Friday, 12 March 2010

Hilario Out

"Chelsea are without goalkeeper Hilario ahead of tomorrow's game against West Ham and that could lead to rookie keeper Ross Turnbull facing Inter Milan in the Champions League.

Hilario suffered an injury to an abductor muscle in the FA Cup quarter-final win over Stoke.

He is also a doubt for the last 16 return leg against Jose Mourinho's Inter on Tuesday night.

Turnbull faces the Hammers and young keeper Rhys Taylor will be on the substitute's bench."

Well that's just great...

I had my team ready to go with Hilario the bargain enabler behind it all...I can't currently afford to replace him with Turnbull & don't really want Kirkland or Jensen, so it's back to the drawing board for me, as I'm sure it is for many of you too.



ppboy said...

This is not a good news for all of us as we are hunting for cheap goalkeeper who willing to give a potential of clean sheet. I will try my luck with Jensen..Fingers cross

Anonymous said...

oh!hehe!!that's great news!!!..not "fantasy-wise" ofcourse!!!

Anonymous said...

just heard this news on talksport. thankfully had enough spare cash to get Turnbull.... although it perhaps better to say "thankfully" after i've seen his pt's come in,after what happened to hilario ! i would certainly risk Jensen if i were you AM, as wolves are the lowest scorers in the lge, and have most FTS's too (fail to scores 13)


Raul said...

I will go with Turnbull then, i had 3 extra mills in bank. So that means i keep arteta's discount and leave Dunne out of my team.

My team look like then:
Bale, Hutton, Fox
Arteta, Downing, AY, Milner
Agbonlahor, Torres, Bendtner

I hope that Aston Villa doesn't backfire. Two wins and a lot of goals would be great. It's possible, but I am worried that there are so many good single gamers, who will out perform the DG. Still, I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Bojan said...

I like that news... I will pick Turnbull or Alex, now...

Bojan said...

My team(so far):


Bale Boyce Warnock

Walcott Milner AYoung N'Zogbia

Bender Carew Torres

Bojan said...

I have nice option with Rooney and Torres but it is a double week... I had Rooney only 3 times this season and i think it is stupid to pay full price for him on double week... I like Kranjčar also... He and Bale will split all Tott kicks and he is in great form... 3 or 4 SOT in last few games... He is also pricey for one game player but surely he will be in just few teams this week... Scharner/Kranjčar for Boyce/AYoung...

Fidan said...

@ Bojan - Tough one, Bojan. It's really about your hunch as I think both options have 50-50 chances... But, what a heck, if I were croatian too, I'd go for my boy, that's for sure ;)

My team (so far):
Fried-el (its scary how his name starts, isn't it, Fried)

I'm still contamplating a switch: Cuellar/McCarthy/Gabby for Dunne/Scharner/N'Zogbia...what do you guys think?

I'm still holdind Downing(@10,95) and Fox on some dc, and I'm very reluctant to sell them, esp Downing, with his fantastic dw coming up next week...!!!

Any suggestion would be welcomed ;)


Fidan said...

People, Friedel/Cuellar/JMcCarthy or Turnbull/Dunne/Downing

Bojan said...

Tough one, Fidan. It's really about your hunch as I think both options have 50-50 chances...


Fidan said...

and one more (sorry to annoy you): JMcCarthy/Cuellar or Alex/Warnock???

Anonymous said...

Without Hilario I don't feel that turnbull is worth the extra 3mill so I am going with a drastically different team so I can fit in friedel
Alex is a great pick this week with carvalho out and he has performed well when he plays

Bale Dunne Alex
Arteta Walcott Lampard Belletti(filler)Milner
Carew Gabby
Gabby has recovered in time for the tie this week


Bojan said...

@fidan - 2nd... imo

SLASH said...

This might be an excuse for Ancelloti not to risk another game with the Hilarious one *lol*

Anonymous said...

Fidan to answer your first question i think it comes down to Downing vs Friedel and personally i like Big Brad better. Downings avg points is buoyed by his monster game a few weeks back and sure he could have another game like that but i think Friedel is much safer.

Heres my team so far what do you guys think?

Verm Bale Fox
Arteta Milner Young A Johnson
Bendtner Hrod Gabby

Im tempted to add a Villa def but i dont like the idea of having a GK and def from the same team and i dont really want to drop any of my current def. Also been debating whether i should add torres or Carew up top, any suggestions.


L'Orange Noir said...

Hi Guys,

I don't normally post straight up questions but I am truly stumped with this...
I'm happy with my whole team aside from 1 position; I have Lee CY in Mid @ 8.59 and 3.85 mil in the bank and I think I could upgrade him to someone better. My other three mids are Milner, AJ and Arteta at discount.
Should I go with Malouda or an Arsenal Mid or is there another better option I'm missing?

@Bojan I'd go with Scharner/Kranj
@Fidan I'd go with Alex/Warnock

Cheers Guys

Anonymous said...

Here is my team (ARSNT) with any reason:

Kirkland (2X, looking CS)
Bale (fr 2.84)
Mouyokolo (fr 1.76)
Scharner (2X, looking SOT/G, plays in Mid)
Downing (2X, Cross/FK/SOT)
N'Zogbia (2X, Cross/FK/SOT)
Milner (2X, SOT/FK/PK)
Ashley Young (2X, Cross/SOT)
Bendtner (fr 5.81)
Carew (2X, SOT/PK)
Rodallega (2X, SOT/PK)

what do you think, guys? Please suggests me

Anonymous said...

L'Orange at that price i like Walcott, Pienaar, OHara or Modric


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

an interesting development to say the least....

@Bojan, I agree perhaps it is stupid to waste so much money on drogba, rooney, or even risk holding Fabs at a discount if he wont play...

Thomas said...

Its load of shite, I was really hapy with my team, I think im gonna stick with it anyway and go with a 0 from Hilario, better than -9 anyway!

init said...

I am very glad Hilarious is out as I was almost tempted to pick him despite my better judgement. The only problem is that I am pleased with my team for once and so not being able to afford Friedel will go for CKirk! Aaaaarrrrggghhh

Fox Hutton Scharner
Arteta Arshavin Milner Young
Carew Gabby HRod

L'Orange what about N'Zog?
CP I would stick with what you have unless you change Bender for Carew, I did that, just because of the DG thing...
Fidan - Turnbull/Dunne/Downing
Bojan - SCharner/Ayoung if you can!!

Anonymous said...

@ L'Orange, CP's suggestions are solid, modric should be central to any spurs victory.

With Fabregas all but out, i feel (hope) Nasri should continue his good form of late and more importantly rack up some points whilst leaving you with some extra points to strengthen elsewhere.

Don't think choosing Malouda at home to WHU can be a bad move, not considering him myself but possible high points return nonetheless.

Nani could be worth a shout if you're looking to take a risk, not a guaranteed starter but should do well if he does. Just my opinions though


Fidan said...

init - I love your team

My team looks to be set:

Fingers crossed. I'm still not so sure about Gabby and Walcott but...what a heck


Bojan said...

@fidan... sagna is doubt also... so eboue could and up in defence and Walcott will play 90 minutes...

Kellz said...

Scharner, Bale, Warnock,
Milner, Downing, Arteta, N'Zogbia
Rooney, Bendtner, Carew

@Fidan: Nice looking team, I still have Fox (6mil) Walcott (6mil) and Gabby (12mil) unsaved for Scharner, N'Zogbia, and Carew. I am just scared that after a long illness no one is ever 100% and Villa's away both games. If Carew plays once he has an easier chance to score 6pts over 12pts for Gabby.

I am also scared on Scharner, so I might keep fox at 6 and use the extra 3 mil else where. I dunno Friday trades always back fire. But I am scared not to have Torres in for Mon.

Bojan said...

My team:


Bale Scharner Cuellar

Walcott N'Zogbia Milner Kranjčar

Bender Torres Carew

Anonymous said...

Jus outta curiousity why one is showing love to ARSHAVIN?

Anonymous said...

The reason no one is showing Arshavin any love is because everytime he is chosen due to a good match up he doesnt do jack shit!!!!


Anonymous said...

Friday tinkering is going to drive me crazy. One last question, which do you guys prefer?

Walcott,Carew,Torres or Gabby,HRod,A Johnson


Conswaila said...

Hi All
Need serouis help
Torres (1 game against leaky ports )
Rodalego ( 2 games ,likes to shoot )

Straight answers please happy with rest of my team

Anonymous said...

First time post from A1! with a line up dilemna

Hutton (3.51)- Sylvinho (2.65)- Bassong
Milner (12.xx)- A Young (12.xx)- NZog - Mascherano
Drogba (12.44) - Bendter (7.40) - Gabby (12.xx)

Thinking of dropping Bassong and Gabby for Dunne and Carew? Any thoughts!?!?

FC United of Toronto said...

kellz, my middies and forwards are identical... good on yah. no fox this week? think he's got a shot at clean sheet points as well as his phantom/free kick points.

billthegrunt said...

Why is Turnbull so expensive? Did YFF jack up his price when Hilario went down? Or is this the going rate for third-string GKs?

Also, any love out there for Vidic's big flat head? I have him at 8.70 and the money I save with Ferdinand doesn't buy me very much.

Vidic / Fox / Bale
Arteta/ Walcott / Lee / A. Young
Torres / Diamanti / Carew

billthegrunt said...

Hello! The money I save with Ferdinand gets me ... TURNBULL!!!

I may be on to something here. :-)

mudwalkerz said...

ok this news required some redrawing.. but turnbull it is, alongside alex.. instead of ohara.. not ideal but will have to do with it.

@ Billthegrunt.. it's because turnbull did not feature yet.. every new player starts between 5-7 or so.. you only go up or down when you played.. and according to points and ownership etc.

gman26 said...

Bale, Vermaelen, Dunne, Scharner
O'Hara, Milner, Arteta, N'Zog
Rooney, Thompson

(sound of keyboards typing as people wonder who Thompson is)

Fidan said...

@ Kellz - Thnx for comment. I've made up my mind and saved THAT team. It meant selling Downing @10,35 (really sad I couldn't afford him, and keep him for next DW).
Btw, your team looks great to go. I like the Scharner pick, though I couldn't make room for him (verm and bale). Good Luck!!!
@Bojan - Very good team, indeed. I hope Kranjc makes a couple of assist to Bale ;)...!!!

BTW - here are some players I really wish I could have (in that case I'd need a 22 players roster,:P): Rafael,Malouda and Pavlychenko...!!!

Good Luck to everyone


Kellz said...

@Fidan: Thanks mate! Good luck! Considering 1 last friday trade regarding N'Zogbia who hasn't really excited on many ocasions, may up him to Kranj and go Walcott, Kranj, Milner, Downing, Arteta. I just remember last triple week N'Zog started negative with a YC and only finished strong with well below what you wanted.

@Conswalia: I was burned so bad by HRod in the triple week, I would go for Torres, who should get his shooting boots back on target with Pompey. I have slim hope, but hope still, of a Liverpool revival. (what kind of Liverpool die hard would I be if I didn't?)

@Anon 8:50pm: I am about to regret dropping Gabby at 12.xx because he has another double week coming next week. What I forsee is Gabby getting healthy, but no one is 100% after illness, so might not play well the first game, but his power will come next game week with another 2 games at 12.xx, I'd say keep him. I will still try and figure a way to keep him for me.

drybeazy05 said...

Should I get Scharner, Cuellar, or Warnock. Great thanks

Saul said...

Okay here's my team...


Went for Scharner/Carew instead of Hutton/Agbonlahor...I just can't take a chance on a doubtful player. Jensen scares me as both teams will be looking to win that game and I just hope he gets me lots of saves. Anyways no going back and good luck to all.

Anonymous said...




2. RIO





Anonymous said...

Currently load up most with 2 gamers:
Bale Scharner Dunne
N'Zogbia Milner Downing Ashley Young
Bendtner Agbonlahor Carew


Kellz said...

Through much deliberating and reviewing other teams, I have decided to go with a 3-3-4 for the first time this YFF season:

Bale, Scharner, Cuellar, Fox,
Milner, Walcott, Arteta,
Rooney, Bendtner, Gabby

Heres my thoughts, I have 5 midfielders with 2 in defense, Scharner covers my Wigan player and possible CS, Cuellar covers the Villa CS and makes a goal threat from set pieces. Walcott, Almunia, and Bendtner cover Arsenals great stretch of games. Even with Gabby not 100%, Villa have another double week and if he gets back on form will be hard to drop at 12mil. Milner will share kicks with Downing, but should take more corners and the penalties, so dropping Downing is fine, even though I feel he will have a great week.

I feel good about this team, Fox was too hard to drop with a very possible CS and taking enough kicks and phantoms to score consecutive 12 and 12.5pts in losses.

Good luck guys.

I will be up at 4:30am to watch BBurn v Spurs hoping Kranj doesn't explode as I had a teeam with him in it. Come on Bale!

Anonymous said...

Fox Hutton Figueroa scharner
N`Zogbia Milner Young McCarthy
Rodallega Agbonlahor

8 player 2x play..
any comment?


Anonymous said...

Hi AM & freinds,

Here is my current line-up.


Fox Cuellar Jags Alex
Arteta Young Modric Diaby
Torres Carew

Not really happy with it, for u can see I have gone with only 3(Villain) DG players. I really wanted to fit Kranjkar in.
Should I bring Kranjkar\S.Pet for Modric\diaby?
Your suggestions\criticisms are welcome.(honestly)

( Mumbai)

Anonymous said...

Bale Vermaelen Kyrgiakos
Nasri Milner AYoung N'Zogbia
Bendtner Torres Agbonlahor

I really wanted Fox instead of Kyrgiakos, but was only 0.13mil from getting him. That's the price for dropping Arteta to afford N'Zogbia...
Anyway, I don't think I'll change it anymore, especially after last week Saturday-trade-fiasco, but I'll still be glad to read some advices about the team.


Anonymous said...

Hi SF,

Instead of Almunia, do you want to switch to Reina, Nailed on clean sheet.

That will also help you upgrade from Kyrgiakos to Fox.

Though, it may not really be needed as Kyrgi will also get you a clean sheet.



Anonymous said...

Nailed on CS? Are you forgetting something? LIV lost to POR 2-0 on their last meeting.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has Jussi. Matches between Wigan and Bolton have been low scoring affairs. So he could be worth it at 5ish.

Here's my team:

Bale Dunne Scharner Fox
Arteta Milner N'Zog S.Petrov
Torres Carew

Watch this space, Admiral!
All the best!


bean said...

@SF - kryg maybe won't start, i think i saw carragher/agger as predicted lineup

i'm going with:

Dunne Alex Fox
N'Zog Arteta Modric Wilshere
Bendt Drogba Carew

good luck everyone.

Anonymous said...

gerrard or a young, i already have milner and agbonlahor, but only maxi from liverpool

Lee B said...

anon, I have Jussi at 4m, thought i'd keep him coz of your reasons.

My team is
Hutton, Fox, Rio, Dunne
Arshavin, AYoung, Milner,Arteta
Bendtner and Gabby

I'm quite happy with my team but gabby puts the twitters up me. Will he won't he?? Only Milner has done the biz for me before. Was tempted with Carew or Torres, I think Torres is gonna score 25pts today.

Away, thanks to my fellow bloggers I've from 25,000th to 14,700 in four weeks. Thanks to all.

What do think of my team??

Lee B

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I've just noticed that Johnson is back so Carragher isn't a right-back anymore. I thought about changing Kyrgiakos to Ferreira, but than saw news about Zhirkov coming back so I went for Steinsson. Hope it turns out well.


Anonymous said...

last minute decision!
plz help!

fox ferdinand carlisle figueroa
nasri downing n'zogbia
rooney carew pavlyuchenko

fox ferdinand carlisle wilkinson
nasri downing maxi
rooney carew torres

which one do you prefer?
comments plz~

Lee B said...

nzog and pav more options althought Torres , who knows

Anonymous said...

go torres for the gamble

Anonymous said...

Final decision:


Bale - Fox - Warnock
Etherington - Downing - Walcott - Kranjcar
Torres - Carew - Rodallega


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