Monday, 1 March 2010

The Blog Cup - 5th Round Results

Just a quick post as my main post based on the weekend was up earlier today (see below this post on the main page "Week 24 - Saturday & Sunday").

Since then I've completed the Blog Cup calculations & can reveal the results of the 5th round below...

Rank   Team   24
1 MU4ever 123.5
2 Wilverhebton Wankers 123
3 Supermassive FC 115
4 Naningsholms IF 111
5 Steve Bob FC *** 111
6 PowerBola 110.5
7 F.C. NulNul 110
8 Lions Gate 107.5
9 TuHaU FC 105.5
10 FrenchCannons 105
11 homagetocatalonia 102
12 Electric Mayhem 102
13 Sephiroth FC 101.5
14 Matang Gerdu Football Club 101.5
15 Spanner Terminator 101.5
16 Real16 101
17 Astute United 100.5
18 Dare to Devil 99
19 Efthymios 97
20 mILs 93
21 xiexie_xiaoxiao 93
22 SDG Destroyers 91.5
23 Johnnie Blacks 90
24 Compagnie des Limonadiers 89.5
25 AJ Rovers - KBM 89
26 Cincilatori - the Kosova Kid 88
27 Cech's Mates 84.5
28 On with the motley Crewe 84.5
29 Wildcats 82.5
30 [bff] GloryGloryArsenal 81.5
31 Sonic Rovers 78.5
32 Puncak Saujana FC 78.5
33 mfk petrzalka 72.5
34 Shrek's Army 70.5
35 mudwalkerz 69.5
36 Perhentian FC 68.5
37 Team Discovery Channel 61.5
38 Mbaw F.C. 59
39 Kavedas 48
40 v(-_-) 47.5

So for the 40 teams that remained, the cut-off was 93 points. Congratulations if you're through - we are now down to 20 teams for the Quater Finals, which are scheduled for Week 28!

This competition is THE BLOG CUP - it started in Week 7 & was ONLY for the the members of Blog Leagues 1, 2 & 3.
Please CLICK HERE for more information on The Blog Cup

There is another cup competition called THE AM CHALLENGE - it was for all 6 Blog Leagues & it started in Week 14.
Please CLICK HERE for info on The AM Challenge



Bojan said...

Should Vidic have been sent off in the League Cup final?

1323 votes since Mon 01 Mar
Answer Result Percentage Number of votes
60% 791 votes
40% 532 votes

i was clear RC...

Naning said...

#4 this week, Go me :)

Anonymous said...

@bojan it was a card offence but not red.he should have got yellow. you see gabby had lost control of the ball and was begining to move away from the goal. which ment it wasnt a goalscoring chance so thats why the ref let vidic away without a card(although i personnally think he should have got a yellow)

Bradley said...

Sadly, I fell short thanks to dropping Jensen for Hilario. Silly me, I thought Chelsea at home were safer than Burnley at home. (Dear god I hate picking goalkeepers. Click "Save team changes" and wait to see whether you wind up with 30 points or -20.) Now out of all competitions, I can focus on climbing up the standings (currently 620 despite last weekend's fiasco). I'm pleasantly surprised I made it this far, though. Congratulations to everyone who's still alive.

Alex said...

I came in at #3, am happy with that.

Doctor Teeth said...

Aliiiiiiive and kickinggggggg....


Anonymous said...

Frustrating week. I changed from Jussi to Hilario late on Friday. That proved to be disastrous. I'm sure a lot of others were crushed by Hilario as well. Though I wasn't keeping track, it appeared like Kalinic played well on Sunday. He was involved, got a few headers around the goal. Then I looked at his score, -2. It's funny how what seemed like a decent game for a cheap player, I was expecting 4-5 points, turns out to be terrible in fantasy.

Cech's Mates

Anonymous said...

Phew...just managed to sneak in at no. 18. I aimed for a score of 100 points every week, so I am satisfied with 99 for the week. With Rooney's zero too!

Never imagined I will get this far in the Blog Cup, this being my 1st full season in YFF. All thanks to AM for all his brilliant analysis that help a lot....


Will said...

Still hanging in there, @2 this week. My Arsenal players made my weekend as i had all 3 goalscorers in my team.

As for next weekend. I really don't want to bet on BUR of BOl.

x2x2 said...

lucky again.. last to qualify =)

Saul said...

Yeya!!! Happy to see my "Lions Gate" still in the competition, and with a respectable 107.5 (8th place). Start getting my replica Jersey ready AM...I want Rooney's name on the United white Jersey lol. Anyways good week for me as I have gone from 5,800 overall to 4.870. Quite happy with that as each week I'm climbing...little by little but nonetheless.

Okay, on to the next fixture...a few things to consider aside from the double-gamers, which aren't really attractive and because of that I want to get as least of them as possible. First off, I'll focus on Arsenal as they host a terrible away from home Burnley...1)Fabregas, I did not get him on the BD, which is a shame considering they great fixture he has in the future, is it worth to get at his current price? 2) Who else from Arsenal is a sure starter who will get points(Well, possibly all of them as they face Burnley, and I'll be shocked if Arsenal don't score at least 4 goals. 3) Diamanti, I'm considering him as he scores well without scoring lots of goals, maybe Gerrard is I know Gerrard @16.xx is quite a bargain but I got Torres in the BD so I've got my Liverpool points guaranteed from the Beast that he is. 4) Would you gamble on the double-gamers? If so, who? Eagles/MTay haven't been starting lately and Lee, as I read in one of the comments earlier, has lost the FK's and CK's to that American "Holden" who I know nothing about. 5) Nani is back and is well rested...should cause a lot of problems away to Wolves, and @ the price of 10.88. Considering this thoughts I've come up with the following team (changes unavoidable of course)...


What do you guys think, I'm not too sure about it but I have time to decide. Anyways, great work to all who qualified to the next round of the Blog cup and may the best team win...hopefully me hehe. Thanks AM as usual for a great blog. Latez guys.

Saul said...

Man all the focus has been on Arsenal's next fixtures but Chelsea's doesn't look bad at all, after this weekend of cours, home to West Ham, Away to Blackburn, away to Pompey...that price drop for their defenders is extremely tempting but I'll have to wait as they have a blank week upcoming.

Bradley said...

Keep a close eye on Pompey. Very shortly they could be losing key players, those had on loan being at particular risk:

Fidan said...

Sad :( !!!

I've had a terrible couple of weeks... 88pts for me this week, 5pts shy of making to the next round. Anyway, good luck to the ppl still in the competition...!!!

My provisional team for next week:


I have 21,67m to spend on these three TBD-positions...!!! I'm still holding Gordon, Hutton and Lee on significant discounts (5.09, 3.82 and 8,93 respectively)
I got some choices to make. I've managed to cut them off to 3:

1. Gordon/Lee/Nasri (too much Arse, I know)
2. Howard/Hutton/Lee (4-3-3) and
3. Gordon/Pienaar(NANI)/Rodwell

I like all of them the same.
* 1st one is nicely balanced and I like Lee (he always scores good for me), but the downside of it being TOO MANY ARSENAL players (Verm,Fabs,Sicky,Nasri,Bendt) not that it is ALWAYS a bad thing, ESP. with them hosting Burnley.
* 2nd - again, two of my favorites Lee and Hutton, but...I don't trust Everton for a CS, AT ALL...!!! Hull are terrible when it comes to collecting pts, but they ARE good at scoring goals, no matter of the opposition. Then again, Godison park is a fortress, but a risky pick...!!!
* 3rd - In the third one I got ultimately all of the things I like for this week combined e.g. Gordon, covering Sund (and Hutton's) possible CS; and Pienaar/Rodwell, as I reckon the match @GP to be a goal-fest. I'm not so sure about Nani, though...!!!
The downside: POROUS Sund and starting-status of Rodwell (yeah, I know he was excellent @WHL)...!!!

Please, feel free for any suggestion, help or comment...!!!


Anonymous said...

My team line up for week 25:

R.Dunne, Hutton, Fox
Gerrard, Arteta, Holden, Lee CY
Bendtner, Torres, Fletcher

5 players with double gamers.what do you guys think?Really need your suggestion....


Anonymous said...

Can't drop R.Dunne because i got him @ 7.9 and now his price is 11.36...


Anonymous said...

@TJ: Wish I still had dunne. Had him at 7.9 too a few weeks ago but stupidly dropped him. He's now so expensive. Can't buy him back even though I want to.


Anonymous said...

@Fidan: 3rd one. Nani instead of pienaar.


Anonymous said...

@bengoh91:Sometimes we need to sacrifice in this fantasy football :-(


Fidan said...

@ Bengoh - Yeah, I like Nani pick too, but the stress SAF will give me whith this will/will not-start-Nani dilemma is enough for me to stay put. But, if there is a team-news reporting he'll start, then he WILL be on my team...!!!

Right now: I think I'm settled with Howard as my definite (ok, almost definite) 'keeper, and Lee probably staying. Now I have 2 positions left to decide: it's either Carlisle/Rosicky or Hutton/Holden... I'm really tempted by the former. Just a hunch!
I'm just VERY afraid of not having any Eve strike-force in my team. May still change; Arteta,Pienaar,Billy,Rodwell are all options, just not sure about any of 'em...!!!

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