Saturday, 13 March 2010

Week 26 - My Team


  Bale  Dunne  Figueroa  Fox

  Milner   N'Zogbia  A Young

  Bendtner  Carew  Rodallega

4-3-3 for me & 8 double gamers this week, as yesterday's news that Hilario was injured meant I had to completely rethink my approach. I'm well aware I've taken some big risks.

I decided that with another double week next week (where Villa have the best fixtures, Wolves & Sunderland at home) it wasn't the worst decision in the world to drop players like Arteta at discount for this week. I wouldn't have bought him for an away game at Birmingham & it's not like I can't buy him back for Week 27 - it'll just cost me an extra £2m or so.

At this stage I sit 950th which simply isn't good enough as I want to finish top 500 at a minimum - unless I do things that other people don't do I'm not going to move up enough in the final run-in. So I went with Friedel in goal - I know it's crazy to spend that much on a keeper, especially seeing as he faces Wigan in his 2nd game, but the double swayed me in to it after Hilario was ruled & I didn't fancy any of the other options. It could backfire badly, but if he gets 2 wins & 1 clean sheet it could pay off big time.

In defence I couldn't lose Bale or Fox given the way they've performed for me, but Hutton did have to go. I brought in Dunne & Figueroa for the double so I have the Villa & Wigan clean sheet covered (in Villa's case covered twice).

In midfield I have similar to many of you - Milner, Young & N'Zogbia, all with doubles - I feel all 3 will be in for good weeks with plenty of set pieces & attacking wing play to rack up some phantom points.

Finally up front I kept Bendtner to cover the Arsenal game at Hull, then decided on the form man, John Carew, with his value too good to turn down in a double week. Liverpool have been absolutely atrocious recently so I decided Torres had to go. He could go & get a hattrick at home to Pompey but I'll have to take that hit.

Agbonlahor was out of my reach, which means a man who has hurt us so many times, Hugo Rodallega, come in to complete the line-up. It's another risk but I'm hoping he can make amends away at Bolton & give Friedel some saves in the 2nd game.

That's it for this week - please leave feedback (I'm sure they'll plenty!) & let me know your team. Any barndoor ideas? We have Aston Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Chelsea, Everton, City, Portsmouth, Sunderland, West Ham & Wolves all with doubles in Week 27.



Alex said...

Man you went with Fox, bad decision!!

I have gone with;

Freidel, Bale, Vermaelen, Cuellar, Young, Milner, Walcott, N'Zogbia, Bender, Torres, Carew.

Like you will stick with Villa players next week, but want to buy in on Chelsea big time but not Drogba as many will be already be on that at 10m, also Birmingham will be very much in my thoughts.

DJ PIGG said...

Villa aren't mentioned in Yahoo's Week 27 line-up but are still in the BBC's fixture list.


Lee B said...

My team is
Hutton, Fox, Rio, Dunne
Arshavin, AYoung, Milner,Arteta
Bendtner and Gabby

only 4 Dg's that could bite me in the arse but had to have Ashavin, with Fab out could batter Hull senseless. Jussi is a risk, could be hit or miss and Gabby, although most have gone for him was gonna swap him last min for Torres.

Good luck all, Blackburn to win 3-0

Lee B

Anonymous said...

I went for the rookie chelsea keeper
Bale, Hutton, Dunne, Fox
Arteta, Young, Nzogbia
Agbonlahor, Bendtner, Rodallega

I swapped Torres for Rodallega in order to get the extra 3 million needed to upgrade from Hilario. Let's see how this pans out

Anonymous said...

What are the match ups in the DGs outside of Chelsea, Portsmouth, Birmingham and Blackburn.

AM very similar team to mine.

What's the extent of the Chelsea goalkeeping crisis. Still Turnbull next week?

Shiv Morjaria said...


Villa don't have a double week next week. At least, not according to the fixtures list.

I bought up Drogba, Malouda, Bowyer, and Dunn just now. Here's hoping for fireworks :)

Anonymous said...

What are the match ups in the DGs outside of Chelsea, Portsmouth, Birmingham and Blackburn.

AM very similar team to mine.

What's the extent of the Chelsea goalkeeping crisis. Still Turnbull next week?

Assistant Manager said...

Villa do have a double week according the fixtures

Saturday, 20 March 2010
Arsenal v West Ham, 17:30
Aston Villa v Wolverhampton, 12:45
Everton v Bolton, 15:00
Portsmouth v Hull, 15:00
Stoke v Tottenham, 15:00
Sunderland v Birmingham, 15:00
Wigan v Burnley, 15:00

Sunday, 21 March 2010
Blackburn v Chelsea, 16:00
Fulham v Man City, 15:00
Man Utd v Liverpool, 13:30

Tuesday, 23 March 2010
West Ham v Wolverhampton, 20:00

Wednesday, 24 March 2010
Aston Villa v Sunderland, 19:45
Blackburn v Birmingham, 20:00
Man City v Everton, 19:45
Portsmouth v Chelsea, 19:45

greginho said...

risky team AM hope it pays off for you, but i want to be 100 more points than you.

i went with just a few double gamers.
vermaelen bale nelsen
cesc lampard downing arteta
bendtner rodellega carew

i am happy that so many went with milner. he would have been a great pick around the holidays, but villa is being carried by downing and to a lesser extent ashley young. fantasy-wise they have been much better. i didn't go nzogbia or young instead of arteta because i want to stop trashing my team for every double game. i have 5.06 to spend.

Anonymous said...

how come YFF doesnt have double game for aston villa next fixture? if any one please let me know am trying to make my team for next week.
premierleague fantasy have it on the schedule.

from supercoach

Anonymous said...

whats going with villa double game? on soccernet schedule it shows its postponed too.

SK said...

Personally think Friedel is a very solid pick. He has ridiculous SA/GA ratio and the highest average, which shows that he's almost certain to return his value at least in a DG week. I want Agbonlabor for next week, but wasn't sure whether to pay that much when he's just back from injuries, but will be sure to BD if he does something.

Bale Dunne Alex
Arteta Nasri Milner N'Zogbia Malouda
Bendtner Carew

- SK

Dave said...

Villa picks proving to be the donkeys of the week so far, except for Friedel. Dire game with Stoke thus far, with almost not SOTs or decent attacking play. At lease N'Zog has a couple on target.

Drogba on target again! And Malouda is tearing up the Hammers down the left - 2A so far and numerous crosses. He's in my bard-door team for half cost of Lamps.

Anonymous said...

another complicated week unless wigan gifts villa with the same amount of goals that they gifted bolton.

Anonymous said...

Malouda was a beast. 2 assists 1 goal 10 crosses etc...get him before price rise


Birty said...

Gah! Kirkland!!!

Anonymous said...

Not that I saw the game or anything, but HOW ON EARTH did N'zogbia get 17.5?! Not complaining mind you!

Anonymous said...

i thi nzogbia coz of crosses n shots on goal he scores this much points am happy i had him.

Lee B said...

Hopefully Villa (agbon, milner, young and Dunne) will do better in their next game, got 43.5 points so far and waiting for the Ashavin and Bendy points with Hutton still to play. Jussi was a great pick 4 me with 20 points. Zog with 17.5 points????????

Fidan said...

80,5pts with Rooney still to go. Solid week, considering I had the biggest flop of the week so far, Gabby=O and Milner&Walcott=6,5pts. Anyway, no room for complaints.

And, here is my yesterday's comment on AM's "Hilario out" post...
"BTW - here are some players I really wish I could have (in that case I'd need a 22 players roster,:P): Rafael,Malouda and Pavlychenko...!!!

Good Luck to everyone

10:29 PM, March 12, 2010"

Shiiiite, I wish I took my own advice now...!!!


bean said...

N'Zog had 6 fouls won, 5 corners won, 3 crosses, 2 shots, 2 tackles, & 1 pass int..
hope he keeps it up for the second match.

for this week had:

dunne alex fox
n'zog arteta modric(bleh) wilshere
bendt drogba carew
probably just shy of 100 points with the three doubles hopefully with another match.
picked up malouda with the barndoor still open..

what's everyone's guess as to when/if Yahoo will add Villa-Sunderland and Citeh-Everton's 2nd match for next week? the matches take place on wed march 24 right? so should fall within Yahoo's wk27 date range

Anonymous said...

65 pts and i had kirkland with -12 so very happy. 9 DGs - Roda is dead to me. My BD team and it has been a long BD as even though points are up for a while the values have not updated.
So far...
Alex Dunne Gardner
Malouda Arteta NZonzi Petrov
Bendt (you beauty) Drogs Thompson

8.91 in the bank.


SK said...

I'm quite amazed. 135.5 pts which is just 2 pts shy of the top 10 for the week so far. Astonishing considering Milner and Nasri did not perform as well as I expected them to. Might get 200 pts if AV-Wigan match produces lots of action.

- SK

Anonymous said...

SK what was your team?

SK said...

Bale Dunne Alex
Arteta Nasri Milner N'Zogbia Malouda
Bendtner Carew

- SK

Ian Sanderson said...

Phew, family day out (bloody shopping and bloody Alice in Wonderland) maent I didn't get in till 7pm BUT barn door was still open and managed to swap Torres/Dunne for Drogba/Alex.

Current team, which aint doing to well....

S. Given
Bale Baird Ferdinand Dunne
Modric Downing Milner
Tuncay Rooney Torres

34.5 but 5 to play plus DGers.

Maxer said...

i'm at 39.5 points.. dropping 1 spot in my private group..

got drogba for rooney, but come friday, i dropped him, and he score 2 (29points).. now i'll be scratching my head how to buy him because he's too damn pricey now.. anyway, my forwards are bendtner (17.5), rooney & torres.. hopefuly both roon and nando can do their job and get more than 29 points to cover my loss..

same goes with petrov (11).. i dropped him for walcott (2)..

anyway, i got hutton, rooney and torres to play.. then another round for dunne and h.thomas if he play..

cheerssss everybody..

SneakerKingdom said...

Basically I have the "common" pick as most. Just want to mention Bale didn't a good job playing on the flank, and deserve way more points if Pav didn't miss 3 goals. Should also award a penalty too. He's the man to keep until the end of season.

eswr said...

Firstly I have to say AM your blog has been a big help for me, as i just started playing YFF. Kudos to you.
scored 34 point so far. Manage to BD drogs,malouda,turnbull and A.johnson for next week. Pretty dissapointed with Fox injury. Bale as fantastic yesterday and Pavl my hunch was right, but did not pick him up.

Assistant Manager said...

Hi guys,

just in from a big night out so can't write a full post but just wanted to say well done to all of you having productive weeks so far - it's been pretty unpredictable so I understand many of you probably ended up disappointed.

For me, I ended up on 87 points after today, up to the Top 700, with 8 Villa & Wigan players still to go. Obviously Torres/Rooney could still kill me, but for now it's been pretty decent.

Good luck for the rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

Villa midfielders possibly dead to me after todays display. I knew when I picked them I didnt genuinely expect them to do well... I also usually think that that feeling is incorrect! Had the seem feeling with Torres too...

Anonymous said...

villa only good bet at home...

Anonymous said...

91 points so far, with Torres to go on Monday plus 6 DGs to go in midweek. On my way to another good week. Only regret was that I did not get my hunch Pav. Kept Arteta for the discount.


Anonymous said...

Vermaelen Bale Alex Dunne
Milner Downing N'Zogbia
Bendtner Torres Carew

91.5 so far with Torres to go and 5 DGers.

BD team:
Vermaelen Bale Alex RogerJohnson
Milner AdamJohnson Arteta
Bendtner Benitez Drogba

Went for mostly DGers except my SKs Vermaelen, Bale and Bendtner. Concern is whether Cech, Hilario and Carvalho will return which would need me to swop out Turnbull and Alex

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