Sunday, 14 March 2010

Week 26 - Saturday

Pretty good day all round for me as an unpredictable day brought some unexpected points with plenty of players still to come.

At the moment it appears the double load-up might pay off for me if Villa & Wigan can come up with some points midweek, but a hattrick from Rooney and/or Torres could see things take a bad turn, so I'm not counting my chickens just yet.

The lunch time kick off saw Spurs record a fairly comfortable 3-1 win over Blackburn, 2 more for Pavlyuchenko & 1 for Defoe, with Samba grabbing a headed goal that threatened to bring Rovers back in to the game. I saw a few people chatting about Pav in the chat room on Friday evening, I hope you took the gamble in the end!

Gareth Bale was quite outstanding on the left wing, grabbing 12.5 without a clean sheet, an assist, plenty of crosses, a shot on target & he also should have had a penalty. If Howard Webb is the best referee this country can offer then God help the rest.

Bolton thrashed Wigan 4-0, with Rodallega living up to his reputation with 1 pathetic point (although he also should've been given a penalty in the first few mins). N'Zogbia faired far better with a very decent 17.5, Figureoa was disappointing. I hope none of you had Kirkland, who ended up on -12.

Stoke & Villa played out a dull 0-0, with Milner coming closest with a free kick at the death. Good clean sheet points for Friedel & Dunne, but disappointment from Young, Milner, Carew & the benched Gabby. I'm sure they'll be licking their lips at the prospect of bouncing back vs Wigan!

Chelsea dismissed West Ham 4-1 with another 2 goals (29 points) from Drogba & a fine display from Malouda (both of whom I brought in on the barndoor). Alex also popped up with a goal, so well done if you picked him up.

Arsenal snatched a late win over Hull thanks to Nicklas Bendtner, another 17.5 points from him (@ a cost of 5.8) after Jimmy Bullard's penalty had cancelled out Arshavin's opener. Birmingham & Everton played out an entertaining 2-2 draw, with goals from Anichibe, Yakubu, in form Jerome & Gardner. Burnley lost a vital game at home to Wolves, with Danny Fox going off injured after half an hour & Jensen returning -7.

My barndoor team currently looks like this: Turnbull, Bale, Alex, Jagielka, A Johnson, Milner, A Young, Malouda, Bendtner, Carew, Drogba. Turnbull & Alex will depend on the recovery of Cech/Hilario/Carvalho & Carew isn't certain, but the rest could very well stay although I'd like Arteta in midfield.

Lots more games to go this week, but let me know how your getting on so far & how your barndoor team is looking.



L'Orange Noir said...

I'm on 108 with Rooney, AJ and Hutton today and Milner and N'Zogbia as DGs.
Drogba, Bendtner, N'Zog and Jussi were my top scorers and Fox the major disappointment going off injured. He's been traded out for Alex and I've also brought Malouda in for N'Zog.
Was thinking of bringing in Kirkland in goal for Burnley's visit but his value hardly seems to have dropped?

L'Orange Noir said...

Scotch that last, I've jsut checked again and his price is now just under 3...

Anonymous said...

damn I have Kirkland!!!there goes my 12pts!

Caleb said...

I have Kirkland as well! Damn!

Afif said...

Damn L'orange..this is your week man..

Shiv Morjaria said...

Kudos to L'Orange. We'll see him in the top 50 for sure considering Rooney's 30+ points

AM, I wanted to thank you for the HUGE help your blog has been. Wish you only the best of luck man and hope you get into the top 500. Heck, with your knowledge, you could be winning this shit. Since I started reading your blog, I've been consistently coming 1st or 2nd in my group with only one minor slip up last week. I'm within 30 points off the top spot in my group now which would give me HUGE bragging rights so thanks a lot man. Keep the comments coming people. Show some love for the guy who takes his time out for free to help us out :)

Mike B said...

Quite a poor day for me with only 68 points to show, was disappointed with my Lampard pick, and Villas performance.

Still, i have 5 chances for them to redeem themselves midweek.

Rooney has killed me yet again today aswell.


Kellz said...

Rooney just saved my palrty start with 5 SOT and 2 Goals + phantoms adding to my 31pts to my 54pt start thus ending my weekend but Tuesday will have Gabby, Cuellar, Milner, and Scharner.

I am back into the top 1000 places resting at 923rd my highest ever position reached in only 2 years of playing YFF. I owe a lot of credit to AM and all the fantastic community here.

Really tough call for next week. I have Malouda, Drogba, and Friedel on the BD, but such a high investment leaves me with only 4.22mil to fill a defender and midfielder slot. Thus I must either drop Drogba or Milner or make the hard decision to drop Rooney to Gabby, even though my Liverpool aren't playing well, they always play up to the competition. However Rooney is going to be the Golden Boot winner, as I have said from week 1, so his investment of 16mil is almost too hard to drop even against my own side.

Good luck!

stevenc75 said...

My barndoor team for this week is:


Bale Hutton Salgado (filler)

Malouda Arteta Parker Mikel

Drogba Rooney Bendtner

Saved changes on Malouda, Parker, Drogba and Rooney saving me 18m!

What do people think of Mikel's chances of getting 2 games for Chelsea? Also, Everton and Man City have 2 games next week but Yahoo are only showing 1.

bean said...

Kellz, i wouldn't drop Rooney if I were you. I had thought i gained places on you this week, only to realize you had Rooney. Nice work! I'm nippin at your heals though..

Joshtottenham said...

Was at the Sunderland game today (I live in the Northeast) and Man City offered nothing in the first half at all...really really poor. After Johnson's point winning performance I think he has a decent shout at starting, as wright philips was useless.

DJ PIGG said...

89.5 for the week which includes -12 for Kirkland.

I don't mind having him because he's been in my team for the last 9 weeks (@ 1.73) and has given me 34 points in that time.

Did anyone else notice that Rooney's price dropped yesterday afternoon? I managed to BD him for 20.51 and now his price has risen to 27.06. Bargain!

I'd like to add my thanks, again, to AM for this blog. With your help (and the comments from everyone else), I've managed to get 2687.5 points in my first ever season of Fantasy Football.

Currently, I'm first in my employer's private league 346.5 points ahead of the person in second place!

Fidan said...

Thank you, Gollum, thank you very much...I'm sure Rooney had 2 CW, really, I watched the game with soooo much interes. Anyway, I don't want to sound too greedy.

I'm on 111,5pts so far, with Big Fat Fried/Warn/Milner and Gabby still to go and just 13 pts out of Top 50 overall. Nice!!!

@Kellz - I was considering the same, these days. Dropping Shrek for i-Hulk (Tevez), but I'm looking at it differently now. Rooney plays against OUR team, next week, so...IF he fails to live up to his (this year's) reputation of scoring for fun, GOOD for Pool (and us too ;)), but if he goes goals-crazy against my poor Pool of lately, then BAD for Pool (and GOOD for US)...!!! You see, it's a no-lose situation!!!
And yes, he will top the Europe's goalscorers this year. Let's just hope he carries this form to Africa on summer...!!!


Kellz said...

@Fidan: yea man really tricky situation! But regarding the trip to Africa, my Yank boys will be first off the plane to surprise the English!

@Bean: Jealous of your Drogba for 4mil cheaper, hes eating a hole in my team :D

Anonymous said...

either you or me A.M. are putting the curse on HRod. since the shocking triple week he'd slowly
picked his form up..having shots on target in all of the 5 intervening games, returning several decent pt scores. after the confidence boost he gets from the liv goal, and facing a bolton defence which had just let 4 in, he seems a logical pick.( esp as all of the top 10 sides have him too ! )oh well fingers crossed for his 2nd game...but don't hold your breath :)

Anonymous said...

did you click the save changes button for your BD?
just to know the strategy of getting extra money for BD if we did not click the save button.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

I got drunk and forgot to take hilario and fabs out of my team before the deadline! but i still got 96.50

Assistant Manager said...

Tokey - you need to save changes to take advantage of the barndoor.

Anonymous said...

Rooney sent me dropping down the rankings, though not by much.

@Admiral: You still lead me by 5.5 points despite having two non playing players. This leaves me feeling so shite.

Thankfully I still have Torres to go today. Hopefully he destroys Pompey.


ToffeeDave said...

Bargain on Villa players again. Prices are rock bottom (12 haha) again. I picked up 4 for the week coming up.

ben. said...

oh yeah! they got a splendid game against wolves.. Hmmm but I doubt that I have any space for any of them..

here's my team,

rio hutton bale
arteta arshavin wilshere T.cahill
drogs bendtner rooney

in a dilemma on whether to keep arsh. Have and inkling feeling that arsenal would try to score big to improve their goal difference..

Fidan said...

My provisional team:

I'm not completely sure about Carew though, I need, I need 0.19m to upgrade him to AJo, cuz I missed him on BD...


Anonymous said...

no clean sheet for glen-jo. came off on 71mins, and you need 75mins.


Anonymous said...

spoke too soon. none for anyone now ! S.P.

drybeazy05 said...

Does villa have two games again this upcoming week? I read they are at home to Wolves and home to Sunderland. Is this correct?

Anonymous said...

So far eurosport/yahoo has 2 unlisted games in the coming week on their FANTASY site...their normal site has the fixtures.

1) Villa vs. Sunderland
2) Man City vs. Everton

Anonymous said...

tq AM..
however due to office internet breakdown i did not manage to save..
now it stated -3.16...mmm...first time this season to barndoor with no knowledge at all..anyway thank you...


Maxer said...

cheers everybody.. great week for me.. not so great on saturday when i only manage to get 46points and drop 1 place in my private group.. but after last night, i end up with 108 with rooney (31) and torres (31) saving my azz.. i climb back to 4th in my private group (the same group i've been competing in for the past 5 years playing fantasy football).. therefore, i'm quite happy i drop drogba from my squad.. :)

ow, btw i've been keeping fulop for the past 6 games for his discount and option 0 on goal.. and i still get good points.. so i'm happy :)..


Anonymous said...

i got 115 points so far thanks to torres.i have 6 players to go tommorow.


Anonymous said...

i have 115 points so far and 6 players to play tommorow.thanks to torres.


Anonymous said...

My points really suck for this week...
Thanks to Jensen,Milner,McCartney,Gabby and HRod :(
I hope all my DG players will perform better for next match.


Anonymous said...

Good week for me 132 points so far thanks to my lethal forward line up of Rooney, Bendtner & Torres! Still got 4 DGers to go tonight to help me improve on my current rank of 223 ;)

As for next week my current line up looks like this

Verm Bale Hreidarsson
Arteta Malouda AJohnson Milner
Rooney Bendtner Drogba

I had 6 DGers for next week & that's the max I could fit in as I had the other 5 on huge discounts.

But I am having a hard time deciding between having Hreidarsson/Milner or Hutton/Downing. Which pair do you guys think will get higher points?



Kukuski said...


What's up? Where're our Sunday and Monday posts???

Hope you're fine, though.

Take care & best regards!

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