Saturday, 12 December 2009

Week 15 - My Team


Vermaelen  Bassong  Alexander

Valencia  Mikel  Larsson  Kranjcar

Drogba  Rooney  Defoe

Not much time today guys, so a quick summary of my Week 15 team.

Kirkland. I'm not happy to have him, but I built an outfield team I was really happy with, with him in goal taking up just £1.64m, so unfortunately I'm stuck with him. He might not even play, but I have a history of spending big money on keepers & them failing me in double weeks, so I'd probably be happyy with a big fat zero.

In defence I'm sticking with Vermaelen & Alexander. Bassong is in as he'll start 2 games with King & Woodgate still struggling.

In midfield I have an in form Valencia, Kranjcar who I expect to start both games as Modric is eased back slowly, Larsson who has been consistent all season & Mikel as a filler.

Upfront I have the big 3 in Drogba, Rooney & Defoe. No explanation needed...I just need to hope Drogs can avoid a yellow card vs Everton.

That's it! What did you end up with? Any barndoor ideas?



Anonymous said...

Bassong - Dann - Ridgewell - Ivanovic
Reid - Larsson - Mullins
Drogba - Defoe - Bent

Anonymous said...

damn, that's a good line-up AM..i respect ur decision

i end up with this line-up


my regrets would be if valencia and defoe scores big (keep my finger cross they won't :p)

Alex said...

Risky Team A M, I maybe need to get out of the mentality of Mikel being a filler as he will hopefully play (Baletti risk) and if he doesn't you have two fillers (with Kirk) and possibly Krank not getting much play. I struggled this week, next week am loading on Arsenal and Liverpool with a sprinkling of Everton and maybe Wigan with any fillers coming from Wolves, unsure on Chelsea and Man City (need to get my head round City after the double game as Sunderland at home maybe massive)

But anyway, this week my Team (Supermassive circa 2,500)

Girlfriends Team (Uninteded 63)

rwlwhite said...

kirkland is playing!

My team:


RJohnson; Givet; Silvinho

Larsson; Aquilani; Arshavin; Valencia; Mikel

Drogba; Bent

I've taken a number of risks in there (Aquilani, Mikel, Silvinho) but figure double game weeks can throw up some surprises and best to get in on the cheap aquilani quick. Also, with bridge injured, sivinho should get to play both games, mikel should get to play at least 1 with essien out.

Fingers crossed!

Also, getting torres on the bd!

Anonymous said...

Wes Brown had to go make himself questionable so lots of changes to the team I thought I was happy with, to one I feel good about.

Verm Alexander Evra
Ohara Valencia Anderson Cohen
Drogba Rooney Rodellega

Heavy on Man United, because I think they will do the business, and they fit well on my team. I just hope Anderson gets both starts.

Anonymous said...

I ended up with:

Vermaelen Bassong RJohnson
O'Hara Arshavin Nasri Valencia
Drogba Defoe Benitez

It looks pretty solid to me, but of course it will have to prove itself.
BD: Almunia looks like the best pick in goal as he's home to Hull. Johnson will certainly go, Benitez can be out too if he doesn't perform. I like the prospect of 4 Gunners home to Hull, and everyone else's place depends on their performance this week. I would love a Villa defender too home to Stoke, and maybe a ManC attacker home to Sunderland.

Good luck!

init said...

Silvihno is a great pick IMO with Bridge injured.

Kirkland starting might not be a good thing for you AM - we will see...!!!

Also I think Mikel is a negative point risk more than anything - he will prob play deep

I don't like my team this week but I couldn't force myself to drop Giggs. I just have a feeling that the combination of the chase to get Chelsea and having no defenders therefore less midfielders COULD mean that he starts twice...

Jussi (hopefully lots of saves!)
Nelson (got him 4 weeks ago and just keeps getting points!)
Verm (I don't think I'll drop him unless he gets injured)
Dunne (goal threat and had him last week at 7 so no need to change)
Giggs (seems to create all ManU chances)
Cohen (7 and is due a goal I think)
Larsson (8, consistent, 2 good games, for me the easiest pick of the week.)
Ballack (hmmmm)
Rooney (won't drop him unless injured)
Drogs (10m like everyone else, will drop when away)
Benitez (hmmm)

I wanted Anelka. Think he will do well this time...

Bradley said...


I'm sad I spaced out on BDing Jensen until it was too late. I'd risk the match vs. Arsenal at 2.99, but given his current price, I've picked Fülöp instead (how can you not like a guy with umlauts on all his vowels?). Sunderland's DFs are almost as gimpy as ManUtd's, which is making me nervous though.

In a DG week I wanted absolutely no filler (0 * 2 = 0), but the Fülöp-Lennon-Rooney combo sucked most of the air out of the room. I find myself loaded up with guys who tend to score either 30 or 3. Stunning success or egregious failure awaits.

My line-up's oddly light on Chelsea and ManUtd players apart from the usual suspects, but there it is. For the heck of it, I decided to pass on SJordan and took a flier on Steinsson instead. Hopefully he'll be this weekend's Hreidarsson.

Anonymous said...

i had a tough time choosing..but this is my team for double gameweek.. =)


i think it looks ok..huhu..
any comments?

Anonymous said...

Confidence absolutely shot after last weeks princley 31.5 points, so I've been chopping and changing all week.

Surprised people haven't gone more with Chelsea given their opposition, but by the same token I ended up swapping Lampard for Defoe this morning so who knows? Anyway I ended up with:

Verm; Cole; Bassong
Arshavin; Cole; Brown; Grella
Drogba; Defoe; Bent

The three forwards speak for themselves and I chose Defoe over Lampard as he is on fire at the moment and Frank isnt. Cue a double hat-trick for Lampard today! Fillers in the form of Brown, Grella and Dule allowed me a fourth 'forward' in Arshavin, and I think Cole may get to play in both games given Deco, Ballack and Essien are doubtful. Finally I recon Ashley should be good for a couple of clean sheets, Bassong for at least one and Verm is Verm. Consequently Duke was the only goalie I could afford.

On the barndoor I'm liking Almunia, Traore, Aquilani and HRod - may even swap Torres for Defoe later, but lets see what this weeks fixtures bring first.

Good luck all

Paphos Toffee

Anonymous said...

My team

Bassong Givet A.Graham
Milner Lennon Lamps Valencia
Drog G.Franco Chucho

glad that kirk start.. but hope no - from him.. huhu

brianonymous said...

Went with:


Not too confident in my side, especially Cohen, gonna regret not getting Chung instead. Anyhow, good luck everyone.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't give up on Capt. Kirk either, and like AM a big net zero from the GK would be fine with me:

R. Johnson / Alexander / Hreidarsson
Eagles / Valencia / J. Cole / Cohen
Drogba / Defoe / Benitez

rich 'Liverpool' said...

gone for a very risky team this week in some choices:

Almunia (so cheap should be making plenty of saves)

Vermaelen, Alexander (ever presents) Bassong

Arshavin O'Hara (ever presents) Ballack (deco out, should start both?) Modric (will get some time, cant do a barndoor this week, will be everpresent at that price if he stays fit)

Drogba, Anelka (yes!! really going out on chelskea this week, looking to anelka taking over from drogba from the 28th) Berbatov (!! cheap, should be recovered, good fixtures, hope he plays both)

well i need some chelsea goals, yet another week where as a liverpool fan i cant bring myself to pick any 'pool players.. c'mon gerrard, get fit!

HooRus said...

Vermaelen, Alexander, Nelsen.
Dunn (discount), Giggs, Bowyer, Lennon,
Drogba, Bent, Klasnic.

Lookin' good so far.

Anonymous said...

AM is losing it....

Dave said...

Klasnic, Andy Reid, Tevez, Tuncay (yes, really LOL) on the BD, for now. Maybe Sylvinho too (6pts today, not bad). Hoping for a price drop on Lamps and Given. But also eyeing Gerrard instead (facing Pompey...).

Not a bad day, with nice scores from Eagles (13.5), Larsson (10.5), Chucho (17), Dann (10) and a miraculous 21(!) from Robbo. Defoe and MTay disappoint, Drogba is absolutely on FIRE right now, and Arshavin yet to play.

Jig said...

Who's better as a BD pick??

Hahnemann against Burnley or P.Robbo against TOT.. please help guys..

bean said...


alot of people (including myself) seem to be keeping Verm based on his first 6-7 weeks, but if you look at his last 10 matches, he's been really underperforming. But gotta give him one more week home to Hull (and see what he does tomorrow)
similar with G.Alex
I'm hoping Giggs coming off at half means he'll be starting the 2nd match..

mikl-em said...

Hey AM, a bit of business--can you ban SocatRo from the chatroll for spamming? thanks!

I'm having a great week so far, tho tempered by Rooney's weak showing. He's now at 4 YCs everybody, take note.

My squad:


Loving Elliott's goal. 2nd week in a row I've pickd a support player who has scored--last time it was Larsson's two goals. So enjoying my luck there. :)

Hoping Rooney & Defoe redeem in the 2nd game.

BD so far O'Hara, as I'd dropped him this week. Added Bily, too.

It's good to see Everton actually showing some good form a couple weeks in a row, even with the longest injury list in history.

Anonymous said...

i ended up with:

verm(-), givet(8.5), g.alexander(5)
ohara(12.5), arsh(-), larsson(10.5), valencia(-)
drog(26.5), chucho(17), bent(9)

so far, i think it's ok.. jussi save me from getting minus points despite conceding 3 goals.. although i swap reid for bent at last minute, hope he will gives me more point in another game.. any idea for BD? almunia look worth a shot? want to add fabs, but already have arsh.. can't decide who i want to BD..


mehicoradio said...

i went with:

Verm, Heiti, Evra
O'Hara, AR, Larsson, K. Rich
Drogs, Rooney, Chucho

So far through the first games (minus Verm) can't complain too much, 104.5 points. good chance of getting close to 200 it seems. Did a bunch of cutting after a couple down weeks and its paying off.

For the BD, so far i grabbed Milijas, Eagles, Jensen,Klasnic, and Ivanovic. Plan to see what Arsenal does and decide which of the Cesc/Arshavin bunch to bring in. Then its deciding between Milijas and Eagles for who stays in the team, don't think i'll keep both.

Also have to decide if i stay with Klasnic and Chucho to partner with Drogs, or go for someone a bit higher price (would have probably 16-18 pounds left to spend)

Anyways hopefully this week gets me back up and out of 7000th, ugh

mehicoradio said...

Oh and a bit of stats: So far against the crap teams this year (i call them Group C) Arsenal is averaging 4.2 goals a game. And have yet to lose. (Group C includes Birmingham as no idea how for real they are, probably will bump them up to Group B in January)

In Fact if you take Birmingham out of that group, their lowest scoring game against a Group C (Crap) opponent was 4 goals.

Anonymous said...

Need a big game from Kuyt tomorrow and decent second week matches for a respectable score, but not really worried.

My team for next week at the moment is:

Capt Kirk
Dunne/Traore/ACole/Lescott (a trekkie convention)

Got Dunne, Gabby, Carlos, and the Irish Ghost at a discount. I like this team a lot and probably won't touch it... probably.


Anonymous said...

Decent first game with 93 points, might just be able to beat my highest score of 158.50 after the 2nd game.

Last minute decision to swop Jaaskelainen to Fulop(6) is good, though its terrible for him to concede that late goal and lose his CS. I did get a CS from Roger Johnson(14), and 3 goals from Drogba(26) and Elliott(12.50). Reid(15) did well, while I'm kinda surprised Rooney(8.5) did ok considering he usually sucks when he doesnt score. Defoe(6.5) and Bilyaletdinov(4) were disappointing, while I wasnt expecting much from Hreidarsson anyway(0.5). I have Vermaelen and Nasri left, and 10 of my players have a 2nd game.

Vermaelen Ivanovic Traore
Bilyaletdinov Nasri Arshavin ???
Drogba Defoe Torres

This is my current team, but its definitely not final as I only have 0.68 for that last spot. I BDed Ivanovic, while I'll see how Torres, Traore, Arshavin and Nasri does this week. Looking to bring BD Aquilani in if he starts, and hoping that Torres, Arshavin or Traore sees a price drop and I might just be able to swop Nasri for Aquilani and Mikel.

Ban said...

My Team

Nelsen Givet Bassong
Reid Taylor Larsson Giggs Mikel
Ronney Defoe

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