Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Kellz + Regulars Appreciation Post

Hi guys - I'll be honest, aside from Kellz + the regulars, one of the main reasons I've posted this is because I love Jimmy Bullard, specifically the video funny?

I'll add that I've noticed that we are now getting  100+ comments every week on the player pick posts, which is amazing - I appreciate you all so much & it's taking the blog way beyond what I ever thought it might become.

However, I have noticed something else . From the comments, only 15% actually offer advice to others. The other 85% of comments are always asking, which isn't a problem (after all, that's the point of the blog!)...but just a suggestion - how about if you ask for a bit advice about your team, you also try to answer one other person's question?

It's the blogger's dream! If everyone asks one question, but also answers one question, then it'll make the community even stronger & I'll bet it'll make an answer to your predicament more forthcoming. Of course I'm not saying you have to (let's be WILL NOT happen for everyone, life aint like that), but it's just a thought I wanted to share with you - mainly to take some of the heat off Kellz and the other excellent regulars. If this post does make the blog better for a few people then it's been worth it!

Back to business! we approach the deadline we're probably all fretting. Now Holden is gone, what do we do? Lee CY? Move to Eagles? Do we we want Torres AND Gerrard? Is Rooney worth £23m? Will Diamanti prove the correct pick? Blimey, loads to think about!

I'll be posting my Week 25 Summary tomorrow, but let me know how are things shaping up for you? Has the video made you want to pick Bullard? He's back...and it's tempting me :)


p.s. C****khoor  - Nice disguise Bruce Wayne, but I've already seen you in the chatroom. Kellz is one of our best contributors along with "SteveBOB / Bojan / Mudwalkerz / Rukkie / Freddie / MikeB / Nanning / Doc.teeth & HansIndia". They are all part of our community & they all offer excellent advice...nothing wrong with disagreeing with their views constructively, but if you slag one of them off personally by calling them "jokers" then we don't really need you here.


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

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AdmiraLord Nelson said...

Hey AM, I love this video too!

There is more though, one that is really hilarious is when he interviewed and can't stop laughing or when he is fishing getting interviewed. There's a whole slew of them YouTube, he's just a fun guy to be around I am sure!

Assistant Manager said...

It's awesome isn't it mate! :)Such a genuine bloke, I really hope his injuries are behind him.

Anonymous said...

Great video, AM. I'll never call him "Granny" again. :-)

Mike B said...

It'll be great to see him back out there again, he makes Hull worth watching! Not an easy task :P

Just waiting for another classic celebration now!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

wait a minute!! this isn't fair! I always thought I was the joker around here making all the bad suggestions/decisions, I am very dissapointed. :(
But Jimmy Bullard rocks!

Saul said...

AdmiraLord Nelson - I am the joker, just click on my name lol.

Kellz said...

AM thanks again, I love reading all your posts and insights along with the great community you have built here!

Kellz said...

Hilarious video, we love our Jummy!

Bojan said...


ToffeeDave said...

Am Im suprised you havent picked Bullard yet. Also about diamanti, he scores 13(give or a take a point) each week so unless its a double or you just want the solid 13 points, then id say pick him.

Maxer said...

thanks for the video AM.. really made my day :).. and kellz+regulars, thanks for all the advice.. brilliant analysis like always..


Saul said...

Ahhh crap, I'm trying to watch the video at work but these people locked the video well, due to your comments I'll definitely have to watch it first thing when I get home.

Thanks Kellz for the Bullard recommendation on the previous post, I'd completely overlooked him since he's been out for ages(well not technically true but for a long time) he's in and will be all season, hopefull he stays fit.

ToffeeDave - I agree on Diamanti also, he does tend to rack up the points and even @17 could be least I hope so as he's in my team. I'm also considering Diaby but no one else seems interested in him, any reason??? All I gotta say is Arsenal is playing Burnley at home and the only reason I don't get all their players is because of midfield rotation.

Team as of now...

Bale/Hutton/Fox (I'll give him a shot)
Nani/Arteta/Lee CY/Bullard(Yeya)

I'm still not sold on Arteta as Everton seem to be rotating FK takers (Donovan, Arteta and was it just me or did I see Rodwell take a couple of corners over the weekend?). Gotta see what's up with Diaby by tomorrow to make a decision. Anyways thanks all for your contribution and keep it up! Cheers, Saul

Macgill said...

@ Saul, I'm sitting on almost an identical team with the exception of Vermaelen for Fox, Fabregas for Nani, and Rooney for Diamanti. My only concern is with Jaaskelainen as he could go very negative this week. I'm thinking of potentially switching to Gordon and Wilshere instead of Jussi and Bullard. Might be something you consider as well. It might be better to pick up Bullard on the barn door when he's still cheap but has had a game to get going again, just an idea..

Jon said...

@ Saul - regarding Diaby, AW told the Arsenal website that although Arshavin and Denilson are back, Diaby is only 50:50. Looks like it will be a late call as to whether he plays or not - just not sure it is worth the risk this week with so many other attractive options ...

Anonymous said...

AM, I think I am one of those 85% as I tend to let the experts like Kellz to give out advice on others. However, I do agree that every poster here should help each other here's my take on Saul's team.

I noticed that you did not have Gerrard/Fab in MF. Both had the probability of exploding versus inferior opponents & I knew lots of managers will have them in their teams. So you will definitely lose ground if they had a great game.

Also, Bullard just came back from injury. While he is a good YFF player, will he get 90 min? Hull is away to a resurgent Everton as well. Just my 2 cents really ^^

Now, on to my team....

Almunia (5.39)
Verm (6.02) Bale (2.65) Hutton (3.76)
Arteta (7.56) Gerrard (16.74) LCY (8.93)
Rooney (16.37) Torres (5.80) Torres (15.91)

Left: 10.87

@Saul, you recommended me to upgrade Gerrard to Fab in the previous post. While I think Fab will do great vs Burnley, he is too expensive at full price. I am still kicking myself for not BDing him, especially with Arsenal's upcoming fixtures.

With 10.87 to spend, I am thinking bout getting Eagles. He is a starting risk I know, but he should get enough minutes in 2 games to cover his price right? Anybody here taking a gamble on him as well? Will appreciate if someone can give me some definite news on his starting status



Kellz said...

@D2D: I think Laws has to play Eagles in midfield after the loss to Pompey, but thats just me. If we had more solid news I'd say go for it 100%. But if he gets 1 full start and maybe a sub, I think his 9mil price is worth it. Many managers will have dropped him because of last week. As for Fabs, I myself BD him at 18.5mil hes 21mil now, if you think hes going to score more than Gerrard (I think he will) then don't let the extra 3mil price throw you off. You could Drop Gerrard/Arteta for Eagles/Fabs which I actually think is an upgrade.

Thanks for the kind words, I really don't see myself as an expert, rather a guy who really loves football (much to the dismay of my girlfriend :D)

Kellz said...

Just another great Jimmy Bullard clip video:


Gasper said...

@D2D: I agree with Kellz. I think Eagles will play both games. That's why I picked him :)

My team:
Bale, Hutton, Dann
Fabs, Eagles, Maxi, Arteta, Lee
Bendt, Torres

I don't like it that Bale isn't playing this weekend but I can't find a decent replacement. Since his price has risen so much I don't want 2 make another silly mistake. I'm still kicikg myself for droping Drogs and Verm!

Otherwise I'm in top 1500 which is brilliant since this is my first YFF season, and that I discovered this blog midway through the season.

Lee B said...

I love that video and I love this blog too, I only discovered it 3 weeks ago (and OH, have I missed out(Especially on Bale!!!!))

Here we go.... Jummy's a tough one, only back from injury, but always likely to score highly if he plays the full 90, currently at 7.64.
Not quite convinced about Eagles but since Holden got injured (Get well soon, 6 weeks I hear)he'll be more likely to get the full 90 x2. Appreciate comments on them both.

Just my 2 penneth worth, so much good advice already.

Anyway here's my team.

Jussi (4.05)
Hutton (3.76)Fox (6.08)Verm (12.86)Campbell(6.98)
LCY (8.93) Fab (21.35)Arteta (7.59)Nani (10.94)

Unsure on Jussi, he'll be kept busy in both games, Campbell, will he play? if he does 10+ points, Nani, again will he play? regular 15 pointer but with Valencia firing on all cylinders and Rooney getting sooo much off his crosses????? Could he be dispatched on the left wing?
Yakubu, played 1 scored 1 since he came back and this week playing lowly Hull (perhaps with Jummy, they always do well with him in the team).

Any suggestions where I'm going wrong?

Thanks all

Lee B

Gasper said...

I like you team. I think Jussi will return his value over 2 games. Campbell should play since Gallas is still out and Silvestre is rubbish (I'm an Arsenal fan:) About Nani only sir Alex knows. I tend to stay away from Utd mfs. Had too many blanks in the past. Yak is a great choice with Saha out. I don't think Jimmy will start vs Everton. But that's just me :)

Lee B said...

Thanks Gasper, I'll look for an alternative to Nani, any suggestions?
It looks as though Arsenal have a great run-in..but have they??; historically, lower placed teams start playing out of their skin and grinding out results. The teams that tend to have stinkers at the end of the season are the teams who are mid table. But this is world cup year so who knows!

Just watched Jummy again, class act, we need more like him in football.

Anonymous said...

owen & bosingwa confirmed will miss rest of season thru injury..talksport have just announced. makes ivanovic a season keeper . S.P.

Bryce said...

Hi Lee B, as a ManUtd fan, i think the chances of Nani playing is really bright, he is fresh as he missed last 3 games thru suspension,Park has got a run of games under his belt so SAF might rest him for the Milan game. Anyways just go with your feelin, im just sharing my opinion. Gd luck!

Anonymous said...


I really fancy Sunderland this week against an injury-hit Bolton side, who will play them 3 days after their (Bolton's) away match to West Ham.
So here's some fine fantasy feature fillers IMO:

Gordon 5.96(bd 5.33)GK
Hutton 5.71 (bd 3.84)DF
Cattermole 2.69 (bd 2.13!)MF
Zenden 5.5 MF
Richardson 5.13 MF

Hope that can help


Anonymous said...

For Admiral LN or anyone who knows:

Where can we join the new AM chatroom regulars league (see ALN's post above)?
I cant find a link here...


AdmiraLord Nelson said...

@Pauly I feel you have a very valid and correct point that you have made about Bolton, through all of Sunderlands mistrials perhaps now would be the perfect time for them to capitalise on an over worked Bolton side visiting the Stadium of Light. I also suggested Cattermole to my colleagues, but without any praise at all!!!

AdmiraLord Nelson said...

there is a 2nd "AM chat room regulars" group now as an overflow for the original, as per complaints by 'Pula' and some unknown others;

The ID for our new group is: 27047
& group P-word I especially like: 14186

Join this group for whatever fun might be had in the final weeks of YFF...we shall figure something out!!!

Anonymous said...

This blog help me a lot....latest news help me to pick my best line up every match...

Merv said...

I have 7.08 at the moment and I don't know who to buy. I have many choices but I don't want to make the wrong one.


I read that Campbell is doubtful so Silvestre might get a start. Rio is doubtful as well. DFletcher and Elmander might get rotated. Jagielka might not get a start too soon with Distin and Yobo in CB.

Help please.

Anonymous said...

@Merv: It's hard to give advice when I don't know who are the other players in your team. Maybe you could list your full team so that it's easier for me to comment?

Anyway I'm more or less settled on this team for week 25:

Bale Hutton Fox
Fabregas Arteta Nani Lee
Torres Nugent Berbatov

I'm kind of set on this team for week 25. 3 DGs this week, 2 burnley, 1 Bolton. But I'm concerned about the starting status of some such as Berbatov, Nani and Torres.

Although I wouldn't sell Torres even if he's on the bench. I see him as a season keeper for Pool's quest for fourth place.

Do you guys think Nani and Berbatov starts? I have seen some people with Nani but so far none with Berbatov.


Anonymous said...

Rooney is a doubt, so Berbatov could be a good choice this week!


Merv said...

Bale Hutton Fox
Lee Nani Arshavin Elliot
W. Rooney A. Diamanti XXXX

I have 7.08 at the moment.
I'll be VERY disappointed if Rooney didn't start. I kept him for many weeks, and this week is definitely the best week.

Anonymous said...

@Merv: How much do you have Rooney at? If he is a doubt get Berbatov instead. It's hard to let go sometimes but not worth taking the risk on a doubtful player. I like diamanti up front there but don't have enough funds to do it myself.

Maybe you could sell Rooney and get Berbatov ? That'll leave you with more units to play around with, depending on how much you have Rooney at.

If you decide to keep Rooney, maybe go for Nugent like me. He's back and has two games to impress.


Merv said...

Thanks for the advice bengoh91. I have Rooney at 17+ and I think I'll just keep Rooney. I've reshuffled my team a bit. I have no choice but to gamble on Rooney, and if he doesn't start, Valencia and Nani are there to score the goals.
If Fergie decides to rest Rooney, then he won't take a gamble and rest Nani and/or Valencia as well. So I will have at least 2/3 attackers in Man Utd. Muamba as a DG filler, no choice.

Bale Hutton Fox Rio
Lee Nani Valencia Muamba
Rooney Diamanti

Ban said...

Bullard is back! wow, i like him so much too!

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