Friday, 19 March 2010

Week 27 Update

I'm afraid I don't have time to update you on any injury/team news as I'm rushing off out this evening. Lucky for us, our friends Neal & Jeremy over on FantasyEPL have shown far more dedication to the cause & have a comprehensive run through of the stuff you should know about in their Injuries & Suspensions post.

I'm left feeling very annoyed about Defoe's injury, while the uncertainty over the Chelsea 'keeper situation means I'll probably have to go with Captain Kirk.

Good luck to all...I'll be back in the morning with my team post!



Ian Sanderson said...

I've made a couple of changes to the team I posted yesterday BUT still have onle 5 double gamers.

Out goes Alex for Jagielka.
Also I have swapped Rio for (drumroll) Jimmy Bullard. He hasn't really been mentioned thus far, but playing Portsmouth I reckon his score will be higher than most DGers plus he has an upcoming DG himself - if he stays fit.

Anonymous said...

Ian i like your Bullard pick and if this werent a partial double game week id probably have him in my line up too.

Which pairing do you all prefer:
Arteta/Hutton or Petrov/Jagielka


Anonymous said...

I like Bullard pick too.

any thoughts on Kalinic versus Mikel?

Anonymous said...

Anon id go with Kalinic over Mikel, they may score around the same points but Kalinic has the potential to score a whole lot more Mikel doesnt really.


Anonymous said...

Thanks C-Hawk. Really helpful. Good luck.

Fidan said...

What team do you think it's better:

1. Fried

2. Fried
Rooney, Bender,Carew

3.Non-Verm team:

Any suggestion???

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Its true Yahoo! deleted my account for a terms of service violation!!! perhaps it is rule #6 b. attempting to impersonate any entity.

Anonymous said...

Jag Ivanovic Gardner
Arteta Malbranq Malouda AJohnson
Bendt Drogs Kalinic

Need help - Get rid of AJohnson and bring in Petov of Villa or Get rid if Bendt (at 7.45) and bring in a DG striker. What about an Everton striker? I'd have 11.14 to spend on striker if I dump Bendt

Anonymous said...

Fidan i prefer your 1st option


David said...

Hi Guys,

I have one doubt on my team:


feel nervous about picking Lamp...

thanks for this excellent blog !!

Jeff said...

Fidan, I would go with #1 as well.

Anon, I like Johnson's chances better than Petrov overall (even though I have both atm) and Bendt is returning well over his value even without goals, I wish I hadn't dropped him myself.

I haven't seen many people carrying Alex anymore, is there a doubt? I BD'd him last week but would replace him if he isn't going to play...

but looking like this at the moment:

Verm, Bale, Alex
Malouda, Milner, AJ, Petrov
Drogs, Carew, Kalinic

And if you had to replace Alex, who would you pick up for 7.62 (or under)?

SK said...

Jeff - probably Jagielka for Alex. I think most people didn't BD Alex because they had other players to BD and because we don't know for sure whether Alex will start both games. I had him from last week, and coupled with the high probability of Chelsea getting two CSs, I think it's definitely worth it with the discount.

My lineup is mostly the same as last week. Unfortunately sold Carew and Arteta (I thought he was SGer) but Dunn AJohnson and Pav are the only changes from Arteta Nasri and N'Zogbia

Bale Alex Dunne
Malouda Milner Dunn AJohnson
Bendtner Carew Pavlyuchenko

- SK

Saul said...

AM - Is week 27 the next round of the Blog Cup, Or is it week 28?

Anonymous said...

Is Saha going to be back? Worth a punt?

Bradley said...

I can't complain too much given Admiral Lord Nelson's travails, but for the 2nd consecutive week, YFF has robbed me of a transient discount on a SAVED player. Last week they stole a 3M discount on Milner while I was replacing Fabregas. This week they stole 0.50 of my available funds for Kirkland while I was attempting to acquire Dunne, which was enough to keep me from getting him. Warnock it is, but if Dunne scores again, I'll be pissed ("angry" in Yank :) ).

Anonymous said...

cuellar mikel adam johnsonn


malouda salgado d.jones ??? help me out

Anonymous said...

alexander baines richards
arteta pedersen peinaar malbranque
drogba kalinic f.campbell

Anonymous said...

is there any update on gabby?

"And O'Neill is looking for the star striker to be Villa's lucky charm again after being passed fit to play in the lunchtime clash on Saturday, following concerns about a groin problem picked up against Wigan. "

i think he will play, you?

Anonymous said...

OK this looks like my final lineup:

Bale / C. Gardner / Terry / Carr
Arteta / A. Johnson / Milner
Drogba / Diamanti / Kalinic

Doubts about who's in goal for Chelsea made the switch to Capt. Kirk necessary, which means I get Milner instead of A. Young (of course now BFAY will have a killer week).

Anonymous said...


I'd think twice about Terry, as his attitude has be problematic and could quite possibly pick up a yellow or red. I worry about his state of mind.

Kellz said...

Jags, Gardener, Bale
Milner, Malouda, Arteta, AJ
Drogba, Rooney, Bendtner

feel fairly happy with my team but in a week with many strong double possibilities it is unnerving to have Kirk. Turnbull just won't get 2 games, and BBBF is just too expensive but the definate top keeper pick.

Anonymous said...

Bale Verm Hutton
Arteta Milner Malouda A John
Bendtner Drogba Carew



Saul said...

Kellz - That's a hell of a team you got there, I just wish I could afford it.

Anyways my team is as follows, what do you think?


I wanted Howard but Kirk is alot cheaper. One thing I could do I guess is downgrade Tevez to Kalinic and upgrade Kirk/Belletti to T.Howard/Arteta maybe? I haven't done it yet, I have a feeling Tevez will come up big for this double and sometimes you just gotta go with your instincts, because if you don't, and it turns out to be the right decision, we'd all be bitching and moaning haha. Anyways what do you think brotha?

Oh and just for this week only we're on the opposite side lol. Red Devils for ever baby, GO UNITED!!!

Gooner said...


That is almost the exact team I wanted. However, I can't afford Arteta. I only have 7.12 and don't like the options available at that price. I may have to downgrade somewhere, but can't decide where. So I envy you.

Gooner said...


I wanted to thank you. Last week you were one of the few that expressed concern that Agbonglahor might not perform well coming off the flu. I was considering going from Torres and Carew to Agbonglahor and Rodallega. Your comments made sense so I stuck with the former. That turned out to be huge. I ended up first in the AM Challenge for the week, largely because of you. So thanks. And that asswipe who was mocking you as a "self-proclaimed expert" a couple of weeks ago can suck it.

Anonymous said...

saul,look what team i ended up with


thanks alot for your help.

i like ur team too its so different i hope ur players perform well,good luck.
from supercoach

Anonymous said...

kellz is always helpful in here n saul.

Anonymous said...

why nobody mentioned Given? He is also DG-er and cost cheaper than brad friedel?

any advise?


Anonymous said...

Anyone having doubts about picking Howard for the trip to Manchester? I have Turnbull, but looks like he might play the 1st game at least based on the news. I have a bit of a dilemma now on whether to keep him or go for Howard.

How I wish I didnt drop Friedel. Urgh!

Appreciate your thoughts.

- Joe

roonaldo said...

please comment on my team:-

hutton, salgado, ridgewell
molouda, millner, AJ, richardson
rooney, drogba, carew

roonaldo said...

i have a major problem to choose my last defender, please guide me:-


who is best ?

Anonymous said...

roonaldo i would go with Jagielka personally but thats pretty much just a gut feeling.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am doing this but I will go with GREEN in goal. Just a hunch, but I really think west ham will perform will this dg week. Here is my team with 10 DG's. Why have I not seen garrido in many teams this week.

Bale Alex Garrido gardner
Malouda Lampard S. Petrov AJ
Drogs Kalinic

what does everyone think? A few anomalies from most teams but I am content

roonaldo said...

can u please tell me y u will choose jagielka and y not heitinga bcz heitinga played most of the game and he playing in midfield. please reply An.


Anonymous said...

vds(8ish)/pav(9ish) or friedel/kalinic or kirk/diamanti??? help me out please.. i'm stuck..

Saul said...

@supercoach - Good job! looks more balanced now.
I would luck into Fox's situation though as I've seen in many places that he is doubtful for the trip to Wigan...a good recommendation that AM pointed out is Gardner from Birmingham, if you can afford him with the cash you get from Fox. He seems to be getting into the team and has 2 games to impress, wouln't be a bad gamble.

@Anon 2:34 am - It is Kellz and AM, among others, whom I owe my thanks to. They have been very helpful on my team selections. Also thanks to AM's post asking for people to help others with their selections really made sence to me..."give and you shall receive" the lord said. Anyways don't worry, I'm not gonna start preaching. Good luck as always and hopefully see some of you in the morning "Live Chat"

Kellz said...

@Gooner: Your so welcome, and I am really glad it worked out for you. The huge downside is I didn't follow my own advise and worst yet, when all the Villa players' prices dropped decided to go with Gabby at 12 mil over Torres, cost me over 26 pts. Good luck for the remainder of the year!

@Saul: Good team there yourself, Diamanti is a killer buy and I think a lot of people aren't looking at Tevez who could grab 2 if not 3 goals. But with my forward line its just not possible. I am a bit nervous having 4 single gamers in such a huge week. And to be completely honest, a Rooney no show would be amazing considering the form hes in. However, most people will share Bale and Bendtner, so its really down to Kirk and Rooney out performing great double game picks like Diamanti and Tevez. Best of luck!

@Saitofall: All i'd say is your front line is lacking, Kalinic should def hit his value if not more, but I think your missing out on some other great forward picks for this double. Drogba is a no brainer, as if he does badly everyone else will take the hit too, but he should score 2+ goals (knocked on wood). However other notables are Diamanti, Tevez, Gabby (who I think will be fit) Carew who will start both, Bendtner, CCole. But your pick of Green is not as scary in my mind. If he can get enough saves to say get around 2-3pts against Arsenal, then Wolves looks to be a guarenteed Win + CS. I am going out on a limb to say Green could hit 12-16pts this week. He was on my radar for sure. Good luck!

@Anonymous 5:17am: Pav will play with Defoe out, I can't see him rested given his current form in the past 4-5 games so I'd stick with. But given the home match for Kirk and the phantom ability of Diamanti, you cannot go wrong with that pair. In the end i'd get the double gamer as West Ham should put Wolves out of their misery.

@Roonaldo: Jags over Heiti because he plays a defensive role still and has only had a couple huge games.

@Joe: Turnbull won't play 2, Ancelotti will get Cech back in asap. Kirk is a great cheap option, I am personally thinking Howard is too risky, but I root for EVE win for Liverpools sake!

Best of luck and thanks for those who appreciate what i have to say, but its always up to you in the end!

richard said...

Maybe someone can give me advice? now ive got this:
bale salgado hutton
malouda arteta johnson milner
pavlyuchenko bent c.cole

maybe some changes?

bean said...

lots of similar looking teams this week, making me have second thoughts. do i go with differentiators and pick some interesting under the radar picks, or go with the obvious and take advantage of the double? right now i have the obvious:

Dunne Terry Garrido
Adam Milner Arteta Malouda
Bendt Drog Carew

but really feeling like a lot of us will be disappointed with a multi gameweek again... hmm.

also interested in:
Gardner Zab Collins Ivano Olsson Jags
Lampard Fab Downing Bullard
Tevez Pav Saha

I'm tempted to go all in with Chelsea as they're out of champs and really need to keep up the title race, also Blackburn has some guy named Brown in goal (even though their home record is great) I had Ivano & Terry in at one point.. seem the only sure starters for Chelsea's defense.

@Kellz - i wish i had the Drogba Rooney combo.
@Saul - i'd upgrade out of that Beletti risk
@Supercoach - Babel? really? that's quite a hunch
@saitofall - i like the lamps and SPet picks, good differentiators. also gardner and garrido seem like nice ones. Alex is a risk of not playing one or both for me. Wish i knew he would keep his place so i could keep him at discount though.. why i'm leaning towards Terry or Ivano

good luck everyone..

Anonymous said...,,10265~1998963,00.html

And O'Neill is looking for the star striker to be Villa's lucky charm again after being passed fit to play in the lunchtime clash on Saturday, following concerns about a groin problem picked up against Wigan.

Well, Agbonlahor is fit for today and every newspaper that wrote about his injury yesterday said that Villa were between optimistic and certain that he would play for them. I'm not dropping him, I just like my team too much to do so, and if he starts both matches... well, we all know he can score.

Vermaelen Bale Cuellar
AJohnson Zhirkov Malouda Milner
Bendtner Drogba Agbonlahor

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Panicked and ditched Gabby for Carew..arrghh !


Really banking on the DG factor and Villa 'doing a bit' but any last minute suggestions please ??



p.s. most excellent blog !

The K said...

hi guys, need some help here.

captn kirk
bale, hutton, fox
arteta, malouda, milner, a.johnson
bender, drogs, agbon
8.18 left.

so much units left. i need ur opinion, should i change agbonlahor --> diamanti/tevez? or leave it as it is and use the remaining units to upgrade fox? to whom? is warnock/samba worth it?

Kukuski said...

@ The K,
I would definitely upgrade Fox to a Villa Defender...
Agbonlahor is likely to play as I figure MO'N really wants to play him. But is he fully fit/ready. I was forced to upgrade him to Tevez because the uncertainty was killing me... It's up to you to decide though.

Anonymous said...

@Sputnik: Think u have an ok team.
@The K: If u feel like Agbon will play then keep it, otherwise think u should change it with Carew. I prefer the last one. The rest you can upgrade fox.

One thing, can anybody tell me why do you think AJ will have double gamers? He only played 20min last week.


Kukuski said...

AM & fellow bloggers,
Please rate my final selection after a lot of agonising about Agbonlahor:
Friedel /
Warnock, Zabaleta, Bale, Dunne /
Milner, Brown, Petrov /
Carew, Tevez, Piquionne /
Many thanks in advance!
And goodluck to us all!

BerbaOwnsj00 said...

Guys I'm dying here.. 30 minutes left and I still can't figure which is the better option:
Kirkland / Dunne / Terry
Friedel / Gardner / Salgado

Seriously, are the better keeper points from friedel gonna outscore the defenders? :O

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Kukuski said...

Is anyone going to rate my team or not???
I'll appreciate the rating of the following team:
Friedel /
Warnock, Zabaleta, Bale, Dunne /
Milner, Brown, Petrov /
Carew, Tevez, Piquionne /
Many thanks & best regards!

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