Sunday, 6 December 2009

Week 14 - Sunday

Only a quick post tonight - what an unbelievable game at Goodison today. I bet the last 20 minutes were great viewing for Everton fans/neutrals & a point away is rarely a disaster, but for me it feels like a defeat...definitely 2 points dropped.

In the day's other match, Fulham continued their good form as Sunderland once again flopped away from home.

I managed to get up to exactly 100 points for Week 14 thanks to Defoe & Duff. Had Defoe scored his injury time penalty I'd be looking at 115 points & I'd be feeling far happier on this Sunday evening. Still, I end the week up 600 places from where I started, in 1280th place.

I haven't brought anyone in on the barndoor that I didn't already have this morning, but I have some ideas that'll go in to later in the week. Unfortunately due to internet problems today I haven't had the chance to calculate the results of AM Challenge First Round, so i'll be doing this & posting them up tomorrow morning. Be sure to check back to see if you made it in to the Top 400, & in to Round 2!

How did your week go?



Anonymous said...

hello .i am new and thank you you helped me a lot. i hoped my week be better but rooney didnt help a lot and billy also only 2 .i scored 75points

Maxer said...

not so good.. only manage to get 59 pts with biggest contribution is from dunne (18.5)..

verm(8.00) baird(7.00) dunne(18.5)
fab(5.50) dempsey(4.50) duff(4.00) carrick(2.50) nasri(7.00)
drog(2.00) hrod(2.00)

= 59.00..
this is a very good team on paper.. but on the pitch anything can happen.. quite disapointed with kirk injured early in first half.. fab and nasri too (i keep reminding myself; against weaker team, arsenal premiums tend to always get low points).. drog and hrod sink for a loosing team.. and my hunches (fulham's players & carrick) did ok but not so well..

anyway, for next week.. dropped all my fulham players and bd bent and reid.. wanted to get bowyer & roon but missed the saturday bd.. i'm trying klasnic up front too..


billthegrunt said...

Three goals and only 82 points. My entire back line got clean sheets (Dunne, Brown, Hreidarsson) but lacked the big scorer to put me over the 100 mark.

Fabregas, Drogba and Agbonlahor disappointed and Eduardo didn't play. Bily did well when he had the ball but most of the action was on the on the side of the pitch (Jo must go!).

BD'ed Seamus Coleman in case he gets a chance to start. Otherwise looking ahead to the big double-game week and regaining my old form.

Bradley said...

My points total shouldn't be spoken of in polite company. 3 CSs but only one goal for a whopping 53 points -- a new personal low. In one fell swoop I nearly wiped out two weeks of improvement in the standings. I'm mostly irritated about dropping Carew because he looked like he'd be on the bench at best. He wound up being subbed in and scoring a PK, one of the few to manage that feat this weekend. Once again I fall victim to a late injury news head fake. Even undoing all the moves I regret, I would've wound up with only 80 or so. Just not my week. I also should've listened to my gut on Fabregas (plus I never seem to pick the right Gunner anyway).

Okay, just shake it off...

Anonymous said...

ranking at 1280th and you're giving advice?

Ban said...

End Up with 114.5point
It was a great point for me in this week

Myhill (0)
Nelsen (14.5) Dunne (18.5) Givet (10)
Giggs (13.5) Taylor (11) Scholes (15.5) Mokoena (0)
Defoe (18) Ronney (11.5) Drogba (2)

bean said...

I was surprised to see Tevez taking corners and set pieces today..

right now tinkering with:

Assistant Manager said...

@ 5:36am
Fuck off you anonymous prick.

Anonymous said...

AM....a barking dog does not bother an elephant on the move.

Anonymous said...

35.5 points - had an absolute mare with a team I thought had 100 points nailed on - just about every decision I made this week went against me :-(

Ah well, I guess we all have one occasionally - just a shame I had to have mine on Blog Cup weekend. Anyway, I guess I'll just have to concentrate on the league!

As an Everton supporter yes, the last 20 minutes yesterday were indeed fantastic, though I thought we'd thrown it all away when Hibbo clattered Paliacos - and yes, it was a penalty. Felt more like we'd won than salvaged a draw in the end. Hopefully after the Chelsea game we can start to put together a few convincing performances and give ourselves a fighting chance of a decent league place when the boys all return from injury.

Barndoors? Well after this week I wouldn't be taking any advice of mine, but for the record I've gone Chelsea big time with a couple of fillers to make up the numbers. Might all change by Friday though.

Paphos Toffee

Anonymous said...

I got 105.5 from this lineup allowing me to reach just outside of the top 2000

Verm Dunne Hreidarsson
Valencia Duff Nasri KPB
Rooney Drog HRod

Good week for me. Got 4 goals but never expect half of them would come from my defenders.

Dropped Dunne already, but will looking to keep Hreidarsson for the long run since he is cheap & is a goal threat as well.

Valencia repaid my faith in him. Had him at just under 10 & he should feature in both of United games for the week.

I guess I did enough to proceed to the next round of the AM challenge ;)

Btw, AM you are doing an excellent job in providing useful advice. Just ignore those cowards who dare not even publish their names.


Bojan said...

disaster, 44 points... but this week i was thinking for the next so may all be good for week 15... fall from 146 to 350...

greginho said...

i am in the same boat 59 points, i am a little stunned, as well
kirkland -2
varmaelen 8 nelsen 14 da silva DNP
cesc 5.5 demps 4.5 lennon 11 eagles 3.5 boateng .5
drogba 2 rooney 11.5
i was confident that i was going to get at least 85 points. cesc's missed penalty and da silva's resting, after he had started 4 straight games. sunderland put kieran richardson, a midfielder in his place. dempsey hit the crossbar in two straight games. i would have easily got to 85. i will not be in the next round of the cup, i am sure. i am still mad because i wanted klasnic, and i got talked out of it to keep boateng. i need to take more chances. everytime i points chase, i get burned.

mehicoradio said...

ugh 55 points, if i was on the premier league website that'd be a good score! sadly its YFF. My entire midfield screwed me over and my Strikers didn't help either. my biggest point getter was Almunia of all people *Sigh*

Hoping the double week gets my team out of a 2 week slump now (62 points last week as well :( ) If i could get any consistency, i could get up towards the top 2000. Sadly down at 7,000 range :(

Seal said...

Anon @ 5:36,

It's not the rankings that decides who should give advice, its the quality.

I've been in the top 100 of Yahoo FF in the past 3 years and am currently in the top 50, and let me tell you this, This Assistant Manager's site and posts are class..

And more than that, there's not many players who take the effort and time to share their views and opinion on the team week in and week out. Simply put, it takes some guts to share your ideas with your fellow competitors, and AM has plenty of that.

So, if you are unhappy, why not create another site for Fantasy Football and lets see who gives the better advices.

If not, please shut the door when you are leaving. Thanks...!!!

Anonymous said...

@AM - Don't worry about the short post.

I have a question...
how many people are in the game? for example if my rank = 2000, 2000 out of what?

Anonymous said...

Ended the week with 74 points, which is quite disappointing as I actually felt this was one of the better lineups i have came up with so far.
Ironically my top scorer of the week is my filler - Hreiddarson. Defoe, Rooney and Vermaelen did quite well, but my midfield was a disaster. Bily, KPB, Fabs and Duff got 12 points between them.

Vermaelen Bassong Hreidarrson
Bilyaletdinov Palacios Huddlestone Lennon
Drogba Defoe Rooney

This is my current team, but I am very concerned with having this team. I have too many Tottenham midfielders, Hreidarrson have to face Chelsea away, and Wigan are terrible away and they have to visit Anfield. I was thinking of Lampard, but am concerned if he is too expensive, and I'll probably have to drop Rooney or Lennon.

Anonymous said...

discusted with my pathetic,all time low, 40+ gameweek,dropped 400 odd places to 769. changed 3 players on saturday for some reason,which cost me almost 50 points. still onwards and upwards... my provisional team for this week is

Anonymous said...

bad week for penalties for me - Fab, defoe both missed, giving a 28 point swing (if ive got that right), and Lampard missed for chelsea against City (and im a spurs fan, so that wasnt good either)


Anonymous said...

i scored 80 points eduardo did not start agbonlahor did not score and bilyatedinov did not fare well apart from them it was a decent week

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