Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Week 14 - Player Picks

Bit of a twist this week, as I was invited to be the guest writer of The Week Ahead over on "The Original Bloggers" (Jeremy & Neal's) excellent Fantasy Premier League Blog...

...obviously, I jumped at the chance!

Click here to see my Week 14 Player Picks on FantasyEPL

As you probably all know, the only reason this blog exists is because of the inspiration I gained from years of reading their stuff & they were both a huge help offering advice & promotion when I started out. It's a genuine honour to get the opportunity to write something for them, so for one week only you'll find my weekly recommendations over there.

In my opinion you should be checking both blogs every week anyway, as I believe the two combine to provide YFF Players with all the information they need to finish top of their Private Groups (& win bragging rights over their mates!!!)

Just a quick reminder, Week 14 is the 1st Round of The AM Challenge...


p.s. Just realised I've recommended Heitinga & have since discovered he's suspended - typical!


Douchebag United said...

Excellent job AM! I'm curious as to why Scharner isn't getting any pub by you. At this point he is pricey but he seems to be consistently playing in an attacking role and taking his opportunities when he gets them.

Also any word on Luke Young? Will he continue to play? I know Collins is injured but Young is the most affordable of the Aston Villa defenders this week and I'm hoping to play him against Hull this week.

Assistant Manager said...

Hey DB - Scharner is just too expensive for me mate, but that doesn't mean he's a bad pick, it's always good to have your own hunch picks!

Luke Young is also a good option but I'm wary of rotation once Warnock/Collins return.

Anonymous said...

Hey, waht about my team?
Konchesky Givet Verm
Depsey Milner Duff KPB
Drogs Rodallega Edurado?

Anonymous said...

rosicky starts tonite in lge cup. so probably one to avoid at wk/end and eyes turn to walcott & nasri. which will start though or might it be both ?? S.P.

Ian Sanderson said...

What an honour AM.
I bet the success of this blog has gone beyond your wildest expectations.
Anyone know when Arsenal's catch-up game will be played?

bp9000 said...

AM - Excellent post on Jeremy & Neal's blog - very comprehensive, with most if not all of the lower priced potential bargains, which is generally what we readers are looking for.

BTW, are you really planning to drop G.Alex? I have him at 5.76 and I could switch him out for maybe Hreidarrson or Traore, but I'm not very convinced that either Pompey or Arsenal will keep a CS. Plus, G.Alex takes pens, and he will be facing Portsmouth who conceded 2 PK's in their last game alone.

Ian - I was looking on the Barclays site for the make-up games for Arsenal, Man City & Bolton but I could not locate them - maybe I was scrolling too fast?

bean said...

since Arsenal matchup home to Stoke looks pretty nice this weekend it might be helpful to look at who did not start today in the Carling Cup match (and is not injured)

Aluminum,Verm,Gallass,Sagna,Fabregas,Arshavin,Denilson,Eduardo,Walcott,Nasri... so basically their whole 1st team did not start (as usual). I was kind of interested in Vela and Rosicky, but now that they played today theres a pretty good chance they won't be playing against Stoke. I also wonder if this is going to be a sustained rough patch for the Gunners? two 3 nil losses in a row and a loss to sunderland before that..

interesting that Mark Hughes went with pretty much his exact starting squad, seems he at least wants some silverware, even if it's just the Carling Cup.

PRoblem a hero? i don't believe my eyes.

bean said...

so with no Vela:

(dropped G.Alex, not sure about that though; or Dunne,Cuellar,Baird,Hreid)

A.Young,Giggs,O'Hara,Walcott (dropped Demps which is ridiculous; or Fab,Arsh,Nasri,Denilson,Murph,Duff,Dunn[if healthy],Bily,Downing,Milner,MTay)

Drogba,Rooney,Ebanks (not much on the cheap, maybe Piqui,F.Camp would like HRod in there, even though I missed his barndoor price, would mean i would take money out of defense which for some reason I'm interested in this week. I kind of just want to get a nice strong defense and ride it out for Dec/Jan with chelsea and manU represented..but will probably change my mind

Anonymous said...

Here's what I've got so far:


A little worried about Captain K, he's up-and-down, and he's due to be down this weekend.

Dunne / W. Brown / Hreidarsson

WPH strategy in effect this week (Who's Playing Hull) Thanks, AM, for the heads-up on Herman, cheap defensive options who aren't named Bassong are highly prized here.

Fabregas / Milner / Bily / Jarvis

Big scorers one week almost never repeat, so Giggs is out. Expecting a breakout week from CF, or else. I'm favoring Dempsey over Duff (again, the Big Score Rule).

Drogba / Agbonlahor / Carew

Disregard Big Score Rule in the case of Drogba. Agbonlahor scores FF points in three-game waves and he's due to crest this weekend. Reluctant to have two Villa forwards but the alternatives at Carew's price (Doyle, Zamora, Klasnic) aren't that attractive. But then there's Edwardo -- when is he going to bust out?

Possible late swaps: Dempsey, K.P. Boateng, Edwardo

Douchebag United said...

Need a little advice, having some trouble trying to figure out this week so let me know what you think would be a better blend.

I really like Bili theory of on week off weeks so which foursome is better?

Dempsey/Rodallega/Boateng/L. Young or Fabs/Didane/Reo-Coker/Hreidalson...

Anonymous said...

I like your first group, DU. Never had much use for NRC as a FF player except as filler, and Dindane hasn't done much since his one monster game. I think your first group is more likely to return its value, but who knows?

Kellz said...

Verm, Brown, Baird
Giggs, Dempsey, KPB, Eagles
Rooney, HRod, Drogba

4.56mil in the bank

Waiting until Friday with team news to see if I still want Baird, and thinking dropping Dempsey for either BFAY/Milner/MTAY, leaning more towards MTAY. Or could do a straight swap of Dempsey/Baird for Dunne/BFAY.

I think Giggs stays for me unless hes certain to be out

Bojan said...

@ AM - You are the best... Respect

Bojan said...

Btw, Song has 5 YC, so he will miss Stoke game... Less chance for Arsenal CS, and good chance for some cheap player to fill in

Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Hreidarrson Samuel
Bilyaletdinov Duff Boateng Fabregas
Drogba Defoe Rooney

This is my current team, quite happy with it now, what do you all think?

Anonymous said...

Could use some suggestions. I have 12.58 to spend on a Def & Mid combo. Already have Terry,Hreidar,KPB,Lamps,Collison. The current combo is Krich and Bassong, but is there a better combo ???...and is Krich guaranteed to start (no suspensions/injuries?)

Conswaila said...

AM your a bloody legend

Hi All
Would really appreciate your opinions

Vermalen,Alexandra,Nelson (al cheap )


Fab/Milner/Mullins or Muckena/Dempsey

Head wrecked, dont know what to do
Have Keeper/AllDef/Dempsey/Cole/Drogs/Rooney/Defoe all on da cheap

Conswaila said...

BP 900
Dont drop alexandra, playing in midfield , capable of plenty of shots and is penalty taker
I have him at same price and see nothing cheaper than him that makes me want to drop him

Anonymous said...

I need one midfielder, and am considering A. Reid or Milner.

Or are there better options for under 12pts?


greginho said...

everyone is going to drop kirkland. i am going to keep him. you would have to spend at least 8.13 for fulop for 10.23 for hart to get the goalies with great matchups. if i spend 1.64 on kirkland, he should be able to double his cost easily and a chance for more. his first match is at stoke, who are the 4th worst attack in the league. they have 13 goals all year, there is a slight chance for 0-0 draw. the 2nd game is at liverpool who are really unpredictable and will be resting some of the key players because the other game for them, in the double week, is arsenal.

Bojan said...

what about The Beast for DW goalie??? under 3

Anonymous said...

talksport just announced walcott is injured and will miss the game on sat'day. pile into nasri !

bean said...

@S.P. - yeah, so much for Walcott playing forward, I guess that does solidify Nasri's place in the squad. And with Song suspended now, Denilson might be a nice pick.. He was pretty solid when he was consistently starting last year.

Pompey not paying it's players again? I wonder if that will piss O'Hara off enough to not play well? hope not.

bean said...

Murphy is back for Fulham, but looks to start in Europa match tonight, so most likely will not feature at the weekend so soon after returning from injury. I would like to pick up Murph and Downing at their prices if I knew they would start..

bp9000 said...

Thanks for the advice, Conswaila. Alexander (despite his resemblance to a meth addict, as has been astutely pointed out) seems logical to keep at the low price, but I noticed that AM was considering dropping him, and he really knows his stuff! Regarding your team, personally I would not bother with Mullins or Mok - maybe you can downgrade another middie such as Dempsey (unless you have a big discount on him) or even Fab (for Arshavin, to go against the trend - at 13.88 he's relatively cheap right now).

Anonymous said...

My team:

Vermalen, Traore, SeaBass
Joe Cole, Giggs, KPB, K. Richardson
Drogba, Rooney, Torres

I need advice, should I dump any of these
midfielders for Nasri?


Anonymous said...

yeah bert..maybe drop KRich or JCole for Nasri..
Arsenal have better matchup..


Anonymous said...

Well guys,

my fwd is
dindane, gabby, berba 7++

any suggestion?


Anonymous said...


the fridays changes..

chnge to 352

dindane to arshavin


Anonymous said...

malaysia's newspaper wrote about a threat for Berba family?

anyone aware?


Ali8305 said...


Is flectcher going to start for Burnley?

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