Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The AM Challenge - 4th Round Results

The end of another week & I ended it on 148 points thanks to 61 points from my double gamers last night. Pretty much everyone provided decent points with the exception of Rodallega, who is now officially dead to me (didn't I say that last time?).

A decent weekly score, but lots of people had done very well this week, so would it be enough to get through to the next round of the AM Challenge as one of the top 60 scores from the remaining 125 teams...?

Well, you can see below that it was, but the cut-off was a very competitive 128 points.

All 61 teams below are through to the Quarter Finals, but I have encountered some far as I can tell KELLZ FC has gone missing from the blog leagues, despite qualifying for this round.

Kellz - please reply in the comments section so I know what's going on - if you want to rejoin let me know & provided you scored over 128 then I'll put you through to the next round.

Rank   Team   Total
1 Sam Adams 176
2 Supermassive FC 170.5
3 FC Skwarek 167
4 Total Football FC 165
5 ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› 163.5
6 DaBears 163.5
7 MU4ever 163
8 Red Beach Ball +10 162
9 Shock The Monkey 161.5
10 Dare to Devil 160
11 Steve Bob FC *** 156
12 Maestro Harriers 155
13 International Dog Squad 155
14 [ Bench Warmer ] 154
15 李華月x彭丹 153
17 Sadiq 11 152
18 CCFC Wannabees 151.5
19 pk all stars 151.5
20 Newcastle Rocks 150.5
21 Ipswich town FC 150
22 coqKODOKpisang 149.5
23 iceman_tsc 149.5
24 PBS Lions 149
25 pvtsnappersgooners(S11) 148.5
26 Modric is God 148
27 HIV Eindhoven 146.5
28 Fantomerik 146.5
29 KNOXY95 146.5
30 TLLA 146
31 bullrun 146
32 Juan Sebastian Veron 145.5
33 Rizal Plate F.C. 145
34 Read 144
35 AbsolutelyFabregas 143
36 Bo 7aMaNi 143
37 CF Aimarcia 141
38 Rosa's Leg Ends 140.5
39 Kop Kings (BB) 138.5
40 HARPOONS FC 138.5
41 No Longer Defending Chaffs 138.5
42 No Name FC 138
43 NY Cosmos 137.5
44 FC United of Toronto 137
45 chuggington 136.5
46 gamatoilrefinery 136
47 Computer Science Student 136
48 xX~B♥N~Xx 134
49 Brighton Till I Die 132.5
51 KyoXFC 131.5
52 INDIA 130
53 Unintended XI 130
54 Welcome to Man City (S11) 129
55 Remedial Spastics 129
56 The Arch 129
57 Simply Da Best 129
58 TM yang 1 128.5
59 aaaaaaaaa 128.5
60 Ovche Pole Blancos 128
61 Balls to that! 128
62 try nex year plak..hohoho 127.5
63 Al Iskandariyah 127.5
64 NOReal_Madrid 127
65 Villa for life 126.5
66 NUMERO UNO 125.5
67 Liu9Li 125.5
68 Luis De Gruchy's Biggest Fan 125
69 Syaitan Merah V3 124.5
70 California Hooligan 124.5
71 The Pensioners 123.5
72 the hooligans 123
73 Swarley FC 122
74 Wollongong Wolves 121
75 StandartenfuhrerSS FC 120
76 The Guns of Brixton 119.5
77 Electric Mayhem FC 119
78 Venice Leopard Sharks 118.5
79 PDX East FC 118
80 Laissez Faire 117
81 Can't Do Without Line Dancing! 116.5
82 ♣TaBaK-TaBaK ™ 116
83 Sarah's Wanderers 116
84 Creedence Clearwater Couto XI 116
85 AJ Rovers - KBM 116
86 Sven's Super Squad 115.5
87 On with the motley Crewe 115.5
88 The Comeback Kids 115.5
89 korox unta 114.5
90 Al Jazeera 114.5
91 undernewmanagement 114
92 FlaGoonerz 114
93 JK Torusiil 112
94 EGYPT 111
95 The Team of Champions (Danny) 110.5
96 Spoke City 108
97 Remisheva 108
98 Th3 BlaCk D3viLS 108
99 Sunway Derk 107.5
100 ARtOfOwning-_-V 107.5
101 OptimusTai 107.5
102 mILs 106.5
103 Ron 105
104 Sporting ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^› 104
105 HootervilleRutabagas 104
106 MU4ever 103.5
107 el-Hafiz FC*** 102
108 The Owl Sanctuary 101.5
109 Jim Team II 100.5
110 siR tHanGtrO 100.5
111 telephone 97.5
112 BlueWhiteArmy 97
113 Jared's Super Saints 96
114 Essendon Bombers 94.5
115 LimGohMau 94.5
116 Fingerdusters FU 94.5
117 No Wukin Furries 94
118 mizone fc 93.5
119 Arse'n'Venger 91
120 rauls latics 89.5
121 FA Queue 86
122 La Bamba de Areco 73.5
123 OMLC 71.5
124 Hooney McStroots 71.5

That's Week 26 over & done with, congratulations if you got through!

I'll now get to work on my Week 27 Player Picks over the next 24 hours. It's possible I'll get time to do them in my lunch break today or tonight, but tomorrow lunchtime is more likely. 10 teams with double games (indicated in bold below)

Sat, Mar 20Aston Villa v Wolves
Sat, Mar 20Arsenal v West Ham
Sat, Mar 20Everton v Bolton
Sat, Mar 20Wigan v Burnley
Sat, Mar 20Sunderland v Birmingham
Sat, Mar 20Stoke v Tottenham
Sat, Mar 20Portsmouth v Hull
Sun, Mar 21Man Utd v Liverpool
Sun, Mar 21Fulham v Man City
Sun, Mar 21Blackburn v Chelsea
Tue, Mar 23West Ham v Wolves
Wed, Mar 24Blackburn v Birmingham
Wed, Mar 24Aston Villa v Sunderland
Wed, Mar 24Man City v Everton
Wed, Mar 24Portsmouth v Chelsea



Ban said...

Yeah, I am in for the next round!
48. xX~B♥N~Xx - 134 points

markygoods said...

finished with 132.5, not bad considering I don't have Drogs or Torres, Barndoored drogs only to sell him again as my team was to unbalanced, Villa players look very appealing this week

markygoods said...

Oh something off topic, does anyone know if yahoo run a world cup fantasy footy? starting to realise the season is coming to an end and am wondering what the hell i'm going to do in the off season!

init said...

disgusting week of 80 points.
double game gamble failed

marky - yahoo haven't run a world cup FF before and I've been playing the game for probably 10 years.

You have to just find something else to do.

With my horrible week I am going to use it to wean myself off this addictive game!!

Its great fun, but when it end it just sort of ends!!

Assistant Manager said...

Marky - Yahoo ran a Euro 2008 game & it was an absolute shambles. The scoring system was the same but you had to pick a squad of 15 & it just didn't work, they had the rounds all screwed up so players could make changes between games (basically cheating) & the whole thing was a mess. I ran a league for 12 mates & we all gave up after less than 2 weeks.

We'll have to wait & see if they bother doing one for the World Cup/whether they've sorted out the format - but they'll be plenty of others to choose from...the Metro run one which copies the format used for the Official Premier League game which is decent enough.

Kukuski said...

Did you write "addictive"? I think that's an understatement!!!
Good luck next time though...

Anonymous said...

brigde is out for a while...who will replace him?

Bojan said...

zabaleta, imo

Bojan said...

Anonymous said...

An excellent 165 points this week! I would have been joint fourth in the AM challenge but didn't join it in time.

Slowly but surely I'm climbing up the rankings. And a fourth week in a row my keeper kept a CS!

Currently have this team for next week

Bale Dunne Gardner
Arteta Malouda Milner AJ
Drogba Tevez Kalinic (0.08 million left)

Gambling on Capt Kirk this week. Another CS, hopefully! Somehow I feel that Tevez is unbalncing my team. I don't like the look of my team except the midfield.

My other concerns are Gardner and AJ. Are they sure starters?


Bojan said...


i think they will get around 120 minutes each in DW... one start and one sub in... i have them both and i will wait until deadline to decide what to do...

Anonymous said...

The one week I dont properly check the fixtures...sold milner at 12 the other day, thought he wasnt a double gamer. gutted.


Anonymous said...

Kirk or Turnbull this week?
i had turnbull for his 3 points but Chelsea have relatively easy games with Blackburn and Pompey.
Having said that, Wigan have Burnlet at home and Kirk is only 2. something
team this week:

Bale, Insua, Baines, Finnan
Dyer, Aquilani, Walcott
Pav, Torres, Moreno

bit worried with Moreno as well. might drop him for some one playing 2 games


Doctor Teeth said...

A combined total of 1.5 points from my GK and Lamps just doesn't cut it and sealed my departure from the Challenge...good luck to all those teams that remain.


Cescy said...

havent posted for a while...
bit random but i have a hunch pick of piquionne this week...he has hit a bit of form for out of form pompey (lol double negative). he can get atleast 1 or 2 vs hull and maybe sneak one vs chelsea!

my curent team is:
turnbull (providing the others do not get fit)
gardner dunne jagielka/ferreira
milner aj malouda zhirkov/stanislas
piquionne bendtner drogba

comments and suggestions welcome-particularly on my hunch pick, and the two player choices which are up in the air?

Cheers, Cescy.

Cescy said...

hi everyone, haven't posted for a while...
anyway had a average week-with 115 at the finish, and could kill rodallega-just shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!

bd team is:
turnbull(if he plays)
gardner dunne jagielka/ferreira
milner aj malouda zhirkov/stanislas
piquionne bendtner drogba

piquionne is my hunch pick-decent game vs hull and can maybe get one vs chelsea...he is on some form recently! also not sure about jagielka and zhirkov OR ferreira and stanislas??

comments/suggestions welcomed and appreciated!

cheers, Cescy.

Saul said...

@Sam - I think you have too much Liverpool. Not only because they're playing Manchester United but also they're single gamers in a double game week...hell, I think you have weigh too many average single gamers.

The only player I'd probably consider from Liverpool is Torres since he's known to put fear in the United defense and also, the schedule is looking mighty good for Pool...(H)Sunderland, (A)Birmingham, (H)Fulham, (H)West Ham, then they have Chelsea at Home. Torres at discount would be nice for those games, I just don't know if he'll score enough to keep his price up for this weekends double? My dilemma is...keep Torres(1 game) or get Tevez(2 games)? Looking at the schedule I don't want to drop Torres but there's just so few games to play and I have no room to be loosing ground.

Currently I'm playing with this team...


Haven't clicked the save button yet I'm very close to. What do you guys think? I have Torres but I want DGr's

Anonymous said...

nice to see my team is in the list of top 61 to enter Quater final stage :-).. Rank 42..not too bad..

for week 27, will try to accommodate as much players from double weeks.

So far, my current team:

Bale, Salgado, Alex
Malouda, Lampard, Mikel, Adam Johnson
Drogba, Bentner, Kalinic

Will try to add a few more city players.. just awaiting for confirmation from the club regarding player injury..

goodluck to all managers

Gooner said...


Nice team. I like it. The only thing I might look into is whether you swap a Chelsea defender for a Villa defender to spread your risk a bit.

I feel your pain re Torres. I had him last week and let him go for Drogba this week. It was painful to lose the discount, but that is less important as fewer games remain. Good luck.

Saul said...

@Gooner - Thanks for the feedback mate but with the team above I just can't find enough cash to afford a Villa defender, they're too damn expensive...unless I go A.Johnson/Cuellar instead of Arteta/Ivanovic. What do you think, will A. Johnson get 2 games and score more points than Arteta? I just want to have at least 1 Everton player just in case they thrash Bolton...what to do, what to do.

I know Villa are more likely to keep a clean sheet as they're playing both winnable games at home but...I guess we'll have to see.

@AM - Is the Blog Cup coming up in the next fixture??? I always assumed it was right after the AM Cup, is that true?

Thanks, Saul

Saul said...

@Gooner - Sorry I made a mistake when posting my team above, I actually have A. Johnson instead of Arteta.
Therefore now my team would be...

Bale/Terry/Cuellar or Warnock

I just have to decide on Cuellar or Warnock and I should be set...not really, there's bound to be Friday trade as always but I like the team as is.

Alex said...

OK I came second this week in the cup thingy, am happy with that.

A strange season, my girlfriend was in the top ten up until Christmas and is still in the top 100, whereas I was around 2,000 at xmas but now I am 314.

She picks big name players from the big teams, I pick lesser players, so strange how I have moved up and she has stayed up there with very different strategies, though am very happy with both results thus far.

I got 170 this week with 5 DG's so should be happy, but I still think single gamers have equally as much value, on the whole.

Saul said...

@Alex - I also think single gamers have equally as much value as DGr's. I was thinking of giving Rodallega, yeah call me crazy, one last chance...come on he's against Burnley, surely he has to score!!! Well, I can't find a way to fit him in but this is just my hunch for the week. Having said that, I clicked save changes and got rid of Torres for Tevez, 2 chances instead of one...and easier oposition.

What do you guys think of Pompey finally being deducted 9 points? Surely they must feel like there's nothing else to fight for??? God I feel bad, everything going wrong financially and now they're on their way to the Premiership.

Gooner said...


I was all set to barn door Adam Johnson, but then he didn't start against Sunderland, which had me concerned. Of course he promptly gets a goal, confusing the situation even more.

I think he has a decent chance of starting both matches this week. He had started several matches in a row before Sunderland (not including FA Cup matches), and he scored a goal after being brought on in that one.

As far as Arteta, I watched the Everton/Birmingham match Saturday and thought Arteta was more passive than usual. He wasn't getting forward as much as I had hoped. That said, he scored 5.5 with no goals, assists, shots on target, or corners won. You have to like a player who can get a few points even when he's not on his game.

Saul said...

Yeah I wanted Arteta in but there was no way I could come up with the team above. Damn!!! If only I had BDr'd Malouda I would've had a more satisfying team. Well you never know, maybe these team makes it big for the week...because this game is about luck sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Never posted here before, only recently found this mecca of FF blogs...


if Gabby not fit, then Carew goes in and extra cash to replace Aquilani, Walcott or Salgado

any advice please ???

thanks Sputnik's Warhorses

Mike B said...

Sputnik -

I would suggest that if you do go the Carew route, you upgrade Aquilani to Adam Johnson or similar.

Aqua is struggling for fitness due to a stomach bug apparently, then there's the fact he has only one game, which is against Utd.

Theo will do good against West Ham even with only one game, i'd be tempted to kepp hold of him.

That's one hell of a strikeforce you got there by the way!

Sulldaddy said...


There was a fantasy world cup 4 years ago. I played it with friends of mine. McDonalds did some sort of cosponsor and I am pretty sure it was through Yahoo, as my same password and sign in worked to get the league page. If I recall the set up was more similar to the premier league fantasy set up with limited transfers per round and showing your roster by team jerseys.
It seemed to work ok, hoping for something this year as well. ESPN is pushing EPL and La Ligue games here stateside in a lead up to world cup so I suspect there will be a fantasy world cup somewhere if Yahoo doesnt jump on board.

I have loaded up with DGers this week and wonder if Brm is a good and potentially overlooked pick, both away games but against underperforming and potentially unmotivated teams.
I will try to post my roster in the player picks once I finalize things, but gotta finish march madness tonite first!!

Macgill said...

I also remember playing a yahoo fantasy game for the world cup 4 years ago. it was definitely pretty good but not identical to this one

Anonymous said...

@Mike B

Thanks for advice, hadn't heard about Aqua, if Gabby comes out, will definitely do the Carew shuffle but hold on to Theo

thanks again


Anonymous said...

@ Mike B

Thanks for the advice, hadn't heard about Aquilani. If Gabby comes out will definitely do the Carew shuffle but leave Theo in !

Thnx again and good luck !


Anonymous said...

Bargain basement - Top filler Picks Wk 27- DGers

Kirk*(Wig) 2.64 (the only single-gamer on the list- but at home to Burnley!)

Green (W Ham) 6.17
Turnbull (chels) 5.98 (2?)

Jagielka* (Ev) 7.52
Richards* (M.C) 6.89
Kovac* (W Ham) 6.1
Salgado (BB) 4.42

Neville* (Ev) 5.00
Sidwell (AV) 3.58 (2?)
Mikel* (Chels) 3.71
Brown* (Ports) 4.50
Ferguson* (Bham) 4.55
N'zonzi (BB) 3.19
Belletti (Chels) 1.65 (2?)
de Jong (MC) 5.31
Dyer* (WHam) 5.42
Kompany* (MC) 5.44 (2?)
Richardson (Sund) 4.51
Ballack* (Chels) 7.66

Roberts* (BB) 6.56
Kalinic (BB) 3.00 (2?)
Doyle (Wol) 8.5
Piquonne* (Ports) 8.17
Carew* (AV) 8.15 (2 full gms?)

*top picks
All should start 2 games, except (2?) where I,m less sure that he plays 2.

Hope that can help anyone in need of cheap inspiration!

Thoroughly enjoying the blog AM

Anonymous said...

Pauly I think you miss Hreidarsson, a definite bargain at 4.84


Afif said...

Thanks Pauly

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