Saturday, 20 March 2010

Week 27 - My Team


       Bale  Terry  Warnock

     A.Johnson  Arteta  Milner  Malouda

   Bendtner  Carew  Drogba

Not a lot of time so I'll be quick...

Kirkland because he's cheap & should get a clean sheet at home to Burnley. I wanted Friedel but couldn't get close to affording him.

Bale will stay forever, Warnock comes in to cover the Villa clean sheet & John Terry because I have a feeling he'll pop up with a goal.

My midfield will be the same as many of you. AJo should start after his goal at Sunderland & was very cheap, Arteta is getting back to form & should be on set pieces, Milner was almost a must have & Malouda is playing superbly at the moment.

Like Bale, Bendtner will stay to the end of the season, Carew came in last minute once I heard Agbonlahor missed out & Drogba completes the line-up, taking £22m of my budget.

That's it - 8 double gamers alongside Kirks, Bale & Bendtner. Next week Fulham & Wigan are the only teams with a double game *, while Spurs have Portsmouth at home, so I'll be looking to do my barndoor based on these teams (...Rodallega anyone...? ;)

* Or maybe not - just been alerted via the comments that Fulham have a UEFA Cup match on 1st April so it may be a single week for all teams...

Good luck to all!



Anonymous said...

Hope drogba won't fail us.

Dave said...

Got my eye on Dempsey for the double game, especially after his super goal against Juve.

Anonymous said...

why yahoo fantasy has put the wigan vs fulham game on week 28 while there more games on on saturday n sunday? wigan vs fulham is on friday 2 n more games on saturday n sunday ,they should put that game with saturday n sunday fixture.

Kukuski said...

From the previous post:

I'll appreciate the rating of the following team:

Friedel /
Warnock, Zabaleta, Bale, Dunne /
Milner, Brown, Petrov /
Carew, Tevez, Piquionne /

Many thanks & best regards!

frilbee said...

Same front 7 as you!
Also Howard
Hutton Jagielka Zabaleta

16 pts behind so let battle commence!
Cmon you Gunners

Dave said...

Looking a Dempsey, maybe Zamora and Pavlychenko for the double week, assuming Yahoo keeps it. I won't be touching Rodallega after his last two AWFUL performances in multi-game weeks.

Anonymous said...

i think there will be only one game for fulham.. they have a game against woflsburg on apr 1

Kukuski said...

Just confirmed the Europa League 1/4 final 1st leg. There goes our DG headache...
Carew (AY assist) has drawn the first blood...

Anonymous said...

really regret drop carew at discount price....he juz score!!!

Hinrik said...

Bale Garrido Terry Jagielka
Arteta A.Young A.Johnson
Carew Bendtner Drogba(for 26)

Kukuski said...

1 - 1.
The much-hyped Villa clean sheet up in the air so early...

Anfield Road FC said...

Well I changed half of my team yesterday after reading the posts on here. Seemed like I had pretty much the same eleven that everyone else had so out went Milner, Drogba and Carew.

So far, I'm probably just ahead as Bent replaced Carew's two goals and I didn't get Milner's OG.

Just hope my gamble on the GK pays off and Arsenal have an off day!

Hutton, Ferdinand, Terry
Malouda, A Young, A Johnson, Downing
Kalinic, Bent, Tevez

Anonymous said...

hutton bale jagielka
bullard arteta malouda malbranque
drogba rooney carew

hoping for a decent return this week

BerbaOwnsj00 said...

AM, i have the EXACT same team as you haha..
only exception is Cuellar instead of Warnock, so I beat u by 3 points :P
Really happy I clicked "Save changes" 5 minutes before the deadline and swapped friedel for kirkland

Birty said...

This week I went for

Terry Dunne Gardner
Downing, Johnson, Arteta, Malbranque, Kovac
Rooney, Aggy

Do I wish I'd taken Carew? Today yes, but ask me that after Aggy scores against Sunderland and Carew gets three red cards and 2 own goals. 60 points so far which is 10 less than the guy I'm chasing. Need the White Pele to bag a hatrick against the dirties tomorrow.

On the barndoor:

Fox (injury news permitting), Bale, Hettinga
A-Jo, Arteta, Duff (even without the Double Week), Mustapha
Rooney, Pav, Zamora (see Duff)

Would love to sneak do Mustapha to Darren Fletcher and Kirk to Thomas Sorenson somehow.

Bojan said...

Copycat ;-)

Saul said...

Yeah! Vermaelen affordable again...just in time as Arsenal have pretty winnable games coming up. That's the possive side of my week so far.

Now on to the negative. Diamanti, ahhh Diamanti, you were extremely disappointing!!! That's what I'd say if I met him in person...a YC and a missed penalty??? I'm just happy he only got -3. Anyways I hope he pays off agaist Wolves. Milner was also a disgrace but still managed 6.50. I can't be disappointed with Bendtner as he got a little more than his discounted value.

Kirk was exellent and Bale, what can I say he is a SUPERSTAR!!! Best buy of the season I'd say, and @2.84!!!

Still Terry, Malouda, Ballack and Tevez to go, hope they give me big points...I'm counting on you Apache, Tevez that is, because I only got 39.50 points so far. From DGr's I got Terry, Cuellar, Milner, Malouda, Ballack, Tevez, Belletti(if he plays), and Diamanti...Damn you diamnti!!! Please oh please distroy owe it to me!!! Anyways I lost over 600 places but I'm pretty sure I'll recover them by tomorrow if I'm lucky because so far I feel pretty sh*tty as a manager.

Well, hope you all are happy with the results and I apologize for the's just not my day today. Best of luck tomorrow and for the remaninder of the fixture!!!

Saul said...

Oh and AM - CONGRATS!!! Spurs are on their way baby, I'm rooting for you!

I'm a Man United supporter but can't ignore my Honduran countryman, Wilson Palacios, who is nothing less than amazing. Even though he didn't play today I think he has been a key player and the backbone that Tottenham had been lacking for years. Job well done today and wish them the best!

Dens said...

mine is

Bale Hutton Terry
Arteta Milner A.Johnson Downing
Bendtner Carew Drogba

On 85.5. Still with 10 more players to play. woohoo!

Thanx AM

BerbaOwnsj00 said...

My team:
Bale Terry Cueller
Arteta Milner Malouda AJ
Bendtner Carew Drogba

On 86 points with Malouda drogba AJ and terry still to go tomorrow + 8 DGamers as a whole, meaning this is gonna be one hell of a week for me ;)
Can say I partially owe it to AM who convinced me to get kirkland :}

Saul said...

AM - Did you, Jeremy, Neil, or Kellz have anything to do with Yahoo's Fantasist "Matchday Open Thread"? They/he/she actually put together a good article, hope they keep it up...but don't worry you, Jeremy, and Neil will always be my favorite bloggers.

Anonymous said...

A very poor Saturday for me. Just 59 points =( Arteta and Kirkland saved me from a totally embarssing points tally. Still have 6 players to go today plus another 9 in midweek. Should still get a decent score at the end of the week.


Maxer said...

at 25points after the first round this week.. dropped from 4th to 7th in my private league.. Bendtner got 7 because fab stole all the limelights from him.. milner own goal robbed him 3points.. and hutton and dunne didn't live to expectations..

happy that i dropped vermaelen (from hunch) but sad that i'm close on getting carew and arteta but didn't..

a.johnson, roo, drogba and belleti (if he play) to play tonight and 8DGs on wednesday.. hopefully they can help push me back on track..


madguy said...


No, it's copied from reuters:

Anonymous said...

Hey I think there's a mistake in next fixture.. Fulham and Wigan shouldn't have double gamers, but they should be included in the following gameweek... Do you think they will change it? What do u think AM?

Btw I was close to grab Arteta, i didnt have sufficient fund (less than 1 different) at that time... But that's ok, hope ballack will score today...


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