Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Week 15 - Yellow Card Risks

I must point you all towards an outstanding piece of research by Alien2005 over on the http://www.starting11.com fantasy football forums.

I had planned to put together a list of all the players at risk of being suspended for the 2nd game of the double week if they are booked in the 1st game, but he has done all the hard work himself & it really is fantastic stuff!

Aston Villa
Gabriel Agbonlahor
Ashley Young
Stephen Carr
David Dunn
Fabrice Muamba
Jlloyd Samuel
Tyrone Mears
Clarke Carlisle
Didier Drogba
Branislav Ivanovic
Jamie Carragher
Martin Skrtel
Man Utd
Patrice Evra
Man City
Nigel de Jong
Jamie O'Hara
Kevin-Prince Boateng
Aaron Mokoena
Jermaine Jenas
Tom Huddlestone
Alan Hutton
West Ham
Julien Faubert
Richard Stearman

They will be suspended immediately for the 2nd game IF they get booked during the 1st game. Arsenal, Sunderland & Wigan has NO players on 4 yellow cards.
Hope you find this useful -  I strongly recommend you visit the forums over there if you get a chance.



Crazylegs said...

Alien works Tirelessly over on our S11 forums, always updating the injury and suspensions tables..

Assistant Manager said...

CrazyLegs - Agree, & he saved me a fair bit of embarrassment. I had only been looking at Yahoo for the Yellow Card stats & of course they don't show cards picked up in the Carling Cup, so I would've got it wrong without his write-up.

Really great stuff, & hopefully people who weren't familiar with S11 will be now!


mikl-em said...

That looks like a great site, thanks, I'll definitely use it~

One maybe helpful note on injury news, Arsenal is the only team that I have found that actually addresses injury news on their site. They have a section at http://arsenal.com/news/injury-news/ that has quotes from Wegner conferences about how long various players are out.

It won't help with injuries in real time, but if it's more about the duration that someone is out, I've found it useful. Someone else may know other clubs that do this, if so I'd love to know about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks AM - this is exellent info. Fortunately for me, only one of those players are on my starting 11 as of now...and NO it's not Drogba! I let him go :(
The only player at risk is Huddlestone and I believe in him not getting booked on the first game but what does worry me is that if Modric comes back...will Bruce sacrifice THudd? I'll have to keep an eye out on that. Thanks and would appreciate feedback...

firejay said...

i'm going to europe on vacation, so i had to prepare my team too far ahead of time for my liking. so far this is what i've got:
GK: P. Robinson (Blackburn)
Defenders: G. Givet (Blackburn) / Roger Johnson (Birmingham) / S. Mouyokolo (Hull)
Midfielders: Huddlestone (Tottenham) / Cohen (Bolton) / L. Bowyer (Birmingham) / M. Brown (Portsmouth)
Strikers: Droba (Chelsea) / Bent (Sunderland) / Defoe (Tottenham)

i'm not happy about having 2 filler players, but it's the only way i managed to squeeze in the others.

please help D:

Geobfree said...

Had Begovic last last week for 18 pts,[save my butt] was planning on keeping him for DW, but now i hear James coming back, what to do anyone??

Anonymous said...

My team is

Verm, Dunne, Givet
Bowyer, Boateng, Dunn,Reid
Drogba, Rod, Bent

Worried about Drogba, switch to Torres?

Anonymous said...

I have quite a few hunch picks this week and it will either be a massively succesful or utterly shite week

Ivano Givet R Johnson
O'hara Lee Larsson(have hime at 7.90) Arshavin
Drogs Benitez Bent

I really am feeling antsy about ivano though chelsea have looked shaky, and he is on 4 yellow. Was thinking about essien for bent and ivano to Assou, But essien my have picked up a niggle in the CL match. :( ehat to do?

Anonymous said...

great info A.M. i have drogba and carragher. bit worried about Carra now as his tougher game is the 1st v ars. could probably have got thru' the other v wigan with a cigar on ! . if roon is injured though, the potential drogba out makes the switch to anelka even better though. my 2 issues are waiting for inj news on eduardo and g nev. & will j cole get enough playing time over the 2 games . S.P.

Fidan said...

Or you could just go to fantasyfootballscout.co.uk and you had the same (and even more extended) list for 2 weeks now... Just scroll down to the right under the fixtures ;)...!!!

Suspension and injury scare really keeps me AWAY from Essien and THudd (no, not Modric, he's just not fit, not yet). So, its going to be either Benayoun or Nasri...!!!

Good Luck...!!!

Assistant Manager said...

Fidan - This is a list for Week 15 double gamers only, so it ignores all the single game players from Hull, Stoke. Their suspensions aren't a worry for Week 15.

Also, I believe fantasyfootballscout is wrong to have Brown & Cueller listed at 4 yellow cards. He is counting their red cards as 2 yellows.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here take part in any of the S11 competitions?


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