Friday, 5 March 2010

Week 25 Round Up / Panic

Admittedly...I'm in serious trouble. Usually by this point on a Friday I have a couple of selection headaches but the spine of my team is complete. This week, with just 24 hours until the deadline & I still have SIX positions that I'm uncertain on.

The only players set in stone are Bale, Hutton, Fox, Fabregas & Bendtner...everyone else is still open to change. Here is a full list of the players I'm still considering (I've thrown some defenders in even though I'm already set on my back 3)...I need your help!


I've had major second thoughts about picking David James, but I'm finding it difficult to upragde him. I think it's likely that I'll find a way to get Craig Gordon in...there's little chance I can reach the heights of Howard who would be my ideal keeper pick.


As I stated, I have a back 3 of Bale, Hutton, Fox...but if I could I'd obviously have Vermaelen. Carlisle would offer a cheap filler with 2 games, Steinsson is pretty reliable with a double & Sol Campbell would be someone else high on my list (although as I type this I'm hearing he's doubtful...Silvestre anyone?)


Fabs is in, but then there are a bunch of other players I'm tempted by. I reckon Arteta will make the cut & now Holden is out Lee will probably grab a place, but I'm confused over Nani's starting status. If he doesn't make it then O'Hara / Nasri could come in, or I could go with a cheaper player like Elliot & spend more on my strikeforce. Gerrard could do well at Wigan but he's probably out of my price range.


This is where my problems lie. Bendtner is in...but then who? I've had to accept that I almost certainly can't afford Rooney as it's too detrimental to the rest of my team, so I'm seriously looking at Diamanti as an alternative - I've got a feeling he could have a big week. I want at least one Man Utd player in my team so Berbatov is a realistic option if I don't go with Nani in midfield, but he's also at risk of a place on the bench.

I don't want to lose my Torres discount but for some reason I don't feel comfortable having him for this week, so I'm leaning more & more towards the Yak at home to Hull (provided Saha hasn't recovered). I guess at this point of the season I need to do something different & a strikeforce of Bendtner, Diamanti, Yakubu would hopefully set me apart from the majority.

So those are my current conundrums - I'd appreciate any opinions on the options I've mentioned above as I frantically try to finish my team by the end of today! I expect I'll be in chat tonight to pick everyone's brains & hopefully settle on something I'm happy with.

How's your team shaping up?


p.s. My full Week 25 - Player Picks post can be found HERE


rwlwhite said...

I admire your balls AM. I don't think I would be able to ignore rooney and/or torres for diamanti and yakubu, but then as you say, it's time to do something different. I am considering something relatively brave, but not 'AM brave'!

I'm going to decline to give you my full team at the moment, as I have a crucial AM Chat Regulars CL match-up v Hans and I don't want to give the game away.

Needless to say however, I have kept hold of Bale, Bendtner and Hutton at maximum discount.

One thing I will give away though is, I am considering Darren Fletcher this week (unless i've missed any suspension/injury news). I feel in a game v Wolves he could be given a bit of freedom of creativity, and last time I bigged him up for a game, he went and scored 2 goals earlier in the season against Man City. Problem is, there is Fletcher, Nani, Scholes, Carrick, Park and Valencia all going for 4 places so he's not guaranteed a start. If he does start he could be a very good 'different' choice!

Meerkat said...

I'm not sure that my team selection will help you, feeling very confident this week. Currently:

M. Almunia(5.39)

G. Bale(5.45)
A. Hutton(3.76)

F. Fabregas(18.62)
M. Arteta(7.56)
L. Cattermole(2.12)
Lee Chung-Yong(9.41)

D. Drogba(10.75)
N. Bendtner(7.45)
W. Rooney(23.27)

Meerkat said...

That was supposed to be NOT confident this week

L'Orange Noir said...

You sund like you could have a very similar team to me AM.
I have Bale, Hutton and Fox in Defence.
I have Fab, Lee, Arteta and... Richardson as filler!
I have Drogba and Rooney on discounts up front which I will hang on to and Bendtner is my third striker.
In goal I went with Jussi because unlike most people I think Bolton will do ok in both their games.
For what it is worth I think Nani will feature against Wolves rather than Valencia. Just a hunch.
I also think you may be right about Diamanti, who always seem to return good points anyway.
Not so sure about the Yak, but your instincts are probably better than mine!

Michael said...

One word - Bent? He needs to get back on the scoring root and with a homer against a Bolton team playing two matches in 4 days then it should be an easy pick but can paying over 12 for an out of form striker worth it?

V Moses will start this weekend against Liverpool who have a makeshift defence so expect him to get over his valuation.
O'Hara at home is hard to turn down, im thinking about switching from Gerrard/Torres away and putting Jamie in giving me an extra 5-7 to spend on my lower players.

I think James could do the biz this week too AM, but im going for Gordon as I dont think ive picked him this year and im usually pretty good with my keepers.

Ive added Arteta also, but fear that he wont be as good as he was last year, was crap against us last week (thank god) but with Feillani and probably Cahill out we could see him go a bit further up the pitch than he has recently. Plus he was taking corners last week.

Ive chosen to stay away from Man U players quite a lot, apart from Rooney, as nobody is guaranteed a start, apart from Rooney. Although I would expect Nani to start on the right and Valencia on the left with Carrick, Fletcher, Scholes or Park making up the middle, id expect the middle players to play a lot better as Hargreaves should be available for the first team in the next 2 matches as hes playing a reserve game on thursday.

For a change i think the keepers are the easiest to choose with the strikers being the hardest as there arent that many good ones to choose with Chelsea, Spurs, Man C, Villa not playing and Lpool, Man u playing away and Arsenal only with Bendtner.

Nearly had Song in but noticed hes suspended so Arshavin should slot back into the left with About Diaby, Fab and Nasri in the middle, Walcott right and Bendtner up front (probably).

Good luck for the coming week everyone, COYS!!!

rwlwhite said...

How about I throw this into the mix:

Fergie admits Rooney is a doubt for match against Wolves!,19528,11667_6004319,00.html

bigwest said...

AM, you could consider Klasnic?
Back from injury, DG, likes to shoot and ready to replace "row Z" Elmander.


init said...

Ha ha yes its a tricky week!!

AM don't pick James. Even if they get lucky and get a clean sheet you've got to play the odds game like a good poker player!!

Campbell, also take him off your list - he might play but he might not and its not worth a risk, again the odds game seems to hold true with that one!

I missed the boat on Fab but will take Gerrard. Nani is an interesting option but you must have learned lessons in the past with ManU midfielders - just stay away from them - Fergie has so many options and you can't tell against Wolves if he will give someone like Obertan or Gibson a run out, never mind Valencia/Park/Scholes/Carrick/Fletcher and the fact that he seems to only play 4 middies these days...
Arteta should be in for sure, he is cheap and although playing more defensively he shoots when he can and is making lots of tackles etc.

I can't believe you are thinking about not having Rooney. Just get him in, its far too big a risk to not have him. Especially cos everyone else will have him too. Bender/Yak/Diamanti will set you apart from the majority in only one way in my opinion, and that's downwardly!

Torres is a bit different, I think you can lose him but again its a risk. HAving Fab/Torres/Rooney as your backbone and working around it I think is a good strategy if you can afford it!!

But hey, my amazing strategies have seen me drop from top 200 to outside top 500 in the past few weeks so maybe I need to start playing a more risky game too!!


Bojan said...

fullop or hilario are best keepers for this week... take 0 for 3M and get 97M to spent on next 10 players, or 95M on 9 if you have Bale...

Miec said...

Bendtner is clearly pick.
In my point of view you must keep Torres (at discount of course). Liverpool is a team which always play fantastic football at the end of the season. Maybe he dont get many points this week but when I look on Liverpool's fixtures I have no doubt that it'd be pity to drop him now at this price.
What about 3rd striker? I see no real good pick, 1st time in the seasson. Klasnic has quality and isn't too expensive and have 2 games but he isn't guarated starter. Fletcher isn't as good player as we would like to pick, Yakubu is unpredictable, diamanti is too expensive (just like Rooney).
So I stay with only 2 forwards. It's sad.
F. Campbell - is cheap, might play but you may pick him only as a filler

Fabs - Arsenal' fixture is superb, as cheap you have him as better, just keep him
Gerrard - he isnt in form but I think it is reasonable to keep him under 17
Arteta - he has quality but he is after injury, but his price is hilarious :)
Bullard - i was wondering about picking him but he is just after injury, i think we should wait until he gets first good performance and then pick him
Elliot - he is cheap and i bought him, i dont expect miracles but just 4-8 points from two games and i think it's good pick (he propably get more points that i pay for him)
Lee - he plays well, he become important player for Bolton but he just doesnt get many for fantasy players and from my point of view he is average pick
O'Hara - i'd like to have him but he is out of my price range.. :(
Valencia - drop him, Nani might come in
Rodwell - he would play more defensivly (pienaar, arteta, osman, bily they are all more offensive player, so Moyes will give Rodwell mainly defensive duties) I think Elliot is better cheap filler (especialy with two games to play)

Hutton - mustchoice
Bale - keep him (I dont have him and I regret!!)
verm - too expesive :(
campbell - risky
silvestre - unaceptable
steinsson - reasonable
carlisle - ??
what about alexander he is propably back(!!)

James - good keeper, Birmingham isnt on form now (away games are hard for them.. ) he is cheap I believe in him

Assistant Manager said...

Thanks for all the comments guys, some excellent points & I'll take them all on board. I see what you're saying about the risk - maybe if I don't have Rooney I should go with Torres...but then the news coming through on Rooney is particularly vital - there is no way I'm sacrificing 23% of my budget on a player who's doubtful, even if he is called Wayne! It also makes Berbatov seriously interesting.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi AM & freinds,

I think u would do well to consider either yak or\and berbs. Both are having good matchups(I got a feeling that Berb will play full 90 min & bound to get 1-2 goals).That way u can upgrade james to Gordon.
BTW I am from India & this is my first stint as YFF manager. Thanks to your blog & inputs from fellow buddies I have climbed to 13k ranking as against to the Ranking of 89k in Gameweek 15-16.
Moving on, This week I going with some hunches.
B. Jensen

D. Fox
A. Hutton
H. Hreidarsson

Y. Benayoun
M. Arteta
Lee Chung-Yong
F. Fabregas

F. Torres

Please criticize my team selection.


Bojan said...

I have a hunch that Jensen will give -20 points this week Keshari(Mumbai)... ;-)

Assistant Manager said...

Just a quick note for those of you considering Klasnic - apparently his place is under threat from Elmander, who scored for Sweden in the week.

Bojan said...

Arsenal v Burnley - Burney have 1 point in away games this season(3:3 @City-i had Given) and they conceded 43 goals on that path(wigan just 35 with 9 against Tott),over 3 per game...this is thier forn in last 10 games
Burnley 10 1 1 8 7:22 GD -15 4 POINTS 0-0-0-3-0-0-0-0-1-0

i expect hammering by Arsenal... if Bender price is 15M he is best forward pick this week... i think that burnley will score one goal... only problems for me in that game is who will play sicky or walcott... and if there is 4:0 on scoreboard will AW give Asshavin and EDS chance to play some minutes... Song is suspended so that is one problem less but arsenal midfield is hard to guess in this kind of games... i will go with one Burnley defender(Fox)... they will have a lot of job to do... maybe central defender would be better in this game but i dont know who will play...

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate
Pick one for me
james for jensen
james for jensen

Oops got nowhere to run ;) Since I am very satisfied with my midfield and attack,James It will be.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't believe you should go with Yakubu. Saha might be back and I don't think it's a worth risk. You probably can't have both Torres and Diamanti, but if you can't get Rooney you have to have at least one of them. Diamanti could be up for a great game, and Torres' schedual is fantastic - after Wigan he has Pompey at home, and after an away match against ManU he has Sunderland, @Brum, Fulham, West-Ham, @Burnley. Seems great.
I can't help you in midfield, because I'm in a bit of a problem myself. I'm okay with my defence, attack and goal-keeper, but in midfield I'm only sure of having Lee CY for two games. I think I might keep Pienaar as well, but then I have Valencia and Eagles. Oh God. Valencia might not start because of being rested for the CL, so Nani comes in instead, but we can't be sure of that. If Rooney is out, the only striker SAF has is Berbatov, and then both Valencia and Nani should play. I also believe Rooney won't be risked with a slight injury 4 days before a match with Milan. But if Rooney is fit...
I can't decide. Valencia and Nani are a coin toss pick, but I really want the one of them who plays. Eagles is also a problem with an unsure spot in the starting line-up and 2 tough matches. I don't want to jinx Arsenal as well by picking him, but that's only a dumb superstition. Of course I can drop only Pienaar for Nani, but I'm not sure I want both him and Valencia.
I can drop both of Valencia and Eagles for Nani and another midfielder around 12mil, such as Arshavin or Diaby that are coming back, but that also adds doubt about my players.
A tough week, I'll be gald to get some advices. Right now:

Vermaelen Bale Heitinga
Eagles Valencia LeeCY Pienaar
Bendtner CCole Torres


E said...

AM, the only help I can give is in line with my usual way of picking players, which I think is different from how you choose. I basically go for 100 points from 100 to spend, and double points from DGs. I also try to maximise the potential of DGs, plus it's more fun to know that you've got another game or two in the mid-week to beef up your score!

With that in mind, I don't usually like to pick a high value player like Fabs or Rooney incase they only return half or less of their value, so although you seem set on Fabs I would drop him and upgrade the rest of your team at large. I know he's against Burnley at home and he is a great player, it's just that unless he scores he doesn't return value I believe. He's more of a linking player now. If you drop him, you could get Howard in no problem, you wouldn't need to risk Yakubu, and you could get reliable old Thomas Vermaelen in there as well as a fourth defender.

On your striker debate, I think Paterson and/or Fletcher would do you proud. Like you said before, Paterson is coming into a bit of form, and Fletcher is Burnley's top scorer. I don't expect them to win but they'll hopefully return their value and more over the two games.

Like in most people's opinions I've been reading here, I'm uneasy about this week:

Verm / Fox / Hutton
Arteta / Wilshere / Lee CY / Eagles
Fletcher / Torres / McFadden

Five DGs in total. I'm gutted that Holden was injured, he would've made a great pick. I know that Fletch and McFadden are doubtful to last the full 90 but I'm confident McFad will get a goal against Pompey. If I return 150 from this line I'll be really happy! I don't expect them to however...

Great tips in your posts as usual AM, and thanks to everyone else who is providing injury reports and so on, it's really useful!

Anonymous said...

hello AM,
just a quick comment, to give u a hand.

-DON'T get rid of torres (i watched the France vs Spain game and he was on fire though he came off the bench

- K.Davies is a must have this week ( he has been doing more attacking and less fouling over the pas few weeks , and has a DG)

- Lee CY is a no brianer
-finally i really like your idea of yakubu

hope that helped a bit


Jon said...

AM - my two cents, seeing as i am reasonably happy with my team.

Why not consider going 4-3-3 this week? The golden rule is to try and pick a player who will gain more points than his value. You could add Steinson - reasonably cheap at under 8 - and he should score more than that over two games.

A decision like this - although it may not be the most glamorous - is at the very least sensible, and then you can look to fill the next space in your team with a little less going around in your head.

For what it is worth, i think Torres is a must - he didn't start for Spain so will be reasonably fresh, and Rafa will see him as the man to fire him to that "guaranteed" 4th spot. Liverpool don't have to play well in order for Nando to score well, and i certainly think he offers better value than Stevie G, who scored last week but still didn't return his value.

Again, keep up the good work ...

Bojan said...

@Keshari-in your place i will go with Fullop or Hilario... no risk, but if you want to have players that actually play pick james over jensen...

Anonymous said...

how about rio ferdinand?

richy 'liverpool' said...

arshavin has been 'alive' to me all season despite the ample evidence to the contrary, but i dont think he is pickable, even at 12, coming back from injury in what should be a comfortable enough game that they dont need to risk him. Come on Arteta, refind that fantasy gold! Oh and come on liverpool of course, what with having torres and gerrard and being a reds fan.

Doctor Teeth said...

Wow - given that I have stretched my budget all week long to fit in Rooney, SAF's news re: Wayne-o is a seismic blow to the order of the YFF universe. It is a welcome one, however...I'm loving the idea of the managers in my private league holding Rooney at 16mill squirming in their seats.

With Rooney a doubt and Owen already on a plane to Ibiza to get a jump start on his summer vacation, I think that Berbatov is now a must pick for this weekend. I would love to see a manager with the balls to pick Mame Biram Diouf against Wolves (don't look at me)...that could turn out to be a really shrewd selection. Nani is tempting but I can't bring myself to selecting a Man United MF player this weke given the uncertainty there.

If I do go with Berbs up front, that will allow me to upgrade to T-How as GK and also upgrade a player in the 6-7mill range to the 8-9mill range.

Still not fawning over the all.

ToffeeDave said...

AM my advice on yakubu, stay away. I ADORED yakubu when he was fit a few years ago and was an easy 20+ goal player. The problem is he hasn't looked the same since his injury. In my opinion, he has to get lucky to get his goal and doesn't do much outside of sitting in the box. I also have to add, just like spurs, we seem to have a rough time against their starting line every time.
Here's my team as it stands

Hutton Fox Steinsson
Arteta Diaby Arshavin Bullard(probably out)
Drogba Bendtner Torres

Anonymous said...

Nani or Lee? I see some news tell that Nani will start

SK Tan

Dead Leg United said...

I've managed to cram Gordon, Vermaelen (+7), Bale (+9), Hutton (+2), Fabregas (+3), Gerrard (+1), Arteta, Bullard, Nasri, Bendtner (+3) and Torres (+3) into my team. Now tell me: who's worth dropping in that lineup to fit in two-gamers? I say Nasri, Arteta and Bullard all have as good a chance at delivering as many points in one game as pretty much anyone on Bolton or Stoke do in two, so I'm avoiding the two-games altogether this week. Fool's gold, I say.

Bojan said...

and regarding Liverpools game... i think that idea of spending 32-33M on Gerrard - Torres combo is too much risk... First - L'Pool didnt have more then 5 SOT in the game since last year... Second - state of pitch on Wigan stadion is awful, and if i am manager i would leave Torres on bench and sub him in only in must situation... Third - Wigan plays bad, but they are fighting for staying in the league so every points i big for them... and they are not bad team just they play bad and inconsistent... Blackburn deserved at least point in last Pool's game and Rodallega always do good when no one is counting on him...

Anonymous said...

am, maybe my opinion wont help much... but this is my view for the games ahead (for my punt) can be crazy

ars may be at home, but i think its not goin to be an easy game, burnley can win or atleast score a goal or 2

west ham will take bolton down in a slow game, i think with clean sheet

liverpool will win wigan mostly like by 2 goals to nil, if not 3. it will be a slow win.

birmigham to win portmth is likely, if not a goaless draw.

lastly, mutd will win, but wolves is going to score 2 goals atleast... haha

this is just my bets this week, and i post this cos you help me alot in understand the games this half season.


Michael said...

Hi Bojan,

Wigan have had their ground redone from the last home match v Spurs so hopefully no rugby has been played on it and itll be top quality. Whether that effects anyone i dont know :-) I understand your risk on Gerrard/Torres, had them last week and desperately want rid of them but want them both for next week at home to portsmouth so might have to bite the bullet and keep them in.

Plus I dont have that much of an alternative, maybe Mtaylor and Bent with a few mil to spend on upgrade?

Naning said...

Bojan, Valid point...

I've been thinking about Gerrard/Torres all week long. I both have them at discount since last week. And to be honest, I would love to switch Gerrard for Fabregas. Problem being, I can't find the money to do that. I am having a really hard time this week. I feel like I just can't get satisfied no matter what team I end up with.

At the moment, I have three different teams lined up. I don't like any of the three. But here they are.

Team 1:


Team 2:

Team 3:
Fabregas,Valencia,Arteta,Whitehead(Status on him btw?)

init said...

hmmm I remember a doubtful Rooney who SAF said was potentially going to be rested banging in 4 and 45 points against Hull not so long ago. Or was it a dream?!?!

Doctor Teeth said...

damn, init. good point.

Bradley said...

So, Rooney might be rested against Wolves. Who could've seen this coming -- apart from EVERYBODY? Apparently Capello didn't take seriously my threat to walk across the ocean and punch him if he started Rooney in a meaningless friendly. Why rest a guy with a swollen knee anyway when the Three Lions are desperate for a PR boost? Sheesh.

@Doctor Teeth: Although not in your private league, I'm squirming nonetheless, especially having taken a 0 from Rooney in last weekend's disaster.

Bradley said...

@init: Yes, good point. SAF is prone to mind games, although he did follow through on resting of Rooney in the Carling Cup final (until, of course, Owen re-injured himself -- now there's a "shock").

Anonymous said...

got to get bullard, scores pts with his laces tied
also, why is RvanP still 21m !!


Anonymous said...

Feeling really good about my team this week. Holding on to players for a long period of time have finally started to pay off as I have huge discounts on most of my team:


As for advice I don't see many suggesting Jagielka. I think he is a steal at just over 7. I'm thinking of dropping RJohnson for him which would give me a decent amount of cash to spend on my 4th midfielder. Really looking closely at Jummy since no matter what he racks up the points. Just hope his knees hold up. Other than that any suggestions for a middy under 9?


Anonymous said...

Ranked 103rd for Second-half table. i must say i am slightly surprised. it means i am now just 1100 odd. And with this week 'special', meaning alot people will have players not playing as well[i had one], it certainly means a great chance to move right into top 1000. i must thank my team of Cheap : verm(6.02), Bale(2.84), a recently joined cheapo hutton(3.76) and sidibe(4.79). this up coming week, there will be one cheapO joining the team, Fox(6.06). with them, it makes selecting prime players much easier ;) i will certainly hold on to the Tor-Ger pairing. hopefully a mirror of last season run-in can be a reality as GJ is set to be back.

Anonymous said...

@neal, watch for cahill news.

Anonymous said...

hai AM,

heres a liitle suggestion. why dont you change to 3-5-2 formation.

LCY, Gerrard, Fab, Nani, Rich
Bendtner, Bent

if you got extra money, then u can improve better at your midfield.



STM said...

@Neal: I had Jagielka, until I pick up the news today (about Tim Cahill's return) that Jagielka is a doubt with a thigh strain.

Because of this doubt, I don't think he would play the entire 90 minutes if he starts at all. Most likely will drop him and find an alternative, don't really know who at the moment.

Saul said...

Ahhh...just had my cup of coffee and ready to rumble.

AM - Good dilemma you have there having a team set. I, on the other hand, cannot get a team that I'm satisfied with because I have too much cash when I click save but not enough to upgrade to Fabregas...he is a must but I cannot sacrifice the rest for him, damnit.

@Init/Doctor Teeth/Bradley - If Rooney is doubtfull I wouldn't risk my 23 mil on him with Champions league next week so I'd say due to the strike force that SAF has (injured and what not) he might opt to go for a 3-5-1 with Berbs as the only striker...and remember that's just my point of view. If that's the case it could make Valencia and Nani a good gamble but as it's been stated, only SAF knows.

Now on to my team (Fab-less)


Still have 4.1 to spend so I'll toy around a bit. Eboue is my hunch pick this week, and I want to have at least 2 Arsenal players for that hopefully to be murder. lets face it, if he's gonna do good fantasy wise this is the perfect week against Burnley (Also I've been watching Arsenal lately and Eboue has been going further up the pitch, threatening defenders). I will definitely pick him, you gotta have a hunch from time to time to separate you from the pack I say.

Now my Dilemma upgrade Jaaskelainen to Howard??? I want to keep Jaask but everyone, and AM, preffer Howard...well I guess that's the only change i'll be making but I'll wait, the day is still young here in Sunny California. Chat later guys and suggestions and comments are welcomed.

Anonymous said...

Hey AM, like seksekatu suggested above with all the decent priced midfield options available (Arteta, Lee CY, Ohara etc)a switch to a 3-5-2 may not be a bad plan. One name im thinking about is Bullard. He has made some reserve appearances and if he is healthy he is always a viable fantasy option. Is anyone else considering Bullard.


Anonymous said...


after a few comments on rooney, i just agreed wi yors.
just remians defender line..


Macgill said...

@CP Bullard might be a risk as he isn't guaranteed a full 90 just off an injury. Also he is playing at Everton.

Just locked my team in @


While the news that Rooney is a doubt is a concern, I have him at 16 and would rather take my chances with him. And as init said, the last time he was a doubt he had 4 goals. My other concern is Wilshere, but sometimes you just have to gamble.

Mike B said...

AM - Moyes has confirmed that Saha is definately out. Yakubu will surely start and V Hull at home i get the feeling he'll nab a goal.

Diamanti is officialy awesome in my eyes and he could bag you 15 points without a goal, Noble has been ruled out so there will be less messing that Zole can do with the midfield.

I say Bendtner/Diamanti/Yakubu is looking lovely, if i didn't have Torres, Diamanti would certainly be in my team.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


for me just to stick on jussy with his 2 games.. i think he can easily pick up to 7-10 pts per game after cleansheet..compared to howard which probably win only 1 game..
besides,u with extra cash can upgrade at your mids side..


SLASH said...

Just a thought for some of you - I really think this won't be a good week for Jussi/Jensen. Jussi has 2 away games, which sounds like -5 to 5 points for me and Jensen is probably going to get crushed tomorrow with 3 to 5 goals, so why not choosing Gordon or Howard? I began with Gordon, cause he's cheaper, but mine GK is Howard. Almunia is also worth his price this week, but it's the price that keeps me away from him, having Howard/Gordon for less.

FFScout says that Saha is out, Jagielka, Cahill and Osman are doubtful, so stick to Arteta/Pienaar/Bily if you prefer Toffee MFs and maybe Yak . . .

My problem today is the Valencia/Nani case, currently w Valencia; if I swap him for Nani, I'll have plenty of cash, 2.9 to be exact, which is enough for a good upgrade.

So, my question is
Heitinga/Pienaar/Lee CY

And could someone give me a hint for Fox/Nasri/Walcott/LCY

It's a hell of a crappy week for choosing players w so many options, so I'll be happy to hear a suggestion or two. : )

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

there is a 2nd "AM chat room regulars" group now as an overflow for the original, as per complaints by 'Pula' and some unknown others;

The ID for our new group is: 27047
& group P-word I especially like: 14186

Join this group for whatever fun might be had in the final weeks of YFF...we shall figure something out!!!

Anonymous said...


i prefer donovan compared to yakubu.

i prefer fox..he plays damn good last game, just like bale style..

Saul said...

Okay I think I'm set with my team...Finally!!!

Nani/Lee CY/Bullard/Arshavin

I'm debating whether Arshavin or Diaby so I'll wait on news of who is going to start(I know I know, I've said Arshavin is "dead to me" but he comes back to life against Burney :)...Only if he's sure to start though.Thanks guys for all your feedback and good luck to all.

SLASH said...

I've been buying and selling like crazy for the past hour and I think I've narrowed it down to

Hutton Vermaelen Heitinga
O'Hara Arteta Nani Nasri
Bendtner Torres Donovan

my thoughts of Bily's presence in the starting 11 has been somehow proved wrong, I guess, and so is Jagielka's and I also see a threat not only in the ManUtd MFs (for me - Valencia/Nani), but there's also something fishy in Arsenal's MFs; Arshavin set to start. . .Diaby is doubtful. . .Denilson could also appear somewhere. . .hey, what about Eboue. . .oh, we forgot Nasri and Walcott. . . it's giving me a killer headache !!!

. . .

Heitinga or Fox? :)))

Anonymous said...

any comment?


fox alexand carlise

valencia benayoun jones(wolve) carrick

torres doyle paterson


Anonymous said...

any comment?


fox alexand carlise

valencia benayoun jones(wolve) carrick

torres doyle paterson


SLASH said...

Get Fabregas and have a happy weekend !

Just one more question about a combination and I'll seal my team at last:

Heitinga/O'Hara (current)

Glad to see an advice.

Good luck, all!

SLASH said...

@Tim - I wouldn't go for DF line entirely from Burnley players. Fox and Alexander - why not? And the Wolves players aren't really encouraging me. How about:
Doyle-->K Davies/Blake/Elmander

Alex said...

UGH, I have redone my team too many times this week...

Comes down to 2 questions:
Berbatov or Nani
Maxi-Elliot-Hutton-Wilshere: Choose 2

right now sitting on:

but who knows how many more times that will change. :)

Anonymous said...

Vidic / Carlisle / Bale / Hutton
Walcott / Fabregas / Arteta / (Maxi)
Torres / Diamante / (JVoH)

Guardian squad sheet says Maxi won't start, but JVoH will, so may swap one for the other.

Sorry AM, but someone who's mired in 32nd place in his blog league doesn't give advice.


Anonymous said...

I am taking ferdinand for the rest of the season.In man utd`s site , ferguson says rio is fit for the match.

Alex said...

Argh there's another Alex!

But this one still maintains;

Roon isn't 100% fit and SAF wants him for Meelan.

Fox will give you nothing (yes he got 12 last week but got 2 over the other 3 and his place is under threat).

Stop with the Wigan pitch, it's been relaid and no-one has played on it since that.

Everton, Arsenal and Liverpool, you know it makes sense, as does £30m on Gezza and Torres.

It's Donovan's last game, does the mean he will play or not?.

Outside bet...Portsmouth, O'Hara out though.

Anonymous said...

As below with 5 DG:
Bale T. Mears Z. Knight
Fabregas Lee Gerrard Arteta
N. Bendtner S. Fletcher Kevin Davies

Try to fit in Torres...


Anonymous said...

Last decision:



STM said...

@Alex 10:16 PM: Regarding Fox, you are misled by some glitches in YFF.

Look at his statistics for Wk 22 (West Ham, @Fulham): 1 Goal, 1 MWG, 1 SP Goal, 1 Assist, 2 SoT (among others). There is no way that it can be a 0. According to my calculations (if correct), that would make it 23 points.

The reason: he was NOT in the system prior to Wk 22. He was only added to the system after Wk 23, available for Wk 24. I am guessing that the process (via some functions on the computer) to back date statistics prior to Wk 24 failed partially, causing some incomplete data.

Therefore, the stats should actually read 37 points in 4 games, with an average of 9.25 per game. Well, you may argue that the average is high only because he played 4 games only

However, you cannot deny there is potentially very good points that can be milked from him. After all, the 23 points that he got for Wk 22 were for 1 home and 1 away games, just like Wk 25 fixture for Burnley, 1 home and 1 away games. :-)

Assistant Manager said...

You nailed it about Fox STM, glad someone else noticed that the points total & stats don't add up correctly. He was added late, hence the confusion/mismatch, but the lad has been & could continue to be a points machine.

Saul said...

@SF - I went for Nani/Arshavin but that's a gamble as Arshavin is just coming back from injury and in Nani's case, you just never know Ferguson...but it's a risk I'm willing to take considering if Rooney's out, Nani will be taking the FK's & Corners.

On the other hand, Valencia is just as likely to be rested as Nani but he's in great form as of late. Eagles I like and has 2 chances to start, takes kicks as well. That's my 2 cents, as you guys put it, and I hope you choose the right one. Either way I think both picks could come out good.

Anonymous said...

Hi AM,

I would suggest that you get rid of James for Jensen.

Throw in Clarke as a filler in the defense.

I would suggest you stick to Torres and bendtner.

That will allow you to bring in a cheap filler in midfield or gamble on Eduardo up front.

My team is essentially from this week's prices. I got shot of Bale though.

Fox is a points machine, though, was hoping you would not mention it to avoid too many jumping on the fox bandwagon.


Hutton@3.76 Fox, Robinson

Stevie G @ 17.22, Arteta, Lee, Eagles

Bendtner @ 8.18, Torres @ 15.83, Eduardo


Hutton @ 3.76, Fox,

Anonymous said...

J. Jääskeläinen
o Bolton
o Remove(buying at 6.38)
C. Carlisle
o Burnley
o Sell at 4.50(market price 4.50)
A. Hutton
o Sunderland
o Sell at 3.76(market price 5.71)
T. Vermaelen
o Arsenal
o Sell at 11.87(market price 13.38)
G. Clichy
o Arsenal
o Sell at 10.19(market price 10.19)
S. Diao
o Stoke
o Sell at 1.02(market price 3.03)
F. Fabregas
o Arsenal
o Sell at 19.45(market price 21.85)
A. Song
o Arsenal
o Sell at 4.52(market price 4.52)
A. Arshavin
o Arsenal
o Remove(buying at 12.31)
F. Torres
o Liverpool
o Sell at 15.83(market price 19.02)
empty space
Im sticking with torres because i love him, but i have to decide between fletcher and bendtner
prolly fletcher w/ 2 games

bean said...

hello everyone. this blog is quite the popular place these days.. thank you Assistant Mangager for all your hard work, i think the amount of visitors tells you that it's paying off.

This really is a tricky week, but seems like most weeks have been tough this whole season. I think this year is one of the toughest I've encountered.

I've changed my team so many times I don't know which way is up. I had Torres for a while, then dropped him (missed him on the barndoor), I just can't risk that investment if there's a chance he is rested. I've been burned too much lately with zero points for players I thought would play.

I've got an interesting lineup at the moment by using Fulop:

Hutton Verm Rio Fox
Fab Gerrard Arteta Wilshere
Bendt Yak

pretty heavy on the defenders, but I like it.
i'm sure I'll be changing it more at the very very last minute..

good luck to everyone this week..

Afif said...

I've grown a pair of balls to pick Mame Biram Diouf..>.<!

Anonymous said...

are u grown enough to pick egg?? lol

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.21 Song is suspended.


Anonymous said...

@ Slash - Fox/Pienaar is where my money's at.


Anonymous said...


SneakerKingdom said...

Yes, Rio will play tomorrow against Wolves if that is what you mean.

Anonymous said...

with Liverpool playing on Monday and then Europa on Thursday away at Lille, Rafa might just be tempted to rest Torres or only give him 60 mins...

Kellz said...

100% confident Torres will start

Anonymous said...

fletcher from burnley will start?

Anonymous said...


A.Hutton D.Fox R.Ferdinand

Y.Benayoun S.Gerrard Nani Lee.CY

F.Torres K.Davies S.Fletcher

Any comment for my team plzzz??


madguy said...

Gerrard+CCole or Valencia+Diamanti

If i knew for certain that Valencia starts I'd probably go for 2nd option, what do you all think ?

richard said...

please you all good players can you help me, give me some advice!

fox hutton bale(5,73)
fabregas ohara pienaar arteta
berbatov bendtner .........

10.28 left, who should i choose????? and does i need to make switches

Freddie M said...

O'hara---->Lee CY,as he plays twice
Remaining units-----> S.Fletcher (plays twice)

Anonymous said...

Dunne Fox Hutton
Gerrard Arteta Nani Lee CY
Bendtner Torres K.Davies

only 3 DG.

which 1 is better option:Nani or Ashavin?Davies or Fletcher?
Help me please.....


Anonymous said...

Nani with Fletcher!!!

Anonymous said...

davies has DG n gets decent sot points. so y not nani with davies??

bean said...

ended up going with the Do No Harm keeper:

Sagna Rio Hreidarss Fox
Fab Gerrard Arteta Lee
Bendt Yak

wished i could have put Torres in there, but in the end didn't want to risk it if he didn't play. also would have been nice to have a decent keeper, but went with the safe zero there. hurt a lot to drop Drogba @18.90, but I'm willing to buy him back at price when the time comes..

good luck to all!

Anonymous said...

LeeCY or Arteta?

Last minute dilemma....
pls help


Anonymous said...

Would be a nice birthday present for Stephen Jordan if he replaces Fox today against Arsenal =D


Lee B said...

Anon, i'd probably go with LCY double gamer coz he usually scores his value. Arteta can score highly and his value will increase to probs 14m.
BTW i've gone with both.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.22

bcoz fletcher also DG..!!
actually da better option is on u..

Anonymous said...

rooney??play or not??huhuhu..ASAP

nm said...

i hope rooney is not going to play. it's giving me headache! all day long!

Anonymous said...

Fabregas is injured!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

paterson is sure starter?

nm said...

paterson. i hope so!i have him

Anonymous said...

benayoun will score!!!

Anonymous said...

à anon

When you say Fabs is injured it's a waste of time without quoting your source

Ive got C Cole & Bent up front - it's good to get points where no-one else invests! lol


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