Saturday, 27 March 2010

Week 28 - My Team


Ferreira  Berra  Bale

Arteta  Modric  Bullard  Malouda

Bendtner  Tevez  Torres

I found it quite tough to pick my team this week, especially after news of Pavlyuchenko's tight hamstring ruined the plans for my strike force, but I've settled on a team I'm quite happy with.

Myhill has a chance of a win against a tired Fulham team, so at a under £2m he was a no brainer for me. I think a lot of us have been burnt by spending big on keepers (e.g. Friedel) so I decided not to spend the 7.5 on Given & expect others will do the same.

Bale at 2.xx needs no explanation, I barndoored Ferreira as he's set to start as Chelsea's right back for the next few weeks, costing me just 6.5 & the final pick is a real stab in the dark. I had 6.9 to spend on one defender & settled on Christophe Berra, who seems to get a lot of blocks in & score ok even when Wolves lose.

Arteta & Malouda were always staying after last week's performances, which meant I had 2 spots to fill. I wanted a Spurs midfielder but couldn't stretch to Bentley, so I'm hoping my boy Luka Modric will do the business at home to Portsmouth. Final spot goes to Jimmy Bullard, who should be bang up for Hull's vital home game, shoot from distance & generally run around like maniac winning tackles & getting crosses in.

You may be surprised to see I've gone without a Spurs striker, but I decided I didn't want to lose Bendtner once Wenger confirmed he was fit for the Birmingham game. He's held at 5.xx & is the focal point of an attack that features Fabregas, Arshavin & Nasri. Had he been injured I would've brought in Gudjohnson, but if Eidur or Crouch score I'll be delighted, so it's a no lose situation!

Tevez was barndoored at 15 & should do well at home to Wigan, while my final spot goes to Fernando Torres, who is hitting form when it matters & should get plenty of chances at Anfield vs Sunderland.

So that's my team - not perfect but it has a chance of a good week.

On the barndoor I'll be looking at Arsenal, Man City & Everton players given it's a single week containing the following fixtures:-

Saturday, 3 April 2010
Arsenal v Wolverhampton, 15:00
Bolton v Aston Villa, 15:00
Burnley v Man City, 17:30
Man Utd v Chelsea, 12:45
Portsmouth v Blackburn, 15:00
Stoke v Hull, 15:00
Sunderland v Tottenham, 15:00

Sunday, 4 April 2010
Birmingham v Liverpool, 15:00
Everton v West Ham, 16:00
Fulham v Wigan, 15:00

Good luck to all, especially if you're still in the Blog Cup! Let me know the team you settled on...



init said...

Berra, interesting!!

Myhill Hutton/Foley/Jagielka Valencia/Gerrard/Arteta/Modric/Bullard Tevez/Crouch

FantasyFanatic said...

My team

Bale - Jagielka-S. Mouyokolo

Ban said...

My team:

Bale Jagielka Ferreira
Arteta Modric Bullard Malouda
Bendtner Tevez Rooney

There are 2 difference from AM!
Hope it is a good pick for me!

Any suggest to bd for next week?

frilbee1 said...

Jags Bale Ferreira
Malouda Arteta De Jong! Kilbane!
Bendtner Tevez Drogba

Not great - we will see

7 pts ahead of you at the mo - hope to stay ahead.

Cmon you Gunners

Ian Sanderson said...

S. Given
Bale Baird Jagielka Alexander
Modric Bullard Gerrard
Tuncay Rooney Drogba

Anonymous said...

Mine is:

Ferdinand Bale Campbell
Arteta Modric Gerrard Malouda
Bendtner Crouch Tevez

All in AM's list... Thanks AM and good luck guys,

Fidan said...

Very similar to mine AM. Your Myhill/Berra/Ferreira/Torres for my Given/Jags/Agger/Rooney...!!!

Good Luck

Hinrik said...

I thought it was time to do something a little bit different:
Bale Jagielka S.Campell Salgado
Gerrard Modric Arteta
Torres Saha Bendtner

AF said...

Hutton Agger Zabaleta
Bentley Arteta Gerrard Mokoena Malouda
Drogba Gudjohnsen

May the weekend begin!

BerbaOwnsj00 said...

There we go:
Bale Bassong Elokobi

Arteta Malouda Modric Bullard -> seems like a popular midfield

Bendtner Tevez Drogba

Go go spurs cleansheet and chelsea scoring lots ;)

Efthymios said...

Bale, Kaboul, Mears
Modric, Malouda, bullard, Elliot
Torres, Adebayor, Crouch

Hope Elliot & Adebayor to score! :-)

Dave said...

Looking at Fox, Adebayor, Fabregas/Arshavin, Etherington on the barn door. What are others thinking for next week??

init said...

Crouch Modric Gerrard Valencia out
Kalanic Fabregas Etherington Adebayor in

Also thinking about James for Myhill (can't believe it but I am) and Duff for Adebayor...

Steering clear of Chelski and ManU but if I had Drogs and 10 and Rooney at 16 they would, of course, be in...

Anonymous said...

Mine lineup this week will be

Bale , Salgado , Agger
Arteta , Malouda , Gerrard , Arshavin
Bendtner , Drogba , Gudjohnsen

Not really happy with the lineup as i rushed and choose player at the last 30 min b4 deadline ... if drog n malouda didnt perform well will still be happy as it might open way 4 arsenal .. hehe


Dennis said...

Very similar to yours AM

Bale Ferreira Salgado
Arteta Modric A.Johnson Bullard
Bendtner Tevez Torres

Only diff is your Berra/Malouda and my Salgado/A.Johnson

greginho said...

no one has dunn or cesc. that hopefully gives me an advantage. now i am hoping for a brace and 2 assists for each one. i have
vermealen, bale, salgado
cesc, dunn, arteta, malouda
bendtner, carlton cole, tevez

Anonymous said...

wtf, arteta is not playing

Anonymous said...

i don't make it before deadline to switch, so mine is:
HUtton, Jagielka, Vidic
Malouda , NZogbia, Modric, Dunn
Bendtner , Tevez , Gudjohnsen


Bradley said...

Bale Jagielka Zabaleta
Arteta Modric Jarvis Malouda
Bendtner Tevez Rooney

I picked Jarvis over Bullard on the off chance Everton had to field a backup keeper (which they're not). I was too confused by Spurs, so I went just with Modric as a sure thing (of course, Kranjcar, Bentley, Crouch, and Gudjohnson are all starting and will probably bag a goal apiece). And we apparently get a non-starter out of nowhere: Arteta. Looks like he's not even on the bench, usually a sign of the dreaded, unannounced late injury during training.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2.30

why do have to wait till the last minute to announce these injuries...... dammit

Shiv said...

Why isn't Duff playing? Any ideas guys?

FantasyFanatic (FF) said...

Drogba's a sub...

Birty said...

My homework for this week is to write out 100 times: "I will not pick injured strikers"

Unless Pav comes off the bench and scores the winner, then I look like a genius. But knowing my luck its more likely that Agbonlahor will start scoring.

Anonymous said...

wow.. lots of unexpected MIAs ....

greginho said...

i am glad i dropped drogba for tevez then. there is no way i would have dropped arteta at his huge discount with the run-in of games for everton. whom else is missing

Anonymous said...

Howard (thigh) & Bendtner (ankle) are playing?!

Anonymous said...

What a bad omen, Arteta and Drogs both not making the start.

I've sold Drogba to BD'd K2 and Given for next week. Gonna avoid the Man U v Chelsea match. I'm tipping City and Arsenal to win next week.

Anonymous said...

Bullard scores!

FF said...

Crouch scores!

Anonymous said...

Ancelotti need to bring in Drogba asap.....

Anonymous said...

no worries for arteta, coz everyone has him


Shiv said...


Anonymous said...

Niko Kranjcar scores!

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I regret dropping Niko for Luka now.

Anonymous said...

Lampard two goals at the 1st half, think not many have him.

Anonymous said...

Who is "K2"?

FF said...

Who's got Lampard? He just scored his 4th goal!

Anonymous said...

4 goals from Lampard!

Anonymous said...

Myhill 4 saves + CS + win = 8+6+4 = 18pts

Dennis said...

Wow! Chelsea just thumped Villa 7-1 with Lampard (4 goals) and Malouda (2 goals) Didn't expect them to win that big

Anonymous said...

How many minutes to qualify for cleansheet?

FF said...

rooney's not even on the sub bench....

Anonymous said...

haha i lost points on Drogba (not playing) plus West Ham lost so Green expect a lot of negative..should trust my instinct on Myhill

AM good pick on ur squad..good luck this week

Anonymous said...

Great choice by not picking drogba and rooney this week AM! i didn't pick either of them either but most my my mates in my private group picked either one or even both of them.

Myhill pick was really a good one too! Thanx

OS said...

Well AM - dropping the drog was Nostradamus-esque - hats off to you. I really wanted crouch today but went with discounted (22ish) drog & very discounted Bendtner for a combined total of zero. Bullard/myhill/elikobi rescued my week.
I see a torres hattrick coming - really wanted him this week but it was torres vs tevez and carlito got the nod... if the drog had gone it was torres all the way. Monday night will no doubt deliver it's normal drab 1-1 points drought...

Maxer said...

shitty week.. at 27 points with all 3 of my forwards got zeros.. what's up with rooney and drogba.. and a zero for striker who plays;bendtner.. wth..


Anonymous said...

no any idea in week 29..


Anonymous said...

Bagged 101 points from saturday's games with due thanks to Flo-mal,Bully,crouchie,Myhill with Gerrard,Tevez, Zabletta set to improve my standings.Would have been even better only if I had resisted my advennturous self from deadline trading. Swapped Berbs\dunn for Crouchie\Gerrard. So far the effect is MINUS 11.
So Here's hoping for a brace from Stevie-G and dunn to score a yellow after coming from the bench( BD material)
Great work there,AM. It's a shame you haven't recommended Berbs( despite Rooney's injury news), I might have gone with him. Seems like your Berra pick clicked.

Does anyone of u play the Fantasy IPL?


Alex said...

Well am impressed, hot on the heels of last weeks 237.5 I am on 120 for this week with Zabeleta, Johnson and Tevez to come tonight.

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