Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Week 15 - Player Picks

The double week we've all been waiting for is almost upon us & if you play Week 15 correctly if could help turn your season around.

You'll find that a lot will change over the Xmas & New Year period. We have 2 double weeks coming up in the next month, but people are always busy at this time of year so it often means they don't have the time to do much research on their team. If you can find the time you'll find yourself rising up the rankings as we enter 2010.

So who should you be looking at for Week 15? This is what I wrote in my preview last week
Week 15 Fixtures
Saturday, 12 December 2009
Birmingham v West Ham, 15:00
Bolton v Man City, 15:00
Burnley v Fulham, 15:00
Chelsea v Everton, 15:00
Hull v Blackburn, 15:00
Man Utd v Aston Villa, 17:30
Stoke v Wigan, 12:45
Sunderland v Portsmouth, 15:00
Tottenham v Wolverhampton, 15:00

Sunday, 13 December 2009
Liverpool v Arsenal, 16:00

Tuesday, 15 December 2009
Birmingham v Blackburn, 20:00
Bolton v West Ham, 20:00
Man Utd v Wolverhampton, 20:00
Sunderland v Aston Villa, 19:45

Wednesday, 16 December 2009
Burnley v Arsenal, 19:45
Chelsea v Portsmouth, 19:45
Liverpool v Wigan, 20:00
Tottenham v Man City, 20:00

Week 15 is double week for everyone except Hull, Stoke, Everton & Fulham which means I'll probably rid myself of players like Duff & Baird (if I keep them for Week 14). In a week like this I feel you need all double gamers.

The teams playing 2 home games are: Chelsea, Tottenham, Man Utd, Liverpool, Sunderland, Birmingham, Bolton & Burnley. I wouldn't be getting excited about any of the away teams, including Arsenal & Man City, as they all have at least one very tough fixture. Wolves are surely the most unlucky as they travel to Old Trafford & White Hart Lane.

Leading on from that, here are my Week 15 Player Picks...

Hart - If you're spending he's the best choice. I'd say Birmingham have the easiest fixtures & their defence has been outstanding.
Kuszczak - If Van Der Sar is out, 2 very winnable home games.
Gomes - 2 home games but 1 against City could be tough.
Fulop - 2 winnable home games.
Jensen - 2 home games, tricky 1 vs Arsenal, but he makes saves at home.
Jaaskelainen - 2 home games, Bolton are dire could lose both BUT he makes a lot of saves & he's cheap.

Quick note on GKs for Week 15; I think in a double week when you have so many "double home game" Keepers to choose from, you should take that opportunity, which is why I'm not listing Green/Almunia etc. You have a choice from £10m down to £4m. Unfortunately I'm currently stuck with Kirkland @ 1.64 & I'm finding it very difficult to decide which outfield player to downgrade to upgrade my keeper. I will find a way, even if it means going with Duke/Myhill for Hull's 1 home game, as I thinK Wigan will lose both away games heavily.

Evra - 2 home games to bomb down the wing, he'll give big points but you'll pay a premium price.
A Cole - See above.
Vermaelen - Just because.
R Johnson - Having an outstanding season for Birmingham & wouldn't be surprised to see him pop up with a goal.
Bassong - No sign of a King or Woodgate return so a bargain with 2 home games.
Brown - If Wes is back then he's still very good value.
Turner - Always a good points scorer when Sunderland are at home.
Mears - Consistent but on the yellow card tightrope (along with Carlisle)
Ridgewell - If you can't afford Johnson but want a Birmingham defender.
Alexander - 2 home games, penalty taker, value has dropped to an affordable level.
Carragher - I know lots of people barndoored him at £6m-ish & at that price he's worth it, but beware the yellow card situation
Steinsson - Seems to have stolen his place back from Ricketts & he's another who loves to fly down the wing.
Hreidarsson - If you have him at last week's price then keep the big man.
Givet - Consistent in victory or defeat.
Berra - Cheap & decent scoring for a Wolves team who almost never keep a clean sheet.
Samuel - Cheap, but beware a yellow card in the 1st fixture would rule him out of the 2nd.

I've split midfielders this week - firstly you'll see a list of the top options, followed by a list of midfield "fillers" under £5.5m who will play in at least 1 game, possibly 2 & will enable you to spend more of your cash on premium double gamers. No prizes for guessing which list is which.

Arshavin - Pushed further forward & showed glimpses of his best form vs Stoke. Remember what happened last time he played at Anfield...
Lampard - Expensive & not in great form, but you can't completely ignore him given Chelsea's fixtures.
Lennon - In the form of his life at the moment so 2 home games are tempting.
Gerrard - A bit like Lampard, you just know you'll get performance soon & we all know he saves his best for Anfield.
Valencia - Starting to show that there is life without Ronaldo.
M Taylor - Always scores points & has 2 home games. I'd probably go with him ahead of Lampard or Gerrard.
Giggs - The problem is there's a chance he'll be benched in the 2nd game.
Kranjcar - Can't see Modric being rushed back so Niko should continue his good form on the Spurs left.
Reid - Hasn't been playing too well in recent weeks but that makes the dead-ball specialist more affordable. I can see Sunderland winning both home games & Reid will be involved.
Larsson - Not really points chasing as he'd been consistent before his monster week. If you got him at £9m he should stay.
Benayoun - If I knew he's start both I'd seriously consider him, but nobody knows with Rafa.
J Cole - Similar problem. Joe is a bargain if he's set to play both, but he played 90 minutes last night so it's tough to know.
O'Hara - For me he's be a no-brainer in a double week BUT he's 1 yellow card away from suspension for the 2nd game so I may have to jump ship.
Huddlestone - In the same boat as O'Hara, 1 more yellow...
Cohen - Handy knack of scoring goals from midfield
Gibson - Ditto, but will probably only get 1 start
Richardson - Good price, but has been employed at full back recently.
Elliot - Will start both for Burnley.
Ferguson - Ditto for Birmingham.
Anderson - With United midfielders playing in defence he'll start 1, possibly both.
Song - Arsenal will need him with 2 away games.
Andrews - Will play both for Blackburn.
Mikel - Should play both now Essien is out with a hamstring injury.
Grella - Should play both for Blackburn.
Brown - Pompey Captain will play both.

Drogba - If he's booked in his 1st game he'll miss the 2nd game, but the damage could already be done by then. I think we'd all agree that we'll be disappointed with anything less than 2 goals from him vs Everton & seeing as I hold him at £10.66m, he stays without question.
Rooney - When I heard the news he was a "major doubt" for this weekend I was actually pleased as I could downgrade him & spend the money elsewhere. The news he's now likely to be fit changes that, although from my premium strike-force he's the most likely to go.
Defoe - If he'd scored his penalty vs Everton it would've been a 30 point week for him. I can see huge points for him again, especially vs Wolves.
Bent - Having a dry spell, but I expect that to end in Week 15
Benitez - Fantastic value this week, you get the feeling he could go on a scoring streak; he's certainly settled in England now.
Anelka - If you can't afford Drogba, but I wouldn't be picking both.
McFadden - Like Benitez, great value.
Rodallega - He'll still score points if you decide to keep the faith.
Berbatov - If you can't afford Rooney & you're confident he'll be back.
Owen - if you're in the gambling mood  after his hattrick last night.

That's it - I'm exhausted after writing all this so I'll leave you lot to discuss it in the comments section! :)



Anonymous said...

what about robinho

i have fletcher i think he is going to play as a full back so should i sell him?

Anonymous said...

L.Bowyer or Larsson who is better ??
- AC

Anonymous said...

Is anybody rating Gareth Bale to get a run out and some decent pitch time?

Anonymous said...

King and Modric played in a midweek friendly from what i've heard. So i'd say avoid Bassong and Kranjcar.

Assistant Manager said...

11:34am - I don't rate Robinho this week, he never does anything away from home. Fletcher at full back is also one to drop.

11:40am - At current prices I'd get neither, but if you have Larsson for 9 then Larsson.

12:32pm - Bale came on vs Everton & looked poor (both goals came down his side of the pitch), so BAE will probably start.

12:38pm - Modric played 65 minutes of a friendly after 3 months out with a broken leg - no way will he start either game. In the same friendly, King went off with another knee injury so I expect Bassong to continue.


Anonymous said...

u make me stuck in dilemma Anon@12:38..


Anonymous said...

mostly my final team..i have to confirm my team early this..because tomorrow night im going somewhere and might be no internet connection..huh
please do rate my team AM..hehe



cheers, ~Ben~

Butch said...

AM - I think Aquilani could end up being a smashing pick for the double week....Rafa seems to be hinting that he is ready to being starting for the Reds. Will be watching the 'Pool-Fiorentina game with great interest.

MasterP said...

What do you guys think about kanu???
he valued only at 2.79!!!!...i know he'll be having very tough fixtures but he won't need to do much to triple(or even more) his value during this double week.....

besides arshavin is playing he will be kind of a forth striker if you go with these 2!!! ( 3-4-3 )

let me know your opinion guys!!!

for now my team looks like this:

traore,G. McCartney, ridgewell,
arshavin, reid,M taylor, song,
bent , benitez and Kanu

I really don't think this will be my final lineup

will probably getting rid of song and traore ... and maybe benitez

Fidan said...

Need advice!

Elliot or Eagles and
Rooney or Lamps (I have Drogs btw)

Keep/drop Kirk (for Duke/Jensen)...???

Cheers ;)

Naning said...

Benitez is easily the value pick of the week. No doubt about that. In midfield, I think Valencia will shine, and in defence... No idea.

In goal, I'm probably going with PRobbo... Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

hey how about my team? please rate my team

M. Fülöp
G. Alexander/T. Vermaelen/R. Dunne
J. O'Hara/J. Milner/T. Cohen/B. Ferguson
D. Drogba/C. Benitez/W. Rooney


Anonymous said...

I'm considering Ngog at 6.04, opinions??

Fidan said...

Lamps/Elliot(Eagles) or Rooney/someone under 7.38

Any idea...???

Fidan said...

And one last thing. By using the whole 100.00m does it mean that I got a right team :P...!!!
Contemplating a swap from Bass to Jordan (but not sold on that, yet)...

For now it is either Kranjc/RJohnson, Lennon/Jordan or Kranjc/Jordan (and upgrade Kirk to Duke or even Jussi)...

Need some advice, please...!!!


Anonymous said...

Tempted to chagne Rooney to Chucho and Eagles to Arshavin. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Whats the betting that Rooney doesnt start against wolves? ...returning from injury, easy game etc. v. tempted to move him to lennon and move almunia to Joe Hart...but the fear of Rooney playing and banging in about a billion against wolves is preventing me


Anonymous said...

AM... why not Anelka and Drogba both? Kalou is out, so other than injury, or a 2nd Drogba yellow(who none of us are selling for 10). why not? Would appreciate the reasoning.

Also, huge mistake I made on monday is selling Rooney on the news that he is out, then yesterday..he is fit..meanwhile there goes my discount & I can't buy him back without losses elsewhere. Lesson selection/selling/etc.. not done until friday night. Now I got Essien at a discount, and for all you know he will also be miracuolously fir saturday???? Currently in place 2801, and I really want to break the top 2000 after this week.

Anonymous said...

AM..what do u think of ballack?

Kellz said...

I love my Liverpool and will definately take time out of my finals studying to watch the CL game. But I have decided to go with Almunia in goal at 5mil. Certainly with a game vs Burnley Almunia will be above 5pts. I want Liverpool to win and if that means -16 from Almunia then so be it, best case Liverpool win 1-0 with Almunia making 5 saves :D

I might be the only one brave enough to keep Giggs at discount and play a gamble on Giggs, Valencia, Gibson, Brown, and Rooney. Giggs will not doubt only play 1 game and I have a feeling he will put up big numbers especially at home. But if the defense isn't set by this weekend Giggs might be recaleld the second game as a sub.

Brown, Verm, Bassong
Giggs, Valencia, Gibson, Larsson
Rooney, Drogba, Benitez

2.67mil in the bank


bean said...

@Kellz - i think i'm with you keeping Giggs. Nani coming out of the champions league match with an ankle problem helps to lean towards keeping him. Was thinking of Valencia instead of Giggs, or Gibson instead of Giggs... I guess you're going all in with the three of them. I like the Gibson pick, was thinking he has a better chance of playing if midfielders would have to move back, but looks as though all the injuries were just a smokescreen.

bean said...

anyone heard any news on VanDerSaar injury? seems it never reported, but he keeps being out. would like to go with Kusz, but VDS could be back?

Kellz said...

@Bean: possibly out for Villa then back for Wolves? I don't like the situation either, wouldn't mind Kuz. But I think when in doubt, leave him out. Question for me is Wes Brown, if hes not fit I have enough to move in Roger Johnson or Ivanovic.

Giggs has just put up some great numbers and Utd have a goodschedule coming up as I recall.

whats your team for this double?

Anonymous said...

Think I should keep Bily? I stayed with him throughout his suspension so I still have him at 4.77. I could replace him and downing with aquilani and o'hara/joe cole. What do you think?

Kellz said...

@anonymous: Everton have 1 game and its going to be at Chelsea, its better to have all double gamers this go round and I can't see Billy doing anything against Chelsea. I'd drop for Aquillani

Kellz said...

@bean: the only change I might make for now is Benitez/Brown to either Bent/Steinsen or straight swap of Benitez for Klasinic.

Kellz said...

Interesting note on Skysports Landon Donavon to sign 3 month loan deal with Everton in January

J said...

This is how my current team looks:
Fulop - 2 nice home fixtures, Sunderland are much better at home, should at least have one victory
Roger Johnson - excellent fixtures, excellent output.
Bassong - not a great defender but a nice bargain at 5M with two home games (hoping for at least 1CS)
Ivanovic - great fixtures, and has been doing very well in attack. Risk of suspension, but he usually gets carded against top teams, and even if he does, one game should be sufficient to justify his value.
Reid - after a few quiet weeks, expect him to explode against favorable opposition.
Larsson - barndoorned him even before his 32pt week haul. Constantly returning his value, takes free kicks, excellent fixtures.
Cohen - I feel like there is no way out for Bolton now, but he's a sure starter for both games, and represents great value at his current price.
Mullins - filler. I really hate having one on a double week, but necessary to fit in everyone else. I had Brown before, but he will probably get carded, so just a zero is better :)
Drogba - deadly, no brainer. Hope he does not get a yellow in hist first game though.
Defoe - great form, expect at least 25pts from him.
Bent - a bit of a hunch on Sunderland, he's been quiet recently, but I feel like he will burst out this week and score massive in the region of 30-40pts...
So this is my team for now, I won't be making any great changes to it, but still have Rooney at the moment, as I was really hoping to keep my Drogba-Defoe-Rooney strikeforce. However, I will probably sell him, since I want to invest more in defence and I think the gamble on Bent will pay off...hopefully (he's let me down before...numerous times)
I have been waiting for this double week for a long time and preparing my team for it, since I always do much better on double weeks. If you have any suggestions regarding my team, please comment :) Good luck to all managers ;)

Anonymous said...

@Anon, I have the same dilemma with Bily, my thinking is that he is a points machine for 4.77 so ill probably keep him through this week, although the swap to Aquilani is tempting, especially as Bily's game is so horrific. Could very easily see Aquilani not starting this weekend tho, they seem to be taking this 'easing him in' thing a bit too far...


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty confident with my team, except of WBrown - I think he'll play because ManU don't have many choices, but I can also drop him for Bassong and use the extra money to upgrade Nasri, even though I really like him.


Anonymous said...

my team
p.robbo (trying to avoid the crowd)
T. vermaelan, W. Brown, S. Bassong
Valencia, Anderson, Mikel, Arshavin
Rooney, Drogba, Benitez

what do you think any suggestions

Anonymous said...

Made my last changes and I am very happy with my team

R. Johnson Givet Dann
O'hara Larsson Lee Arshavin Reid
Drogba Benitez

really wish I had room for benayoun, but benitez is so unpredictable I had to go with reid instead.

bean said...

@Kellz - i've changed my team so many times, i'm not sure what i'm going with.. i started from scratch and changed everything, that was interesting. now, i'm kind of keeping it as is with a few changes:
Verm,G.Alex,RoJo (Ivan,SBass,Brown,Craddock)

you sure you want Aluminum in goal?

Anonymous said...

My picks at the moment:


Kind of surprised AOB, JHend, Chung, and KMac weren't mentioned in the post.

Anonymous said...

Got my team together brodies...

Switched Fletcher/Benitez for Mikel/Anelka...I hope it doesn't come back and bite me in the you know what.

Owain said...

Who's KMac?

Anonymous said...

Got my team together, missing a midfielder, left with 4.7
vermelean bassong evra
larrson valencia arshavin ......
anelka diamanti benitez

Any suggestions.....

Anonymous said...

this is my team so far..... it will be good if you guys can give comments on it

vermaelan, baird, hreidrasson

should i change milner to kranjcar

Anonymous said...

i really need your advise on Franco WHM


Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Ridgewell Alexander
Bilyaletdinov Reid Palacios Valencia
Drogba Bent Defoe

This is my current team. Bily will stay even though he only has 1 game as I have him at 4.7.
Birmingham and Burnley leak few goals, so I have Alexander and Ridgewell.
I'm not sure about Jussi, but the GKs with good fixtures like Fulop, Hart and Cech are expensive, so Jussi seems better than Kirkland who I currently have.
I decided to drop Rooney and Lampard to free up funds, so I swopped them for Bent and Valencia

Any ideas for improvement?

DarkZero said...

will torres be playing?


Anonymous said...

very tiring..

love to have

1. dunn but it seem he's still injured (swine flu?)

2. joe cole but is he a starter?

3. keano but crouch much cheaper n sure starter..maybe?

anyway..i'll just keep this three until saturday morning..


Alex said...

Everton to sign Landon Donovan on loan, he will be a welcome addition to Everton but more importantly most teams on here.

Art Vandelay said...

Anyone know if Benni McCarthy is likely to be a starter for Blackburn? Not sure if I should go with him or maybe a 5th midfielder like Cohen?

Anonymous said...

mikel for essien? but chelsea got more midfielder like deco, joe cole, ballack, beletti? i think they are performing way better then mikel

ed3 said...

how u guys think about walcott?

raymond said...

guys u think bassong will have 2 gameS? and how about traore? will silvestre replace him?

Anonymous said...

Krancjar who will have Modric and Keane fighting him for his spot..arghh

Anonymous said...

no dunn?

Assistant Manager said...

Dunn is doubtful with a hamstring injury & is on 4 yellow cards, so he is not a recommended pick.


Anonymous said...

King is injured in midweek again! So Bassong will have 2 games for sure :)

Anonymous said...

my team
brown bassong givet
lennon milner lampard valencia
drogba chucho franco

please give some advice.. dont no want to do with kirk, dont have enough money to replace him

Anonymous said...

Really tempted to drop Rooney for Lennon, allowing a keeper upgrade to Hart...I bet Rooney gets rested against wolves.

Anonymous said...


great post.

nobody mention lampard.why? I'm picking either lampard or m.taylor. what do u think?

Anonymous said...

3.50pm - AM did mention Lampard, and said that he would favour MTay over Lamps or Gerrard. Personally, I'm sticking with Lamps.

Bojan said...

cech? he is my first GK choice

Fidan said...

Can someone please stop my head from spinning:

Should I drop Rooney and go:
Rooney/Lennon to Lamp/Kranjc

I'm just petrified to have no ManU attacking force in my team, cuz they have 2 great matches...!!!

M said...

Mikel to play both? Chelsea have so many middies at their disposal. Why would they play Mikel? Lamps, Ballack, Deco, JCole, Kalou, Malouda, Zhirkov and lastly Mikel.

Anonymous said...

M, Mikel is defensive midfielder. The others you mention are not. So yes, he will probably play both games.

Anonymous said...

Fidan, i'm not sure why you are sweating so much. Rooney/Lennon sounds much more promising to me (I have both!)

Kellz said...

@Bean: done a lot of thinking and looking back to Giggies record of points, he has put up very bady numbers against top sides like Liverpool and Chelsea. Just wondering how easy it is going to be for Utd to beat Villa who aren't bad at all.

Regarding this and with Palacios out for the double, its likely we will see Kranjcar start the first game and most likely partner THudd in the middle with Keane displacing Crouch up top.

With Wes Brown most likely out of the first game, until I hear otherwise, I am contemplating a straight swap of Kranj for Giggs and Wes Brown/Benitez out for Samuel and D. Bent.

I think this gives me strength throughout with at least one attacking player from Spurs and good attacking players from Utd

How is your team coming?

chris m said...

You guys are driving me crazy.

@Kellz&Bean no way giggs plays both games. unless manu has their midfield playing the back line again because they have no fit defenders aside from Evra. Scholes and Fletcher as center backs?

@whoever mentioned Donovan. What the hell does Everton need another attacking midfielder for. They have Pienaar, Cahill, Bily,and Osman all playing that role with Arteta due back. WTF. Is Toffee Dave still around to make some sense of this or has he disappeared as Everton fights relegation.

Last week was my worst week since I started playing this stupid game, 42 pts. I think I was 390 out of 400 in AM's groups. This thanks to Vidic's swine flue, Bent playing and scoring a 0, Kirkland with -2.5, Drogs worst week of the year. It was a perfect storm of bad sh*t.

This week we get it right. I am actually excited about my team:

Traore Verm Bass
Arshavin Reid Downing Aquaman
Rooney Drogs Bent

All Dg'ers. Arshavin basically a 4th forward. Gambling on Downing and Agualini, need a little adventure.

I fell 1000 places overall and 14 in AM's group 2 last week. I am predicting with certainty that I post 200+ pts and regain all my lost ground this week.

And I'll start the ball rolling for next week just to drive you lunatics crazier. I will be looking to BD Modric and Torres as rest of the season keepers or until they get injured again.

cheers guys
chris m

J. Dunn said...

Kirks(holding him longterm, hope he's out this week)
Verm | Alexander | Bassong
O'Hara | Larsson | Lamps | Arshavin
Drogba | Rooney | Chucho

I was tempted to downgrade Lamps to Valencia for a better 3rd forward, but other than Bent there weren't great options, and I figure Chucho is about an equal bet to Bent on current form. I'd really like to get from Lamps/Larsson to Valencia/Lennon, but I come up just short on funds. Should have BD'ed Valencia in time last weekend. I really don't like having 2 Brum attackers in my front 7, even with the decent matchups.

My long term priorities are kind of conflict with doing well this week. I want to keep Arshavin at 13-something playing CF, but I don't really like him this week. O'Hara and Drogba are both YC risks but I'm not dropping them at their prices until cheap replacements hopefully come in in the Jan. window. I'm holding Kirkland at 1.64 as an enabler because I've had horrible luck with keepers, but this is a week with lots of good and relatively inexpensive keeper options. I'm hoping I can just hold my own and then reap the longer-term benefits of holding on to those guys.

Anonymous said...

KMac is Kevin McDonald for Burnley.

brian said...

AM mentions KRich in his picks, but isn't he suspended for the Portsmouth match?

Anonymous said...

Which is better - Valencia/Palacios or Lennon/Elliot? Palacios is a doubt, but choosing Lennon would mean I would have both Lennon and Defoe but no ManU players at all.
Or should I go Valencia/Elliot and use the rest of funds to upgrade other spots?

Anonymous said...

Does no one like Obertan this week? He is bound to start against Wolves and has shown much promise.

Anyway, here is my team:

Verm, Nosworthy, Bassong
Arshavin, Valencia, Obertan, Mikel
Rooney, Defoe, Drogba

Tony E

Anonymous said...

In a fit of team pride I dropped reid/dann for deco/cole. GOO Chelsea!

Johnson Cole Givet
Deco Arshavin Larsson Lee O'hara
Drogs Benitez

Looking at Aquaman Geovanni on the bd
Any comments ideas??

Sulldaddy said...

I am torn on Rooney and Lampard.



Thinking about droppin rooney and reid for bent and either Mtay or Lennon. I think I could do lennon/mtay/ohara/reid if I drop lamps and rooney. TOO many good MF picks this week.

Im worried Rooney gets rested one game, and want to hold valencia do to ManU matchups. Lots to figure out before Saturday AM.

I like my roster now, but the possible options are spinning my brain!

Any thoughts on dropping/keeping Rooney and Lampard???

Kellz said...

@Anonymous: I like having a Utd attack since you already have Defoe, and Palacios is definately out for the first game, but he doesn't earn many points anyway. If you still want a Spurs middie maybe go for THudd? Or possibly Aquilai who should start his first match finally.

@Tony E: If Obertan was a sure start then yes. However there are still many Utd middies that have a spot over him. Instead of chancing that money, I think Aquliani has a better chance to start. Look for Obertan on the BD if he does play the second game, but IMO he might only get off the bench after 70+ minutes if at all.

@Anonymous: First off Rodger Johnson or Glen Johnson? R.J would be the better pick. Deco will definately play 1 game, but certainly with J.Cole also in the mix may be sidelined for a game as well. I like the A.Cole pick, but your frontline seems a bit weak. Benitez isn't the most reliable striker given his form, even in his sides good fixtures. I think you should possibly place in Bent if you can since the top 3 striker choices are pricey.

Kellz said...

@Sulldaddy: I doubt Rooney will be rested and Lamps is a good choice given matchups. I'd keep them both.

bean said...

tough week this one..
Kellz, i'm getting the feeling to shy away from Giggs, go with Valencia instead.

as of 11:16p.m. pacific time:


certain to change tomorrow. i had a team with too many B'Ham players, had to change.

Mike B said...

Really tough week when you don't have much money to play with due to having Drogs at 16.

I am actually going with Obertan, with Utd middies playing in defence, Giggs being old and Nani being crap again midweek. Obertan came off the bench midweek and got 2 assists, i think he'll play a part in at least one game and return more than his 5 mill value. Plus i'm a few pennies short of Aquilani.

The goalkeeper is my dilema this week.

To field a team i even half like, i have to sacrifice my goaly by keeping Kirk, even if he's injured.

This is my team at the moment, any suggestions will be appreciated, cogitated and digested.

Verm, Alexander, Hreidarsson
Arshavin, M Taylor, Obertan, Mikel
Rooney, Drogba, Franco

I'm happy with my defense and i got them all on the cheap, i'm deliberating over Mtay or Fabrgas since not many will have Fabs, but like Mtay more.

I could switch out Rooney to Bent or similar and upgrade my keeper, but i'm scared he'll find some decent form and Bent will score Zip.

Help! :P

Anonymous said...

Drogs or Defoe

Kellz said...

@Anonymous: Defoe is more expensive, but has good fixtures. Drogba has better fixtures but possible YC risk. I still like Drogba

justin said...

i have 6.93 left and narrow it down to

forward:di santo,maccarthy OR
mid:elliott/anderson OR

do u think i should held on to klasnic (BD at 6.77) whom i dont think will play or pick any of those players above?


Anonymous said...

do u think i should bet o robbie keane?instead of wayne rooney bcoz he might start for both game

Anonymous said...

5.Hi 1437 pts rank 1202 desperate to get back into top 1000!
Traore Johnson Ivanovic Bass
Arsh Elliott Ballack
Drogs Roon Benitez

Cmon you Gooners!!!

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