Monday, 28 December 2009

Week 17 - Sunday

The end of "Phase 1" for Week 17 & once again it has not gone too well for me. I only had 3 Arsenal players on Sunday, & they combined to give me an extra 28 points for a haul of 75 so far.

I still have another 19 fixtures for my players to play, but Rooney, Almunia, Diaby & Fabregas killed me yesterday as I dropped outside the Top 2000 for the first time since the first few weeks. Hopefully I can have a bit of a fightback in the next phase of games as I did in the last double week - I need it.

In terms of the games, Arsenal started slowly but ended impressively as they showed there is still a big gap between the Top 3 & the Villa/Tottenham's off this world. Fabregas was the instigator with a spectacular 21 minute cameo, but it looks like he may have done his hamstring again & could now miss the next game or 2. Vermaelen did well for us, Eduaro returned his value but Arshavin was disappointing again. Diaby proved a great pick in the end, although he was on for 3 points until a 92nd minute goal.

I didn't see the Man Utd game but it sounds like they were lucky to win 3-1 at Hull. Rooney was apparently terrible for the majority of the game yet still popped up with a goal & assists for 22 points. He also wasn't booked, so at the moment it has indeed proved a mistake for me to drop him.

Another 6 games to go today, 2 tomorrow & 2 on Wednesday, but once again it's unlikely I'm going to get the chance to do any barndoor work. Yesterday I brought Fabregas in but that was it as nobody else really grabbed my attention. Petrov, Reid, Kelly, Duff, Sturridge, Franco/Diamanti, Tevez are all players I'm thinking about for next week but I won't make any big decision just yet.

How are you getting on?



Fidan said...

Pretty nice with 111pts. I hope it turns out to be a lucky number for the games left. I really believe I'm on to break the 200pts haul, and actually that is what I was hoping for for this week...I've kinda been lucky with some fantom pts (Reid, Eagles,Gallas,Verm,EdS), but lets see how this second round of matches goes.


For next week I've got a line-up saved. As per now, it is:

Still got around 3m spare, so it is going to be hard to make any change. I'll just wait to see if Mancini will give MPet a run of matches (I doubt it though)...

Anonymous said...

had 83pts. but i have 10 3-gamers (denilson's a worry thou), so i should be doing well. =)

given was good, so alum didn't 'kill'. who knows if alum can't keep another CS or two and your(as well as mine) given gets another one? Cesc should be out now(hopefully AW will realized his mistake at rushing back his players) rooney played alot of defensive work, so no worry there.

Mike B said...

111.5 points for me in the end!

I'm pretty happy with that, and it's moved me up a few places.

Fabregas was the man, 2 goals in 20 mins, then off with an injury lol. I hope he can at least play some part in one of the other games.

So onto today, and i'm looking for Diamanti to continue his points scoring run, and my Stoke boys, Tuncay and Etherington to do the business.

On the barn door i picked up Gerard, Petrov and Zabaleta.

I stupidly dropped Fab before he played, and found myself barn dooring him again on my brothers i-phone, without knowing he went off injured grrrr. This means i now don't have enough for Joe Cole and Milner who i want for next week.

Hopefuly they'll give shoddy performances today so i can pick them up cheap.

Now this is a little off topic, but yesterday i went to see Avatar in 3D. WOWWWWWW!!!!!!

I've never seen anything like it in my life. It was trully mazing, and left me gobsmacked come the end of it. Now i'm normally a bit of a film snob, and don't go for fantasy type stuff, but having never seen a 3D film before, and loving most of Cameron's previous work, i thought i'd give it a go.

I won't go into detail and ruin the movie for people who are looking forward to seeing it, but please just make the effort and go to a cinema with the 3D capable screen. I travelled for 90 minutes to get to the nearest one, and i would do it again.

So take your Mrs AM, i really think that this movie is groundbreaking as far as effects goes. It's a jaw dropping visual feast of a film. You won't be disappointed!!

Now come on Diamanti ;P

Anonymous said...

Disappointing performance so far with only 69.50, many of it coming from my defence of Gomes, Baird and Vermaelen. Arshavin was disappointing while my strikeforce combined to give me 1.50 points!

Vermaelen Baird Upson
Bilyaletdinov Duff MPetrov Fabregas
SantaCruz Tevez Eduardo

This is my current team I have. I'll see if Kelly plays today, and if he does, I will probably drop Baird and pick him up preupdate to free up some units. I dropped Reid to pick up Fabregas and now he has risen a bit, so I might have to end up paying more for him if Fabregas injury is serious. Hope he does badly today though.
I'll probably drop RSC and swop him for Sturridge, while Petrov will probably leave if he doesnt start against Wolves

Bojan said...

69,50... go stoke, my only chance...

blanco said...

81 from the first phase. It's not good...
Rooney saved me, or it was going to be a disaster. I'm hoping for some luck in the second/third phase :)

Bojan said...

rooney fucked me up whit that back pass... 9 points of kuschak... ass

Bradley said...

Congrats on Spurs, AM. "Modric Is God" is now more than just a name. :)

Anonymous said...

Good start to the 2nd phase with a Defoe goal and another Gomes CS!

madguy said...

Where's A.Reid ?? :(

Anonymous said...

madguy, he's got a niggling inury apparently.

Assou-Ekotto has 25 pts over in the Spurs two matches this game week. Yahoo makes a mockery of itself with crap like that. I would love to hear their definiton for passes intercepted cause Assou somehow had 13?!

They'll never have the following of the official fantasy game if they keep doing that crap. I fully expect Rojo to have 35+ points after today despite only crossing the halfline 3 times in two matches. Rubbish.

Bradley said...

Yahoo gets their stats from a sports data service (Opta).

As for the official PL game, they don't give points for much other than goals, assists, saves, and cards, which renders most of the players on the pitch uninteresting.

Mikl-em said...

I'm in a bad mood, because I didn't get my final changes in before the gameweek started. Which means that I didn't get Zamora and Arshavin.

The upside is that I had already brought in Diaby, and that I'm getting points from both Drogba & RJohnson, who would have been dropped.

I may well come out better. Though I'm also stuck w/ Denilson, Joe Cole, & Cap'n Kirk, who I don't expect will be particuarly beneficial to my score.

But overall I'm feeling a bit weird about this week, since it's not the team that I meant to field (and of course this had to happen on a triple game week :( ).

We'll see. Defoe & Rooney still on my front line, though Defoe's 2 game total is for him like an okay 1 game total.

Johnson's the superstar with 30pts in 2 games, hoping Diaby can be that consistent across 3 games.

Looks like I'll be at 130+ by end of Monday games, that's decent for sure. But this is an off week for me no matter what.

Anonymous said...

@Fidan - I guess our decision to downgrade goalkeeper to fit in Gallas and Given paid off so far. I had Gomes and G.Alexander on Friday which in the end combined to a total of 45.50, which isn't bad but they're done for the week. Now on the other hand, Given already has 14 pts, with one game to go and gallas has 14.50 with 2 games to go (total of 28.50 so far). Could turn out to be a great decision for us but you know what they say, points won are points already in the basket.
Anyways, 133.50 so far into the 2nd fixture and with Given/Verm/Gallas/Arshavin/MTay/RSC/EDS still to play...looking great!!! I also have 8 players with 3-gamers and if I happen to reach the 300 point mark I will be amazed.

Dave said...

In terms of BD action, did anyone else notice that Bale dropped to a miniscule 2.77 ?? Harry has talked about him getting a run at left back will Ass-Ekotto is away at ACN. I think Bale at that price is a better filler than Roque, who seems to be a sicknote these days.

Fidan said...

@ Saul - Fingers crossed, mate. I am actually disappointed with todays pts. Reid got an injury earlier on the day, Tunch got 2.5pts, and Stoke lose their CS, AT HOME, against B'ham (aaaarrrgh). Anyway, Billy getting out of swamp (9pts) and Eagles (11pts), who is proving a season keeper along with Reid, are saving my week so far.
Anyway all my big guns play tomorrow (Verm,Gallas,Rooney,MTay,EdS) and Given today, so I hope to do some catching-up.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Yo Dave, thanks for the tip man...went ahead and added Bale to my team just in case that price was a glitch. and yes, Harry did Bale is going to be taking BA-E when he's away to the ACN. Much appreciated!!!

mags said...

sitting on 104 right now. BD Bale, Tevez, and Zabaleta. Dumped SeaBass, Sylvinho, and Dempsey. May pick up Dempsey and Drop Arsh who has done crap all.
Next week looks like

Any suggestions on who to swap out for Nasri? total of 9.73 to spend. or should I keep him?

Sulldaddy said...

Im at 126 so far with several more guys to go again. Rooney, Etherington, Tuncay, Mtay, Verm, dempsey and duff to go later this week.
Missed Tevez on BD I think, Fulop still not returning what I expected this week, but only -1 instead of the previous -2. Given looks to have been a beast in GK this week.
Here's to more games!!

Anonymous said...

Would you really go Bale v Liverpool in Anfield as opposed to Sylvinho, who is also pretty cheap?

Anonymous said...

@anon-Sylvinho didn't start for thought. He came on for Tevez.

Anonymous said...

bale's down to 2.7. will not recommend him atm, get him after liverpool's game as i don't think he's getting CS, at worst even a YC.

J. Dunn said...

A good phantom day from Alexander, Etherington, and Dempsey gets me to 115 with still 14 player-games to go. I'd like around 250 for this week, and that looks doable, especially since I've only had one goal so far. Somebody besides Rooney is bound to score eventually. I hope.

For next week, so far I have

Verm | Alexander | Bale
O'Hara | Petrov | Modric | Young
Rooney | Tevez | Rodallega

I'm like .30 from upgrading Young to Lampard, and hope that price fluctuations can get me there. Otherwise, I may end up downgrading Petrov for a more certain starter and using that money to get to Lampard. I'd like to have another Chelsea player vs. Hull, but I'm not sure who. I don't really want to dump any of my forwards at discount for Sturridge, the midfield is too uncertain, and the defense is too expensive. I guess J. Cole? He never does well for me though, and doesn't put up points unless he scores.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 149.50 so far with 5 to go - Verm/Gallas/Arshavin/MTay/Eduardo...surely I must hit the 200 mark after they play. And, I will have 8 players left to play for the 3rd fixture...I hope Arsenal trash their next 2 oponents. My best double/triple gamer so far but it's not over yet.
@anon - I'd give Bale a shot bro specially @2.7. Besides, Tottenham's playing Liverpool...they're not looking so well. Didn't you see the Wolves game, they only scored after 1 player was red carded.

Dave said...

@ Anon - re: Bale - at 2.7 there is little risk IMO, so the opposition doesn't really matter to me. I can use the extra $$, and besides, I already have Zabaleta at 4.8, so don't need Sylvinho.

@ mags - a Nasri replacement for 9.7? Collison (9.07) - Hammers have a nice match-up, hosting Wolves.

Anonymous said...

@anon re: Nasri replacement...It could be Collison(9.07) or Ballack(9.07)@Hull. I'm pretty sure Ballack will play that game, I'd go for him.

Anonymous said...

137 pts. led by R. Johnson, Given and Drogba (!). Keeping DDA was just dumb luck as I had no idea when he'd be released to play the ACN, so Ancelotti's emergency request played right into my hands. I had planned to decide whether to keep or drop him after this week, the 5th yellow card certainly complicates things. Still have Arsenal (2), Bolton (2) and Fulham to keep an eye on -- would love to see Arshavin and Klasnic get back on form.

R. Johnson / Baird / Vermaelen
Arshavin / Lee / Ramsey / Bily
Drogba / Klasnic / Santa Cruz

Maxer said...

bassong, sylvinho, mikel and rsc gives me around 2.5pts last night.. bassong is subbed, sylvinho only enters at 92 minutes, rsc didn't play and mikel is great but very poor finishing..

bolton tonight with klasnic and mtay.. and arsenal tomorrow.. hopefully after the 3rd heat, i can get at least 150pts.. then its a happy new year for me.. :p


shadowgex said...

is it worth dropping eduardo to pick up zamora?

here's the team im sitting on:

mccartney / g.alex / seabass*
arsh / MTAY / Mpet / modric
rooney / eduardo* / sturridge

*thinking of switching given, seabass and EdS to fulop, richards and zamora.

i may swap sturridge instead of EdS but it would require getting a cheaper defender.
what do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

RSC is injured. No surprise for him not playing.

Anonymous said...

So what do you think of RSC at 4.xx discount? Here's what we have so far....

1. He's injured
2. He'll play in Jan because MC needs a big striker
3. Adebayor is in Africa

From the two games so far, it looks like Tevez is going nowhere. Bellamy and Robinho playing with Mancini giving Robinho props. How does RSC break into the 11 and how long will you hold on to him. Is this another Tuncay@1 type of waiting for nothing?

Anonymous said...

141 so far with Arshavin, Vermaelen and Klasnic to go, as well as 7 more players with a third game. Gomes was probably the first time I actually did well with a keeper, while Vermaelen, Baird, Faye, Etherington, Duff and Defoe has already hit double digits.

Vermaelen Upson Bale
Bilyaletdinov Duff Petrov Fabregas Modric
SantaCruz Tevez

My current preupdate team. Petrov looks to be a regular under Mancini, so should be a bargain. Not sure if Modric will start regularly, but he should after that performance.
I'm looking to drop RSC, and with 8.15 units left, I think I have quite a lot of options.
Missed Given preupdate, so I guess I'll be stuck with Gomes now

Anonymous said...

Any idea when anelka will be back from injury? Currently hold him at 13+.

Kellz said...

Concerning Bale: he takes free kicks, there more than 1 way for players to score points, not all about the clean sheet. Alexander is a great example of this. Don't choose Bale or choose him, either way hes an enabler that will score pts.

Anonymous said...

have officially dropped a 13+ anelka.
not sure if that was a correct decision.
May come back to haunt me.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:13 AM - There's really no telling what Mancini will do with RSC. I remember his days in Inter Milan he had a player "Julio Cruz" who always came on as a substitute and scored 1 or 2 goals consistently and yet, Mancini would rarely start matter how may goals he scored. RSC and Julio Cruz have similar if not, same attributes...maybe he just doesn't like their style. On the other hand, Robinho is prone to injuries so I'll wait it off and keep RSC @4.xx...he's bound to get an oportunity. On the bright side, I'm only loosing 4.xx and I have Bale to make up for that cash. Risk I'm willing to take.

@Anon 1:54 PM - Bad move, I would've waited before I made that decision of dropping Anelka @13.xx. He'll be back for Chelsea's FA cup and I have a feeling Ancelloti will use him as a central attacker, Drogba's possition cause of strength, pace and experience. Go Bolton, 3 goals MTay!

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