Monday, 8 March 2010

Week 25 - Sunday

Only 1 game in the Premier League yesterday, as Everton comfortably overcame a woeful Hull side, hitting five goals at Goodison.

It was a good day for blog readers who backed Arteta, as he scored the opening 2 goals for a mammoth 28 points, the top score of the week so far. He helped move me on to 83 points for the week, up 80 places, sitting just outside the Top 1000.

Not such good news for Yakubu owners (much to my relief), as he missed a penalty, hit the post & missed a further sitter, picking up 6 points -  it could've very easily been 30 points on another day.

There were also goals for substitutes Rodwell & Donovan, while Pienaar & Jagielka picked up decent scores, but Howard owners may be slightly disappointed with 5 points given the outlay. There was almost nothing for Hull, with the returning Jimmy Bullard scoring just 1.5.

Wigan v Liverpool tonight, with many managers holding Torres and/or Gerrard. I'll be cheering on Wigan (for the sake of the race for 4th place)...a Torres hattrick in a 4-3 Wigan win would do me just fine! :)



Fidan said...

4-3?!!! You wish AM, :P

No, really, I hope Liverpool win this one comfortably and put as much pressure on Villa as possible, having played 3 games more than Villa...!!!

Here is for a Torres hattrick or double-hattrick (just for the hell of it) and a Gerrard's missed PK and a late YC, ;)!!!


Tekn0kraT said...

Fidan - How about this one?

Gerrard misses the PK and Nando comes in for the rebound and scores! =D

PJR said...

Who was more frustrating to watch: Yakubu or Bendtner?

Those of with both of them could have had about 65 points between the two of them.


Bojan said...

just wanted to write that... just saw the highlights... rooney would score 7 goals from chances that theese two "Forwards" missed... AW has to put Vermalen in attack and Bender on central defender spot...

Ian Sanderson said...

I don't normally ask for advice but hopefully AM or someone can give their thoughts on the Young/Downing/Milner dilemma.

Young no longer seems to be the Blog Favourite he once was, Downing after a slow start is finding his feet and Milner is always dangerous especially as he eyes up a possible England World Cup call up.

One of these, possibly two will be in my team next week, N'Zog even comes into the equation just to complicate things. Blast these double game weeks.

Anonymous said...

OK, I know I have all week, but here is what I'm thinking of doing. Back in the top 2000, and have my private pool all but won, so want to take risks.

Sell Torres/Rooney/Fabregas/Wilshere for Agbonlahor/Young/Milner/Downey.

Once next week over with ( and I'm sure by Friday I'll have cooked up some other line-up ), which of the 2 groupings of 4 above will have more fantasy points ???


Anonymous said...

Shakanorbs - I think the second set will produce more points because of the increased chances to do so (8 games vs. 4 games). However, in my opinion, it's still a little early to forget about all discounts and adopt an all out go for broke strategy. I'm thinking of dropping Fabregas, due to injury uncertainty, to add a Villa player to my lineup, but I'm holding Torres with his discount (against Pompey) and Wilshere at 5 is a nice enabler so I'm keeping him too. In short, I'd drop Fabregas and get in Gabby or Milner, and then maybe try to work N'Zogbia in somewhere.

Sanderson - I don't really trust Young or Downing. I think Milner is more consistent than either of these two players, and the fact that he usually takes penaties makes him my choice of the three. Between the other two, I'd probably go with Downing. What about Agbonlahor though?

I've had a nice week so far. 99.5 points from 7 players (Verm, Fox, Fab, Arteta, Wilshere, Donovan, Bendtner). Still have James, Hutton, Gerrard, Torres, Wilshere and Fox to go. Hoping Liverpool lay it on real thick today.

Next week, like I said, I think I may drop Fabregas to pick up Agbonlahor. I'm looking at this lineup right now:

Hilario; Vermaelen Hutton Fox; Gerrard Arteta Wilshere N'Zogbia; Torres Agbonlahor Bendtner

I'd love to get Milner in, but I want to keep Gerrard and Torres for the home Portsmouth match.



bean said...

anyone like Carew for 6.xx? great performance in the FA Cup, but that might be considered chasing points.. so cheap for a double gamer (if he would play two)

Anonymous said...

Current team:

Vermaelen Bale Ferreira
LeeCY Nasri Arteta Milner
Bendtner Torres Defoe

I'm a bit worried about the lack of many DG players, but there's still time to think about it. Defoe is risky and I might go with Agbonlahor, but that might mean missing a hattrick of Defoe or something like that.
Ferreira is the outside pick - with Zhirkov and ACole injured and Belleti suspended, he's really the only choice Ancelotti has as left-back. Of course, he can pick Malouda as left-back like he did against ManC, but we've all seen how that worked out... If I get the money I might buy Fox instead though.



Bojan said...

Hilario is cheap, but he was awful against Stoke... He didn't concede a goal and yet he was in floops of the week in FA Cup...


These are nervous days for Chelsea fans: not because of the various scandals involving any of their players, but for the fact that Petr "Cech's injury means Hilario is keeping goal for the Blues at the moment.

It's one thing to have a circus clown name, but another thing entirely to perform like one in an FA Cup quarter-final, and only Mamady Sidibe's poor finishing and some smart goal-line clearances from the Chelsea defence kept Stoke from scoring."

Bojan said...

I would go with Turnbull or Alex(if Carvalho is out, and with Carlo as manager we will know who will play), but if Hilario plays i will go with some Chelsea attacking player because they will need to score some decent number of goals to win, when Diamanti starts to shoot...

STM said...

As cheap as he may be, it was really nervous watching Hilario in the FA Cup tie, flapping at crosses and not dealing with them convincingly.

@SF: Belletti has served out his one match suspension in the FA Cup tie against Stoke on Sunday. However, I think Ferreira would most likely to start at LB.

Anonymous said...

84 mins gone in the liv game, and still no shots on target from liv'pool. they are beyond shite !!. torres & gerrard both carded. S.P.

Anonymous said...

@STM - Isn't it a 3 matches ban for Belletti? I recall the red card being direct as it was a last-man-foul. I think he's suspended for 2 more.


Saul said...

@SF - You are correct...Direct red card means 3 match suspension.

I do recall saying that Wigan were no pushovers at home but for Torres to overshoot 3 clear chances??? Well I'm keeping him one more week and hoping he goes off at Pompey.

Anfield Road FC said...

@Saul - Suspensions for professional fouls carry a one game ban. You only get three games for dangerous/violent play.

STM said...

I think the following below should be correct (someone please correct me if I am wrong). Ballack was sent off for (b) while Belletti was sent off for (c). So they have served their one match suspension and are available for this weekend's EPL match.

From the FA Disciplinary Handbook...

(FTCM = First Team Competitive Matches)

A Player who is dismissed from the Field of Play for receiving a second caution in the same match will be suspended automatically from FTCM commencing forthwith, until such time as his Club’s First Team has completed its next FTCM.

(c) PLAYERS SENT OFF UNDER LAW 12 (4) and (5)
A Player who is dismissed from the Field of Play for denying a goal or an obvious goalscoring opportunity by physical means or by handling the ball, will be suspended automatically from FTCM commencing forthwith, until such time as his Club has completed its next FTCM.

A Player who is dismissed from the Field of Play for using offensive or insulting or abusive language/gestures, whether he has previously been cautioned in the match or not, will be suspended automatically from FTCM commencing forthwith, and until such time as his Club’s First Team has completed its next two FTCM.

(e) PLAYERS SENT OFF UNDER LAW 12 (1), (2) AND (3)
A Player who is dismissed from the Field of Play for Violent Conduct, Serious Foul Play or spitting at an opponent or any other person, whether he has previously been cautioned in the match or not, will be suspended automatically from all Club football, except for any match sanctioned or regarded by The Football Association as a Friendly Match, including non-First Team matches commencing forthwith and until such time as his Club’s First Team has completed its next three matches in approved Competitions.

Benjamin Wang said...

LOL, did AM jinx Liverpool by calling for a Torres hattrick :p

Anonymous said...

Is Hilario a good pick at home to West Ham? I avoided him when he conceded 4 against City, but should I pick him for the West Ham game?
I still Jussi at 4.05 so its between him and Hilario

bigwest said...

@ BW: Nahh, but 1st and 2nd poster are responsible though!! ;-)

Lee B said...

What a killer for all those with Gerrard and Torres 35-40m of midfield and goalscoring prowess and getting a grand score of.........wait for it.......... minus 1.

Torres might be great striker but the team around him is pants (apart from stevie G). The only plus side to keeping Torres is that the pool have quite an easy run in, but is it that easy???? Usually towards the end of the season those that need to fight at the bottom of the table do so with aplomb. So beware.

BTW my barndoor team for next week is similar to this weeks 107 points so far

Hutton, Fox, Rio
Fab(depends on injury), Lee, Arteta, Maxi(not sure about him) and Milner
Can't hit a barndoor Bendtner, rodellega

Thinking about adding Carew, what do you think?

Lee B

bigwest said...

@ Lee B: yup, had 'em both ;-)

I would change Rio, Fabs, Lee to Warnock, Young, NZogbia.
Maybe Maxi to McCarthy? Jussi to Hilarious?

Also watch out for Rodders injury!

Lee B said...

thanks for the tips Bigwest

Afif said...

Lucky me. Not even 1 L'pool player in my team. To me L'pool is dead as long as they are under Sir Rafa

Ian Sanderson said...

Had Maxi and Torres yesterday and they earned me 3.5 points pushing my weekly total up to a staggering 28.
Strangely this was enough to go up 50 places and back into the top 2000

Lee B said...

I had thoughts about adding Hilarious, but when I chose him last week I got stung bigtime for -9 points. Not so attractive having a Chelsea keeper in your team especially when they're going to be facing Diamante bang on form. I might just stick with Jussi?!
Also, I'm half tempted to hang onto Rio (although I'll probably add Warnock to the team), coz I feel that Rio will want to put Murphy in his pocket.
I like the Maxi to McCarthy swap coz he should make his cost to points ratio over 2 games (6.8)
Bfay Ashley young (I think that's right) as someone said earlier in this blog he's not as attractive as he once was but again should be worth his value over 2 games.
If Fabregas is fit I'm tempted to stick with him against a Hull side haemoraging goals even if they are away.
I also like the thought of adding N'Zog but not keen on loosing Lee coz he's been a consistant performer for us bloggers.

I'd still like to know what you all think about adding Carew 6-7m over 2 games and bang on form (Will he get the nod over Heskey?)

Anyway thanks again Bigwest for yours tips, any more would be greatly appreciated

Anonymous said...

bargain basement picks - Playing at home & likely to start:

Week 26

GK -

Hilarious (Chels) 3.94
Myhill (Hull) 4.62
Jensen (Burn) 5.12

DF -

Hutton (Sund) 5.28 (slight doubt)
Carlisle (Burn) 5.10
Mouyokolo (Hull) 5.29

MF _

Belletti (Chels) 1.70 (slight doubt)
Kilbane (Hull) 2.97
Babel (Lpool) 3.64 (unsure starter!)
Mikel (Chels) 3.48
de Jong (Mciteh) 4.24
Thomas (Wig) 4.60 (Double Gamer)
Song (Arse) 4.82
Cohen (Bolt) 5.12
Elliott (Burn) 5.38

FW -

Vennegoor (Hull) 4.36
Fuller (Stoke) 5.84
Carew (A Villa) 6.4 (Double Gamer)

Hope that helps when looking for a fine filla!


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