Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Week 27 - Tuesday

A terrible night for West Ham United & Gianfranco Zola as they crashed to an embarrassing 3-1 home defeat to Wolves in the only Premier League game of the evening.

Hammers fans streamed out of the ground once the 3rd goal went in after just 65 minutes, chants of "You're Not Fit To Wear The Shirt" echoed round the ground & deafening boos greeted the full time whistle. It doesn't get much worse & West Ham are in real trouble.

Wolves deserve huge credit - they were outstanding, with their goals coming from Doyle, Zubar & Jarvis...a consolation from Franco deep in to injury time denying them the clean sheet they deserved.

There were great points for Jarvis as he ends the week on 23.50 & I decided to barndoor him (in Bullard's place) seeing as he has a home game this weekend, although I may make the switch back. Hahnermann, Zubar & Doyle also contributed good points; for West Ham, Diamanti got himself up to 11.5 having been negative after the Arsenal penalty miss, but Rob Green ends with a nightmare -15.

Tonight we have the remaining 4 games of Week 27 before we can look ahead to Week 28, which is the Quarter Finals of The Blog Cup...21 teams cut down to 10. My Week 28 Player Picks will be written after tonight's games & posted up tomorrow afternoon.

I should be in the chatroom tonight but I'll be watching the FA Cup replay between Spurs & Fulham on TV so I'll need you to keep me up-to-date on the games at Villa, Blackburn, City & Portsmouth.

Early team news suggests both Agbonlahor & Dunne could miss out for Villa, Cech should replace Turnbull, while it looks like Ferreira & Zhirkov will be Chelsea's fullbacks with Ivanovic out for a month & Cole/Bosingwa out for the season.



Anonymous said...

( Copied from last thread- seems more approp here)

hahnemann goals against/saves ratio 24/80=0.3
slightly better than the excellent joe hart.

rob green 54/110 = 0.49.

so you could say hahnemann is 20% better than green .

hahnemann with an average of 6.86 has the best average of any of the bottom half teams ( that have played a reasonable number of games )

it still surprises me that keepers get ignored when games are analysed. i've dropped green and giving myhill a go in goal, even though he saved nothing at the wk/end. i just feel hull have got a win in them and they are decent at home.


Bojan said...

# Richard Dunne and Gabby Agbonlahor are almost certain to miss tonight’s game, James Milner a slight doubt. 3 minutes ago via web

L'Orange Noir said...

With Verm and Gallas out does anyone think Brum forwards/attacking middies might be worth a punt?

Lee B said...

Great night, double for Drog & Malouda, 1 for Arteta & Carew and clean sheet for Jags.... plus points from 4 other players.
Loadsa points!!!!!!

Hinrik said...

Finally I had a decent week.

124.5 pts before Drogba, Carew, Arteta, Jagielka, Howard, Terry, A.Young and A.Johnson played tonight.

Anonymous said...

Think most of us got the same lineup last week... But who's to buy now? I have dropped Drogba... now i regret it :(

And I have to choose my main striker: Torres/Tevez/Pav?

And second striker: Crouch/Gudjohnsen/C.Cole/Carew/Saha/SantaCruz/Zamora?

Arrghh I'm really confused. What do you think guys?


BerbaOwnsj00 said...

I was happy when I saw drog and malouda both had 2 goals but than I was angry cause my group leader has Dunn and Young... stupid dunn he decides to score 2 goals just now :s

Kellz said...

A solid 196.5pts to offer a great ending to a great week. Only miss-steps were not pulling the trigger on Carew for Bendtner and not even considering Ashley Young over Millner, but besides that great points for many teams out there.

BD team:

Jags, Ferreria, Bale
Dunn, Malouda, Arteta, Cahill,
Rooney, Bendtner, Tevez

some things to consider from Spurs: Pav and Bentley - really want them in, so I'll see what i can move around.


Bradley said...

174 points and I dropped 27 places. Now there's a high-scoring week for you. Howard, Carew, and AYoung were my big misses. Vermaelen, Adam Johnson, Bendtner, and any Villan in a defensive role were clearly ill-fated picks. At least Kirkland, Jagielka, and Arteta paid off (plus Malouda and Drogba obviously).

Bradley said...

@AM: Congratulations, you've just passed me in YFF League 2. Sadly, I've been fading of late.

mags said...

Nice solid week even with BBBF and Verm, ended on 194. Meant to drop Verm and pick up Ferreira but missed the BD while out celebrating my birthday. Had already BD THoward and dropped Zhirkov for Benayoun. Now I wonder if I should eat the 1 week suspension and just stick with Verm through the end of the season.
Team right now is

Maxer said...

hi all.. at least i've reach another hundred points (100.5).. after starting very bad at 21points on saturday.. but still i did'nt move a place in any of the group i compete in.. because most of my friends got carew, drogba and malouda in their team..

anyway, just a quick question.. u guys think fab and modric gonna be big next week?.. i mean given their fixtures..


Saul said...

Well that sums up my week. Ballack didn't play and using a filler(Belletti) turned out to be a waste. 131.5 is very disappointing and that's why I'm going to take risks for the next fixture.

Alright my team is as follows...

Bale/Jagielka/Aurelio(if fit)

As you can see I'm going heavy on Tottenham...hope Pompey play the way they did against Chelsea and it pays off.

Merv said...


I was thinking of Giggs as well but Man U are playing Bayern few days later and I think Fergie will rest him or limit his playing time.

Anonymous said...

end up with 192.50.. friedel is the worst spending, never pick expensive GK again..

Alex said...

Ended on 231.50, really happy with that, moved upto 44, this week looks tough as I dont fancy spurs to go to scipt, they never do, do they?

Hinrik said...

238 pts. Howard, Jagielka, Bale, Terry, Garrido, Arteta, A.Young, A.Johnson, Drogba, Crouch, Bendtner.

STM said...

What a bumper week, loads of goals and Spurs are in the FA Cup semifinals! And the bonus of ending with 236 points. :-D

Really? Don't fancy Spurs? Well, Spurs are playing at home and Pompey away. Admittedly, Spurs have had screw ups in the past but can you really resist the matchup, considering the firing power of Super Pav and O'hara not eligible for Pompey? :-)

Dunn holders need to be aware, he picked up an injury in the victory against Birmingham and had to leave the game towards the end.,,10303~47449,00.html

Now Allardyce has come out and voice concerns over his fitness.,,10303~2004560,00.html

So too is Bendtner, who is a doubt.,19528,11661_6053043,00.html

@Saul: I normally don't recommend putting all eggs in one basket, but if that is your gut feeling... I am not sure on Modric/Kranjcar starting status. Will see if I can offer some food for thought after AM put up his players pick.

Bojan said...

Look at Lescott face @1:30 minutes...

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