Sunday, 13 December 2009

Week 15 - Saturday

Firstly - how awesome is the Premier League?

Nobody can predict what may or may not happen this season...Villa beat Man Utd at Old Trafford, depleted Everton hold Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Spurs lose at home to Wolves (bollocks), Bolton draw with Man City, Figueroa scores from his own half, Hull & Blackburn draw 0-0 (okay, maybe it's not that unpredictable) - but it really is the pinnacle of sporting entertainment at the moment & for pure excitement it's unrivalled in my opinion.

Now - big whinging moan terms of the blog, for me, it's a bit shit. I sound bitter, but I literally can't catch a break in terms of big snap decisions & phantom scoring. In addition (more bitterness), I feel I need to mention some of negative comments I've been getting on here, which really aren't helping. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate constructive critiscm, but some of it isn't constructive.

It's a combination of "how can you spend all this time writing about fantasy football - you don't have a life" (AM: erm...why visit a blog aimed at yahoo fantasy football players if you don't want to read about yahoo fantasy football?) or "how can you give advice when you're ranked so low?" (AM: erm...why are you a complete dick?) blah blah etc etc. The comments are increasing, always anonymous (brave) & deleted by myself as they come through, but it's pretty disheartening.

It's extremely tough to write all this stuff. I've always had a massive amount of respect for Jeremy & Neal for how & what they write, but only now am I starting to realise exactly how difficult it is to find the motivation to write a post everyday about this game when it isn't going well for your own team - especially when you get loads of abuse. I'm finding I make some excellent recommendations every week, but then don't take my own advice a lot of the time.

However, it's an easy excuse to make & I know you probably all make similar decisions. I'll add to this by saying I am very grateful/should be very happy about the success of the blog; & I am really. Yesterday we had well over 3000 individual visitors (almost 5000 hits), the most by almost 1000 - I'm delighted so many people are reading and hopefully enjoying it - it's more than I ever imagined when I started it less than 6 months ago.

I know I'm very lucky to have a brilliant community, who have helped to really get the blog going - Teeth, Mud, Andy, Chris, Bojan, Mike, Fidan, Kellz, SF, Bean, Ian, Dave, Alex, Nanning, Rukkie, Greginho, Gman, Toshak, Down South, Bradley, RwlWhite, Steve, Greek, Maxer, Bill, Ban, Tom J (big wave) etc etc, (these are off the top of my head- sorry if I forgot anyone, there's loads more but you know who you are). I have to mention Tekno too;  he can be a nightmare but he's entertaining & shows up even if he's had a shocker! :)

You're the guys who're here day/week in day/week out, whether you've had a blinding 120 pointer or a dreadful 20 point pisser. Many of you are in the Top 50, others outside the Top 5000, but I love reading all your stuff in the comments & in the chat room; it' s all  honest & helpful advice. I feel a connection as I'm also here (in an attempt) to write something useful too, whether it's gone well or badly. I have to, you don't, but you do anyway and it is much appreciated!

There are also a hell of a lot of people who go missing for weeks/months on end when they're doing rubbish & then return to gloat when they have 1 good week before disappearing again as they trail off! I'm very aware who these people are :), but I guess it's something I have to deal with if I want to keep going...I don't have the option to hide! I have to man-up & tell you all when I've had a very bad week. There's no escape from this when you start a blog, so I know i'll have to learn to ignore the negative comments. I'm still working on this, as you may have guessed by my previous 6 paragraphs of bile!

You'll now notice this was all a huge extended excuse leading up to the fact that I've had another bad Saturday ;)...not only did Spurs lose a game they should be winning, but a total of 64 points dropped me over 300 places as I failed to make good decisions for the 15th week in a row.

Drogba saved me as he has constantly, but a lot of other stuff went wrong. Kirkland -4.5, Valencia, 1.5, Kranjcar 2.5...I was so so very close to swapping Kranj for Reid, switching Bassong to Nosworthy & Kirks to Robbo (if you're good at maths you'll realise that's a 45 point negative swing). Defoe, & Rooney (nice dive) were underwhelming, Larsson, Mikel, Bassong & Alexander did okay compared to their value, but overall it was bad & I'm not sure the midweek games can save me.

One positive...Drogba wasn't booked so is available vs Wolves - yay!

On the barndoor I grabbed O'Hara, Milijas, Arshavin,I kept Kirks at 1ish, & I may keep the Drogs, Defoe, Rooney combo (but I want Rodallega). I feel a bit lost of the moment but I have to remember that the upcoming Xmas period is a time when everything can change, with games/deadlines coming thick & fast.

That's the rant over! How did you do? Who's in on the BD? Liverpool v Arsenal tomorrow. Prediction: 2-3...should be another cracker!!!



shadowgex said...

just thought i'd say that youve given me a shitload of helpful advice since i've started reading - much more than i can say about the official yahoo blog, and i'm sure the vast majority of people feel the same way so keep it up!

we all really appreciate what you're doing and it gives me personally an incentive to watch all the games, even between the lower ranked teams

init said...

You do a great job buddy

Always remember there is a lot of luck involved in this game...

You help us all, don't worry about that...

As far as the negative comments go, fuck 'em, who cares, look at who is reading!!

Keep it up, you're class

shadowgex said...

for next week i grabbed ebanks blake (for chucho), nasri(for ballack), milner (for reid) and cuellar (for rjohnson) - i may swap cuellar for traore though.

i'm currently sitting on a bit over 4.00 in extra cash... gonna wait for tomorrow to see if i can free up a bit more, in which case i'll swap anelka for torres (hoping torres does badly so his price'll drop... i see him exploding vs portsmouth next wk).

i got 90 points with only one goal (anelka)... so while i'm dissapointed for not scoring more, it means my players picked up a good amount of phantom points and hopefully they'll only do better on wednesday! i've got arshavin and aquilani to play tomorrow, and pretty much my entire team to play again (at home) during the week

Anonymous said...

I agree with u "init", A.M. U REALLY HELP ALOT .....

Anonymous said...

keep doing your thing. you are one of few interesting datapoints out there to draw from (jeremy and neal being one, and fantasy football scout as another). anyone playing this game should not think they can rely on one person and their assessment across the league. watch some games, read some articles in the UK rags, read these blogs and use your gut - then set your lineup and shut the F*&K up when you have a bad week. As former Giants 2B Jeff Kent (sorry for the US sporting reference) once advised grumpy Giants fans on the radio, "Enjoy the game, people."

No one is going to have the best advice week in and week out but the folks that are giving you a difficult time aren't putting their asses out there on the line giving advice on a daily/weekly basis either. So do your thing and realize that the silent majority appreciate your contribution and time.

Maverick said...

Chill out bro,
For everyone that appreciates and praises us for what we have done, there are others that loves to be our critcs.

To Hell with them, do what you feel / like / love to do most.

I've been here since the start of the season, along with other sites ( Jeremy and Neal's Blog & "The Starting 11") before i make my choice weekly.

No doubt you have been a great help with your insights and predictions.

Cheers and many thanks to you.
Keep up the good work ya~!

"from Malaysia"

Bradley said...

@AM: Thanks for everything you do here. Case in point: I took a flier on Steinsson based on your recommendation (I'd completely forgotten about him), and he notched an assist today. Then there's the fact I don't know anyone personally who follows the PL. This blog and your leagues make YFF a lot more fun.

113 with Verm to go tomorrow (based on his current form, I'll wind up with 113). The only goals I had were Drogba's. Most of my non-premium players produced today with assists and SOTs. Good thing too given Lennon's and Rooney's points.

Today was kind of a weird day (see the top of this post). Tues/Weds could be flipped 180 degrees.

Oh and curses upon Kaboul for ruining Fulop's CS and win at the last minute. Villa's away performance today is making me very nervous about Tuesday's match at Sunderland.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad start for me to the double week. 93 points with Vermaelen and Nasri left for the 1st game, and 10 more players left for the 2nd with only Bilyaletdinov playing 1 game for me.

3 goals from Drogba and Elliot, and a CS for Roger Johnson, though it was tough seeing Fulop losing his CS at the last moment. Reid did well, while Rooney did ok seeing he didnt score.

Anonymous said...

Hey AM,

Don't listen to those voices that can only think to provide negative feedback.

Since starting to read your posts I have climbed from 69,000 to almost breaking into the 13,000. I know compared to some of the high flyers on this blog that this doesn't seem much but just think where I could have been if I had found your site on week one :-)

Anyway, keep up the good work, as someone said above your posts help compliment the information posted by Jeremy and Neal plus the Football Scout. Then the decision is up to me!!!

Sitting with 130.50 points with Verm to play. BD'd Fabs just in case he has a good game but will be looking at Aquaman and Torres for next week.

Create the blog and we will post :-)

Thanks for all your help so far and long may it continue.

Chat id Dave_L
Facebook - Dave
Team name Kneebreakers Eleven

Anonymous said...

1st thing 1st~the blog's good!!!

keep it up! i wouldnt score more than 100 dis week if it wasnt based on your list =)

anyway, BD tevez, thought he would be helpful ;D

Anonymous said...

I'm mostly just an admirer of your blog and all the great participants.; It's changed my position in my private group of 27 (been in for 3 years now); I've been #1 all season and attribute it to your blog. Great insight/advice. Thanks;Steve from Vancouver, Washington.....

Anonymous said...

AM is losing it

Afif said...

See AM you have lots more that support you then those idiots who dissed you. Really hope that you will keep up the good work and also keep on scoring low for your team(so that we wont have to worry about your team in the challenge cup :P)

greginho said...

i think everyone is missing the point AM. if you were ranked higher, you could have a life and the blog would take care of itself. DUH!

Ian said...

Hey AM keep up the good work. Yeah it's hard to write a post after a dismal week in terms of fantasy football. But wow your blog has 5000 hits! Mine has less than a 100 hit per week. Lol

Anyway i had 87 points.. not fantastic as my midfielders did not perform. Only Reid was okie. Valencia and Lennon were disappointing.

bean said...

AM - i've chosen to just ignore the idiotic comments, they're here just to instigate. your blog is awesome! it's rare to find a blog that is updated so regularly with such great info/analysis... and as for bad weeks, not catching the breaks, there's still a whole half of the week to play, don't worry. and the overall race is a marathon, not a sprint (as many have said before..

cheers to this blog!

p.s. - can you set it to not allow anonymous posters?

Kellz said...

@AM: Theres nothing better than waking up in the morning to watch the matches and have a community put together in which we all love the same thing - the great sport of football. You set all this up AM and all the idiots can say what they want the core people are what counts. Keep up the fantastic work!

I have currently fallen into the top 3000 after a first day total of 62.5pts with much of my team the same as AM. But Utd will destroy Wolves and Drogba should score well on Pompey. I am super excited to watch the Liverpool vs Arsenal match, we finally have our squad back!

On the BD I grabbed: Tevez, Richards, RJ, Ivanovic, O'Hara
no doubt one of the 4 defenders I have will go and I am contemplating going with Billy and Aquaman in mid for next week.

AM your doing some really great work and its highly appreciated by the vast majority. I feel a big Spurs win against Citeh!

Huge AM Fan said...

Hey AM to hell with what others say aight'.. You`re doin a helluva great job.. You can go far with a blog like this believe me

2 big thumbs up for ya!


Anonymous said...

87 points this week. I dropped Tevez and brought in Bent :(
Mikel was a good filler based on his 4.50 points but what happened to KPB? He wasn't even in the squad! Injured or suspended?
I got 14 pts from R Johnson and 10.5 from Lasrson. Interesting to note that the team "Birmingham Stratford Blues" scored 144.50 this week and (s)he had 8 Birmingham players who contributed 107 points!


Anonymous said...

AM.. it really sucks if you get the abuse you've mentioned. As much as I enjoy, and will keep on reading J&N blog, I love yours...

That being said, and unfortuntaely you never answered, but I stuck with Drogba and Anelka, although you warned off on having both, and have 98 with Nasri and Almunia to play. If all goes well will crack into the top 2000 by next mid-week


Holyshing said...

u do a great job and keep it up~

Dave said...

Just to pile on - keep up the great work AM. Your dedication to YFF and the community you started is appreciated and should be applauded.

Aside from all the insightful discussion, thoughts on players, match-ups, etc, there is another aspect of this blog I find especially useful: it is a great resource for footy info in one place - namely injury news, previews, and looking at the week upcoming (ie the BD watch). Just wanted to mention that worthwhile part.

So, in terms of Arsenal next week - for me the dilemma is Fab vs. Arsh. The Russian is streaky, so could lay an egg, making the more consistent set-piece taking Fab equally interesting...Ugh. Maybe I'll forget them both and roll the dice on Gerrard...

Anonymous said...

I dont know why so many people are mad at bloggers.I check this blog to give me some ideas on players i can use,thats all,i still watch the game ,and i still have opinion for it,so if u say in the blog to drop some player,and i like him ,i'm not gonna do it - its that simple...U do great job man,dont worry about the haters,they dont have anything better to do - ooo,where are may points,why u told me to pick this guy and he didnt play, blah blah blah

munafix said...

thanks mate, i have better team now and i jumped about 5000 rank since i regurally visit this blog. keep up good work.


bp9000 said...

AM: I don't post very often, and I did not manage to join any of your six leagues (I would have if I wasn't already maxed out), but I visit your blog almost daily and I find both your advice and your writing style to be nothing less than excellent - very thorough and great reading, too! Your consistent advice has been much appreciated by myself and many, many others, as you can see by all the other posts here.

BTW, I went with Almunia this week - thinking long term and hoping that he avoids being in the red for this game against 'Pool. Also, hoping Arsh has another huuuuge game at Anfield.

mehicoradio said...

On the ranking thing, really its quite competitive anyways, I know i'm in 5000th and looking at the Leaders its only like 300 points off of them, it could be quite possible to be 100 points out and in 2-3,000 etc. Besides only takes a week to turn things around.

Disagree though, Saturday was great! Tottenham lost, Man U lost, Chelsea drew (the worst part of it all). :D

Another random fact: The most goals scored in a game by Birmingham so far is 3 (@Wigan) and the have only scored 2 goals twice (vs. Sunderland, @ Pool)

They Also have kept 7 clean sheets

mehicoradio said...

*Should add that is just in PL matches

Barnyard said...

AM, this is one of the two places (J&N is the other) I go to everyday, to read up on your guys insight to the football world. Everybody has up and down days. I was as high as 2000, but some bad choices has me at 7000 now. The choices were all mine. Trust me if you weren't doing this we would all be less informed, and I wouldn't have a place to hear other educated soccer people talk. You keep doing the awesome job you are doing already. We all thank you for it.

J. Dunn said...

As someone who has played this game quite awhile and fairly well(I usually end somewhere between 500th and 1000th), I think you're giving very solid advice, and really going the extra mile in terms of frequent posting and covering all the angles. And I'm struggling this year too; anyone can with a little bad luck and a key bad call or two(in my case, letting Tuncay eat up a forward slot for 4 weeks). It has to be even harder when you're giving all of your best ideas out to many of the other competitive players, and everyone is doing the same thing at several key positions. But, things are starting to differentiate a bit now, and all it takes is one or two huge weeks to get right back in the running. I've gone into the holiday fixtures in worse shape than I am now and ended up right back up near the top.

Doctor Teeth said...

AM - you run the best fantasy football blog on the web. Period, end of sentence. Kudos to Neil and Jeremy and the folks at Fantasy Football Scout but this blog is leaps and bounds ahead of those two outfits in my opinion. Largely that's due to the sense of community that you have been able to build in a short period of's bizarre but I feel like I have really come to know a lot of the other visitors to the blog and hearing their "voices" every day is now a huge part of my week. The sense of comradery and common interest is really makes following the Prem an even more dynamic proposition than it already is.

As for you getting down on your performance thus far this season, there is 2/3 of the season left to go....plenty of time to rise (or fall!) in the standings. Last season, I really only started to come on around this time of the year and went on to win my private league by more than 200 points clear. Patience is a virtue. But I totally hear's easy to recede into the shadows when you have a bad week (ahem ahem - I don't need to name any names, you managers know who you are) but you don't have that luxury, AM. Good on you.

I'm sitting on 91.5 points with Verms still to go tomorrow. Only Drogs with goals for me. Strong days from Chucho, Eagles and Larsson without any goals scored. Could have easily had a dozen or so more points but for YCs for Rooney and Ridgewell, HRod missing a PK (which ment Capt. Kirk settled for a tie instead of a win) and YFF not crediting MTay was an assist on Klasnic's second goal (I still don't understand it - he clearly headed the ball on to Klasnic for the score). I'm hoping that the law of averages will carry the day and MTay, Lennon and Rooney will blow up midweek.

My unsaved BD team for next week:

Verm Alexander Neill
MTay Modric Larsson Eagles Fabregas
Drogba Chucho

Ban said...

AM, You did a great job for every week.
After coming this Blog, my YFF's ranking is going up again and again.
I appreciated AM did all this for YFF's players.
I think this really help many players every week.
Cheer up, AM. Just ignore the negative comment.
Support AM from Ban and many all of here!

For week 15,
There is no goal from any of my players.
Myhill saving my week with 19.00points and total for now is 94.5point. There is no Arsenal and Liverpool players from my team. A little disappointed from my team (no goals), but after refer this blog with getting Reid, it also save my week! Thanks AM.

From Ban (Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

Almunia - great chance of CS home to Hull.
Cuellar - great chance of CS home to Stoke, who are looking poorer every week that pasts.
Bily - EVE are improving, their match home to Brum could be ended with their celebrations...
Tevez - I don't care what everyone says, he's on form, and Sunderland aren't. Do the math.

I want to get Heitinga as well, instead of Bassong, but I currently don't have the money. I dropped Hart, RJohnson and Benitez despite their perfromances, because I can see a Brum lose away to EVE. Valencia also goes, he just burns me every time...
All in all it was a good start, 99 points with Arshavin, Nasri and Vermaelen to play and a lot of BD is ahead of us. I want to thank AM for his advices and help, which improves us all and probably demand a lot of effort from him.
Finally, I want to end the post with a personal note:

GO GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

YAY!! Moi got a special mention!!


Hmm... I got a whooping 53 points!! :-\
Lets just hope Rooney goes on a rage and scores a 'Defoe' against Wolves!! : )
Aaa..wishful thinking.. ! :(
I still have Arsh and Verma to go and i hope this time round they thrash Pool so badly to a condition in which Derby would be favourites to beat Pool! : )
I'm hoping for a 5-0 scorline with a brace from Verma(!!) both being SC and Assists by Arsh(!!) and a hatty from Arsh with atleast one of em being assisted by the Verminator!!

If that hapenns than whopeee!!
If not ... i would just have a sucky week!!
I am in a way happy that i had one lucky week with 10 of my player playing and still racking up ~130 points!! And even more happy that it was during the AM Cup

On a sidenote - AM - It was really mean of you to pin point me in the AM Cup Post! boo-hoo! :S
You cant blame me for the 19 spots that were filled by same teams! I agree its my fault that i was in 3 leagues!But dont you think that pointing me out in a blog which has ~5000 hits is more demotivating than negative comments?!
Now thanks to ya(no offence) more than 3000 people out here think i'm an utter doofus who likes annoying people!..
Would you care to remove my mention in that post?

But that does not deter my opinion bout the blog!
It's just liquid awesome!! : )

My B'Days on 15th! So all my wishful thinking.. were it to come true.. then i would have a BLAST! :D

Chat ID - Teknokrat
Facebook - PJ Prajwal
Nick - Tekno


Anonymous said...

AM, you did a great job and please keep it up^^

heidelberg13 said...

this is my 3rd season playing fantasy football and based on your very useful blog i've had my best start yet. my first two years i was lingering in the middle before turning things around and that was with the help of jeremy and neal's blog. keep up the good work am! i finished the day with 88.5 points and vermaelen still to play.

Anonymous said...

AM - this is my first post and let my first post to tell you that you have done a hell of a job here... I have followed your blog since day 1 and it have help me a lot... Have a look at my rank and you will understand... Just ignore the haters, they will fade soon enough...

Kelab Kecergasan Veteran Bahau

mikl-em said...

Hey AM, you are *amazing*. I can't believe you do all that you do (and cheerfully, um mostly :). And I think it's disgusting that there are people that would be sending you those comments. Just imagine them anonymously typing out a couple of shitty sentences of negativity, in comparison to your hours of writing pages of well thought-out positive suggestions, analysis, and witty repartee. ;) Quite pitiful, they, and you're doing great work.

And let me specifically say THANKS! It's been great for my game (106+ already this week--woohoo!) and it has been a ton of fun, more importantly. I'm playing the game for the first time this season. And I'd dragged a few friends in, too. But they ended up not as obsessed as me. :) So it's great to not only have this resource & advice from you, but also the community around it who are tuned into the games, excited to discuss and share, not to mention are actually watching the games on TV to let me know what it looks like. :)

Yeh, I'm in the US and without cable, so SOL on visuals, and mostly just following via the text feeds. Anyway, enough about me. Thanks again, it's awesome, don't stop, your team will come around and so will the Spurs. I like their schedule through Feb., and you've got Modric back!


DownSouth said...

AM - I too have a website that offers information to the public (for free as well). They don't always agree, in fact, many of the postings are the ones critical of my judgement. But, I think the response to your posting proves that the ratio of supporters to complainers is better than 9:1 as it is on my site. Having 90% of the people agreeing with you in any part of life is a success story. Please remember that.

My Experience:
This is my 1st season of YFF. My first few weeks I dug a hole where I started well into the 60,000th place ranking area. I didn't understand the rules and didn't know what BarnDoor-ing was. I found your site around week 5. I've read you informative postings every day (and as someone else mentioned, your writing sytle is enjoyable) and even print them so I can make notes during the week of who I like from your list. I definitely use your information as the basis for my team, although, I usually throw in a personal favorite or two.

The chat forum is also a great source of knowledge and educated opinion for ideas. Many of the fellas there are established managers (top 1000) so that also helps to confirm thoughts I may have.

I'm now up to 22,000 and moving up in multiple 1000's most weeks. My goal is to be top 10,000. And most importantly, I've been #1 in my league for the last 7-8 weeks. It's all thanks to your website.

In the end, I ask that you remember that your information is free, so you don't owe anyone anything. If they don't like your site then they can leave and pick their team on their own. I guarantee you they won't do better on their own....and they know it too.

Keep up the great work, AM


Anonymous said...

keep up the good work.i support ur blog for giving me good advices.

Kernal_Panic said...

Hey AM, like the saying goes...

'In every bunch of roses there's a prick or two'

This is the best YFF blog around, no doubt. If you ask me the only reason you might not be doing so well at the minute is due to the blog. You're anaylising all the possibilities (for the rest of us btw) and losing the ol' gut instinct. Saying that, please don't stop!

Thanks a lot for everything, and I bet that comes from the 4999 people who read your blog, and are not complete and utter tossers.

The Tigers said...

Are you kidding me! My son and I have been using your site all year. YOUR site is the BEST out there. We look forward to each post and the comments that go along with it! Moved +1220 yesterday after 118.0 day.... first in private league all year. Our team is basically assembled from the various comments and advice found on here every week (as too are the members of my league... sigh). KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

and Yes! nice dive Rooney (not allowed on my team)


Alper said...

hey mate you are doing wondeful job, dont bother with that...ı had 71 points now and vermealen torres and gerrard gone a play...I think liverpool gone a win 2-0 against arsenal...good luck every body...

rwlwhite said...

respect to you AM. i'd have jumped ship if i had such negative comments, but you've kept it real and continue to produce good blogs and advice. I shall raise a toast to you this christmas (in the pub, not with my family, they may think that's a bit weird)!

anyhow, i'm sitting on 80 points so far, so not much better than AM

I ended up with some good points coming from Drogs (obv.), Larsson, RoJo, Silvinho (despite shipping 3 goals), Givet, D.Bent weighed in with a 9er, and Mikel returned over his value. Disappointing that Kuszczczczczcak and Valencia gave me a combined total of 1pt!!!!!

I still have aquilani and arshavin to play today which I'm hoping will get me at least 10points each (although i'd like a 2/3 goal, 30-40 pointer from Arshavin!) so I'm not too disheartened.

ON the pitch, yesterdays' unpredictable results happened to all go my way (as a Gunner)!

Man U losing, Chelsea drawing, Man City drawing, Spurs losing...what more could I want?! Liverpool 0-5 Arsenal this afternoon maybe? I wish!

The Tigers said...

Hey AM (or anyone else) - -
Planning a bit ahead as will be away for the holidays...
what happens with the Tues. Jan 5 Stoke v Fulham and the Wed. Jan. 6 Arsenal v Bolton games as there are no weekend games prior (Jan 2/3) ???
i.e. will there be a fantasy week consisting of those two games? or will they be lumped into the following or preceding weeks?

mudwalkerz said...

AM..sad to say but this is the price of succes.. high trees catch wind.. on the bright side.. you grew up a tall tree in really short time.. so extra wind and perhaps some envy ;)
I for one am glad you created this place for us.. it makes a fun game.. even more fun.. we have some good times with the regulars.
on a sidenote.. when are you EVER going to keep the faith with O'Hara instead of dropping him all the time and then having to pick him up again? :D I'm keeping the lad.. probably even during suspension..his 5th yellow can't stay out forever huh...

Conswaila said...

AM , all i would say is F""k them, they havent a breeze what they are on about, i have been playing FF for to many years and this is the best site, be it your advice, your ability to get a topic out for discussion, the input from the members here,and do not forget, you have a global membership, i have the upmost respect for you and that is high coming from a gunner, keep the faith

Anonymous said...

This is my first year playing YFF and this site by AM has been totally excellent, it really helps me week after week. The other posters on here (who take it seriously) are great to and some fab comments. To all who critise this site, its posts and people who post all the negative, why bother just dont read!

Keep up the most excellent work AM - we who come here regular really, really appreciate all your hard work you put into this site.

Thanks again - great posts as ever from you.


Partly sunny said...

I regularly read your blog (and Neil&Jeremys) but rearly comment. There is always alot of useful information on here thet I either don't bother or don't have time to check out every week (such as injuries and suspensions).
So keep up the good work and know that it is appreciated.

Conswaila said...

have 86 points with Nasri,Arshavin,Vermalen to come ( ok so its very biased towards da gunners )
Didnt make any BD, am keeping last weeks team for now, hav most at a huge discount, will wait for mid week games to decide what to do

Vermalen, alexandra,Nelson

any thoughts

Anonymous said...

Hi !

Would just say that this blog is very good. I am one of many people who are reading your posts and enjoying this blog, but do not usually comment. Also, the live chat is really good. When watching games, I always have the chat open as well. Then I can follow who gets SOT, assists, goals etc.

Keep up the good work!

(Just wanted to say something this time, as I have been enjoying the blog for a long time, and haven`t given you any cred :) )


Assistant Manager said...

Bloody hell, thanks so much for all the positive responses guys, this is what I was talkign about when I mentioned the community! :)

Anonymous said...

AM - crappy weekend for us both (54.5 points) but at least my lot held Chelsea, which is some kind of serious silver lining. As I said in my post yesterday, my confidence is shot at present after two numpty weeks on the trot with teams I thought were pretty good, especially after the great start I had. Like you I just don't seem to be able to catch a break at present - hopefully it's just a blip as I'm in real danger of dropping out of the top 500.

On a more important topic completely - don't let the anonymous dickheads get to you mate - there's a hell of a lot of us out here that appreciate what you are doing, are grateful for the advice and informed comment, and really enjoy the added dimension you ( and Jeremy and Neil) have given to the game.

But thats the point isn't it - it's still only meant to be an entertaining game. If you are getting stressed about the whole endeavour then I'm sure that I speak for most of the guys on here when I say that none of us want that - it's not what it's meant to be about. Don't put so much pressure on yourself mate, we'll still be out here, we'll still read what you've got to say because it makes sense and we'll still contribute to what has become a fantastic little community. You've done a massive job and you should be proud, not depressed - it's not shit mate, not at all.

Paphos Toffee

Anonymous said...

I was rubbish before I started reading your blog.

You really have helped me in the past few weeks and now I am slowly climbing up the rankings.

Cheers AM, your a star.


chris m said...

AM-I am in a very different time zone, its 6:00 here and I just got up so I am sorry I'm late in line with my comments. I would have liked to be at the top of the list. As I have said from the get go, you have the best EPL site on the web. Its something to be very proud off. You have attracted a cast of characters who enjoy the banter and playing off each other. Kellz, Bean Teeth Bojan Fidan, you named most of them. We enjoy giving each other stick, but respect each other's knowledge. Its because of community that exists here, as your have surely fully realized by reading the feed back above that I think its a better place than N&J's. As for the anonymous comments. Simply fuck them. It comes with the territory. They are to be totally ignored. I even had some anon wanker post a get a life comment about me. Sheesh. If I knew who it really was I would rip their head off an piss down their throat. I am sort of that way.

Back to the footie. I am in deep water, 48 pts with 6 left-Torres Arshavin, Song, Verm Aqualini. Big gambles on Torres and Aqua. I am gambling all on Arse/Pool being a goal and shot fest. 5 Hours to kick off.

All the best

chris m
velvet underground allstars

Mike B said...

Excellent post AM, and if you're getting 5000 individual hits in a day, well that's rather excellent isn't it!

It's great to be a part of this ever expanding community, as well as having access to a brilliant, informative and funny blog.

It's always pleasure to read, and chat with you and the guys on here.

On to my Saturday....


I'll elaborate :P

Kirks, Alexander, Hairdrierson, Taylor, Brown, Franco, Rooney and Jerome.

They netted me an amazing 31.50 points between them, what a load of rubbish. I just can't seem to pick the right players at the moment, it's very frustrating. I feel your pain AM, but at least you have that man Drogba :)

On to today, and i have to think positively, 3 players playing, including 2 premium mids that are capable of doing the business against a weak Liverpool. So come on Fabs and Arsh!!!

And lets not forget that we still have games to go in the week, most of us have 11 players still to come.

I'm not crying into my Rice Crispies just yet, but it's getting close :P

Good luck today everyone!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed some interesting fact - nobody sees SParker from West-Ham. Before WH's match against ManU and their match at Brum, he got 9 points or more for 4 consecutive weeks! He's just above 9mil right now, and though I wouldn't buy him now for the Chelsea match, after that West-Ham have: Pompey, @Spurs, Wolves, @Villa, @Pompey, Blackburn, @Burnley, Brum, Hull. Well, maybe the matches with Spurs and Villa aren't that easy, but except on them he can do really well. It's just a theory, but he might just be a player you should look at for the following weeks.
I'm really nervous today as an Arsenal fan, but also YFFely - Vermaelen, Arshavin and Nasri are in my team and I want them to really give a big boost to my 99 points from yesterday. I think that the fact that almost every big team dropped points yesterday (except Villa) will encourage Arsenal to be much more vivid - if they lose, the damage will be minimal, while if they win they can get back into the race, so they don't have a lot to lose. I believe we'll see goals, and I hope they'll be for the Gunners.


aredam_84 said...

Hye AM

This is my first post after reading your blog from the beginning.You've done a great job and I enjoyed it.

Keep up the good work AM :-)

aredam_84 - from Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Here's a mental idea...

Why don't we try to help AM chose his side one week? Every week he finds some pretty hot picks, but they don't make his final 11.
Not sure how you would sort it out (demcratically, i suppose), but it might be an interesting experiment...

Anyways AM hope you're feeling the love out there

Anonymous said...

You do a great job AM. Don't listen to the haters. There are loads of positive comments to outweigh the negative ones.
Wolfy Dave.

Rob said...

This blog is great! Don't listen to the negative comments, they just mean you've arrived!

Glad I picked Boyer, and Benitez :)

Anonymous said...

Hey AM!

I agree with the rest of the posters here.

Your blog is awesome and you deserve all the credit in the world. I visit it everyday and it has become one of those sites you need to visit once or twice a day (at least) you know. Isnt there any way to block the guys who give you the idiotic comments? BY IP-number?

Onto YFF: I have the same dilemma with the front line as you. This was the week for which I BD Defoe in the first place. Maybe time to jump ship on him, same thing with Rooney. Like you Im looking at Rodallega and Eduardo for next week. If Eduardos does nada tonight theres no rush though...

Once again. thank you for your devotion and keep it up, Im already looking forward to you declaring that you'll be back for next season :)

////Andy, SteveBob FC***

Sauce said...

AM, you do great work and I refer to both yours and Jez/Neal's blogs on a weekly basis.

You've certainly helped me.

The only thing I will grumble about is your reference to a 'diabolical' Wolves. Now clearly, I'm a Wolves fan - but did you go to the game or watch it?
Wolves held very firm and have turned their performances round in the last 2 weeks. To call them diabolical is totally unjust. Not going to bang on, but be fair mate, Spurs were not up to it yesterday and you are not entitled to points off the bottom 5 clubs - you have to earn them.

Anyways, like I say I enjoy the blog and your advice is great, so keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

u're the first website i click on whenever i get online... (which is like..everyday..haha..)

keep 'em coming..

Afif said...

Are you touched AM? Do you need a tissue :P

markygoods said...

Hey AM,
I'm a member of a few blogs and forums, unfortunatley no matter what, u get one or a few twats who have no interest in anything except stiring sh*te, their aim is to annoy people and definatley succeed, so my advice to every one here is to completley ignore them ( not easily done I know ). don't even acknowledge their existence, and what i've found is they tend to get bored and move on.
The blog is great and is a credit to you, if you have read all the above posts as I have done then u can't but feel warm and fuzzy i say keep up the good work AM.
Had a mixed week myself, Robbo scored well and Drogs does what he does...ROO and Defoe disappointed along with Lennon, the rest weighed in to give me 97 with Verms and Arshavin left today, was very close to droping Roo on Fri for Torres....but hadn't got the bottle.....Reckon he's gonna pay back double his value, so keeping a close eye on him.....

L'Orange Noir said...

Just wanted to add the same sentiments as all others - really appreceiate the blog.
I always read (but don't often comment) and it is invaluable. It is my first season playing and like a couple of posters above I didn't really understand what I was doing and was 18th in my local league of 20. After finding your blog I now sit 4th. Keep it up.

I actually had a really good week this week which I needed after a couple of poor ones. I brke the 100 and have all my team in double games as well. My best 'gamble' was Eagles, my worst was J Cole.
But I had Drogs, Robinson in goal, R Johnson and Larsson all scoring pretty well.
Didn't BD anyone, will have to look at it mid-week!

L'Orange Noir (Blog League 4?)
FB - Richard Jackson

DJB said...

I've never posted before but I just want to say that your blog has now become ESSENTIAL reading on a Saturday morning! After winning 4 of the last 5 seasons in my league, I found myself still in 4th last week. 150+ points this week have put me back in the game so thank you and keep up the great work!

Assistant Manager said...

Hi Sauce - thanks for the comments, I take your point.

I did watch the game yesterday & I'll admit Spurs didn't deserve to win. Wolves defended superbly - imho a draw would've been fair given our possesion & chances in the 2nd half, but Wolves were very good.

My 'diabolical' comment wasn't based on yesterday's performance - one of my best mates is a Wolves fan so I've seen a lot of them this season, including the Birmingham game & at times they've been appallingly bad. I certainly don't think Spurs should be entitled to the points, but it is a game that I expect them to win & that obviously leads to frustration.

So I agree, it was a unnecessarily harsh word to use & I've now removed it from the post.

Cheers mate

Assistant Manager said...

Again, thank you for all the positive comments everyone!

frilbee said...

Think its a excellent blog!
Really helping me 109.5 pts with Traore and Arsh to go
Up 400 places to 759 overall

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

The blog is awesome, it help me as much as anyone here as well. Really appreciate the solid work each week, thank you. Keep it up, don't worry about those faggot comments.

I agree with Andy (SteveBob FC), i would love to see the blog still running strong for next season. :)

I missed BD yesterday, now on 76 point with verm and arshavin to play.

Cheers mate...

Alex said...

Hey A_M forget about the tools on here, just be thankful they are not telling you how to win a PS3 like some other blog I could mention, or even worse you could support Darlington FC like me!!! i've kind of become addicted to this site.

But onto my weekend, was awful Verms to go and got 113 ;-) girlfriend got 119 but am not naive, midweek it could all swing round, Rooney holds the key, I don't have him, but I had a dream last night he only got time in the second half with Owen and Berbatov featuring in a 442 with Giggs dropped.

I think you have maybe fallen into a place I end up, you have hunches, you really do, but then your head takes over and you go for the safer picks rather than the risky ones, I do it far too often, but when I go with the hunches I have a big week, and don't agonise seeing that the players I had all week but dropped on Friday to bring in the likes of Valencia, Evra or Agbong (they always burn me!) go and have a blinder and I lose points.

Onto next week, I am desperate for Torres to have a mare today and midweek as I want to do everything to have Arshavin, Torres, Tevez and Drogba in my Team. If he has a good week HRod will stay, for me next week is a good week for a few stars and then some fillers as Wolves, Wigan etc have some tasty games most likely on the back of midweek beatings by Man Utd and Liverpool respectively therefore bringing prices down.

Anyway keep up the good work and as always great 'speaking to' and reading posts from all in this community.

gman26 said...

AM - We all know you do a great job, especially since you seem to do something almost daily, which having written for blogs, is a tough thing to do. I would suggest that you get a little thicker skin and ignore criticism because you are the king of this particular world and everyone looks to you to set the tone.
Now everyone click on some ads and toast the AM!

I do want to start a Jamie O'Hara appreciation society. I have him at 5.73(that's not his cheapest, right? I think it's in the 4's) and all he does is consistently perform. Keep it up, Jamie. I will keep you through any accumulation of yellow cards.

Not a bad week so far. 89 points with Verm and Arshavin left. Joe Hart paid off. I guess I can't be unhappy with 10 points from Huddlestone, but I am expecting goal from him soon. Was Bikey playing midfield?

Bojan said...

AM we love you, just do your thing and I think that you run this blog in exepcional way...

My wife gave birth to a beuatifull baby girl Katarina 2 week ago so I've less time to write on this blog(need to change diepers, really fun job) but i read it every day...

About YFF i just want to say that i have Cech and Terry this week... 3 goals that Everton scored are the most idiotic three goal that i've ever seen conceded by one team in one game... I've watched the game and almost killed myself...

76 points, 396th overall - fall from 350th - 2 week age I has 100th... Life with Drogba is very hard, i hope for 5th YC before ANC...

Love you man


Anonymous said...

I have to make my mind up before the ArsPool game update. Option 1: Sharner,Vermaelen,Walcott,Valencia,Bent or Option 2: Mancienne,Jordan,Mikel,Arshavin,Torres

Which option is better?


Alex said...

Congratulations to you and your wife Bojan!! I love/hate having Drogba, can't jump ship before he goes but other strikers going up so the swap will be difficult, I got Yakubu on the BD but let him go as it's just too soon and they have Jo/Saha and Donovan arriving when Drogba gives me a space, also Drogba going at the time of the window means there will be other options, we already know Arsenal will be signing a striker so a 'chameck' on the cheap would be welcome, or even a straight Aguero swap option at The Bridge, the window adds a bit of spice.

Shak - I prefer option 2, but would look elsewhere to Jordan as Burnley awful on the road, maybe Heitinga or Lucas Neill as Everton are on the up. But being honest I also wouldn't gaurentee Mikel or Mancienne (sub yesterday) as starting, so to stop rambling and summarise, option 1 are all likely to start, option 2 if it comes off will be big, but not likely. As a suggestion throw in HRod (nice match up) instead of Torres and upgrade elsewhere, though I don't know your other strikers.

Anonymous said...

Like many others on here, this blog has been a tremendous help to me this year. I don't post much at all, but check the site daily. The player picks, barndoor thoughts and injury news have all been instrumental in my own picks each week. Keep up the good work AM.

Cech's Mates

Sauce said...

No worries mate - appreciate the response.
Funnily enough 3 of my best mates are Spurs fans!

I'm sure you're enjoying the current 1-0 scoreline at Anfield....!

Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...


Much appreciated. I owe my success to this blog. Before I'd have many weeks where I'd struggle to hit 50, usually because I had no clue who was injured and/or going to start. I had a shit week last week, 49.5, but rebounded for 100 pts yesterday.

I have such bad luck in knockout tournaments or playoffs for fantasy sports, that I honestly expect to lose. Fantasy Football (Gridiron) is a great example, I'll have a 50 pt lead going into the final games for the week and expect to lose. I guess I am not exempt from fantasy EPL either. I just missed the cutoff for Blog Cup and got anhilated last week for AM Challenge.

I've kinda taught myself, at least for fantasy sports, to expect the worst. If it's something you cannot control expect the worst, if it's something you can control expect the best. This way you shouldn't be too overly dissapointed when you do lose. Being a Cubs and Spurs fan, I am used to losing.

So even though you're weeks may suck, it's what makes it fun. It wouldnt be fun if you scored 125 points every week, would it?

Anyway, just my two cents.


DJ PIGG said...


I'd like to add my thanks to the other positive comments about your blog. Although I don't always follow your advice I nearly always choose from your list of players to consider.

I'm no expert at this game but am 2nd in my employer's league (and one place/40 points above my boss!).

So keep up the good work and don't let the b*st*rds get you down!

L'Orange Noir said...

Two changes made while following the Pool - Ars game; J Cole has gone for Walcott and I've dropped my midfield filler of Anderson for Hetinga to go 4-3-3.
Any thoughts?

Has anyone made any BD changes yet today?

Anonymous said...

up 7000 points this week thanks to your blog.
keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Very good week for me. 120 points and arsh who scored the game winner so maybe 135. I really only switched 2 players this week and think I might stay with my current team for awhile.

Ivanovic r.Johnson (variable)
O'hara Larsson Lee Arshavin
Drogs Chucho Tevez

blanco said...

AM we love you man. I'm leading my private league only because of you. Keep up the great work and I hope you'll do it again next season :)


Anonymous said...

A great game tonight, and of course a fantastic result - it's fantastic to finally watch Arsenal use their spirit and bravery to win an important away match such as this one.
I had 3 gunners for today - Vermaelen which is finally back in business (and also won Man of the Match), with 7 great phantom points; Arshavin who didn't start the season well, but for the last couple of weeks shows good form, and when he comes to Anfield...; and Nasri. Nasri is a great player, and I thought he was one of the best players on the pitch today, so 3 points from him is a real shame. To be fair with him, the reason I picked 3 gunners for the DG week wasn't the game at Anfield. Nasri usually gets a lot of phantom points, and against Burnley he can still work his magic. He's a player I really want home to Hull.

Happy Hannuka!

Anonymous said...

although i'm my overall ranks not good enough, but still manage to lead my private league.. it's all because of your advices, and also the member of this blog advices that helps me a lot.. keep it up your great work, don't care about those bunch of idiot..


Douchebag United said...

I feel like it is the end of "It's a Wonderful Life." Everyone is coming out to support George Bailey when he is at his weakest! AM believe me you have really started something with your blood, sweat, and tears. I'm sure your ranking has suffered a bit for it. This game is more difficult than it seems. Just look at your first paragraph. Premier league is that undpredictable and there are times this season when I've cursed the unpredictable nature of this entire game. You do a service for obviously a great number of people! You make what is a completely unpredictable game more manageable and certainly a lot more engaging. I'm lucky enough to have hooked a friend into this blog and he was quick enough to get into one of the blog leagues where Teckno didn't grab all the spots ;), last week I congatulated him on squeaking into the next round.

I was out of work for five months and I can tell you when I wasn't searching out possible employment I was reading your blog daily. Unfortunately due to starting a new job and moving to a new city I haven't been able to comment as much as I would like, but believe me I still check in here everyday and I read the posts of everyone else in this community. It is like all of us have a draft war room where we can congregate and tinker with the possibilities of our line ups. We have a place to vent our frustrations, celebrate our successes, and dissect our decisions. There are not a lot of places that I have found that allow for that type of cooperation.

So to all of the haters listen up this man has started something legit and no matter what you say you can take that away from him. If you follow his words and you fail to make your own choices and those selections don't pan out, blame yourself for not doing your own research, not betting on your own hunches, and not denying your own groaning gut picks. AM, I hope you get a chance to read this and by all means please don't stop doing what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Sitting here in Aus and I read your blog every week, I'm not even in your comp but love the stuff you write, sitting in top 5000 out of 2mil in diff comp, seen the negative comments you get, it's sad when people who obviously can't decide for themselves on who to pick "roll in their own wee" when things go bad.
Stuff them, keep up the good work and here's hoping everyone, yes even the whingers have a very Merry Xmas

Anonymous said...

I started playing this just this year and let me just say that I have nothing but admiration for what you've done and how it's helped me. Thanks for the wonderful insights you provide every week.

Best wishes from an Arsenal fan (what does that tell you).

Afrikan said...

AM your the best! I read your blog every week up here in Marangu, Kilimanjaro- Tanzania. Keep on the good work and don't worry bout the people who susu pon yu.

-Kayote FC

Mancunian said...

Hi AM,

Thanks for all the effort in maintaining this blog! There will always be some ppl who don't recognise the efforts that you have put in to get this blog updated frequently... consolidating results of the blog cup etc.

Its hard work... its really the passion of playing this game tt keeps us going fr week to week. This is really one of my avenues of escape from the real world... cos I work too hard and to me, this is MY avenue of escaping from the tough environment out there.

Who cares abt what ppl say? Reading your weekly updates has become something I look forward every week! Keep it up bro!

Sean said...

Hey AM,

Found your blog for the first time when you guest spotted on Jeremy and Neal's blog. I really appreciate your insight and your effort. I'm the guy that kept asking you to confirm the double week-my other fantasy games did not play it this way - and I appreciated your honest candor in answering my question, and the fact that you did not belittle my complete stupidity.

I relied heavily on your insight, particularly in avoiding possible 2 yellow card double gamers, and I had my biggest week yet so far -135 points with everybody in my squad still with a game to play.

What I really appreciate most is the constant content. Who cares where you are sitting in the standings? The place you are writing from is, "Here's my analysis, take it or leave, and good luck." I think the thing we all appreciate most is being able to read something new about the game we love, almost every day.

Keep your chin up, and thanks.

ToffeeDave said...

AM, I hope you read this post. How have you and the blog been? I've been really busy with school and work and haven't had a chance to pick my team after doing research or reading the suggestions on here. I will be done December 19 for the semester, meaning I will be trying to come back to the community christmas shopping permitted. I have been asking a few friends and it may be possible to do multiple person podcasts here meaning actually entertaining podcasts!

As for all of the assholes on here, don't worry about it. The fact your not first in YFF means nothing because your analysis is meant for people to make their own informed decisions and when it comes down to it, it's luck for who scores points. P.S. Rodallega is in my squad too :D

Starky said...

AM, i second the motion (should i say emotion)of almost everyone above. Your a champ mate and all the haters can go smoke some bone.

I had another horrible week (4 of the last 5)and have dropped from top 800 down to around 3000the damn it and now i only have a slendewer lead in my privtae group and the AM is now ahead of me for the 1st time this season. Why do al my crap weeks fall on blog cup weeks. Maybe i crack under pressure.

Fab, MTay, Roo all crap & Samuel, KPB didn't play leave me with 60pts.

Later and love your work AM (that includes all the regualars here that i've read posst from all season long.

Starky (The Genetic Freakz)

Maxer said...

this blog is the best thing that hit me since i started playing yff 3 years ago.. i'm #1 in two of my private league, and 4th in another.. this has to be my best year so far.. thanks AM for all your posts and also other regular poster advices.. AM, please just ignore those hate posters.. most of them are idiots, spammers and basically are just stupid noobs..

anyway, back to my week team..

good week for me.. i got 109 points with Drog leading the scores and my hunches Bowyer, klasnic and R.Johnson got big points..

some good decisions:
dropping w.brown, traore & giggs/m.tay and got r.johnson, bass & carrick.. and quite happy i managed to get roon in by dropping bent.. although bent scores .5 more than roon..

not so good decision:
fab instead of arshavin.. but arsenal and liverpool player didn't score much this week, so i'm ok with it..
dropped reid after barndooring him for giggs/m.tay..
captain kirk scoring -4.5 eventhough its a draw.. but its necessary for me to field the other players..

overall.. a good week (first leg) for me.. can't wait for wednesday.. cheersss allll..


Regan said...

Hey AM you are by far the best yahoo fantasy football blogger around in my humble opinion. I have scoured the web and your posts are a delight and oh so helpful towards picking a team.

I am lover of the English Premiership since 1993 from South Africa. I have played yahoo fantasy football since 2001 and have enjoyed relatively good success with my teams always falling within well of the 90percentile of players in the world. Yahoo fantasy football is more than just a game its a tool that enhances my premiership football watching experience and I love it. Why else would I watch tentatively watch a Birmingham vs Burnley game and know all the players involved. This is where you come in AM. You posts are refreshing and put together so that its a joy to read and so simple to understand. You post most days and i refresh my page in anticipation with regard to injuries what happened the games etc and whats to follow. This week I had a good week and even though you didnt do so good I did well because of the players you suggested...benitez, bowyer, anelka, o hara etc...its just luck sometimes thats the difference when it comes down to final selection. So I say pay no mind to the haters out there that have nothing good to say about you and keep banging in a great blog!!

Professor V said...

Hi AM,

I would just like to congratulate you for the excellent blog and would suggest you ignore the ranters and the dumb comments.



Anonymous said...

An interesting fact - Diaby might play as a striker due to Arsenal's lack of forwards. It's not based on any saying of Wenger, but this rumor has been going on since RVP got injured along with Bendtner, while EdS is underperforming.
Diaby is under 7mil right now, but I believe anyone should wait until we see how well he plays in that position, if at all.


Naning said...

Heh :)

Thank's for mentioning me in the post. I'm honored really. I love this blog. To begin with, I used it to find nice players for my team. Nowadays, I don't need that help. The reason? All the knowledge I've picked up here over the days have made me a better Fantasy manager.

However, I still come here. Day out and day in. I read every post and from time to time I talk in the chat. Getting feedback about player picks is always nice. Same with giving feedback about others.

So, thanks for the blog, and keep up the good work.

And to end it all. 118pts this week, I'm just outside top 1000 now.

//Naning (Yea, you and all the other english talking people need to learn how to spell it ;) )

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say that although I don't contribute too often, I read your Blog every day. I find it interesting and enlightening. I think my performnce this season is better for reading this blog. Thanks AM, I really appriciate your time and effort.

Perhentian FC said...

Thank to your blog, i am climbing into rank 5000. This is the best season as far (i play yahoo football fantasy since 2004). Of course i read other blog, but your blog is main source for me. Cheers!!!

Anonymous said...

This blog is exellent, plaese don't worry about the negative people who try to shoot you down. I look foreward to it everyday and always enjoy your insights and comments. I am in AM league 2 and it is strong and competative (I'm The Orphans in 38th right now just a few places behind you!), and the cups are a great addition to our fantasy seasons. Well done to you AM, you increase my enjoyment of the Premiere League every week, and that is priceless.

Thanks again,


Finidi said...

Hey AM,

You are running the best blog! We are playing with Fantasy Football with a group of friends in Jakarta and we rate your blog highly!
Dont be discouraged by some brainless idiots who have no clue what they are taking about.
Keep up the good work!

Himanshu said...

Don't get disheartened mate.
Yours is an awesome blog.
Keep it up.

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