

One caveat to consider: even if healthy, I think some players are rotation risks over xmas, with all the fixtures.

Dave said...

@ FanKuat - don't forget Duff, Baird and Cohen, Steinsson ;)

iniy said...

I would love to remember if the last time there was a triple game there was a marked difference between scores...
Personally I'm not going to go mad for it...
I like ManU's fixtures even though they haven't been playing well...
And I don't like Arsenal's fixtures even though I do like their 3rd game...
This is TOUGH!

Etherington and Dempsey are now more attractive...but its tough!!

Anonymous said...

in addition to the obvious considerations re strength/weakness of match ups, i think spacing of the games for the triple game teams may be critical. for example, arsenal's distribution is more favorable with sun/wed in first two but fulham's is too tight with sat/mon in first two.

FanKuat said...

Dave =)
Duff is consistent but due to ae unsure can he last 3 games
baird...is good but his price increasing nvr bd him hehe...
Cohen is good he gave me lotsa points few months ago..but his YFF points lately are low..but he is cheap though...
steinsson good? xD

yeah Zamora gave us a torrid time..negative point in a DG week i chose him too =(

My Current team is

G.Alexander/Mc Cartney/Syvinho

i thin is a good team before they announced triple gamer = ="

Anonymous said...

AM -
I'm looking forward to your Picks for the next double/triple fixures. Please be sure to include some good bargains for the triple gamers. This is great news but somehow I don't feel right about changing my team...I had Diamanti at discount but got rid of him for a triple gamer, I might live to regret it but as my decisions have worked as of late it's a chance I'm happy to take.

greginho said...

i have kirkland
vermaelen/ nelsen/ sylvestre
mtaylor/ arshavin/ dempsey/ bily
drogba/ eduardo/ klasnic

the double week did change a few things. i originally barndoored wright phillips. i changed to dempsey because of the 2 games. even though his are harder. wright phillips is just not a consistent fantasy performer.
i dropped roger johnson for sylvestre. he is the person i am most likely to change. i have up to 8.65 to play with. i could go paul robinson, danny collins, chris baird or konchesky
i wanted to drop rooney, but i would have gone for rodellega, but am picking eduardo, now. arsenal needs arshavin and eduardo to play all 3 games. i have had klasnic 3 weeks now and am quite happy he has 3 games. bily is probably the only other change. i want a 3 gamer, i have him for 7.97, so is there someone who would be better? i was leaning towards nasri. i have up to 10.36 if i don't change the defnender. maybe etherington, but lee whom i want is 18 cents away.

Anonymous said...

@greginho - You could consider Eagles, even though he's a 2-gamer but home to Bolton and @Everton? He's in my team and I don't know anyone else for that price that's playing 3 games and will return as much as him.

Currently at...

I'm thinking with Mascherano out Aquilani will surely get a start and @5.47. I'm also thinking of taking out R.Johnson for Gallas.
What do you guys think?

Bojan said...

This makes this game profet game... it isn't luck and knowlege anymore, now this becomes dancing betwen weather forcast(Wigan-Bolton match), suspensions(3 games + all team play FA Cup match on 2nd and 3rd of January) + who will get knock and who will be rested... Not happy with this but man got to do, what man got to do!!!!

planing to write a big post tomorow about Arsenal-Villa game + next transfer window options...

Torres to score 3 goals against Wolves, i have a hunch...

Bojan said...

also think with Mascerano out that Aquaman can finally get start against Wolves, but Benitez is still manager of L'Poll so....

Anonymous said...

My team and it will remain unchanged unless I decide to jettison Drogs and bring in a triple game striker
100 on the nose.


bp9000 said...

Currently have Drogba(10.66)/Rooney(16.05)/RSC(4.48) on my forward line, but potential 3-gamers Klasnic & EdS are looking dazzling in my kaleidoscope eyes right now.....Drogs is on his way to ACN very soon, and Rooneydoodle is just so inconsistent despite a couple of very good matchups. Depending upon my level of libations/spirits' consumption over Christmas, I may just end up making a switch or two before the weekend......anyway, Happy Holidays to all!!!

brianonymous said...

Decided to take full advantage of the triple week adding four Arsenal and one Stoke player. Lucked out and already had Gary Cahill and Lee Chung-Yong at discounts. Now I just have to mull over my keeper, which is Given at the moment.

Here's my squad:
Given - home to Stoke & @ Wolves, if he can't get at least ten points total from those to matches, I will never acknowledge his existence again

Cahill, Gallas, Wilkinson - Cahill and Wilkinson are two of my favorite defenders so they were no-brainers and Gallas is pretty consistent, at least for me

Chung-Yong, Valencia, Nasri, Diaby - No explanation necessary

Berbatov, Eduardo, Piquionne - If Rooney gets a yellow at Hull, he'll be suspended for Wigan, plus Berbatov didn't start United's last match, Owen did. Eduardo is a no-brainer and Grant appears to favor Piquionne to Dindane (imagine that) plus I got him at 5.41

Other than Given, my team is essentially concrete, but I'll never say never. Good luck to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Man my team is...

I'm tempted to trade Denilson/R.Johnson/Rooney for Arshavin/Gallas/EdS. Somehow I just want the whole Arsenal team, with a few cheap middies of course. Their biggest game is Aston Villa and there's a possibility Arsenal will bring them back to earth. What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

My team :-


i will definitely wants to upgrade my keeper but i couldn't get Almunia, he's too expensive..Given could be in by dropping Milner..i would luv to have Taylor for my triple gamers alongside Arshavin..i like Bily and Eagles but myb i need to slot in dempsey and etherington or myb duff if i got the cash

drog is staying but rooney myb need to go to give me some cash in..eduardo should b d right choice with klasnic staying

any thoughts guys?

Afrikan said...

Below is my team:

R Johnson, Steinsson, Traore
Arsh, Reid, Dempsey, Kranjcar
Drogs, RSC, Tuncay

Am thinking of swappin- 3-4-3 to 3-5-2 by switchin Traore& Tuncay for Baird/Wilkinson, Walcott

R Johnson, Steinsson, Baird/Wilkinson
Arsh, Reid, Dempsey, Kranjcar, Walcott
Drogs, RSC

I feel like i need more Arsenal or Stokeplayers in my team. To me Bolton has got some good games. Please advice.

Anonymous said...

I am feel uneasy about my team, but I can't really think of a constructive way of chaging it. Any thoughts??

Ivanovic Faye Konchesky
Aqualani Lee Lampsy(saved my week) Diaby O'hara
Drogba Bellamy

With chucho extra points I was just able to break 90 points last week :)

Anonymous said...

AM - I think you just openned pandora's box by giving us the news of the 3-gamers. So far today I have made 5 changes to my previous team and already have 6 triple gamers in total. I don't know what to think about it except that I hope I made the right decision. Got rid of Rooney to fit in Arshavin, double gamer for a triple gamer...I figured Rooney might not even start both games and Arshavin should start at least 2. Another reason I'm loading up on triple gamers is because I want to avoid anything like the Bolton/Wigan match where it was postponed. Great week ahead and can0't wait for the results.

Anonymous said...

@Saitofall - I don't know about Bellamy man as I know that Mancini prefers South American players over Europeans. If you have enough cash you should consider Tevez instead. Also Tevez might be taking penalties from now on, just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

For those who want to look at this with averages, the team would be

Vermaelen, Baird, Ricketts
Cohen, Duff, Diaby, Etherington, Dempsey
Sidibe, Eduardo

You are likely to get 225 points with this team.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, change Sidibe to Nugent


gman26 said...

I identify the players that will actually play 3 games and target them.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they confirmed it. I've planned my BD based on triple week and now I can ensure I can keep those discounts

Vermaelen Wilkinson Baird
Bilyaletdinov Arshavin AbouDiaby Duff
Drogba Defoe SantaCruz

I only have 6 triple gamers though. I think Drogba will play both his games before leaving for ACN, so I think I will hold on to him first and decide later whether to drop him for the ACN.
Bilyaletdinov is SK as I have him at 4.7, while I'm keeping Defoe as if I do drop Drogba, he could be a replacement as they are about the same price.
Santa Cruz is on almost everyone's team now, so I'll probably just hold on to him. He could see some game time next few weeks, as Adebayor is leaving for the ACN.
Gomes could be swop for Almunia, but he is more expensive and I'm not sure if the glitch is still present that I could get him preupdate.
The other 6 triple gamers should stay. But I have some concerns on Duff, Abou Diaby and Wilkinson. Fulham's fixtures are hard, so I dont know if Duff will do well. Abou Diaby will probably not start all 3 as Arsenal will have some rotation, especially if Fabregas is back. Wilkinson is probably the greatest value of Stoke defenders, but he is on 4 YCs.

Anonymous said...

I have


This was before triple week confirmation. Now I am thinking Arsh, Etherington, and Tuncay might find their way in. I dont know. I feel like I should load up on triple gamers cuz I dont think many DGers will get 2 games since there is only 1 day between the 2 games this weekend. But for sure the 3 gamers will get at least 2. But FA Cup is Jan 2nd or something. I dont know. I'll probably change , but to what?...

Ian said...

hey AM. Nice update there. Want to exchange link? I have a blog at http://yahoofantasysoccer.blogspot.com too.

Stato said...

... and just to add a bit more intrigue, weather conditions could reduce 3G to DG and DG to 1G (e.g. Burnley v Bolton) as the pitches could be fine but the Stadia and roads not.

Anonymous said...

Player Average Expected D. DuffFulhamMidfielder 10.43 31.29
C. DempseyFulhamMidfielder 8.85 26.55
T. SorensenStokeGoalkeeper 8.94 26.82
T. VermaelenArsenalDefender 8.68 26.04
V. Abou DiabyArsenalMidfielder 7.5 22.5
EduardoArsenalForward 6.33 18.99
M. EtheringtonStokeMidfielder 6.41 19.23
C. BairdFulhamDefender 6.38 19.14
T. CohenBoltonMidfielder 6.04 18.12
S. RickettsBoltonDefender 4.33 12.99
D. NugentBurnleyForward 3.22 9.66

Total 231.33

Hope this helps


Anonymous said...

AM - you're not on your own, this has completely buggered up a double game team I was really happy with :-(

And Bojan has a point - this isn't so much a triple game week as a quadruple game 12 days for Arsenal, Bolton, Fulham and Stoke. There is bound to be a fair degree of rotation so I guess if you are chasing the triple gamers, you have to look at those with the thinnest squads who will be unable to rotate as easily. So while Arsenal's attacking midfielders will be a gamble, you've gotta like Verm, Gallas and Song to play all 3, while I expect Fulham to be relatively stable - but then they have the worst fixtures.

Bolton have two decent games as do Stoke, but how many of their players will get to play all 3 is a bit of a mystery to me - any thoughts?

At this point I'm not even sure exclusively chasing 3 gamers is such a great idea, as there is no point in picking a team based on them having 3 games if they are only going to play in maximum two of them. But I'll probably get sucked into doing so over the next couple of days.

Finally Stato's comment about the weather turning the whole thing into a lottery is worth considering as well.


Paphos Toffee

Anonymous said...

To Anon who listed averages, Burnley only plays two matches so Nugent's points should only be doubled. Not a big deal. Also players tend to have higher averages at home so Stoke and Arsenal players should have more points than expected. Of course with the Gunners, they have to actually play.

Stato said...

A bit of local knowledge makes me think wait til late to finalise teams as conditions at Wigan are still poor and Burnley even worse (car parks, footpaths have compacted ice).
Xmas day forecasting rise in temp so all could look different Friday night.

Anonymous said...

Stato - it's a fair comment, waiting to finalise team on Boxing Day morning would be a good idea in the circumstances.

Paphos Toffee

mehicoradio said...

right now i have:

Verm, Heiti, Ivanovic
O'Hara, Arshavin, Valencia, Bily
Drogs, Klasnic, RSC

I know the Arsenal players are staying, as well as my strikers. Valencia i'm going to keep as he gets @Hull and v. Wigan. O'Hara stays as well.

Now my biggest problem is i can switch out Bily for Lee or Heiti for Gallas. Just can't decide which to do. If i do the Heiti for Gallas i can replace Bily with anyone under 9 (Eth)

Now some news and a question.
First David Villa would be interested in moving to the PL. and Mame Biram Diouf got a WP and supposedly may get a crack at the First Team sometime after January. Song is in the Cameroon squad for the ANC by the way.

The question is: Is Eboue in the ANC and when is he leaving? hoping he'd be gone this week making Sagna, what i would think, a sure bet to start all 3 games.

Anonymous said...

this is just fr all those guys with the drog still in their lineup..accordin to jeremy or neal, ancelotti mentioned that drog might jus play 1 game befre leavin...i personaly hav drogba...n well m takin the risk of droppin...i prefer goin for 2 or 3 gamers...jus somethin to think about..

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