Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Week 25 - Tuesday

Darren Bent - Picked by me on 4 occasions this season & not once has he scored for me. I had him last week & he scored 4 points, so I drop him & he gets a hattrick.

Nicklas Bendtner - Picked by a load of us, he can't hit a barndoor in the league but of course in the Champions League where it doesn't really matter to us, he also bags a hattrick.

Annoying, but I guess I can't be too annoyed with the evening...I picked up 12 points for Gordon, 7 Hutton & 1.5 for Lee to move on to 102 points, up 102 places in to 941st overall.

Pompey were defeated 2-1 by Birmingham, with a double from Jerome (25 points). Kanu (10 points) replied from an O'Hara (14.5 points) assist. A disappointing -4 for holders of David James.

Sunderland grabbed their first win since 2009 with a 4-0 thrashing of Bolton. Bent top scored for the week with 31 points, while Jaaskalainen dropped 6 of the points he'd earnt earlier vs West Ham.

One of the most noticeable things to occur last night was the price of Villa players...they all dropped a huge amount (Milner, Young & Agbonlahor by £3m each) despite not playing, which is great news for the double week in terms of choice, but also a bit dangerous as you could be tempted into picking someone you'd initially dismissed (Gabby for me).

Lots to think about, but I'm afraid I'm very busy today, so Week 26 Player Picks will be up tomorrow after Burnley v Stoke tonight. I'll leave the comments section in your capable hands to discuss possible options until then!



Sulldaddy said...

i think I am buying into SPurs a bit for this week. Defoe is likely on my team at full price and may try to get krancjar or possibly modric on my roster. Blackburn gives up goals and I like the above "tiering" of teams by what is at stake.

Gerrard is gone,just too much $$ for not a good return, he hasnt been great all season and Ive shuffled his funds around my roster to elimnate any fillers I was carrying.

Also dumped Fabregas for similar reason, a lot of $$ for a guy who may be rested. I think the CL game clinches the rest since the team can obviously click without Fab, plus it is only Hull who currently have the worst goal differential in the EPL.

So this is my current roster

Jensen (@3.51)
Bale (2.67) Hutton (3.51), Fox (7.5)
Arteta (7.59), arshavin (13.11), Wilshere (5.38), Milner(12.68)
Rooney (16.05), Defoe (15.05), Gabby (12.84)

Not sure how/who I would flip to get a Spurs MF in but have a few days to think on it.

Anybody have any comments?

Anonymous said...



Birty said...

Last night, I was in the middle of tinkering with my team (Gabby included) when another 3 million suddenly appeared in my bank! If only real life was like that.

Now if only a few more would appear so I can get rid of JVoH.

Anonymous said...

harsh on bendtner there AM. he'd scored in his last 2 lge games before the nightmare on sat, and also scored for his country last week too. getting in there to miss is better than hiding. and besides even on sat, he still returned 3 times his value for the majority of ppl who have him at 5'ish. nice to see Benty 3rd topscorer in the lge- wonder if harry's "mrs" would be up there too ! S.P.

Kukuski said...

Anyone heard/read about the status of Gabby's flu???

Kukuski said...

Hi guys,

Has Gabriel Agbonlahor recovered from the flu that kept him out of the FA cup tie???????

How good are AV away from home? That's very crucial to picking my team for this weekend and beyond.

Many thanks in advance for your comments...

Miec said...

glorious day for me (yesterday)
Got Ricketts (red card + penalty commited), James (in FA cup he had cs and Portsmouth won with Birmingham, but not in Premier League..) and Hutton (finaly + points)
Having in mind that had also Torres and Gerrard, my score (76!!!) is unbelievable. I mean its fantastic.
My team consisted of 4 flops player (Torres, Gerrard, Ricketts, James) who cost me over 40 points (over 40% of my budget) and giving me total -2 pts.
What can I say them? I feel you get me really good reason to drop you and buy you no more.

Bojan said...

Stevie V will not get a ban...

Anonymous said...

sorry guyz, JVoH stand for what?i tried to figure out but cant understand the word..

Bradley said...

@3:49: Hull forward Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink. Although we're admittedly abbreviation happy here, you can see the necessity for that one. :)

stevenc75 said...

Hi guys,

Just discovered this site, I can't believe I have missed it for this long. I took some top tips for this week and I am sitting on 117 points with Fox to play tonight, so THANKYOU to all here.

My team for this coming week is:


Fox Bale Hutton

Arteta Nasri Milner Arshavin

Bendtner Agbonlahor Rodallega

I might swap Arshavin out for Dunne and N'Zogbia.

I'm nervous about Agbon and Rodallega! That's a gamble.

init said...

yes lots to think about! Loving the Villa 3 reductions since I wanted to mould a team around Milner, Gabby and Young this week it suddenly becomes easy...


I have adopted the not caring about discounts attitude of the majority of the top ten which is why i had to drop Bale/Drogs and others. I guess the advantage is a bit more freedom when you get silly double weeks with one double team like this one...

Should I drop Arshavin for Downing and pick up Dunne instead of Figeroa? THat's the question I will need to answer by Sat. Plenty time!!

Anonymous said...

Need 11.5 pts from Clark Carlisle to reach 100. :-P

init said...

steven very similar team. Class FF back line Fox/Hutton/Bale. Arshavin swapping is a tough one. NZog played very well but very deep against LPool instead of his points scoring place on the wing.
I don't know what it is about Arshavin but I am always scared about dropping him...but then he lets me down the little Russian T****r!

stevenc75 said...

I've lost count of the number of times I've swapped Arshavin out and then chickened out of saving it. I just know that if I drop him he'll get a hat trick!

Saul said...

@stevenc75 - I saw the Arsenal-Porto game yesterday and Arshavin was all over the place (3 assists & 2/3 SOT's). I think he's starting to take a leadership role when Fabregas is out.

I have a similar dilemma to yours, drop Agbonlahor(2 games) for Tevez(1 game), with a few changes to the team...I just have a feeling that Tevez will bring Sunderland back to reality. He just can't stop scoring and is already reasonably priced and Agbonlahor seems like a big doubt so as a single gamer, Tevez would be the obvious pick.

My team at the moment is...



I'm not sure which one, I like both the same in average.

What do you guys think?

richy 'liverpool' said...

Donovan apparently has put in a request to extend his everton stay, any further news?

rwlwhite said...

"Bold" is going to be my new middle name after next week. Here's how my team is looking:

Fox, Bale, Hutton
Wilshere, Walcott, Mokoena, J.McCarthy
Torres, Drogba, Rooney

Notice I only have 1 double gamer, and that is only because he is relatively cheap. I just dont see either wigan or villa players returning massive points in their two games. villa have drawn most of their away games in the league this season and both their games are away. wigan have gone through periods of conceding sh*tloads of goals too.
I've gone with pretty much the same defence as everyone else so I won't talk about that. Jussi at home to wigan? risky, but has potential
I've kept hold of wilshere and walcott (i transferred them out this week 5 minutes before the deadline and was punished for it, but think they can both do it again this weekend). mok = filler and mccarthy was a cheap double gamer
My attack: makes me moist! Torres against Pompey at home. He may have been rubbish on monday but he was just back from injury and i think he could explode against pompey. Drogba is drogba, Chelsea are playing west ham where most of their players came from so they will all be well up for it. Rooney v fulham? again, its rooney, if he stays fit after the CL game tonight I think he will destroy fulham.

So to counter my lack of double gamers and my weak (ish) midfield, i'm hoping for at least 6 goals from my 3 strikers, and i think you'll agree that isnt too much to ask from 3 of the world's top strikers!

Saul said...

rwlwhite - Bold it is my man although I don't completely agree with you on Villa...although they have drawn most of their away they are strong competitors for that Champions league spot and will be looking to capitalize in their next 2 games. Keep in mind that they beat Manchester United at Old Trafford. Anyways, your team doesn't look half bad...good luck mate.

rwlwhite said...

saul - i think i actually missed part of my post out. i am aware that villa are going to be pumped up for these 2 games as they are CL contenders, but i've been burned by them before and just want to do something different than everyone else this week. just hope it pays off

stevenc75 said...

I've decided to forget the DG players. Realistically, how many points can you expect from Wigan and Villa? My team now is 3-5-2.


Bale Hutton Fox

Arteta Nasri Lampard Walcott McCarthy

Bendtner Torres

I think Torres will have a point to make at Anfield.

Anonymous said...

Concerning Arshavin, I believe he's only good when (1)he plays on the wing and (2)Fabregas is not present or having a off-day. This is probably because both are natural playmakers that boss around the midfield, kinda like why Nasri never plays in central midfield when Fabregas is there, despite the CL game show that Nasri is probably better there. Since Fabregas has a decent chance of benching the Hull game, I'd say having Arshavin and/or Nasri is a very good idea.

I am thinking of betting on Burnley's defense next week, as well as Aston Villa's double games:

Bale Fox Alexander Dunne
Arteta Arshavin Milner
Bendtner Bent Agbonlahor

I don't quite like Arteta against Birmingham's defense, but the discounts are too much to resist. Same with Bent, but Manchester City isn't impenetrable...

Birty said...

anyone notice that the villa players shot up in value again? Agbonlahor was 15 yesterday afternoon, was 10 over night and it back to 15 today. Same sort of pattern with Downing. I saved when they were both cheap!

Anonymous said...

Damn im glad i clicked the save button and locked Young Milner and Gabby in before the prices rose again. I still may end up get dropping Gabby for Torres but im happy i have the discount incase i leave things.


Anonymous said... many times have my early and mid week picks come back to haunt me. This week, just had this premonition that the Villa pricing just wasn't right... so near enough bought them all. Now my team (baring news) is set for the week, and now costs $124.64 to buy. Hoping to make some headway this week with:

A. Young

Come on you Villains !!!


Anonymous said...

damn! Damn, DAMN!! ALl Villa players went yp again in value and I did NOT save my picks. I wanted to wait on Fab injurty news before buying Young and Milner....I am so screwed!

Anonymous said...

im managed to add milner and young when their price is cheap(12)..but not gabby because im still thinking about dropping fabregas ..any chance villans price drop again?=p..

Anonymous said...

Same here. I had Downing and Lampard on the cheap yesterday but did not save too. And the price jumped back up today

Anonymous said...

My goalie and defence are set, so here's the conundrum:

Version 1:
Fab, Arteta, Gerard, N'Zogbia, McCarthy, Torres, Bendtner

Version 2:
Arteta, Milner, Young, Downing, McCarthy, Gabby, Bendtner

Version 3:
Arteta, N'Zogbia, McCarthy, Lucas, Rooney, Drogba, Bendtner

Any thoughts?

Paphos Toffee

Anonymous said...

Can't belive it! I had Villa players in my team at full price before the price drop. Obviously the drop in price didn't do anything for my team as they are still at full price while evryone else has them at a discount. This is really annoying because glitches in the system are costing me!!!

Anonymous said...

version 2 surpass 100 marks easily :)

Anonymous said...

lampard cheap...i thought only villains

toshack said...

my line up atm
bale hut fox
milner young Spet Down
Gabby drog torr

Anonymous said...

im not focus on 2 games...


I choose BRIAN JENSEN. The reason is....he is top keeper that save 120 shot from the striker.


1. Gareth Bale(2.80)......over lap player
2. Hutton(3.76)
3. Rio(7.02)>> he will score against Fulham.


1. Arteta(7.56)<<<always be my favourite
2. Fabregas(18.61)<<<< assist
3. Gerrard(16.00)<<<penalty
4. Eagles(10.01) <<<i hope he will do something


1. Bendtner(5.56)<<<<im waiting his header
2. Torres(15.91) <<< el nino will distroy portsmouth
3. Carew(6.43)<<<tuff player

Balance :1.42

Anonymous said...

Its the forward line up which seems to be a problem this week (although Im still waiting on news about Fabs)

For those with rooney/drogs at discount I guess its less difficult, but all the top forwards are at home, bar Tevez -

I have Bendtner & Carew (DG) but it's the 3rd FW spot which is brain bending:

Defoe (fit?) ? Agbon (DG) fit? ? Torres ( v ports)? Tevez (away) ? Bent ?


I guess sometimes you just have to go with your intuition!


Anonymous said...

at Paphos T. - - your second version is the safest as options 1 & 3 require major contributions (must score a goal to return value) from either Fabs, Torres, Rooney, Drogba.

With option 2 (and Toshak's line-up as well) you can potentially still return the value without any of your players scoring a goal as they all get phantom points (crosses, passes intercepted, etc.) and they will rack these up in a double game. In addition, with the Villa midfield/Gabby you are all but guaranteed to get the points for whatever goal is scored (or at minimum the assist that goes along with it) . . . I am now thinking of changing Rodalega to Gabby after listening to my own logic.... AND with Villa scheduled for another double week next week, why not hold onto this team as you will surely get the return over two weeks.

Toshak you are dancing with the clown with Hilario..... but I suppose this is the price you must pay if you want Torres/Drogba as well :)

and.... dang! Lampard's price through the roof now... was excited about grabbing him for Chelsea's double next week.


Anonymous said...

Ended the week with a highly satisfying 117 points. Thank you Nugent!

I would like to thank AM and all other blog regulars for all their help. I have improved a lot since joining this blog.

I was sitting around 11000 place just 4 gameweeks ago. Now I am at 6955 place. Though it may not sound great it is a big improvement for me. You can be sure that I will be aiming for the top 50 next season. It's not impossible as my score is quite close to those in the top 10, even beating some of them.

As for next week I have a decision to make. Who to put in the nets?

Need your opinion: Jussi or Jensen?


Anonymous said...

friedel for next week and a week after :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks a million for the feedback - hadn't looked past this double week but you are right, with two home games in the next round getting Villa players in and keeping hold of them makes sense. If only I'd picked them up yesterday at the low prices!!!

Paphos Toffee

Gasper said...

My team for the week:

Bale, Carlisle, Dunne
Walcott, Arteta, Milner, Downing
Bendt, Torres, Carew

For the people still considering Fabregas. Wenger said on that he is very unlikely to play. I believe him :)

Anonymous said...


your team almost like my team...i choose scharner over dunne to cover friedel in case no CS...i prefer young instead of downing because young in form lately...just my thought


Gasper said...


I would also like Young but he's just too expensive. So I'll settle for Downing. I put in Dunne because Villa have two DG weeks. Villa play:
@Stoke, @Wigan, Wolves and Sunderland

There is bound to be a couple of CS in these four games :)

Hinrik said...

My team:
Cuellar Bale Hutton Scharner
A.Young Milner Arteta
Rodallega Carew Bendtner

Hinrik said...

Sorry, I have D.Fox instead of Hutton. :)

Fidan said...

Guys, I have Fox too, thank HE very much ;), but, seriously, aren't you afraid of JORDAN... Fox made way for him last night on 77' and I'm REALLY thinking about dropping him for this week, esp with it being a DW for Villa and Wigan whose DF are NOT so bad, regardless of match-ups (e.g. Villa @OT, and Wigan last week, remember). To add to this, Fox's price has dropped a bit last night, I think because he scored "only" 7,5pts. So, if he just concedes a goal against Wolves, I'm sure his price will come down to the "original" 6,06, or around. So, ultimately, it IS NOT worth it, imHo...!!!

Anyway, I still hold him at DC, waiting for some thoughts from your part...!!!

My provisional team:

I still hold Gabby @12.84 and Downing @10,95, so I may well keep them too. Yeah, I know to much Villa, but isn't it worth it (keeping them at such dc) with their next juicy DW on horizont. I think it is!!!
So, awfully lot of tinkering to do...!!!

Ah, btw. I had Rooney on "about to sell" @16,37 last night, after his "betrayal" this week, but, well, you see, a brace against Milan can really change man's heart, can't it...!!! Oh, my GOD, am I falling for it again. Let's wait and we shall see!!!

Wish me Luck


Bojan said...

This week is intuition only... There is 30 great players picks and everybody should go with their guts...

No one can say today who will score more drogba,rooney,gabby,torres in attack or gerrard,lampard,milner in mid...

SK said...

I regret not saving my team with Milner and Dunne in it, would have had an extra few million to spend. Here is what I have so far

Bale Fox Cueller
Arteta Nasri Milner N'Zogbia
Bendtner Carew

Need 1 more player with 21.49 left. Annoyed because Rooney (fp) would have fit had I saved earlier. With Fab out, imo Nasri is the best pick from the Arsenal MF. Bendtner stays because he can double his value w/o scoring. Cueller/Dunne is a must because Villa has the meanest defense away. May still keep Jääskeläinen (@4.04) but I like Chelsea's matchup better. Any suggestions?

- SK

Bojan said...

i like jensen to fill my GK spot... he will be my cheap choice if i go that way...


Bojan said...

There have been six red cards in the last nine Premier League meetings between Spurs and Blackburn.

Only one team (Man Utd) has managed to score more than once against Spurs at White Hart Lane in their last 31 home games.

Blackburn have won only one of their last 19 Premier League away matches.

Only Blackburn (91) have been caught offside more times than Spurs (84) this season.

Over the last 24 league games, Spurs have won each match in which they have been ahead at half-time (10 times) but none of the 14 when not.

Tottenham have conceded just one goal in their last six league matches at White Hart Lane.

Bojan said...

Bolton have lost only one of their last seven Premier League home matches.

The Trotters have not conceded in their last three Premier League games at the Reebok.

Bolton have failed to score in their last four Premier League matches against Wigan.

There have been just two goals scored in the last four Premier League meetings between the Trotters and the Latics.

In the last three games between Bolton and Wigan, the only goal scored was a penalty by Amr Zaki.

66% of Bolton's league goals this season have come from left-footed shots, next highest is Hull with 42%.

Charles N'Zogbia has completed 68 dribbles this season, more than any Premier League player.

Wigan have picked up just one win in their last nine league away matches, conceding 26 goals in this period.

Bolton have lost 14 of the 15 games in which they have gone behind in this season.

0:0 prediction

Bojan said...

Burnley have scored at least once in all of their Premier League home games this season.

The last away team to fail to score at Turf Moor was Hull back in October.

Mick McCarthy's men have won just one of their last 12 matches away from home in the league.

Wolves have lost four and won none of the last five Premier League matches.

Wolves have won three and lost just one of their last five league trips to Turf Moor.

None of the last 10 league meetings between Wolves and Burnley has ended in a draw.

Bojan said...

In the last eight Premier League meetings with the Hammers, Chelsea have either scored one goal or four.

Six Chelsea players have scored braces in their last eight Premier League matches (Lampard three times, Drogba twice and Anelka once).

If Chelsea concede a goal, they will have shipped more goals already than in any full season since 2003-04.

Chelsea's matches have seen more points dropped from winning positions than any other side, the Blues winning 15 from losing positions and dropping 14 after being ahead.

Chelsea have not lost back to back Premier League games since May 2006.

West Ham and Chelsea have scored the joint-most goals from set pieces this season (20), along with Bolton.

Bojan said...

Martin O'Neill has never won a Premier League game as Aston Villa manager in the month of March.

John Carew has netted three goals in three league games against Stoke.

Villa have kept four clean sheets in their last five Premier League away matches.

Ashley Young has played more crosses from open play than any other Premier League player this season (173).

Stoke have the lowest pass completion rate of any Premier League side this season (63%).

Stoke are one of three teams yet to concede a goal from fast breaks in the Premier League this season.

Stoke have lost just one of their last nine Premier League games.

prediction 0:0

Bojan said...

Cesc Fabregas has scored or assisted four of Arsenal's last five goals away from home.

Arsenal have scored four goals in the 90th minute or later in their last three Premier League matches.

The Gunners are the only team not to have had a player sent off in the Premier League this season.

Hull have conceded six own goals in the Premier League this season, twice as many as any other side.

Despite having scored just one goal in the first 15 minutes of Premier League matches this season, Arsenal have scored the joint-most first-half goals (30) in the competition.

Five of Hull's six league goals in 2010 have come from set-piece situations.

60% of the Tigers' points last season came away from home, whereas 83% of their points this season have come on home turf.

Anonymous said...

tough week guys!

Give us a hand here, will you?

Kirk/Dunne/Torres or Jensen/Carlisle/Rooney?

to fit with


txs a million,


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