Friday, 18 December 2009

Week 16 Summary & Week 17 Preview

The deadline is fast approaching & I've got plenty of decisions still to make. I always like to try & cover all the teams with good fixtures games by having at least 1 player from each, but I'm struggling to find a way of doing this for Week 16 as I'm holding a lot of players at big discounts.

Anyway, here are the 24 players still under consideration...

It's between 2 & seeing as I hold Captain Kirk at 1.64 then it's very likely that he stays. I'd love to grab Given while his price is low but City are shipping goals for fun so there's seems little sense in spending 4 times as much on him.

Verm & Alexander are near certainties to take 2 of the spaces so the other 5 are competing for the final position. I sold Bassong on the barndoor so I'm not massively keen to now buy him back at an extra £1m. Neill or Sylvinho are the most likely. 

J Cole
I say it every week - the midfield positions are always the most difficult to decide on. The only certainty in my team is O'Hara, the other 3 spaces are all up for grabs. I definitely want at least 1 Villa & Arsenal midfielder - the annoying thing is I really want Arshavin but to get him I'll need to put in a rather rubbish filler in the final midfield space.

Drogba should be back so he'll stay & I expect Rooney to stay too now he's on penalties & I hold him at a decent discount. I still have Defoe in the final spot but he's could be swapped out for Tevez or Rodallega. He could even go for Eduardo (who I expect to start) which would give me far more cash to spend in midfield.

So those are the players. Now a look at Week 17. To me it looks like a double week for every team for the notoriously tough Xmas period.

Week 17 Fixtures
Saturday, 26 December 2009
Birmingham v Chelsea, 12:45
Burnley v Bolton, 14:00
Fulham v Tottenham, 13:00
Liverpool v Wolverhampton, 17:30
Man City v Stoke, 15:00
Sunderland v Everton, 15:00
West Ham v Portsmouth, 13:00
Wigan v Blackburn, 15:00

Sunday, 27 December 2009
Arsenal v Aston Villa, 13:30
Hull v Man Utd, 16:00

Monday, 28 December 2009
Blackburn v Sunderland, 15:00
Chelsea v Fulham, 15:00
Everton v Burnley, 15:00
Stoke v Birmingham, 15:00
Tottenham v West Ham, 12:45
Wolverhampton v Man City, 19:45

Tuesday, 29 December 2009
Aston Villa v Liverpool, 19:45
Bolton v Hull, 20:00

Wednesday, 30 December 2009
Man Utd v Wigan, 20:00
Portsmouth v Arsenal, 19:45

There are also 2 strange lonely fixtures on 5th/6th January: Stoke v Fulham & Arsenal v Bolton, but I assume these will be put on there own in to Week 18, otherwise these 4 teams would have THREE games in Week 17.

Because the games are so close together it's often very difficult to pick players who'll play in both games, but you have to use common sense; don't grab players who seem to pick up knocks easily!

These are the fixtures laid out easily so you can see who each team has got, making you ready for the barndoor.

Chelsea (@Birmingham, Fulham)
Man Utd (@Hull, Wigan)
Arsenal (Villa, @Portsmouth)
Aston Villa (@Arsenal, Liverpool)
Spurs (@Fulham, West Ham)
Liverpool (Wolves, @Villa)
Birmingham (Chelsea, @Stoke)
Man City (Stoke, @Wolves)
Fulham (Spurs, @Chelsea)
Sunderland (Everton, @Blackburn)
Stoke (@Man City, Birmingham)
Blackburn (@Wigan, Sunderland)
Burnley (Bolton, @Everton)
Wigan (Blackburn, @Man Utd)
Everton (@Sunderland, Burnley)
Hull (Man Utd, @Bolton)
Bolton (@Burnley, Hull)
Wolves (@Liverpool, Man City)
West Ham (Portsmouth, @Spurs)
Portsmouth (@West Ham, Arsenal)

Man Utd, Man City, & Spurs fixtures stand out, while Chelsea, Bolton & Everton's aren't bad. Arsenal's could also be okay.

That's it. Let me know how your team is coming along. Any last minute dilemmas? Any ideas for the barndoor?

Remember Week 16 is Blog Cup week for the remaining 102 team...good luck to all!



Chris said...

Hey AM,

Have changed my tactics for this week with a strong D & a couple of gamble picks. Have fallen 1000 places in the DG to outside the top 4000 so am a bit frustrated.

Would you advise me to drop Cech @ 11 for Given to upgrade a middie or striker ?


Verm, Ivan, Vidic

Nasri, Arsh, Downing, Milner

Drogba, Tuncay, Ebanks-Blake

Any advice would be appreciated.


Team Crispy

Anonymous said...

Considering de Laet? Do you think he will start again? I didnt watch the Wolves game, so can anyone tell me how did he perform in that game?

Anonymous said...

What a tough week!
Will Ramsay play?

Ruki said...

Rafael or Fabio is back so I dont know if de Laet will have a spot. He played ok in that game considering Wolves was fielding 2nd string.

Team Crispy: This year trend is lacking CS and strikers are doing most of the works. So I would suggest you get some other quality striker in place of Blake, Vidic is facing a late fitness this week as well, so point from Cech and Vidic could give you a better striker spot, or at least that what I would do.

Anonymous said...

Chris: Vidic is doubtful I think, so it might be a risk to spend so much who may not start. Try to confirm, otherwise you should drop him.

Vermaelen Ivanovic de Laet
Bilyaletdinov Arshavin Milner Huddlestone
Drogba Defoe Ebanks-Blake

This is my current team, any comments to improve? I could go Ebanks/Huddlestone or Rodallega/Brown, while de Laet is a starting risk. I could also downgrade Ivanovic to Sylvinho and go Ebanks-Blake and have 13+ units for midfielder. Which is a better choice?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ruki, I'll probably downgrade him to Sylvinho as 6 units is too much to risk not starting

Chris said...

Thanks..... I have a hunch the wolves game will be high scoring so wanna hold Ebanks for it.... thanks for the info on Vidic. annoyed i didnt hold Bassong at his low price then.

only player i would change from my team is downing... but I really want to keep up long term as I can see his price soaring as if he can score or assist then he returns value... he even started to take FK last game

Neale said...

Will Nosworthy play? He scored 15 (9.5 and 4.5) during the double week, neither with a CS.

Thoughts on Ramsey? Will he play the Cesc role?

Doctor Teeth said...

Team Crispy - notwithstanding Rukkie's comment above (and others over the past few months), 45% of the games this season in the Prem have ended with clean sheets for one or both teams so spending big on your backline is not as unwise as one might least from the standpoint of trying for a quick six points (the odds of MFs/strikers scoring higher than defenders on average would obviously disfavor your approach).

I don't advocate doubling up on MFs from one team, even though your four players are quality...spread the wealth and your risk.

Anonymous said...

Need some help here guys, I am currently holding Bily/Grella but could change it to SEB/Song. Which combo should I opt for?



Bradley said...

Another fun twist to the DG holiday week: If one of the matches you're relying upon is postponed because of heavy fog, ice, or a water-logged pitch, breathe deeply and try to think happy thoughts.

Doctor Teeth said...

True...still recall a Fulham match being postponed last year due to frozen pitch.

Assistant Manager said...

It's happened to me too - 3 years ago I had Michael Owen for Newcastle in an easy game at St James Park & it was postponed an hour before kick off. Luckily almost all Premiership teams have under-soil heating now, but there are still a few that don't...

Alex said...

Trying to plan for the DGs have me looking at some interesting names...

I current have

Verm - Seabass - Alexander
O'hara - Arshavin - Milner - Aquilani
Drogs - Rooney - SEB

I would like to go with Defoe and Given on the DB for SEB and big AL, but that means that Milner gets swapped for filler and I would probably have to downgrade Alexander (whom I have a full price).

Anyone cheap from Bolton, Spurs or Chelsea that should start?


Anonymous said...

Given (6.43)
Verm(6.02) Alexander(5.79) Bassong(5.64)

O'hara(5.75) Larsson(9.52) Eagles(8.10) Arshavin(15.83)

Drgoba(10.66) Rooney(16.05) Chucho (8.01)

I have 2.2 left.
Given is the only one I hold at his current price. I am tempted to get Milner, but to do so I'd have to drop Rooney. I am probably going to stay with this lineup for now.

init said...

I seem to have ended up with

Big gamble on Villa/Arsenal but having succumbed to advice not to pick too many Chelski players last week (had Drogs and Anelka who I KNEW would perform) I think I am sticking with it...or am I?!

Problem is that I really want Arsh, Milner, Drogs and Rooney...

Downing, Heskey, Ramsay (hope he plays) are just such good value...

Eduardo, Cattermole and Benayoun fit in the same spaces...

as do Joe Cole, Eduardo and Ramsay...



Sadiq said...

is reid fit i have him at a discount so it will really help ..

Anonymous said...

Sadiq, why wouldn't Reid be fit? I have not seen anything to state otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Is Adebayor playing? He's cheap and clearly cannot get any cheaper...whatya guys think?

Anonymous said...

thanks for all your hard work
Eduardo will not start and Drogs is still unsure
Ive chosen Diaby as my Arsenal midfielder as hes cheap and back to form.
Why not Petrov instead of Downing for Villa?

have a good week-end!

Anonymous said...

reid is fit sadiq

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time deciding between Huddlestone and Downing. I'm starting to think Huddlestone but any advice would be appreciated.

STM said...

Anon @ 6:27 PM

"Eduardo will not start and Drogs is still unsure"

Could you kindly quote your sources? I have scanned the news but could not find any specific news about Eduardo.

Regarding Drogba, surely Carlo Ancelotti can be trusted, right? ;)

Didier Drogba, Joe Cole and Ricardo Carvalho will all return to the starting line-up against West Ham on Sunday, says manager Carlo Ancelotti.
(Source: Chelsea official web site,,,10268~1909239,00.html)

Afrikan said...

Please please word of advice on my below team would be highly appreciated:

Ivan, Vidic, Givet
J'Ohara, Larsson, Arsh (Nasri), Downing (JCole/Ramsey)
Drogs, Tevez, Ebanks (Heskey)

- Kayoti FC

Anonymous said...

alex, Joe Cole should start as a cheapish option

Anonymous said...


Eduardo & ramsey are not starting - does that help?

Anonymous said...

Man I really get a kick of Friday trades, so far I've made 4 switched from...

Berbatov to Adebayor
Reid to Walcott
Sylvinho to Stearman
Mikel to Joe Cole(he'll definitely play, midweek he came on as a sub)

currently I'm at...
Nasri/Walcott/Joe Cole/THuddlestone

I like it and good luck to all!

AM - Great job every week on this blog...I enjoy reading and taking advice from it. Forget all those judgemental fools, you have weigh more fans than hatters. What do you think of Adebayor, I know his price reflects his performances as of late but I think he can at least accidentally score a goal against Sunderland at home, shouldn't he?

Any ways, good luck!

Anonymous said...

why is no one thinking of agbonlahor??

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys what do you think?
Almunia and Larsson or Kirkland and Kranjcar


marhawk said...


sorry mate, cant help you

why aren't you ?

J. Dunn said...

There are also 2 strange lonely fixtures on 5th/6th January: Stoke v Fulham & Arsenal v Bolton, but I assume these will be put on there own in to Week 18, otherwise these 4 teams would have THREE games in Week 17.

I'm not so sure about this. There is precedence for a 3-match week in the game. It happened last year with I think Blackburn and Fulham. I don't think there is precedence for a gameweek with only 4 teams playing. They seem more likely to cram those two extra games into the previous gameweek based on past behavior, though there are of course no guarantees.

Anonymous said...

should i keep benitez or get j. cole?

Anonymous said...


"Eduardo is unlikely to start" : see - the guardian "squad sheets" this eve (on their website)

chris m said...

Late Friday changes. I'm done. Was just trying to decide between Nasri and O'Hara and went for the later.

So I am going with

Verm Seabass heitenga
O'Hara Duff Song Aqualini
Rooney Drogs Torres

Aquaman is turning out to be a Tuncay. Everyone is saying he's got to play and Rafa is keeping him on the bench. I don't understand it. He would probably replace Lucas, who doesn't do much of anything.

AM is right in saying midfield selections are hardest. Last week did a shuffle and threw in Arashavin, which sort of paid off. But my midfield selections, and my discounts, have been decimated by injury all season. Dunn, Modric, Bulllard etc.. With the way I am going I am certain Duff will go down this week the last midfield discount I have.

My hope to solve the Drogba problem is that Liverpool or Arsenal buys Balotelli in the transfer window, and we can then grab him for under 6 units. He is going to be awesome.

That's it. Another Christmas party to go to, then another tennis tournament tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM, playing hungover again, getting my assed kicked, trying not to puke on the court. Hey Teeth-see I have a life.

chris m

Art Vandelay said...

Think I'm done:


Verm Bassong Melchiot

O'Hara Downing Arshavin J.Cole

Heskey Defoe Torres

Anonymous said...

I am done and for once I haven't changed from earlier in the week. ANy thought? suggestions?

R. Johnson Ivano Carr
O'hara Lampard Lee Larrsson
Drogs chucho Heskey


I wanted to switch carr to silvestre and upgrade heskey to diaby but didn't have the funds. regardless, I think BC will beat everton and could keep a clean sheet if saha underperforms, billy is not back to his form yet. good luck all, Cheers

Hinrik said...

Eduardo could possibly blossom against Hull and Almunia will be useful when the extra game will be played. I decided in the in end to keep Kirkland and Barry instead. Cross my fingers.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on if Gibson will start in the midfield for ManU?


Anonymous said...

i heard rodwell is injured, is that true?


Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Alexander Ivanovic
Bilyaletdinov JoeCole Arshavin Milner
Drogba Defoe Ebanks-Blake

Final team, any ideas for improvement?

Bradley said...

@iMunafix: Rodwell is "a doubt" according to the Everton website:

Sulldaddy said...

Not a lot of love for Lampard here? Big score in mid week game, ive got him at 18 and dont plan on dropping him for W Ham. probably dropping valencia and reid for MFs with better matchups. Reid is almost certainly gone, may keep valencia.
seabass Alexander, sonko
ohara lampard, ??, ??
drogba, rooney, benitez

I think benitez is also a bit of a sleeper as Everton can barely field a team these days due to injury.

Anonymous said...


Neill / Sylvinho / Bassong

Bilyaletdinov / Arshavin / Mullins / Song

Rooney / Torres / Agbonlahor

Anonymous said...

Verm Ivanovic Sylvinho
Arshavin Bily Milner Ramsey
Drogba Defoe Ebanks

I think Given could be an investment for next week while his price is low. Hopefully he doesnt give me negatives, but he is better at home. To swop Kirkland to Given, I would need to get either Ramsey or Aquilani, neither are sure-starters. Is there news whether Ramsey will start?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the schedule for this week's game? The fixtures list on Yahoo says there are 6 games today on Sat, but the Coming Up box at the side only lists 3. Are the other 3 postponed or is there a mistake?

Anonymous said...

thx bradley..

any suggestion pls..should i choose arshavin-song or ohara-lennon?

the rest of my team are:
except silvestre all sitting on nice discount.


firejay said...

Bassong / Hreidarsson / Traore
Arshavin / Milijas / Song / de Jong
Drogba / Defoe / Rodallega

and now i'm left with 0.37...

Anonymous said...


why don't u mix it up? Arsh & Diuof perhaps?

My MF = Arsh, Kranj, Diouf, Diaby...
I wouldn't load up too much on the one team if I were you, just in case Hull turn it on.



Anonymous said...

Hey firejay,

how funny, I have .37 left too!

Givet, SeaBass, Alexander
Kranj, Arsh, Diaby, Diouf
Drogs, Roons, Yaga

Anonymous said...

firejay, de Jong is suspended and Traore is doubtful

Ban said...

Final Ban's Team in week 16
Myhill (1.00)
Nelsen (5.25) Givet (5.45) Bassong (6.53)
Larsson (9.52) Arshavin (15.83) Milner (12.73) Nasri (8.54)
Rooney (12.91) Defoe (16.10) Heskey (6.10)

Left 0.04, any advice on my team?

bean said...


Anonymous said...


de jong is susspended

Anonymous said...

i'm going with adebayor

he was on fire

hit a small bump in the road

and i expect him to be on fire again!

Anonymous said...

Verm , Seabass, Foley
Lamps, Eagles, Nasri, Downing, Denilson
Drogs, Rooney

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